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truth by way of suffering, as I was before in testifying to answer for all these things (with all the rest of of it according to the Scriptures in a way of preach their iniquities), unless God shall give them repenting.

ance for them, for the which I pray with all my When I first went to preach the word abroad, the heart. doctors and priests of the country did open wide Having made profession of the glorious gospel of against me; but I was persuaded of this, not to render Christ, and preached the same about five years, I railing for railing, but to see how many of their car was apprehended at a meeting of good people in the nal professors I could convince of their miserable state country (among whom I should have preached that by the law, and of the want and worth of Christ : for, day, but they took me from amongst them), and had thought I, “That shall answer for me in time to come, me before a justice, who, after I had offered security when they shall be for my hire before their face,' Gen. for my appearance the next sessions, yet committed xxx. 33.

me, because my sureties would not consent to be I never cared to meddle with things that were con- bound that I should preach no more to the people. troverted, and in dispute among the saints, especially At the sessions after, I was indicted for a mainthings of the lowest nature; yet it pleased me much tainer of unlawful assemblies and conventicles, and to contend with great earnestness for the word of for not conforming to the church of England ; and faith, and the remission of sins by the death and suf- after some conference there with the justices, they erings of Jesus ; but, I say, as to other things, I would taking my plain dealing with them for a confession, let them alone, because I saw they engendered strife; as they termed it, of the indictment, did sentence me and because that they neither in doing nor in leaving to a perpetual banishment, because I refused to conundone did commend us to God to be his : besides, I form. So being again delivered up to the jailer's saw my work before me did run into another channel, hands, I was had to prison, and there laid a complete eren to carry an awakened word; to that therefore I twelve years, waiting to see what God would suffer did stick and adhere.

these men to do with me. In which condition I have If any of those who were awakened by my minis- continued with much content, through grace, but have try did after that fall back (as sometimes too many met with many turnings and goingy upon my heart, did), I can truly say their loss hath been more to me both from the Lord, Satan, and iny own corruption, than if my own children, begotten of my own body, by all which (glory be to Jesus Christ) I have also had been going to their grave. I think verily, I may received much conviction, instruction, and underspeak it without any offence to the Lord, nothing has standing, of which I shall not here discourse ; only zone so near me as that, unless it was the fear of the give you a hint or two that may stir up the godly to loss of the salvation of my own soul. I have counted bless God, and to pray for and also to take encourageay if I had goodly buildings and lordships in those ment, should the case be their own, ‘not to fear what places where my children were born : my heart hath man can do unto them.' been so wrapped up in the glory of this excellent work, that I counted myself more blessed and honoured [Christian in the Hands of Giant Despair.] of God by this than if he had made me the emperor of the Christian world, or the Lord of all the glory of the Now there was, not far from the place where they earth without it.

lay, a castle, called Doubting Castle, the owner whereof But in this work, as in all other, I had my temp- was Giant Despair, and it was in his grounds they tations attending me, and that of divers kinds; as now were sleeping; wherefore he, getting up in the sometimes I should be assaulted with great discourage- morning early, and walking up and down in his fields, inent therein, fearing that I should not be able to caught Christian and Hopeful asleep in his grounds. speak a word at all to edification ; nay, that I should Then, with a grim and surly voice, he bid thern awake, not be able to speak sense to the people; at which and asked them whence they were, and what they did times I should have such a strange faintness seize upon in his grounds? They told him they were pilgrims, my body, that my legs have scarce been able to carry and that they had lost their way. Then said the me to the place of exercise.

