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In 1973, three positions will be open on the Secretary of HEW's Advisory Committee on Population Affairs headed by Dr. Louis Hellman. The Committee is divided into Services Task Force and Research Task Force members. Currently, there are well known anti-life personalities sitting on each task force.

As of July 28th, Committee membership included the following:

Service Task Force
Mrs. Helen Martin, Chevy Chase, Md. (1973)
Judith Blake Davis, Berkeley, CA. (1974)
Cary H. Hall, Hampton, GA (1973)
Herbert J. Hutton, Philadelphia, Pa. (1974)
Richard K. Manoff, N.Y., N.Y. (1974)
Ernest W. Page, San Francisco, CA. (1973)

Research Task Force
Dr. Gorden Douglas, N.Y. N.Y. (1974)
Thomas Dietz, Kent, Ohio (1972)
Mrs. Jo Anne Gray, Denver, Colorado, (1972)
Roy O. Greep, PH.D., Boston, MA (1972)
Mrs. Eunice S. Howe, Belmont, Mass. (1972)
Norman Ryder, Ph.D., Princeton, N.J. (1973)

Pro-Life groups who wish to submit the name(s) of members who are interested in the areas of family planning and population control demography for consideration by the Dept. of HEW should send in immediately, the names of the candidates, their qualification and interests to:

Dr. Louis Hellman, Chairman
Advisory Committee on Population Affairs
Dept. of HEW
Office of the Secretary,
Washington, D.C. 20201

Please send carbons of all correspondents to: President Nixon

HEW Sec., Casper Weinberger
Your U.S. Senator
The USCL (for filing)

Carbons should be accompanied by a letter requesting a proper balance of views be brought to this Committee.


“If you are definitely pregnant and decide that you wish to have an abortion performed, the Washington D.C. law is such that obtaining one here will present no particular trouble. There are a number of agencies and clinics that perform counselling and dispense abortion information in Washington. A list of them can be obtained by calling Georgetown University Hot Line at 625-4194. Because safe and legal abortions can be obtained presently, there should be no reason to have an illegal one performed."

“There are presently four methods of abortion that are generally used..... Dilation and Curettage... Vacuum Curettage...Saline Injection...and Hysterotomy. A method that is still somewhat in experimental stages but promises to come into more widespread use in the future is prostaglandin therapy. It should be remembered that these procedures are all considered surgical operations and that they all can produce physical trauma. In order to lessen the extent of this, it is best to have the abortion performed as early as possible. Abortions after the 20th week should not be performed, since the likelihood of irreparable harm to the mother and aborting a fully functioning human is very great...(p. 35-36).

"The intrauterine device (the IUD).....is inserted into the uterus making it in some manner unreceptive to a fertilized egg.... (p.28).

A method which costs little and exhibits no side effects, except possible enlargement of the female's abdomen is the Rhythm method.” (p. 31)...the requirement of premeditated temperature-taking, and the rhythm method finds no effective place on the college campus. (p. 44).

From Human Sexual Response-Ability

Students of Georgetown U., Inc. Introduction-Rev. R. C. Baumiller, S. J.

ABORTION-THE NEW COMMODITY? Source-"Legal Abortion: How Safe? How Available? How Costly?, Consumer
Reports-Facts You Need Before You Buy No Advertising, July 1972, 60c (Address; P. O. Box 1111, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
10550). pgs. 466-470.
Outboard motors
Air-Conditioners Zippers Station Wagons

Self-Cleaning Ovens
EI. Fans

Legal Abortions
Marine-Radio Telephones

Putting "moral and religious" arguments aside, Consumer Union, confines itself to information gleaned "from doctors, public health officials and abortion referral specialists" about “the safety, availability and costs of abortion." Information is selected from the Joint Program for the Study of Abortion (JPSA) financed by Rockefeller's Population Council at a cost of $246,623.00.

