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Cherubs a profer'd crown of glory low,
Ey'd wistful by th'admiring fair below.
In action eloquent dispos’d her hands,
One shows her breast, in rapture one expands !
This the fond hermit seiz'd!-o'er all his soul,
The soft, wild, wailing, amorous passion stole !
In stedfalt gaze his eyes her aspect keep,
Then turn away, a while dejected weep;
Then he reverts them ; but reverts in vain,
Dimm'd with the swelling grief that streams again.
Where now is my philosophy ? (he cries)
My joy, hope, reason, my Olympia dies !
Why did I e'er that prime of blessings know?
Was it, ye cruel fates, t’imbitter woe?
Why would your bolts not level first my head ?
Why must I live to weep Olympia dead ?
-Sir, I had once a wife! Fair bloom'd her youth, 325
Her form was beauty, and her soul was truth!
Oh, she was dear! How dear, what words can fay?
She dies !--my heaven at once is snatch'd away!
Ah! what avails, that, by a father's care,
I rose a wealthy and illustrious heir ?

That early in my youth I learn'd to prove
Th'instructive, pleasing, academic grove ?
That in the senate eloquence was mine?
That valour gave me in the field to hine?
That love shower'd blessings too_far more than all 135
High-rapt ambition e'er could happy call ?
Ah!-What are these, which ev’n the wise adore ?
Lo& is my pride Olympia is no more!


Had I, ye perfecuting powers ! been born
The world's cold pity, or, at beft, its scorn; 140
Of wealth, of rank, of kindred warmth bereft;
To want, to fame, to ruthless cenfure left!
Patience, or pride, to this, relief fupplies !
But a loft wife! —there! there distraction lies !
Now three fad years I yield me all to grief,

And fly the hated comfort of relief!
Though rich, great, young, I leave a pompous feat,
(My brother's now) to seek some dark retreat :
Mid cloister'd folitary tombs I ftray,
Despair and horror lead the cheerless way! 150
My sorrow grows to such a wild excess,
Life, injur'd life, muft with the paffion less!
Olympia !-My Olympia 's loft! (I cry)
Olympia 's loft, the hollow vaults reply!
Louder I make my lamentable moan;

The fuelling echoes learn like me to groan ;
The ghosts to scream, as through lone aisles they sweep;
The farines to fudder, and the faints to weep!

Now grief and rage, by gathering fighs suppreft,
Swell my full heart, and beave my labouring breast! 160
With ftruggling starts, each vital ftring they ftrain,
And Atrike the tottering fabric of my brain !
O'er my funk spirits frowns a vapoury scene,
Woe's dark retreat! the madding maze of spleen!
A deep damp gloom o'erspreads the murky cell; 165
Here pining thoughts and secret terrors dwell!
Here learn the Great unreal wants to feign!
Unpleasing truths here mortify the vain !


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Here Learning, blinded first, and then beguild,
Looks dark as Ignorance, as Frenzy wild ! 170
Here first Credulity on Reason won !
And here falfe Zeal mysterious-rants begun!
Here Love impearls each moment with a tear,
And Superftition owes to Spleen her fear!

Fantastic lightnings, through the dreary way, 175
In fwift short fignals fiafh the bursting day!
Above, beneath, across, around, ihey-Ay!
A dire deception strikes the mental eye!
By the blue fires, pale phantoms grin fevere!
Shrill, fancy'd echoes wound th'affrighted ear! 180
Air-banish'd spirits flag in fogs profound,
And, all-obscene, shed baneful damps around!
Now whispers, trembling in some feeblewind,
Sigh out prophetic fears, and freeze the mind!

Loud laughs the hag !--She mocks' complaint away, Unroofs the den, and lets- in more than day. Swarms of-wild fancies, wing'd in various flight, Seek emblematic shades, and mystic light ! Some drive with rapid steeds the fining car! These nod from thrones! Those thunder in the war! 190 Till, tir'd, they turn from the delusrve fhow, Start from wild joy, and fix in ftupid woe.

Here the lone hour a blank of life display, Till now bad thoughts a fiend more active raise ; A fiend in evil moments ever nigh!

195 Death in her hand, and frenzy in her eye! Her eye all red, and sunk! A robe the wore, With life's calamities embroider'd o'er.


A mirror in one hand collective fhows,
Vary'd and multiply'd, that


of This endless foe to generous toil and pain Lolls on a couch for ease; but lolls in vain ; She muses o'er her woe-embroider'd vest, And self-abhorrence heightens in her breast. To Thun her care, the force of sleep she tries, 205 Still wakes her mind, though numbers doze her eyes : She dreams, starts, rises, stalks from place to place, With restless, thoughtful, interrupted pace ; Now eyes the sun, and curses every ray, Now the green ground, where colour fades away. 210 Dim spectres dance! Again her eye the rears ; Then from the blood- thot ball wipes purpled tears; Then presses hard her brow, with mischief fraught, Her brow half bursts with agony of thought! From me (she cries) pale wretch, thy comfort claim, 215 Born of Despair, and Suicide my name! Why Nould thy life a moment's pain endure ! Here every object proffers grief a cure. She points where leaves of hemlock blackening Boot! Fear not! pluckl eat (faid she) the sovereign root! 220 Then Death, revers’d, shall bear his ebon lance! Soft o'er thy sight shall fwin the fhadowy trance ! Or leap yon rock, possess a watery grave, And leave wild forrow to the wind and wave! Or mark this poniard thus from misery frees !

225 She wounds her breast!--the guilty steel I seize ! Straight, where the struck, a smoaking spring of gore Wells from the wound, and floats the crimson'd floor,


Nor tempt

She faints ! she fades !-Calm thoughts the deed revolve, And now, unstartling, fix the dire resolve;

230 Death drops his terrors, and, with charming wiles, Winning, and kind, like my Olympia (miles ! He points the passage to the seats divine, Where poets, heroes, fainted lovers shine ! I come, Olympia !-my rear'd arm extends;

135 Half to my breast the threatening point descends; Straight thunder rocks the land ! new lightnings play! When, lo! a voice resounds-Arife! away! Away! nor murmur at th' afflictive rod! the vengeance

of an angry God! 240 Fly'lt thou from Providence for vain relief? Such ill-fought ease shall draw avenging grief. Honour, the more obstructed, stronger shines, And zea) by perfecution's rage

refines, By woe, the foul to daring action fwells; By woe, in paintiefs patience it excels; From patient, prudent dear experience fprings, And traces knowledge through the course of things ! Thence hope is forın'd, thence fortitude, fuccefs, Renown :-whate'er men covet and caress.

250 The vanilh'd fiend thus fent a hollow voice. Would'it thou be happy ? straight be death thy choice. Ilow mean are those, who passively complain ; While active fouls, more free, their fatters strain ! Though knowledge thine, hope, fortitude, success, 255 Renown : --whate'er men covet and caress; On earth success must in its turn give way, And ev'n perfection introduce decay.


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