giant, You have this night trespassed on me, by Sometimes, when I have been preaching, I have trampling and lying on my ground, and therefore you been violently assaulted with thoughts of blasphemy, must go along with me. So they were forced to go, and strongly tempted to speak the words with my because he was stronger than they. They also had routh before the congregation. I have also at times, but little to say, for they knew themselves in fault. even when I have begun to speak the word with much | The giant, therefore, drove them before him, and put clearners, evidence, and liberty of speech, been, before them into his castle, in a very dark dungeon, nasty the ending of that opportunity, so blinded and so and stinking to the spirits of those two men. Here extranged from the things I have been speaking, and they lay from Wednesday morning till Saturday have been also so straitened in my speech as to utter- night, without one bit of bread, or drop of drink, or ance before the people, that I have been as if I had light, or any to ask how they did: they were therenot known what I have been about, or as if my head fore here in evil case, and were far from friends and had been in a bag all the time of my exercise. * acquaintance. Now, in this place Christian had

But when Satan perceived that his thus tempting double sorrow, because it was through his unadvised and assaulting of me would not answer his design, haste that they were brought into this distress. to wit, to overthrow the ministry, and make it ineffec Now, Giant Despair had a wife, and her name was tual as to the ends thereof, then he tried another Diffidenec: so when he was gone to bed, he told his way, which was, to stir up the minds of the ignorant wife what he had done, to wit, that he had taken a and malicious to load me with slanders and reproaches. couple of prisoners and cast them into his dungeon, Now therefore I may say, that what the devil could for trespassing on his grounds. Then he asked her devise and his instruments invent, was whirled up also what he had best to do further to them. So she and down the country against me, thinking, as I said, asked him what they were, whence they came, and by that means they should make my ministry to be whither they were bound, and he told her. Then she abandor.ed. It began therefore to be rumoured up counselled him, that when he arose in the morning, and down among the people that I was a witch, a he should beat them without mercy. So when he Jesuit, a highwayman, and the like. To all which I arose, he getteth him a grievous crab-tree cudgel, and shall only say, God knows that I am innocent. But goes down into the dungeon to them, and there first as for mine accusers, let them provide themselves to falls to rating them as if they were dogs, although meet me before the tribunal of the Son of God, there they never gave him a word of distaste : then he falls


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upon them, and beats them fearfully, in such sort Christian fell into a swoon; but coming a little to that they were not able to belp themselves, or turn himself again, they renewed their discourse about the them upon the floor. This done, he withdraws, and giant's counsel, and whether yet they had best take it leaves them there to condole their misery, and to or no. Now, Christian again seemed to be for doing mourn under their distress : so all that day they spent it; but Hopeful made his second reply as followeth : their time in nothing but sighs and bitter lamenta. Hope. My brother, said he, rememberest thou not tions. The next night she talked with her husband how valiant thou hast been heretofore? Apollyon about them further, and understanding that they were could not crush tboe, nor could all that thou didst yet alive, did advise him to counsel them to make hear, or see, or feel, in the Valley of the Shadow of away with themselves. So when morning was come, Death: what hardships, terror, and amazement, hast he goes to them in a surly manner, as before, and per thou already gone through, and art thou now nothing ceiving them to be very sore with the stripes that he but fear? Thou seest that I am in the dungeon with had given them the day before, he told them, that thee, a far weaker man by nature than thou art; also since they were never like to come out of that place, this giant has wounded me as well as thee, and hath their only way would be forthwith to make an end of also cut off the bread and water from my mouth, and themselves, either with knife, halter, or poison : For with thee I mourn without the light. But let us why, said he, should you choose life, seeing it is at- exercise a little more patience : remember how thou tended with so much bitterness? But they desired playedst the man at Vanity Fair, and wast neither him to let them go; with which he looked ugly upon afraid of the chain nor the cage, nor yet of bloody them, and rushing to them, had doubtless made an death ; wherefore let us (at least to avoid the shame end of them himself, but that he fell into one of his that becomes not a Christian to be found in) bear up fits (for he sometimes in sun-shiny weather fell into with patience as well as we can. fits), and lost for a time the use of his hands : where Now, night being come again, and the giant and fore he withdrew, and left them, as before, to consider his wife being a-bed, she asked concerning the prisonwhat to do. Then did the prisoners consult between ers, and if they had taken his counsel ; to wbich he themselves whether it was best to take his counsel or replied, They are sturdy rogues ; they choose rather to no; and thus they began to discourse :

bear all hardships than to make away with them. Chr. Brother, said Christian, what shall we do? selves. Then said she, Take them into the castleThe life that we now live is miserable. For my part, yard to-morrow, and show them the bones and skulls I know not whether it is best to live thus, or die out of those thou hast already despatched, and make of hand. My soul chooseth strangling rather than them believe, ere a week comes to an end, thou wilt life,' and the grave is more easy for ine than this dun- also tear them in pieces, as thou hast done their fel. geon ! Shall we be ruled by the giant ?