Despite a prohibition policy of no advertising, the article lists the addresses and phone numbers for Family Planning Information Service of N.Y.C., and the National Clergy Consultation Service, of N.Y.C., along with appropriate aboritorium fees.

According to Consumer Reports, the Clergy Consultation Services "was founded for the specific purpose of helping women to obtain abortions. In 1971, some 3000 Clergy counselors handled more than 100.000 referrals for abortion."

While the report suggests that Planned Parenthood and Clergy Consultation Service are “non-profit" agencies and charge no fee for referrals, it has been established that in certain areas of the country, i. e., Los Angeles, Calif., a kick-back of between $20-25 is received by these agencies per abortion. (L. A. Times West Magazine, July 23, 1972). Additionally, Planned Parenthood of New York City operates two aboritoriums with fees ranging from $125 to $800 or more depending on length of pregnancy.

Pennsylvania legislators might be interested in noting that “.....one hospital in Philadelphia performed more abortions in 1970 than all those in Delaware and South Carolina combined-even though the latter two states had recently liberalized their laws." (pg. 469)

Pro-Life physicians will have a field-day with such comments as “In terms of fatalities, early abortion is far safer than childbirth and SALINE ABORTION thus far appears to be somewhat safer than a full-term delivery....in short, abortion is safe only in competent medical hands....."Letters to the Editor of Consumer Reports may be directed to above address.


According to Dr. T. L. Marks, Director of Family Planning for Seattle-King County's Dept. of Public Health the so called “Morning-After" Pill now under investigation by Ralph Nader's health research associates, “is available on prescription from most physicians in the community, Family Planning Clinics of the Health Department, Planned Parenthood Center, and University affiliated clinics." (Source: Seattle Times-9 7 71).

Among the nine points listed on the Seattle-King County Health Dept. Acknowledgement and Consent and Instruction sheet, which is signed by the patient and witnessed are: 1. The effectiveness in preventing pregnancy cannot be assured 21 This medication may cause serious reactions and complications, both known and unknown to me and my fetus. 4. Side effects such as nausea and vomiting, headaches and dizziness often severe, may occur with this medication. 9. Since the morning -after pill is not something I should take repeatedly, I must use a method of birth control each time I have intercourse to prevent pregnancy. NOTE: This medication which has been linked with vaginal cancer, and has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, according to an administrator of Planned Parenthood Center, Seattle, IS GIVEN TO MINORS WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT, by her agency.


The U.S. Office of Education has issued a draft of the Environmental Education Handbook which outlines the projects and requirements for grants of the Office of Environmental Education.

In 1972, the OEE made six grants, totaling $127,000.00 for "population education".

Pro-Life organizations or interested individuals should write immediately for the Handbook and request an application if they are interested in filing for an environmental grant in the areas of population, resources, etc.

Last fiscal year, awards went to the following; $13,000 (1) Alexis DuPont School, Greenville, DE for Population Environment Project $35,000 (2) Indiana University Foundation, Bloomington, IN. for H.S. Population Unit $20,000 (3) U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C.- Inservice Training Program $ 4,000 (4) ZPG-Fargo-Moorehead Chapter-Rural Population Study-Booth, Fargo, N.D. $5,000 (5) U. of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio for Population Education Inservice Course. $50,000 (6) Population Education, Inc., Washington, DCSecondary School Population Education.

Handbook and applications available from:
Office of Environmental Education
400 Maryland Ave., S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20202


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President Nixon's advisor, John Ehrlichman, charged with domestic affairs, is investigating the role of the Dept. of HEW in the sponsorship and distribution of the film Population Growth and the American Future, which was aired over the PBS on Nov. 29th, 1972.

HEW funds authorized for film distribution, the preparation of study guides and teachers materials, purchase of films, cost of editing film into “teaching modules" and grant to Population Education, Inc. now totals more than $220,000.00.

