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.The methods by nich population growth was curbed in other cultures and other times were drastic - abortion, infanticide, starvation and other forms of early death. No one wants to return to these methods." Quote taken from a Planned Parenthood reprint from Cosmopolitan Magazine, Mr. 1965 entitled “What The Planned Parenthood People Are Up To" by Glenn White.

As the Stomach Turns ..... an assorted selection of topic anti-life quotes

2 "...when a Supreme Court decision in March 1971 expanded the grounds for legal termination of pregnancy in Washington, D.C., requests at the Planned Parenthood Association of Metropolitan Washington for pregnancy detection increased at such a rate that a social worker was required to devote at least half her time to the problem of pregnancy counseling and abortion referral".......from **Pregnancy Detection: A Critical Service Link", by Katherine B. Oettinger (First Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population and Family Planning of HEW) in Family Planning Perspectives, Vol. 3, No. 4 Oct. 1971.

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* ....... Anything we do to fortify the stench-to increase the
population-is a disservice both to Europe and to ourselves.
Stabilization and eventual reduction in population in
Europe would be one of the longest steps that could be
made toward world peace and well being......." from Road
to Survival by William Vogt, former president of Planned
Parenthood, 1948.

Whether the ideas we espouse at this meeting can be freely offered to our people or whether they will remain bottled up by a "know-nothing society” depends on us .......

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........ Lest we part on an overly optimistic note, we should remain aware of the increasing activity and perhaps power of the radical right. The far right is made up of people of all creeds, colors, and diverse economic and social backgrounds......." Louis M. Hellman, Dept. of HEW,. Office of Population Affairs in a speech before the American Association of Sex Educators and Counselors, Washington, D.C. March 30, 1973. (Editor's comment: Hellman's problem is not with 'know nothings' but with Americans who know too much.)

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"Scientifically, abortion methods are being investigated with greater intensity than ever before . . . Professor Hardin suggests that in the future abortion may be considered preferable to contraception."

Scientific reports on the "morning after", the "week-later" or the "second thoughts" pill are multiplying. Eliminating a newly implanted ovum by the use of a pharmaceutical product is, of course, abortion. However, the psychological reaction of the woman aborting in such a manner cannot be compared to that of the woman undergoing surgical abortion ..." Editorial by Morris Fishbein, M.D. Medical World News - May 8, 1970

"... The idea of a morning after pill has much to commend it, but with frequent coitus such a pill may well become a daily pill. A more rational approach, perhaps is menstrual regulation, the drug being taken only at a certain time in the cycle. At present a 'deimplantation' pill seems to offer most promise ... Developments in prostaglandin analogues . . . suggest that this method of contraception is just around the corner." Editorial, Lancet 11:314 August 12, 1972

"No formal action was taken on abortion but it was much discussed The term 'menstrual regulation' was disapproved, since it is a misnomer. Scientific studies have shown that 85% of women who undergo menstrual regulation are pregnant at the time. The CMC (Central Medical Committee, IPPF) thought that the procedure should be termed early abortion, but realized that many people would continue to prefer the name 'menstrual regulation', a subterfuge in terms which enables them to avoid the self-realization that they are probably pregnant ... Comments on IPPF Meeting Alan F. Guttmacher, M.D. President's Letter 5/4/73

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"All the measures which impair the viability of the zygote at any time between the instant of fertilization and the completion of labor constitute, in the strict sense, procedures for inducing abortion." Dept. of HEW, PHS publication 1066 Washington: 1963, p.27

Abortion by any other name is still ......

Clearly, the advocates of abortion know that life begins at conception/fertilization. They also agree that the fertility control measures of the future will probably be abortifacient in nature, even though they may be disguised by appropriate euphemisms.

Today, much controversy centers upon the IUD and socalled mini-pill. The question is whether or not, the primary (and secondary) modes of action of these agents are contraconceptive or abortifacient.

However, while the question is asked, it is not at all clear that some pro-life people wish to find the answer. Causes for this ambiguity are numerous.

Some do not wish to get into the area of "contraception" which is held to be an area of private concern between the

individual couple involved. Others are actively prescribing and/or inserting the IUD or mini-pill, or actually wearing an IUD or ingesting the mini-pill. In the latter case, the arguments of "when in doubt, the doubt should be resolved in favor of life" gives way to the argument that "we really don't know that the IUD or mini-pill causes an abortion every time."

It has also been stated that the Pro-Life Movement should support a constitutional amendment which would be applicable to surgical abortion only and would sanctify early abortion via drugs and devices. Acceptance of such a rationale would be akin to admitting that there are various stages of being dead - dead ... deader. deadest.