lows before them. Hope. Indeed our present condition is dreadful, and So when the morning was come, the giant goes to death would be far more welcome to me, than thus them again, and takes them into the castle-yard, and for ever to abide; but let us consider, the Lord of the shows them as his wife had bidden him. These, said country to which we are going bath said, Thou shalt he, were pilgrims, as you are, once; and they tresdo no murder: no, not to any man's person; much passed in my grounds, as you have done ; and, when more then are we forbidden to take his counsel to kill I thought fit, I tore them in pieces, and so within ten ourselves. Besides, he that kills another can but days I will do you ; go, get ye down to your der commit murder on his own body; but for one to kill again; and with that he beat them all the way thither. himself, is to kill body and soul at once. And, more They lay, therefore, all day on Saturday in a laover, my brother, thou talkest of ease in the grave; mentable case, as before. Now, when night was come, but hast thou forgotten the hell, whither for certain and whep Mrs Dittidence and her husband the giant the murderers go? For no murderer hath eternal were got to bed, they began to renew their discourse life, &c. And let us consider, again, that all laws are of their prisoners; and, withal, the old giant wonnot in the hand of Giant Despair : others, so far as I dered that he could neither by his blows nor counse) can understand, have been taken hy him as well as bring them to an end. And with that his wife rewe, and yet have escaped out of his hands. Who plied, I fear, said she, that they live in hope that knows but that God, who made the world, may cause some will come to relieve them, or that they have that Giant Despair may die; or that, at some time or picklocks about them, by the means of which they other, he may forget to lock us in ; or that he may in hope to escape. And sayest thou so, my dear? said a short time bave another of his fits before us, and the giant ; I will therefore search them in the may lose the use his linubs ? and if ever that should morning. come to pass again, for my part I am resolved to Well, on Saturday, about midnight, they began to pluck up the heart of a man, and to try my utmost pray, and continued in prayer till almost break of to get from under his hand. I was a fool that I did day. not try to do it before ; but, however, my brother, let Now, a little before it was day, good Christian, as us be patient, and endure a while: the time may one half amazed, brake out in this passionate speech : come that he may give us a happy release; but let us What a fool (quoth he) am I thus to lie in a stinking not be our own murderers. With these words Hope- dungeon, when I may as well walk at liberty? I ful at present did moderate the mind of his brother; have a key in my bosom, called Promise, that will, I so they continued together (in the dark) that day in am persuaded, open any lock in Doubting Castle. their sad and doleful condition.

Then said Hopeful, That's good news, good brother; Well, towards the evening, the giant goes down pluck it out of thy bosom and try. into the dungeon again, to see if his prisoners had Then Christian pulled it out of his bosom, and betaken his counsel; but when he came there he found gan to try at the dungeon-door, whose bolt (as he them alive; and truly, alive was all; for now, what turned the key) gave back, and the door tiew open for want of bread and water, and by reason of the with ease, and Christian and Hopeful both came out. wounds they received when he beat them, they could Then he went to the outer door that leads into the do little but breathe. But, I say, he found them castle-yard, and with his key opened that door also. alive; at which he fell into a grievous rage, and told | After, he went to the iron gate, for that must be them, that seeing they had disobeyed his counsel, it opened too; but that lock went very hard, yet the should be worse with them than if they had never key did open it. Then they thrust open the door to been born.

make their escape with speed, but that gate, as it At this they trembled greatly, and I think that I opened, made such a cracking, that it waked Giant

