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faith wbich could illuminate the valley of the shadow of death, at his next approach, and his actual entrance there, how much will the serious reader regret to see him capable of passing immediately into à rueful sort of affectation of levity on the subject of his still half-dead condition and appearance! We think the Editor's discretion would have been well exercised in the suppression of a letter like this,-unless, as a religious teacher, he had intended to avail himself of it to conjure the reader not to be content with a measure or a kind of piety that would surrender a man to such feelings as it expresses, in the apprehended approach to death, or the languid and precarious recovery.

Mr. Evans avoids committing himself in criticisms or estimates of the “ Remains.” The Letters, (with the exception of those which are inserted in the Memoir,) had better, we think, have been omitted, being chiefly on very trivial subjects and occasions. Thiey are not, bowever, numerous.- Reed was Very observant of the manners and character of the persons he any where fell among ; but we wish some better specimen of his talent for delineating them could have been found, than the paper called the Lodging House.— The Poems would not be ranked, by a cold criticism, above mediocrity in point of execution; they breathe, however, a kind and pensive spirit, sometimes indeed inspirited into a gay one; and they display that susceptibility to the charms of Nature, the display of which is matter of fashion in many others, but was no affectation in him : at the same time the language bas too many of the common-place epithets. One of the copies of verses has been pointed out as a very slight modification of a poetical effort of another hand. Nearly half the volume consists of the journals of two of bis rambles, one in Soutb Wales, the other in Ireland; and these appear to us to shew the writer, to greater advantage. They are in a lively and pleasing style of description and anecdote. The latter of them especially contains a good deal that is curious; and there is an interesting account of the unsolicited and extraordinary kindness of a soldier, who, though an entire stranger to the pensive rambler, attended him during a severe illness of several weeks, with an indefatigable and resolutely gratuitous assiduity. It is a most uncommon exhibition of genuine benevolence. Very properly the name is given; it was Couch Reed spent a considerable time at Killarney, and has given an ample and very pleasing description of that enchanting scenery, which he explored and surveyed with an animated perseverance.

There is betrayed, in many of the pieces, too great a fondness for the toys of mythology, such as the genius' of this, and the other; and tow and then there is a strong tincture of

Ossian. In religious allusions there is sometimes a phraseology too much like that of heathen poetry.

Many passages deserve, if we had room, to be transcribed ; but we shall select only just one; it is a part of a letter written about a year before his decease, a letter as to some parts of which there would not he much excess in the biographer's expressions, -as tender, and affecting as any that ever made its appeal to the soul of sensibility.'

• Ever since my father and mother's death, I have had no settled habitation, and though I have been driven into the wilderness in search of some little domestic sanctuary, not a single cabin has opened its doors to offer me an abiding-place; and the present moment wears an aspect equally as unpromising as any that has gone before. In consequence of the extreme derangement of my health, I am not able, like other men, to stem the tide of so much ill fortune, and place myself beyond the reach of its overwbelming in fluence. It is a great happiness to me, however, that those dear friends whom I have just mentioned, and whose loss I shall eyer deplore, have been saved from the pain of witnessing what I have suffered. In some of my solitary wanderings, when my imagination, with all the enthusiasm of the liveliest sensibility, has brooded oyer their memory, I have seemed to hear their voice in the passing breeze, and to see their apparition flit across my path, casting on me, as they hastily vanished from my sight, a glance of the tenderest sympathy; and then, with a bosom bleeding with a thousand painful recollections, I have wished to follow them into eternity. They have passed the dreary tract on which I am now so much bewildered, and though the grave has closed over them, and totally effected their annihilation in this world, I do hope to meet them in some more hal. cyon region; and were it not for this hope, this golden light of Heaven, that sometimes breaks on the darkness of my mind, I should soon be a maniac, and raving among the melancholy spectres in Bedlam." Art. XIV. SELECT LITERARY INFORMATION.

Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its Plan.


The Rev: W. Hales, D.D. Rector of of the Church-An Appeal to the Light Killesandra, has issued Proposals for - Funeral Sermons for Henry Ashhurst, publishing by subscription, in two vols. Esq. and Mr. Corbet-The Cure of Me8vo. Trinitarianism the Doctrine of the lancholy-How to do good to many, or Gospel, and Sabellian Unitarianism the public good the Christian's lifeshewn to be " The God-Denying Apos- Farewell Sermon intended for Kiddertacy.” (ΤΗΣ ΑΡΝΗΣΙΘΕΟΥ ΑΠΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ. minster-Dying Thoughts-Unum, veCaius.)

cessarium, or Christ's Judgment of The Rev. T. Cloutt ha's issued Propo- Mary's choice--and of Redemption of sals for printing by subscription, the