The U.S. Coalition for Life believes that when in doubt, the doubt should be resolved in favor of LIFE. We do not believe, however, that this doubt is even applicable to the IUD or so called mini-pills since there is ample scientific documenta

tion that the primary mode of action of these agents and devices is not contra-conception but abortifacient.

The Coalition has assembled in packet form a selection of documentation and articles on the IUD as well as a smaller sampling on the newer pills and techniques relating to early abortion. The "IUD packet" is available directly from the Coalition, Box 315, Export, Pa. 15632. Cost: $6.00 per packet.

Such documentation includes: The Department of HEW's new Five Year Plan, (May 1973) which states:

"Recent study results support the hypotheses that the IUD alters the uterine environment in such a manner that

blastocysts are destroyed or are not able to stay in the uterus until an estrogen surge permits implantation ..." p. 15.

And the Hilger's report, The Intrauterine Device: Contraceptive or Abortifacient? which concludes:

"... it is evident that the IUD exerts its birth-preventative effects primarily through the destruction, at a uterine level, of the pre-implantation blastocyst. In addition, it is clear that the IUD in the small number of cases in which implantation is allowed to occur in its presence, is a frequent initiator of the abortive process and, as a result, welldeveloped fetuses are aborted


public hospitals and in at least one state, Tamil Nadu, public officials have stated that Catholic physicians refusing to do their share of abortions should leave government service. Prominent Indian leaders are already calling for the "cumpulsory sterilization" of the mentally, physically and emotionally unfit.

Likewise, in Singapore, the government has publicly stated it will PENALIZE families refusing to participate birth limitation, and declared 4th and 5th children born into a family as an "anti-social" act. Henceforth, families with more than 3 children will suffer in terms of housing priorities, maternity benefits and increased taxation.

"Abortion - Compulsory Population Control"

Title X-Programs Relating to Population Growth of the Foreign Assistance Act, the legislative vehicle by which the Agency for International Development funnels out millions of tax dollars into such agencies as the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Pathfinder Fund and the U.N. Fund for Population Activities provides:

Sec. 291 (c) In carrying out programs authorized in this title, the President shall establish reasonable procedures to insure, whenever family planning assistance from the United States is involved, that no individual will be coerced to practice methods of family planning inconsistent with his or her moral, philosophical, or religious beliefs.

The abortion prohibition amendment does NOT apply in the case of funding by AID under this act but only to the Family Planning Act of 1970 as amended.

With increasing frequency, a number of AID recipient nations are initiating population control programs containing coercive elements.

In India, the government withdrew their advertisements from a Catholic newspaper which refused to carry anti-life materials sent to it for publication by government agencies.

In Palliport, last year, when Catholic officials refused to permit the Indian government to open a local sterilization "festival" to coincide with the Feast of Our Lady of Snows, the area was declared to be "cholera infested" and the area quarantined.

Under recent rulings by the Medical Council of India, medical students will be REQUIRED to perform at least 10 sterilization operations under appropriate supervision in order to receive their medical degree.

The Indian Ministry of Health has not supported a "consciencious objection" clause for Catholic physicians working in

ACTION LINE As of July 18, 1973 the House has passed the foreign aid bill and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee sent to the floor a similar bill for debate. It is expected that the two bills will have to go to a conference in order to have the differences reconciled.

The Coalition is moving to have an anti-abortion prohi bition rider attached onto the bill and an amendment which would forbid the funding by AID of "family planning" programs which are coercive. in nature and thus violate both the spirit and letter of the volunteerism class of Title X Sec. 291 (c). The issue of AID's funding of Los Super machos should be brought to the foreign relation committees of both houses.

By the time this issue reaches pro-life groups, sometime in Jate August, the Coalition will have found a senatorial sponsor to introduce such an amendment on the floor of the Senate when the bill comes up for approval following the Labor Day recess.

As soon as the amendment is given a number we will inform pro-life groups immediately so that they may inform their senators on the issue.


"Medical Ghouls Continue Experimentation on Aborted Babies" from Medical Intelligence, Vol. 288 No. 23 as printed in The New England Journal of Medicine, June 7, 1973.

The paper, Transplacental Passage of Erythromycin and Clindamycin was presented at the Twelfth Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Sept. 27, 1972, Atlantic City, N.J.

The primary purpose of the experiment was to test the transplacental passage of certain anti-biotics on pregnant

women and their unborn children.

The project was aided in part by the U.S. Public Health Service, and one of the participants is a recipient of an NIH career-development award.

There were 33 women, ages 15 to 43 years of age, carrying children from 10 to 22 weeks of gestation.

The authors state that "informed consent" was obtained from fourteen of the women although we would question the degree to which a young girl 15 could issue such consent. The majority of the women were aborted by hysterotomy while

57-782 0 - 76 - 5

eight were aborted via saline infusion. An additional number served as a control group.