Despair, who hastily rising to pursue his prisoners, the matter? It is the nature of the fruit of the felt his limbs to fail; for his fits took him again, so grapes of these vineyards to go down so sweetly, as to that he could by no means go after them. Then they cause the lips of them that are asleep to speak. went on, and came to the king's highway, and so were So I saw that when they awoke, they addressed safe, because they were out of his jurisdiction. themselves to go up to the city. But, as I said, the

Now, when they were gone over the stile, they be- reflection of the sun upon the city (for the city was gan to contrive with themselves what they should do pure gold) was so extremely glorious, that they could at that stile to prevent those that should come after not as yet with open face behold it, but through an from falling into the hands of Giant Despair. So they instrument made for that purpose. So I saw that, as consented to erect there a pillar, and to engrave upon they went on, there met them two men in raiment that the stile thereof this sentence -Over this stile is shone like gold ; also their faces shone as the light. the way to Doubting Castle, which is kept by Giant These men asked the pilgrims whence they came ? Despair, who despiseth the King of the Celestial and they told them. They also asked thein where Country, and seeks to destroy his holy pilgrims.' they had lodged, what difficulties and dangers, what Many, therefore, that followed after, read what was comforts and pleasures, they had met with in the way? written, and escaped the danger.

and they told them. Then said the men that met

them, You have but two difficulties more to meet [The Golden City.]

with, and then you are in the city.

Christian and his companion then asked the men to Now I saw in my dream that by this time the pil go along with them ; so they told them that they would. grims were got over the Enchanted Ground, and enter- But, said they, you must obtain it by your own faith. ing into the country of Beulah, whose air was very So I saw in my dream that they went on together till sweet and pleasant, the way lying directly through it, they came in sight of the gate. they solaced them there for a season. Yea, here they Now, I further saw that betwixt them and the gate heard continually the singing of birds, and saw every was a river, but there was no bridge to go over, and day the flowers appear in the earth, and heard the the river was very deep. At the sight, therefore, of voice of the turtle in the land. In this country the this river, the pilgrims were much stunned; but the sun shineth night and day; wherefore it was beyond men that went with them said, You must go through, the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and also out of or you cannot come to the gate. the reach of Giant Despair; neither could they from The pilgrims then began to inquire if there was no this place so much as see Doubting Castle. Here they other way to the gate? To which they answered, Yes, were within sight of the city they were going to; also but there hath not any, save two, to wit, Enoch and here met them some of the inhabitants thereof: for in Elijah, been permitted to tread that path since the this land the shining ones commonly walked, because foundation of the world, nor shall, until the last it was upon the borders of Heaven. In this land, also, trumpet shall sound. The pilgrims then (especially the contract between the bride and bridegroom was Christian) began to despond in their minds, and looked renewed; yea, here, ' as the bridegroom rejoiceth over this way and that; but no way could be found by the bride, so did their God rejoice over them. Here them by which they might escape the river. Then they they had no want of corn and wine; for in this place asked the men if the waters were all of a depth ? They they met abundance of what they had sought for in said, No; yet they could not help them in that case; all their pilgrimage. Here they heard voices from out For, said they, you shall find it deeper or shallower, as of the city, loud voices, saying, "Say ye to the daughter you believe in the King of the place. of Zion, behold thy salvation cometh! Behold, his They then addressed themselves to the water, and reward is with him! Here all the inhabitants of the entering, Christian began to sink, and crying out to country called them. The holy people, the redeemed his good friend Hopeful, he said, I sink in deep of the Lord, sought out,' &c.

