A woman healed MARK V. of a bloody issue. to Jesus, and see him A. D. 31, Thim: and he was nigh that was possessed

unto the sea. with the devil, and b Ma. 8. 34. | 22 e And, behold, had the legion, sit. Ac. 16. 39. I there cometh one of ting, and clothed, and Ic La. 8. 38. the rulers * of the syin his right mind : a Ma. 9. 1. nagogue, Jairus by and they were afraid. Lu.8 40. name; and when he

16 And they thatle Ma. 9. 18. saw him, he fell at saw it told them how Lu. 8. 41. his feet, it befell to him that i Le. 15. 25. 23 And besought was possessed with Ma. 9. 20. him greatly, saying. the devil, and also

My little daughter concerning the swine. ver. 20

* A small

lieth at the point of 17 And b they bel ey Decountry, si

"death: I pray thee, han to pray him to de- tuated be come and lay thy part out of their coasts. tween Syria hands on her, that

18. And when he and Galilee she may be healed : was come into the .!

the of the Gen

and she shall live.

tiles. It was ship, che that had

194 And Jesus went been possessed with capolis, with him ; and much the devil prayed him A Emanos, people followed him, that he might be from dera, and thronged him. with him.

ten, olis, al 25 And a certain

city: becansei. 19 Howbeit Jesus

it contained woman, fwhich had suffered him not, but only ten ci- an issue of blood saith unto him, Go ties; the twelve years, home to thy friends, metropolis

126 And had suf

and most and tell them how

ancient of

fered many things of great things the Lord which, was many physicians, and hath done for thee, Damascus. had spent all that she and hath had com- Here Jesus Jhad, and was nothing passion on thee.


bettered, but rather

preached, 20 And he depart

I grew worse, ed, and began to many dis - 27 When she had publish in Decapolis* eases. See heard of Jesus, came how great things Je-Ma.4. 24,25. in the press behind, sus had done for him: ver. 22 and touched his garand all men did mar- Or, Go- ment. vel.

vernors, who 28 For she said, If 9 a And when Je-appointed I may touch but his

what secsus was passed over tions clothes, I shall be again by ship unto la were to whole. the other side, much be read, &c. 29 And straightway people gathered unto

l the fountain of her


Sus ne rear lemapolis

Jesus healeth the MARK V. ruler's dareghter. blood was dried up :1 A, D. 31. | 36 As soon as Jesus and she felt in her =

heard the word that body that she was Is Lu. 6. 19. was spoken, he saith healed of that plague. & 8. 46. unto the ruler of the

30 And Jesus, im-nya 29. synagogue, Be not mediately knowing ch. 10. 52. afraid, only believe. in himself that & vir | Ac. 14. 9. 37 And he suffered tue had gone out ofl: 19 no man to follow him, turned him

him, save Peter, and about in the press, k Da. 12. 2. James, and John the and said, Who touchJno. 11.11. brother ed my clothes ?

Ao. 20. 10.1
I Co.11.30.

138 And he cometh 31 And his disciples 1 Th. 4. 13. to the house of the said unto him, Thou LLA 9. 40. ruler of the synaseest the multitude

gogue, and seeth the thronging thee, and

tumult,* and them sayest thou, Who

Ver. 38

that wept and wailed

• St. Mattouched me?

thew men

greatly. 32 And he looked tions that 39 And when he round about to see there were was come in, he saith her that bad done midstrels, unto them, Why this thing.


make ye this ado, and

ute-play33 But the woman lers, or pip. weep! the damsel is fearing and trem-eri. Musi not dead, but I sleepbling, knowing what cal instru- eth. was done in her, men

ments were 40 And they laugh

used by the came and fell down Jews, and

led him to scorn. I But before him, and told also by the when he had put him all the truth. heathens, in them all out, he taketh

31 And he said unto their lamen- the father and the her, Daughter, h thy:

tations for

mother of the damsel,

the dead : faith hath made thee persons were and

were and them that were whole; go in peace, hired for this with him, and enterand be whole of thy purpose, & to eth in where the plague.

follow their damsel was lying. 35 i While he yet cessions

funeral pro

41 And he took the spake, there came That musical damsel by the hand, from the ruler of the instruments and said unto her, synagogue's house cer- were used by Talitha cumi; which tain which said, Thy the

Thy the Jews on is, being interpreted,

such occadaughter is dead :dion. may Damsel, I say unto why troublest thou be seen from thee, arise. the Master any fur. Jer. 48. 36. 42 And straightway ther?

A lthe damsel arose, and Jesnis rejected by MARK VI. his countrymen. walked; for she was A. D. 31. phet is not without of the age of twelve

m Ma. 8. 4.

honour, but in his years. And they were & 9. 30. own country, and astonished with a & 12. 16. among his own kin, great astonishment. & 17. 3. and in his own house.

13 And m he charg- ch. 3. 12. 5 f And he could ed them straitly thata Ma. 13. 54.!

14; there do no mighty no man should know Lu.4. 16. Work, save that he it; and commanded in

laid his hands upon that something should tsomething shoude Ma. 12. 46.1

a few sick folk, and be given her to eat. Gal. 1. 19.

healed them.

Ma. . 6. 6 And & he marCHAP, VI.

