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第 6 頁 - Senate concurring, that a committee of five, three from the House and two from the Senate...
第 146 頁 - ... shall be punished by Imprisonment In the state prison not more than ten years, or by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court.
第 154 頁 - ... the jury before whom any person indicted for murder shall be tried, shall, if they find such person guilty thereof, ascertain in their verdict whether it be murder of the first or second degree...
第 71 頁 - The members of the legislative assembly shall be entitled to receive three dollars each per day during their attendance at the sessions thereof, and three dollars each for every twenty miles' travel in going to and returning from the said sessions, estimated according to the nearest usually traveled route.
第 239 頁 - That the collector of each district shall progressively number the licenses by him granted, beginning anew at the commencement of each year, and shall make a record thereof in a book, to be by him kept for that purpose, and shall, once in three months, transmit to the...
第 153 頁 - If such prisoner was in custody upon a conviction of any other felony: by imprisonment in the state prison not less than six months nor more than five years; 3. If such prisoner was in custody upon a charge of felony: by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars and imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding two years; 4.
第 265 頁 - Senate informing the House of the presence of a quorum in that body, it is usual for the House to adopt the following order: "That a committee of three Members be appointed on the part of the House, to join such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on the President of the United States and inform him that a quorum of the two Houses has assembled, and that Congress is ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make.
第 241 頁 - An act to create a fund for the benefit of the creditors of certain moneyed corporations, and for other purposes," passed April 2, 1829, unless such bank shall signify its assent to the provisions of this act.
第 99 頁 - The previous question shall be in this form, " Shall the main question be now put ?'' It shall only be admitted when demanded by a majority of the members present, and...
第 154 頁 - That a joint committee, to be composed of three from the House and two from the Senate, be appointed to...