waters: the billows go over my head; all the waters Now, as they walked in this land, they had more go over me. Selah. rejoicing than in parts more remote from the kingdom Then said the other, Be of good cheer, my brother ; to which they were bound; and drawing nearer to the I feel the bottom, and it is good. Then said Christian, city yet, they had a more perfect view thereof: it was Ah! my friend, the sorrow of death hath encompassed built of pearls and precious stones, also the streets me about; I shall not see the land that flows with thereof were paved with gold ; so that, by reason of milk and honey. And with that a great darkness and the natural glory of the city, and the reflection of the horror fell upon Christian, so that he could not see sunbeams upon it, Christian with desire fell sick; before him. `Also here, in a great measure, he lost Hopeful also had a fit or two of the same disease: his senses, so that he could neither remember nor wherefore here they lay by it awhile, crying out, be orderly talk of any of those sweet refreshments that he cause of their pangs, ' If you see my Beloved, tell him had met with in the way of his pilgrimage. But all that I am sick of love.'

the words that he spake still tended to discover that But being a little strengthened, and better able to he had horror of mind, and heart fears that he should bear their sickness, they walked on their way, and die in that river, and never obtain entrance in at the came yet nearer and nearer, where were orchards, gate. Here, also, as they that stood by perceived, he vineyards, and gardens, and their gates opened into was much in the troublesome thoughts of the sins that the highway. Now, as they came up to these places, he had committed, both since and before he began to behold the gardener stood in the way, to whoin the be a pilgrim. It was also observed that he was troubled pilgrims said, Whose goodly vineyards and gardens with apparitions of hobgoblins and evil spirits ; for are these? He answered, They are the king's, and are ever and anon he would intimate so much by words. planted here for his own delight, and also for the Hopeful, therefore, here had much ado to keep his solace of pilgrims : so the gardener had them into the brother's head above water; yea, sometimes he would vineyards, and bid them refresh themselves with be quite gone down, and then ere awhile he would rise dainties; he also showed them there the king's walks up again half dead. Hopeful did also endeavour to and arbcurs, where he delighted to be ; and here they comfort him, saying, Brother, I see the gate, and men tarried and slept.

standing by to receive us; but Christian would answer, Now, I beheld in my dream that they talked more It is you ; it is you they wait for; you have been Hopein their sleep at this time than ever they did in all ful ever since I knew you. And so have you, said he their journey; and being in a muse thercabout, the to Christian. Ah ! brother, said he, surely if I was gardener said even to me, Wherefore musest thou at I right, he would now rise to help me; but for my sins


he hath brought me into the snare and left me. Then follows into the holy places after you. There, also, said Hopeful, My brother, you have quite forgot the you shall be clothed with glory and majesty, and put text, where it is said of the wicked, “There are no into an equipage fit to ride out with the King of bands in their death, but their strength is firm ; they Glory. When he shall come with sound of trumpet are not troubled as other men, neither are they in the clouds, as upon the wings of the wind, you plagued like other men.' These troubles and distresses shall come with him; and when he shall sit upon the that you go through in these waters are no sign that throne of judgment, you shall sit by him; yea, and God hath forsaken you ; but are sent to try you, when he shall pass sentence upon all the workers of whether you will call to mind that which heretofore iniquity, let them be angels or men, you also shall you have received of his goodness, and live upon him have a voice in that judgment, because they were his in your distresses.

and your enemies. Also, when he shall again return Then I saw in my dream that Christian was in a to the city, you shall go too, with sound of trumpet, muse awhile. To whom, also, Hopeful added these and be ever with him. words, Be of good cheer, Jesus Christ maketh thee Now, while they were thus drawing towards the whole: and with that Christian brake out with a loud gate, behold a company of the heavenly host came out voice, Oh ! I see him again ; and he tells me, 'When to meet them: to whom it was said by the other two thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; shining ones, These are the men who loved our Lord and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee.' when they were in the world, and have left all for his Then they both took courage, and the enemy was holy name; and he hath sent us to fetch them, and after that as still as a stone, until they were gone we have brought them thus far on their desired jour