The USCL has asked Dr. Ehrlichman to make public all grants and contracts involved in the project including the $50,000 grant to Population Education, Inc. from the U.S. Office of Environmental Education. It has also asked that all materials currently being edited and prepared by Dr. Louis Hellman's Office of Population Affairs be first reviewed by a special Congressional Committee appointed by the President to assure that the views presented are objective and balanced.

Since the Dept. of HEW has already purchased 100 copies of the Rockefeller film, the U.S. Coalition for Life has requested that 100 copies of the second PBS hour be purchased and that the Office of Environmental Education and Office of Population provide equivalent funds to the U.S.C.L. for the preparation of teaching materials similar to those now being prepared to accompany the film.

Negotiations are expected to take several months, and the film is expected to be withheld until government administrators can assure the taxpayer that all points of view are being heard on the population question.

For additional details see USCL MEMO for Jan. 20, 1973.

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to Dr. Potts, withdrawal when combined with legal abortion might present less risk of morbidity and mortality than the continued use of medical methods of contraception with their "rare but sometimes serious side-effects."

USCL Reprint No. 119

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and individuals who wish to have Zero Population Growth removed from the alternate service program of the Selective Service

as "a non-profit organization contributing to the national health, safety and welfare"


send letters accompanied when possible, by clippings of local ZPG anti-life activities to:


of be


Mr. Byron Pepitone, Acting National Director
Selective Service System
Washington, D.C.



Dr. R. T. Ravenholt, director of the Office of Population, USAID, took note of the fact that from 19651972 AID allocated $385 million towards population programming. According to Dr. Ravenholt it was becoming increasingly necessary to reach young women to curb early reproduction. He said that no coercion should be employed, but all methods should be made available in family planning programs, including ABORTION.

A significant portion of the IPPF agenda was given over to abortifacient agents such as prostaglandins. Dr. S. S. Ratnam of Singapore stated his hospital used prostaglandins for 2nd trimester abortion and that his trial supply came from the IPPF.

Dr. Ben Branch of PRETERM, Washington, D.C.'s key aboritorium, evaluated outpatient vacuum aspiration programs which he expected would reduce long-term problems of future spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy pre-mature delivery and involuntary sterility.

Dr. R. P. Soonawala of India discussed his massive experiments with 5,000 vaginal sterilizations of which 2,269 were under his own supervision. He stated that Indian women were more likely to come to the sterilizing operating theatres if the word "operation” was no used. The women instead were told that a stitch would be put in the vagina and they would be safeguarded from having further children. Patients were advised not to have sexual relations for 4-6 weeks by telling their husbands that this might disturb the stitch.

Dr. Rosenfield presented a paper on the effect of the copper T-IUD, which he suggested interfered with the implantation of the blastocyst.

Dr. Malcolm Potts, of the IPPF, presented the final conference paper on coitus-interruptus or withdrawal which he stated should have a place in family planning programs, as this method of birth control could serve as a conditioning agent to the acceptance of clinic-based methods. According

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"HOW TO GET 6,000 ABORTIONS A DAY!” Contraception-Sterilization-Abortion-Population Control Anthony Zimmerman, SVD, STD covers them all in an excellent expose of the true nature and consequences of governmental population control programs.....

"....And another Korean official told us at the Second World Population Conference that a nation which launches a birth control campaign owes it to the citizens to liberalize abortion laws to a certain extent....."

Accidental pregnancy is a real disadvantage in the use of this method (IUD). Patients are often very upset or even hysterical when told that they are pregnant. Dr. Guttmacher (USA) recommends induced abortion..." (comments of Prof. Chun of Hong Kong).

“There should be no statutory compulsion toward this (mạss sterilization), but there is a need for mobilizing public opinion in such a manner as to operate as moral compulsion....." Comments of Mr. R. A. Gopalawami at 1963 Asian Population Conferency at New Delhi.

Study copy of Zimmerman article originally published in the Dec. 1966 issue of The Reign of the Sacred Heart is available from the USCL. Order Reprint No. 116 - 50c.