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The paper states that following procedures, an assay for antibiotic content was performed on the amniotic fluid and various body organs including the liver and lungs as well as brain, muscle, bone and blood. The authors however do not indicate how such procedures were conducted given the fact that a hysterotomy produces a live baby.

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"fetal specimens".

Twenty-five of the aborted women were black, seventeen white. No mention is made of "informed consent" by the pregnant women, all of whom were aborted by elective hysterectomy or hysterotomy.

IMMEDIATELY AFTER DELIVERY, the peripheral blood cells were taken from the live babies and whole blood drained off from the babies who range in size from 3.5 to 20.0 cm from crown to rump, the youngest being 55 days old.

The National Institute of Health is currently preparing a set of "guidelines" on such experimentation by staff scientists. A set of English "guidelines" are included in our Fetal Packet (Price $5.00), along with documentation on experiments on live aborted babies. EVERY pro-life group should contact the NIH and request seating when public debate opens this Fall.

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In Hemoglobin A Synthesis in the Developing Fetus, The New England Journal of Medicine, July 12, 1973 authored by staff members from the Department of Pediatrics, John Hopkins University School of Medicine, we read of a similar experiment. The contract was supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Authors, Kazazian and Woodhead acknowledge their gratitude to members of the Department of Obstetrics, John Hopkins Hospital for assistance in obtaining

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“Federal Abortifacient - Population Control Funding"

Included in the eight pages of grants and contracts for An Inventory of Federal Population Research (FY 72) abortifacient research, primarily in the area of prostaglandins including grants and contracts for abortifacient and popula. are the tion control research is now available from the Center for

Worchester Foundation for Experimental Biology, Population Research of the National Institute of Child Health

Shrewbury, Mass. and Human Development, Bethesda, Maryland 20014. Ask

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for DHEW Publication No. (NIH) 73-133).

University of West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica In FY 1972, Federal agencies invested $61 million in

John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. population research – research in which primates, mostly

Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan humans, were used as "research subjects" in behavioral science

Population Council, N.Y., N.Y. and basic biological fields.

Two HEW-NIH contracts totaling more than $250,000
The Federal agencies engaged in population research include the growth of human trophoblast cells in culture and
included the Center for Population Research (HEW), AID, the fertilization of human ova in vitro.
National Science Foundation, the Office of Economic Oppor-

Catholics in particular may be interested in an HEWtunity and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

NIH grant of $13,629 to J. Mayone Sytcos of Cornell The Agency for International Development (AID) pro

University to study "DIOCESAN MOBILIZATION Avided $2.7 million for a large program to develop "simplified

GAINST ABORTION LAW REFORM" (p.98) techniques of postconceptive fertility control." (p.5)

In the area of population education, a three-year HEWCenter grants went to Rockefeller's Population Council, NIH grant of more than $50,000 went to R.H. Monge of the Harvard University, the University of Wisconsin, the University University of Syracuse, Sol Gorden's stomping grounds. Proof Texas, and Vanderbilt University.

ject title "Communicating Population Facts to Adolescents". Reference copies available at no charge.


"Hud Enters Family Planning Field"

"Children bring great joy ... when they are wanted."

(Cover of HUD Family Planning Packet) Titled Family Planning, the United States Department of Housing and Ubran Development series, is the product of an 18-month technical assistance effort involving 20 Model Cities during 1970-71 (H-1306), now part of Community Development.

The objects of the project, carried out under a HUD contract with Westinghouse Learning Corporation, were "to increase Model Cities capability in functional programming, to increase the effectiveness of the operating agency, and to aid in improving the Model Cities planning processes."

The HUD monograph contains four booklets:
1. The Concept 11. Program Planning

Getting and Keeping Your Program Going
IV. Improving Your Existing Program

The series introduction (1) explains that the purpose of
these publications is to assist local decision makers as they
undertake family planning projects as part of a "local health
care system, and to provide public officials with the rationale
for the agency's legitimate involvement in family planning",
thus lending support for including a family planning component
in the city's Comprehensive Demonstration Program Plan.

The Model Cities receiving Family Planning Technical
Assistance under the HUD-Westinghouse contract were:
Akron, Ohio E. St. Louis, III. Portland, Oregon
Athens, Georgia Charlotte, N.C. Rochester, N.Y.
Bowling Green, Ky. Manchester, N.H. Rock Island, III.
Buffalo, N.Y. Newark, N.J. San Antonia, Tex.
Texarkana, Tex. Youngstown, O. Springfield, Mass.

