Cavanagh's Phrenology: Being an Explanation of the Mental Faculties, and Guide to Self Improvement of the One for Whom it is Marked, as Indicated by the Configuration of the Cranium

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第 158 頁 - See This lovely child, blithe, innocent and free; She spends a happy time with little care, While we to such sick thoughts subjected are As came on you last night — it is our will That thus enchains us to permitted ill — We might be otherwise — we might be all We dream of happy, high, majestical. Where is the love, beauty, and truth we seek But in our mind? and if we were not weak Should we be less in deed than in desire?' 'Ay, if we were not weak — and we aspire How vainly to be strong!'...
第 78 頁 - But when he sleeps and smiles upon my knee, And I can feel his light breath come and go, I think of one — Heaven help and pity me! — Who loved me, and whom I loved, long ago. Who might have been — ah, what I dare not think! We all are changed. God judges for us best, God help us do our duty, and not shrink, And trust in heaven humbly for the rest.
第 72 頁 - The purpose of education is to give to the body and to the soul all the beauty and all the perfection of which they are capable.
第 95 頁 - Are there no foes for me to face ? Must I not stem the flood? Is this vile world a friend to grace, To help me on to God ? 4 Sure I must fight if I would reign ; Increase my courage, Lord ! I'll bear the toil, endure the pain, Supported by Thy word.
第 108 頁 - O but they say the tongues of dying men Enforce attention like deep harmony: Where words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain. For they breathe truth that breathe their words in pain.
第 91 頁 - Is there one whom difficulties dishearten, — who bends to the storm? — He will do little. Is there one who will conquer? — That kind of man never fails.
第 108 頁 - ... or the like; therefore why should I be angry with a man for loving himself better than me ? And if any man should do wrong...
第 75 頁 - I have frequently prescribed remedies of doubtful efficacy in the critical stage of acute diseases, but never till I had worked up my patients into a confidence, bordering upon certainty, of their probable good effects. The success of this measure has much oftener answered, than disappointed my expectations...
第 73 頁 - A FEW more years shall roll, .£*- A few more seasons come, And we shall be with those that rest Asleep within the tomb.
第 79 頁 - So that to send an uneducated child into the world is injurious to the rest of mankind ; it is little better than to turn out a mad dog, or a wild beast into the streets.