INDIA'S MEDICAL TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY ACT, 1971 was analyzed by Drs. R. Koteswara Raq and G. R. Bhaskar at the International Conference on Family Planning, New Delhi, March 12-16, 1972.

Under present regulations, abortions must be carried out by a Registered Medical Practitioner, i.e., allopathic doctors, who are registered with a Medical Council and who have undergone training or gained experience as preseribed by the Central Government. Six weeks of training at a teaching hospital with a minumum killing of 12 unborn children is the suggested program.

Abortions are carried out if (1) the life or physical or mental health of the mother is threatened or (2) if the child might be seriously mentally or physicially handicapped.

According to the explanation offered by the Indian physicians, the above criteria would cover pregnancy ue to rape and "Where any pregnancy occurs as a result of failure of any device or method used by any married woman or her husband for the purpose of limiting the number of children, the anguish caused by such unwanted pregnancy may be presumed to constitue a grave injury to the mental health of the pregnant woman."

Open season on the unborn is limited to the first twenty weeks of pregnancy. Minors or lunatics require written consent of guardian.

Abortions may be carried out in Government Hospitals and approved private aboritoriums set aside for this purpose.

NOTE: In a medical emergency, an abortion may be carried out at any time, regardless of period of gestation of the child, in any private hospital by any doctor regardless of training or experience.

Additional beds for abortion patients may be set up in the General or District Hdqs. Hospital. “The same plan as adopted for post partum theatres and sterilization wards may be adopted."

USCL Reprint No. 117-40c

According to Prof. A. Dass of New Delhi who also participated in the International Conference, “With liberalization of the abortion law early pregnancy detection has become a means of offering comprehensive obsteric management.....induction of abortion is safest between the 6th to the 8th week and the best and least traumatic method is vacuum aspiration. At this period of gestation vaginal tubal ligation is easy....a nation wide publicity campaign and a quick and efficient service would greatly contribute to the success of the programme."

USCL Reprint No. 118 - 30c

NOTE: India's current abortion programme appears to follow the guidelines set forth in the U.S. Agency for International Development Population Report (Dec. 1971) which called for a “pregnancy-centered approach" to family planning programs where early pregnancy detection is combined with abortion, contraception and sterilization services. (p. 34-35.)

According to the AID report, India's Abortion-on-Demand “now poses a mighty challenge to the Indian Government." (p. 179).

In June 1970 AID made a grant of $20 million dollars to India for expanding its family planning programs. This is in addition to over $20 million dollars given to various projects involving condom manufacturing, bi-medical research and manufacture of 6,000 f.p. vehicles.

India receives aid from other agencies including the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Rockefeller's Population Council, The Pathfinder Fund, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, CARE, Oxfam and the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), the Peace Corps; UNICEF, the U.N. Fund for Population Activities, and from the nations of Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

(Ed. note- Almost all of the above U. S. based agencies receive the major portion of their funding from A.I.D.).

In the Jan. 1972 issue of AID's War on Hunger, an article entitled "Selling' Vasectomies in India" featured the activities of Dr. Datta Pai, who according to AID writer Carl Purcell is attempting to "liberate his country from the ominous threat of overpopulation". Photographed in the AID publication was the sterilization booths and illuminated scoreboard at Ernakulam District and Dr. Pai's mobile family planning bus.

According to the Nov.-Dec. issue of ZPG's National Reporter, Dr. Pai's comprehensive program now includes "services from sterilization to supervised abortions".....if government incentive programs fail, enforced government quotas would be next, Dr. Pai believes. (p. 4).


Office of Economic Opportunity is currently financing a pilot
project for the University of Florida serving the counties of
Manatee, Charlotte, DeSoto, and Hardee.

According to Mr. Roy J. Schaffer, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Association of Sarasota County, Inc., an agency funded by the Dept. of HEW, "Girls as young as 12 and 13 can get contraceptive information and or medical care through our program without parental consent...."

