The Prophet Muhammad: A Role Model for Muslim Minorities

Kube Publishing Ltd, 2016年10月20日 - 248 頁
This book identifies what guidance the Prophet's example offers for Muslims living as a minority. In so doing, the author examines how Islam was practised in Makkah under constant prejudice, how Muslims led their lives as migrants in Abyssinia and how Muslim minorities were treated by the Islamic state of Madinah.


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關於作者 (2016)

Muhammad Yasin Mazhar Siddiqi (d.1944) studied at Nadwatal Ulema, Lucknow, Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University. Presently Professor of Islamic Studies at the Aligarh Muslim University, he is one of the leading authorities on the Qur'an and Sirah in the Indian Subcontinent.