Ma 18. 57. velled because of 1 AND a he went

D ne weut Jno. 4. 41. their unbelief. h And out from thence, andlege. 1992 he went round about came into his own & 32.25. the villages, teaching. country, and his dis- Ma. 13.59. 7 i And he called ciples follow him. ch. 9. 23. unto him the twelv

And when thel Is. 59. 16. and began to send sabbath day was h Ma, 9. 35. them forth by two come, he began tol. Lu. 13. 22. and two; and gave teach in the syna-i Ma.

auna.li Ma. 10. 1. them power over ungogue : and many

ch, 3. 13,

clean spirits ;

14. hearing him were Lu. 9. 1.18 And commanded astonished, sued,


saying + The word them that they should From b whence hath signifieth take nothing for their this man these things? a piece of journey, save a staff and what wisdom is brass money, only; no scrip, DO this which is given e bread, no money in unto him, that even less than a their purse: such mighty works farthing I 9 Butk be shod are wrought by his Ma. 10. 9. I with sandals; and hands!

but here it not put on two coats. 3 Is not this the is taken in

general for 10 And he said carpenter, the son of

unto them, In what Mary, o the brother Lu. 9. 3. place soever ye enter of James, and Joses, k Ac. 12. 8. Tinto an house, there and of Juda, and Si-1 Ma. 10.11. abide till ye depart mon? and are not his Lu. 9. 4. from that place. sisters here with us?l & 10. 7, 8.1

:7, 8. 11 m And whoso. And they d were of. m Ma. 10.14.Le

4 ever shall not receive

Lu. 10. 10. fended at him. ne: 13: 1: you, nor hear you,

4 But Jesus said & 18. 6. when ye depart onto them, • A pro

I thence, shake of

John beheaded MARK VI.

by Herod. the dust under your) A. D 31. dias' sake, his brother feet for a testimony

Philip's wife: for he

1 Gr. or. 1 against them. Verily

had married her. 1 say unto you. o Ja. 5. 14,

18 For John had shall be more tolera

p Ma. 14. 1. said unto Herod, It

Lu. 9. 7. ble for Sodom + and

& 3. 1.

is not lawful for thee Gomorrha in the day & 13. 31. to have thy brother's of judgment, than for

wife. that city.

q Ma. 16.14. 19 Therefore Hero12 And they went ch. 8. 28. dias had I a quarrel out, and preached Ma. 14. 2. against him, and that men should re- Lu, 3. 19. would have' killed pent.

Jo Le, 18, 16. him ; but she could 13 And they cast & 20. 21. not: ont many devils, and t Or, an

| 20 For Herod t fear. ointed with oil linscard e d John, knowing many that were sick, grudge. that he was a just and healed them. t Ma. 14. 5. man and an holy, and

14 P And king He- & 21. 6. observed 5 him; and rod heard of him ; Or, kept when he heard him. (for his name was him, or, sap- he did many things, spread abroad :) and

ed him.

and heard him gladly. he said, That Johnu Ma, 14. 6. 21 u And when a the Baptist was risen Ge. 40. 20. convenient day was from the dead, and Da. 5. 1. lcome, that Herod

Ho. 7. 5. therefore mighty

on 1 his birthday

Ac. 12. 21. works do shew forth

I Pe. 4. 3. made a supper to his themselves in him. Re. 11.10. lords, high captains,

15 4 Others said, Ly Es.5. 3. 6. and chief estates of That it is Elias. And & 7. 2. Galilee; others said, That it is Pr. 6. 2. 22 And when the a prophet, or as one

Ma. 4. 9. Idaughter of the said of the prophets.

Herodias came in, 16 But when He ver. 22 and danced, and rod heard thereof, he Salome, pleased Herod and said, It is John,

who after

them that sat with

wards met whom I beheaded : with a violent him, the king said he is risen from the land untimely unto the damsel, Ask dead.

death. of me whatsoever 17 For Herod him

Both her

thou wilt, and I will self had sent forth

mother and
Herod died

I give it thee. and laid hold upon in disgrace

23 And he sware Jabn, and bound him and exile unto her, Whatsoin prison for llero

lever thou shalt ask

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John Baptist MARK VI.

beheaded. of me, I will give it A. D.32. Jesus, and told him thee, unto the half

all things, both what of my kingdom. . Jz Ma. 14. 9. they had done, and

94 And she went + Or, one of what they had taught. forth, and said unto his guard. 131 b And he said her mother, What

a Lu. 9. 10.

unto them, Come ye shall I ask? And she & 10. 17. yourselves apart into said, The head of chi la desert place, and John the Baptist. & 3. 7. rest a while : for

95 And she camel Jno. 6. 1. there were many in straightway with c ch. 3. 20. coming and going, haste unto the king, a Ma. 14. 13. and they had no lei. and asked, saying, Ile No. 27. 17. sure so much as to will that thon give Ki.22.17. eat. me by and by in a 2Ch.18.16. 32 & And they decharger the head of La. 1. 6. parted into a desert John the Baptist.

Ze. 10. 2. Iblane by shin private 26 z And the king

Ma. 9. 36. 11 was exceeding sorry ; & 15. 32. 33 And the people yet for his oath's sake, He. 2. 17. saw them departing, and for their sakes & 4. 15. and many knew him, which sat with bim,he f Lu. 9. 11. and ran afoot thither would not reject her.* g Ma. 14. 15. out of all cities, and

27 And immedi. Lu. 9. 12. ontwent them, and ately the king sent

came together unto an t executioner, and ver. 26

* The rash

him. commanded his head

a ness and fol- 34 @ And Jesus. to be brought: and Iy of Herod's when he came out, he went and behead- oath could be saw much people, ed him in the prison. exceeded by land 28 And brought his nothing, but

the borrible compassion

"compassion toward head in a charger, and wretch- them, because they and gave it to the ed purpose to were as sheep not damsel : and the which it was having a shepherd : damsel gave it to her perverted:he and f he began to

preferred the mother.

teach them many 99 And when his murder

nis murder to the things. disciples heard of it, false imputa-l 35 6 And when the they came and took tion of per- day was now far up his corpse, and jury, by

spent, his disciples

complying laid it in a tomb.

with this

came unto him, and 30 a And the apos- inhuman de- said, This is a desert tles gathered them-mand! place, and now the selves together untol

time is far passed :

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