Mechanics' Magazine and Journal of Science, Arts, and Manufactures, 第 4 卷

Knight and Lacey, 1825

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第 76 頁 - As human Nature's broadest, foulest blot, Chains him, and tasks him, and exacts his sweat With stripes, that Mercy with a bleeding heart Weeps when she sees inflicted on a beast. Then what is man ? And what man seeing this, And having human feelings, does not blush And hang his head, to think himself a man...
第 193 頁 - The active powers of man, with wise intent The hand of Nature on peculiar minds Imprints a different bias, and to each Decrees its province in the common toil.
第 426 頁 - The straight line drawn at right angles to the diameter of a circle, from the extremity of it, falls without the circle...
第 193 頁 - Imprints a different bias, and to each Decrees its province in the common toil. To some she taught the fabric of the sphere, The changeful moon, the circuit of the stars, The golden zones of heaven : to some she gave To weigh the moment of eternal things, Of time, and space, and fate's unbroken chain, And will's quick impulse : others by the hand She led o'er vales and mountains, to explore What healing virtue swells the tender veins Of herbs and flowers ; or what the beams of morn Draw forth, distilling...
第 206 頁 - Never, perhaps, was witnessed a finer scene than on the deck of my little ship, when all hope of life had left us. Noble as the character of the British sailor is always allowed to be in cases of danger, yet I did not believe it to be possible that amongst forty-one persons not one repining word should have been uttered.
第 81 頁 - To associate all the branches of mankind ; And if a boundless plenty be the robe, Trade is the golden girdle of the globe. Wise to promote whatever end he means, God opens fruitful nature's various scenes : Each climate needs what other climes produce, And offers something to the general use ; No land but listens to the common call, And in return receives supply from all.
第 401 頁 - What is a man, If his chief good and market of his time Be but to sleep and feed ? a beast, no more. Sure, he that made us with such large discourse, Looking before and after, gave us not That capability and god-like reason To fust in us unused.
第 405 頁 - Unfortunately, a great flood which occurred drifted down a quantity of timber against the bridge. In consequence of this obstruction to the flood, a thick and strong dam, as it were, was formed. The aggregate of so many collected streams being unable to get any further, rose here to a prodigious height, and with the force of its pressure carried the bridge entirely away before it. William Edwards had given security for the stability of the bridge for seven years ; it had stood only two years and...
第 426 頁 - ... to it, as not to cut the circle. Let ABC be a circle, the centre of which is D, and the diameter AB ; the straight line drawn at right angles to AB from its extremity A, shall fall without the circle.
第 32 頁 - ... diminution of its intensity. Mr. Barlow, however, by employing wires of various lengths, up to 840 feet, and measuring the energy' of the electric action by the deflection produced in a magnetic needle, has found that the intensity diminishes very rapidly, and very nearly, as the inverse square of the distance : hence the idea of constructing electrical telegraphs is quite chimerical.