Texarkana, Ark.
The basic components of the HUD family planning pro-
gram include a full range of services designed to "educate the
general public as well as patients" about the principles of family

planning. Delivery of such services can be made through (1) clinics such as Planned Parenthood affiliates (2) hospital postpartum programs (3) private physicians and others (ex. Mobile units).

Series I. includes a brief history of the Sangerite Movement and how such obstacles as "long-standing values and attitudes about pro-creation", religious teachings such as "be fruitful and multiply" and sex is sinful except for procreationtheology are fading into the distant horizon and replaced with the new Planned Parenthood ethic. Also mentioned is the introduction of birth control clinics into Puerto Rico "under the guise of maternity services”, and the flooding of P. P. units by millions of middleclass women anxious to "control their fertil. ity" after the advent of the Pill.

Additional obstacles to HUD programs also includes charges of genocide by minority groups and RESTRICTIONS OF WOMEN SEEKING ABORTIONS (emphasis added).

Cited as an example of how pressure groups can team up with service providers using public funds is the Shaw University teen program funded by the OEO. (USCL Reprint No. 114) In this federally funded innovative program, teenage family planning pimps solicited pre-teen black youth operating out of a health clinic in a public housing neighborhood known as HIP. Their "meetings" included distribution of condoms and foams to youth as young as twelve years old.

According to the HUD publication "many public officials now consider it their responsibility to support this expression of the nation's will" (p.17).

Besides, family planning helps avoid illness and can be thought of as part of any preventative health care program. This makes pregnancy a disease against which there is immunization.

There is also the matter of economics. Included in the section are charts detailing the economics of "unwanted fertility" and the cost-benefit ratio of avoiding "unwanted births" with the admonition that the cost of raising one child on welfare is 26 times greater than the $300.00 which could have been used to keep him out of this world in the first place.

Series II. highlights the various task forces and community action approaches. HUD administrators are warned that the

clergy might object to such programs to be sure and state that all methods including rhythm are to be offered. The goal – a comprehensive range of family planning services to all persons of child bearing age in the target area".

Series III. includes a variety of clinical tasks including abortion counseling services.

For “high-risk" females "contraceptive counseling by a physician should be considered mandatory".

Appendix I offers a sample copy of the PROVISIONAL REPORT FORM FOR FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES OF HEW which ALL OEL, DHEW, and Planned Parenthood programs are REQUIRED to submit to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Included in the report is a detailed account of the patient's "sexual history" including frequency of intercourse, age of first intercourse, attitudes of partner toward contraception, and type of contraception used.

A sample of the IUD consent form used by Dr. Joe Beasley at his Louisiana family planning clinic absolving the physician from liability for any ill-effects the patient may suffer from the IUD insertion, is also included.

This series lists distributors of contraceptive supplies and abortifacient devices. For rhythm information and supplies Planned Parenthood is listed as a reference despite the fact the Human Life Foundation which has been in existence since 1968 is the nation's prime source of updated information on natural family planning methods.

Series IV. attempts to establish standards by which one can measure the effectiveness of family planning programs. The HUD publication insists that all barriers must be removed which inhibit teens from getting the services they need. Planned Parenthood's Teen Clinic is selected as a model program.

Pro-liters may recall in the Fall of 1972, a Youth Resource Handbook funded by HUD and provided by Kentucky's Human Resources Coordinating Commission, which gave a detailed fact sheet on where teens could obtain out-of-state abortions along with prices and transportation information.

References throughout the series include Planned Parenthood, the Population Council, the Population Reference Bureau and Westinghouse Learning Corporation.

Each cover of the series includes a disclaimer which reads in part that the opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of any U. S. Government agency.

The Coalition is ready to admit that this is true. The opinions expressed are those of Planned Parenthood and Company who just happen to use the agency's name and funding to propagandize their policies and philosophy in much the same way as it has prostituted numerous other Federal agencies. We do however, hold the Department of Housing and Urban Development responsible for permitting its agencies to be used for purposes other than specifically called for in the DHUD Act of Sept. 9, 1965 and for its circumvention of legislative intent by bureaucratic fiat.

The Coalition has informed HUD Secretary George Romney and Assistant Secretary for Community Development, Floyd H. Hyde of these violations and asked that all HUD "family planning' activities be brought to an end. Address: Department of Housing and Urban Development

451 Seventh Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20410 The complete four-part monograph is available for $4.50 from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash., D.C. 20402.

“Tax Decentives First Level of Population Control"

On January 31, 1973, Senator Robert Pack wood introduced S.650, a bill to extend to all unmarried individuals the same tax benefits enjoyed by married couples filing joint returns

The following month The Report of the Tax Policy Advisory Committee to the Council on Environmental Quality recommended that the Federal Income Tax should be changed to give higher exemptions for adults than for children on the grounds of equity and "as a symbol of population policy".

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