The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany, 第 2 卷

Wm. H. Allen & Company, 1816



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第 92 頁 - For man also knoweth not his time : as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare ; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.
第 30 頁 - An inquiry into the origin and early history of engraving upon copper and in wood, with an account of engravers and their works, from the invention of chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the time of Marc
第 324 頁 - A command over our passions, and over the external senses of the body, and good acts, are declared by the Ved to be indispensable in the mind's approximation to God.
第 275 頁 - Providence at this interval gave to my anxious' wishes the usual land wind, common in this bay, and my expectations were completed. We were all hands employed warping and towing off, and by the help of the light air, the whole were under sail, and came to anchor out of reach of shells, about two in the morning, after twelve hours
第 140 頁 - In order to secure and improve the relations of amity and peace hereby established between the two States, it is agreed that accredited Ministers from each shall reside at the Court of the other.
第 275 頁 - The sloops of war which had been appropriated to aid and assist the ships of the line and prepare for their retreat, performed not only that duty well, but embraced every opportunity of firing through the intervals, and were constantly in motion. The shells from the bombs were admirably well thrown by the royal marine artillery; and although thrown directly across and over us, not an accident, that I know of, occurred to any ship.
第 140 頁 - Singh engages never to take, or retain, in his service any British subject, nor the subject of any European or American State, without the consent of the British Government.
第 249 頁 - To bear equally with Holland such further charges as may be agreed upon between the said High Contracting Parties and their allies towards the final and satisfactory settlement of the Low Countries in union with Holland, and under the dominion of the House of Orange, not exceeding in the whole the sum of 3,000,000/., to be defrayed by Great Britain.
第 278 頁 - Sir Charles Penrose arrived too late to take his share in the attack upon Algiers, which I lament, as much on his account as my own ; his services would have been desirable in every respect.
第 129 頁 - The Botanist's Companion; or an Introduction to the Knowledge of Practical Botany, and the Uses of Plants, either growing wild in Great Britain, or cultivated for the Purposes of Agriculture, Medicine, Rural Economy, or the Arts, on a new Plan.