Edgar A. Poe, a Psychopathic Study

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1922 - 331 頁

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第 250 頁 - In the greenest of our valleys, By good angels tenanted, Once a fair and stately palace — Radiant palace — reared its head. In the monarch Thought's dominion — It stood there! Never seraph spread a pinion Over fabric half so fair.
第 192 頁 - ... Nor the demons down under the sea , Can ever dissever my soul from the soul Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabel Lee : And so , all the night-tide , I lie down by the side Of my darling — my darling — my life and my bride, In her sepulchre there by the sea — In her tomb by the sounding sea.
第 53 頁 - Orion will be admitted, by every man of genius, to be one of the noblest, if not the very noblest, poetical work of the age. Its defects are trivial and conventional, its beauties intrinsic and supreme.
第 30 頁 - Whatever crazy sorrow saith, No life that breathes with human breath Has ever truly long'd for death. ' 'Tis life, whereof our nerves are scant, Oh life, not death, for which we pant ; More life, and fuller, that I want.
第 89 頁 - Commingled with pansies With rue and the beautiful Puritan pansies. And so it lies happily, Bathing in many A dream of the truth And the beauty of Annie Drowned in a bath Of the tresses of Annie. She tenderly kissed me, She fondly caressed, And then I fell gently To sleep on her breast...
第 142 頁 - ... to repeat, monotonously, some common word, until the sound, by dint of frequent repetition, ceased to convey any idea whatever to the mind...
第 89 頁 - And I lie so composedly, Now, in my bed, (Knowing her love) That you fancy me dead — And I rest so contentedly, Now, in my bed, (With her love at my breast) That you fancy me dead...
第 33 頁 - Cybele, rises almost beyond the reach of sight. She droops not; and her eyes, rising so high, might be hidden by distance. But, being what they are, they cannot be hidden : through the treble veil of crape which she wears the fierce light of a blazing misery, that rests not for matins or for vespers, for noon of day or noon of night, for ebbing or for flowing tide, may be read from the very ground.
第 113 頁 - I HAD a vision when the night was late : A youth came riding toward a palace-gate. He rode a horse with wings that would have flown, But that his heavy rider kept him down.
第 251 頁 - The sky is changed ! — and such a change ! O night, And storm, and darkness, ye are wondrous strong, Yet lovely in your strength, as is the light Of a dark eye in woman ! Far along, From peak to peak, the rattling crags among, Leaps the live thunder ! Not from one lone cloud, But every mountain now hath found a tongue, And Jura answers, through her misty shroud, Back...