Christian, therefore, presently found ground to ney, that they may go in and look their Redeemer in stand upon, and so it followed that the rest of the the face with joy. Then the heavenly host gave a river was but shallow; but thus they got over. Now, great shout, saying, ‘Blessed are they that are called upon the bank of the river on the other side, they saw to the marriage-supper of the Lamb.'. There came the two shining men again, who there waited for also out at this time to meet them several of the them ; wherefore, being come out of the river, they king's trumpeters, clothed in white and shining raisaluted them, saying, “ We are ministering spirits, sent ment, who, with melodious and loud noises, made forth to minister to those that shall be heirs of salva- even the heavens to echo with their sound. These tion. Thus they went along toward the gate. Now, trumpeters saluted Christian and his fellow with ten you must note that the city stood upon a mighty hill; thousand welcomes from the world; and this they did but the pilgrims went up that hill with ease, because with shouting and sound of trumpet. they had these two men to lead them up by the arms; This done, they compassed them round about on they had likewise left their mortal garments behind every side; some went before, some behind, and some them in the river; for though they went in with them, on the right hand, some on the left (as it were to guard they came out without them. They therefore went up them through the upper regions), continually soundhere with much agility and speed, though the founda- ing as they went, with melodious noise, in notes on tion upon which the city was framed was higher than high ; so that the very sight was to them that could the clouds ; they therefore went up through the region behold it as if Heaven itself was come down to meet of the air, sweetly talking as they went, being com- them. Thus, therefore, they walked on together; and, forted because they got safely over the river, and had as they walked, ever and anon these trumpeters, even such glorious companions to attend them.

with joyful sound, would, by mixing their

music with The talk that they had with the shining ones was looks and gestures, still signify to Christian and his about the glory of the place; who told them, that the brother how welcome they were into their company, beauty and glory of it was inexpressible. There, said and with what gladness they came to meet them: and they, is 'Mount Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem, the now were these two men, as it were, in Heaven, before innumerable company of angels, and the spirits of they came at it, being swallowed up with the sight of just men made perfect.' You are going now, said angels, and with hearing their melodious notes. Here, they, to the Paradise of God, wherein you shall see also, they had the city itself in view, and thought the tree of life, and eat of the never-fading fruits they heard all the bells therein to ring, to welcome thereof; and when you come there, you shall have them thereto. But, above all, the warm and joyful white robes given you, and your walk and talk shall thoughts that they had about their own dwelling be every day with the King, even all the days of eter- there with such company, and that for ever and ever. nity. There you shall not see again such things as you Oh! by what tongue or pen can their glorious joy be saw when you were in the lower region upon the earth, expressed! Thus they came up to the gate. to wit, sorrow, sickness, affliction, and death, 'for the Now, when they were come up to the gate, there former things are passed away. You are now going to was written over in letters of gold, ^ Blessed are they Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to the prophets, inen that do his commandments, that they may have a that God hath taken away from the evil to come, and right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the that are now resting upon their beds, each one walking gates into the city.' in his righteousness. The men then asked, What must Then I saw in my dream that the shining men bid we do in this holy place ? To whom it was answered, them call at the gate; the which, when they did, some You must there receive the comforts of all your toil, from above looked over the gate, to wit, Enoch, Moses, and have joy for all your sorrow; you must reap what Elijah, &c., to whom it was said, These pilgrims are you have sown, even the fruit of all your prayers and come from the City of Destruction, for the love that tears, and sufferings for the King by the way. In that they bear to the King of this place; and then the pilplace you must wear crowns of gold, and enjoy the grims gave in unto them each man his certificate, perpetual sight and vision of the Holy One, for 'there which they had received in the beginning: those you shall see him as he is.' There, also, you shall therefore, were carried in to the King, who, when he serve him continually with praise, with shouting, and had read them, said, Where are the men? To whom thanksgiving, whom you desired to serve in the world, it was answered, They are standing without the gate. though with much difficulty, because of the infirinity The King then commanded to open the gate, "That of your flesh. There your eyes shall be delighted with the righteous nation,' said he, 'that keepeth truth, seeing, and your ears with hearing, the pleasant voice may enter in.' of the Mighty One. There you shall enjoy your Now, I saw in my dream that these two men went friends again, that are gone thither before you ; and in at the gate; and lo, as they entered, they were ibere you shall with joy receive even every one that transfigured, and they had raiment put on that shone

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