Mr. Schaffer, who, is handling the OEO project stated that in addition to obtaining a quick test for pregnancy, “We counsel pregnant girls....determine if a therapeutic abortion is possible, or if the baby is definitely wanted"..

"The basic plan is to keep unwanted children fror. being born." he explained, “and since responsible kids are engaging in sex, they should obtain accurate medical information. The family planning project includes information in the areas of birth control, maternity care, sterilization and abortions. (Reprint No. 115-20c).


WP, in consultation with NEW's NCFPS. All responsibility for materials published and editorial comment lie with Mr. Lincoln.

The Digest, according to Mr. Lincoln, is not a periodical of primary publication but rather a digest of materials already published. Selection is based on "usefulness for professionals involved in organized family planning activities in the United States."

The most frequently covered topics covered in this bimonthly 'government' publication are vasectomy, teenage contraceptive programs, abortifacient drugs, Sangerite philosophy, "unwanted children”, sex education, and the poor and birth control.

The March issue of the Digest contained a large article

“Prostaglandins: New Birth Control Hope or Headache"; the July issue contained another entitled, “Health and Social Impact of Legalized Abortion"; and the Sept. issue evaluated Tietze and Lewit's study on the medical complications of legal abortion. In the May issue under contraceptive practice" an evaluation of the Human Life Foundation's Conference on Natural Family planning was made. Of the five issues published between Jan. and Sept. 1972, the latter was the only reference made in the Digest to regulation of family size by sexual continence based on the natural rhythms of the body.

The Digest also publishes a want ad section for Planned Parenthood affiliates at home and abroad and a few governmental family planning agencies.

NOTE: Before taking any action regarding the government financing of this publication, the Coalition plans to offer the Dept. of HEW an opportunity to balance the content of the Digest. The USCL therefore requests that ProLife groups submit published articles on any of the topics mentioned above to: Lynn C. Landman, Editor F. P. Digest, Center for F. P. Programs 515 Madison Ave., PP-WP, NY.Y. N.Y. 10022


In the Oct. 1971 issue of PP's Family Planning Perspectives (pg.5), the transfer of the “Literature and Comment" section of this publication to a new publication called Family Planning Digest was announced. As of Jan. 1972, the Digest has been published and financed by the National Center for Family Planning Services of the Dept. of HEW but prepared by Planned Parenthood-World Population's Publication Unit of the Center for Family Planning Development.

According to Mr. Richard Lincoln, PP's Director of Publications, articles to be digested are selected by the NCFPS which is the technical assistance Division of PP


The U.S. Agency for International Development (AID) has granted to the International Project of the Association for Voluntary Sterilization, a contract of $2,000,000.00 for an international conference on voluntary sterilization as a potential method of family planning and fertility limitation.

The four day conference, to be held in Geneva from Feb. 25 - March 1, 1973, “will provide the groundwork for an international communications network of voluntary organizations, professional and governmental agencies, and other interested groups.

The many aspects of the International Project involve public campaigns, training programs; the formation of an international sterilization federation; research and information and communication activities.

AID public tax dollars have in recent years been used to finance a number of similar conferences and workshops including (1) a Johns Hopkins Conference on Population Dynamics (1965) (2) a National Academy of Sciences Symposium on Population Policies(1970) (3) a grant to support the general conference of the International Union of Scientific Study of Population in London (1970) (4) the Third International Conference on Prostaglapdins held by the N.Y. Academy of Sciences (1971) (5) a grant to support a regional meeting of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in Korea (1965) (6) a grant in support of a 4-day international conference relating to Social Work and Population Dynamics and Family Planning. (1969) (7) International Communication Seminar at U. of North Carolina (1968) (8) Financial support of World Assembly of Youth (WAY) conferences to promote family planning (1969;1970;1971) (9) International Conference of Midwives, London (1971) (10) Family Planning Seminars, PP-Chicago (1970;1971)

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