Time.” Sermons and Treatises of the Rev. R. Arthur Young, Esq. Editor of BaxteBaxter, in Five handsome Volumes, riana, has in the press, Oweniana, a seoctavo. Price 1.0s., 6d. each volume, to lection from the works of Dr. Owen. Non-Subscribers 12s. Royal Paper 15s. In the press, Letters on some of the It is computed that the five yolumes, Events of the Revolutionary War. each volume containing from 500 to 530 Speedily will be published, Lalla pages, will comprise the following pieces, Rookh, an oriental romance: by Tbowhich it is the intention of the Editor to mas Moore, Esq. At the same time will publish. Most of them are exceedingly be published, Illustrations to the poem, scarce,

and not to be obtained but in the from Paintings by R. Westall, R.A. four folio volumes of his Practical Works, which will be delivered in the order they which sell from ten to twelve guineas a are subscribed for. copy. One or two of the Sermons have David Ricardo has in the press, a not hitherto been reprinted in anyform.-- treatise on the Principles of Political “ True Christianity, two Assize Sermons; Economy and Taxation. one of Christ's Dominion, and the other In the press, Journal of the late Capof his Sovereignty over all men as Re. tain Tuckey, on a Voyage of Discovery deemer-On making light of Christ in the Interior of Africa, to explore the Treatises of Conversion-Treatise of Source of the Zaire, or Congo; with a Death-Of Judgment–Treatise of Self- survey of that river beyond the cataracts. denial-Of Repentance of right Re- In 4to.uniformly with Park's and Adams's joicing-Treatise of the Life of Faith, Travels. Published by Authority. a sermon preached before the King, &c. Also, an Authentic Narrative of the -The vain Religion of the formal Hy- loss of the American Brig Commerce, pocrite, and the Mischief of an unbridled wrecked on the western coast of Africa, Tongue in several Sermons, preached in in the month of August, 1815; with an Westminster Abbey. -The Fool's Pros. account of the sufferings and captivity perity-The last Work of a Believer.- of her surviving officers and crew, on the The Mischiefs of Self-ignorance, and the Great African Desert. By James Riley, Benefits of Self-acquaintance, delivered late Master and Supercargo. To which in several sermons at St. Dunstan's is added, some particulars of the cities Now or never,

on Eccles. ix. 10.-Of of Tombuctoo and Wassanah, the latter the Knowledge of God, on John xvii. 3. situate on the bauks of the Niger; fifty -Qf the Believer's Walking with God, days journey to the south-east of the on Gen. v. 24.-Of conversing w.th God former. By an Arab Traveller, who had in solitude, on John xvi. 32.-Directions visited both of these cities, and gave the for weak Christians to grow up to a con. details of his adventures and observa. firmed state of grace: with the Charac- tions to the Author, in the presence of ters of a sound and weak Christian, and William Willshire, Esq. by whose gene. a Hypocrite Christ, the universal Head rosity the Author was relieved from slavery. Printed in 4to. uniformly with days; and the Sixth Part, which will Park, Adams, and Tuckey's Travels. complete the work, and contain engra

In the press, Algebra of the Hindus, vings of all the monuments, is expected with Arithmetic and Mensuration. to be ready in June. Translated from the Sanscrit. By H. The Rev. George Mathew is printing, T. Colebrooke, Esq. 4to.

in two octavo volumes, Sermons on va. The Fourth and concluding voluine rious subjects, doctrinal and practical, of Captain Burney's History of Voyages The Rev. Hugh Pearson's Memoirs of and Discoveries in the South Seas, with the Life and Writings of the Rev.Dr. a copious Index, will be speedily pub- Claudius Buchanan will soon appear, lished. 4to.

Mr. Farey will soon publish the third A second edition of Amusements in and concluding volume of his Report to Retirement, will appear in a few days, the Board of Agriculture, on Derbyshire.

Mr. Brewin, of Leicester, has com- Mr. Alex. Bower has in the press, a pleted a translation of the Life of Haydn, History of the University of Edinburgh, to which notes have been added by Mr. with biographical notices of many emiW. Gardiner, and the work is now in the nent persons, in two octavo volumes. press.

Dr. Carey is about to publish an ApThe Rev. James Kirton's Secret and pendix to his “ Latin Prosody,” viz. True History of the Church of Scotland,

ir Latin Versification made easy ;” or, from the Restoration to the year 1678, a copious Selection of Verses from the is printing under the superintendence of ancient Poets, altered and prepared, as Mr. C. K. Sharpe, with notes and a progressive exercises for the juvenile vermemoir of the author, in a quarto vo- sitier, according to the improved conti. lume, illustrated by engravings.

nental system adopted in his “ English Mr. James Thomson has in the press, Prosody and Versification,” and in his in an octavo volume, De Courci, a Tale, private practice as a teacher. in two cantos, rith other poems; inclu- A work of very general utility will be ding commemorative addresses written published in the course of the present for several public institutions.

month entitled The Bible Class Book, Pompeiana, or Observations on the or Scriptare Readings for every day in Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments the Year, being three hundred and sixtyof Pompeia, by Sir W. Gell and J. P. five lessons selected from the most inteGandy, Esq. with numerous engravings, resting and instructive parts ofthe sacred are in the press.

