Pieces of Moral and Dogmatic Theology

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Li'l Mack Jr.is the story of an E series Mack truck known as the Mack Jr. The story begins in 1936 when Li'l Mack Jr. rolls off the assembly line. He goes through trials and tribulations in life that teach him to be the best he can through his work and his many acquaintances. It is his mission in life to show that he can be as useful and important as the bigger trucks through his performance and attitude. He leads a full and important life confronting war, death and other obsticles that need support from friends and family to ease the burden.

The book was written to be a positive influence to children and to help them understand the ups and downs associated with life. It shows that no matter what problems you are confronted with, you can face them through being strong willed, determined and have a positive attitude no matter what odds you are up against. Even though it is written for a younger crowd, it can be enjoyed by children from 1 to 100 and beyond. I hope you enjoy reading it to your children, or by yourself. It is my hope that Li'l Mack Jr. leaves you feeling better about yourself and the world around you and that you come away from it with a smile on your face. Enjoy!

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