Scriptures. This selection is made upou Mr. James Sowerby is printing, in two the plan recommended by Dr. Watts, vols. a Midland Flora; comprising the and though its chief aim is that of beindigenous plants of the inore central cuming a school Class Book fur Youth counties.

in all statious of life, and every reliThe Greek Grammar of Augustus gious denomination, (for doctrinal and Matthiæ, translated from the German controversial points have been studiinto English by the late Rev. E. V. Blom- ously omitted,) yet will it be found field, is nearly ready for publication. equally beneficial in all families, to per

Mr. Carey, of the Commercial College, sous of mature age as well as to youth, Woodford, will soon publish a more com- to the heads of establishments as well plete System of Theoretical and Practi- as to servants, and to the manufaccal Arithmetic than has ever yet ap- turing classes of the community. peared.

The Rev. Mr. Broome has enlarged Mr. F. Baily will soon publish a new his Selections from the works of those edition of his Chart of History, inclu- eminent divines Fuller and South, and ding the changes of Territory occasioned they will be published in the course of by the late treaties.

the present month as a second edition, The Club, in a dialogue between a A small volume upon the Art of father and son, by James Puckle, is making, managing, flavouring, colour. priuting from the edition of 1711, with ing, preserving, and recovering all kinds numerous engravings on wood, in royal of Wines, Spirits, and Compounds, with octavo.

- Directions for Brewing, &c., by Mr. The Fifth part of Sir William Dug- R. Westney, will be published in a few dale's History of St. Paul's Cathedral, days. with considerable additions by Henry - In the press, the Advantages of Soli. Ellis, Esq. will be published in a few tude, a Sermon preached at Salters Hall Meeting by the late Rev. Hugh Worth- Illustrated with Plates. By Lieut. Ed. ington, from Mathew xiv. 23.

ward Chappell, R. N. Early next inonth will be published, The Rev. Sir Adam Gordon has in the Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay, press, Fifty-two Lectures on the Catein his Majesty's Ship Rosamond, con. chism of the Church of England : it will taiping soine account of the North form 3 rols. 8vo, and appear about the Eastern Coast of America, and of the

middle of April. Tribes inhabiting that remote region.



the Musselmans, and the Literature, and The unedited Antiquities of Attica, Sciences of the Saracens and Turks comprising the Architectural Remains with a view of the present Extent and of Eleusis, Rhamnus, Sunium, and Influence of the Muhammedan Reli. 'Thoricus. By the Dilettanti Society. gion, By Charles Mills, Esq. 8vo. 12$. Handsomely priuted in imperial folio, Illustrations of Literary History; conwith eighty-four engravings. Price sisțing of authentic Memoirs and Ori101. 10s.

ginal Letters of Eminent Persons; and

intended as a Sequel to the Literary BIOGRAPHY

Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century. Memoirs of the Life and Doctrines of By John Nichols, F. S. A. 2 vols. 8vo. the late John Hunter, Esq. By Joseph

21. 145. boards. With fourteen PorAdams, M. D. 8vo. 12s.


Illustrations (chiefly Geograpbical) of CONCHOLOGY.

the History of the Expedition of the Ą Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Younger Cyrus, and the Retreat of the Shells; arranged according to the Lin- Ten Thousand Greeks. By Major Rennean Method, with particular attention nell. In one volume, 4to. with explato the Synonymy. By Lewis Weston patory maps in folio, 11. 16s. boards. Dillayn, F. R. S. F. L. S. &c. 2 vols, Private Memoirs, which, with the work 8vo, 11. 1&s, boards.

of M. Hue, and the Journal of Clery,

complete the History of the Captivity of FINE ARTS.

the Royal Family of France in the TemThe Costume of the Netherlands, ple. Written originally with a pencil, Part I, containing ten coloured en- and preserved by stealth, by Madame grayings, with letter-press descriptions Royale, now Duchess of Angoulême, in English and French. Imp. 4to, op Translated from the French, with Notes vellum paper, price 158.-This Work by the Translator. Neatly printed in a will be completed in three Parts, which small volume, 5s. 6d. will succeed monibly.

The History of the Wars, from the Compositions in Outline from Hesiod's French Revolution, to the ever memoTheogany, Works and Days, and the

rable Battle of Waterloo, in 1815; to Days. Engraved by J. Blake, from de. which will be added, the particulars of sigus by John Flaxman, R. A... Printed the successful attack upon Algiers. to correspond with the Outlines from Compiled from official Documents and Homer, &c. folio, 21. 12s. 6d, bds. other authentic sources of information

with strict impartiality, and illustrated HISTORY.

with elegant Portraits of the most digThe History of Brazil, Volume the tinguished Public Characters. Part I. Second.. By Robert Southey, Esq. Po- 2s. to be completed in nine monthly et : Laureate, Member of the Royal Part. Spanish Academy. 21. 10s. The First

Volume of the above Work may be had,
Price 2!. 2s.

The Round Table, a Collection of EsA History of Muhammedanism : com- says on Literature, Men, and Manpers. prising the Life and Character of the By William Hazlitt, 2 vols, 12mo, 14s. Arabian Prophet, and succinct Accounts Number Il, to be continued every of the Bmpires founded by the Muham- two months, of The Correspondent ; medan Aras; an Inquiry into the The. consisting of Letters, Moral, Political ological, Moral, and Juridical Codes of and Literary, between eminent writers in

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