The hardest

of the world, having on his head A. D. 96. press of the wrath a golden crown, and

of God. in his hand a sharp 1 ch. 6. 2.

| 20 And the winesickle.

& 11. 17.
& 19. 12.

press was trodden 15 And another an

Ps. 21. 3. without t the city. gel m came out of the

and blood came out emple, crying with ch. 16. 17. of the winepress. a loud voice to him

even u unto the horse that sat on the cloud,

Jandin Joel 3. 13.

Jo bridles, by the space brustn in thy siell' Ma. 13.39.

of a thousand and six and reap : for the

210 ch. 13. 12. time is come for thee

Je. 51, 33.

hundred furlongs.

Ma. 13. 30. to reap; for the har

39. vest o of the earth + Or, dried.

CHAP. XV. is + ripe.

1 AND I saw ano16 And he that satP ch. 16. 8. ther sign in heaven. on the cloud thrust 9 Joel 3. 13. great and marvellous, in his sickle on the r ch. 19. 15. seven b angels hav. earth; and the earth s Is. 63. 3. ing the seven last was reaped. , La. 1. 15. plagues; c for in them

17 And another an-tch. 11. 8. lis filled up the wrath gel came out of the He. 13. 12. of God. temple which is in u ch. 19. 14. 2 And I saw as it heaven, he also hav-la ch. 12.1.3.

were d a sea of glass ing a sharp sickle. bcb. 16. 1.

mingled e with fire : 18 And another an- & 21. 9.

and them that had gel came out from. ch. 14. 10.

ame Out Tromccb. 14. 10. gotten the victory the altar, p which.

over the beast, fand had power over fire : dcb. 4. 6.

over his image, and and cried with a londl & 21. 18.

over his mark, and cry to him that hade Me 3. 11.

over the number of the sharp sickle, say. If ch. 13.15, his name, stand on ing, 4 Thrust in thy 16, 17. the sea of glass sharp sickle, and ga-lg ch. 5. 8. having 5 the harps o ther the clusters of & 14. 2. God. the vine of the earth;h ch. 14. 3. | 3 And they sing for her grapes are

rapes arel Ex. 15. 1. the b song of Moses fully ripe.

De. 31. 30. the servant of God, 19 And the angel! De. 32. 4. and the song of thrust in his sickle

Ps. 111.2. the Lamb,
& 139. 14. 1

saying, into the earth, and

Great i and marve gathered the vine flk ch. 16. 7.

lous are thy works,

Ps.145.17. the earth, and cast it Ho. 14. 9. Lord God Almighty; into the great wine

ljust k and true are

The seven

last plagues. thy ways, thou King A.D.96. of saints,

CHAP. XVI. 41 Who shall not

1 AND I heard a fear thee, O Lord, ages. great voice out of the and glorify thy Ex. 15. 14. temple saying a to the Dame? for thou only Je. 10. 7. seven angels, Go art. holy : for mall m Is. 66. 22. your ways, and pour nations shall come nch. 11. 19. out the vials b of the and worship before Nu. 1. 50. wrath of God upon thee; for thy judg. o ver. 1. the earth, ments are made ma

pcb. 1. 13. 2 And the first pifest.

Ex.28.6.8. went, and poured out 5 And after that I Eze. 44.17. his vial Cupon the looked, and, behold,q ch. 4.6. earth; and a there fell the temple of the r ch. 4. 9. ja noisome and grievtabernacle of the tes

Ous sore upon the timony in heaven

men which had the was opened :

s Ex. 40, 34.

mark of the beast,

I Ki.8.10. 6. And the seven

2 Ch.5. 14. and upon them fwhich angels came out of Is. 6. 4. worshipped his image. the temple, having t 2 Th. 1. 9. 3 And the se the seven plagues,

a ch. 15. 1. angel poured out his clothed p in pure and

vial 6 upon the sea;

b ch. 14.10.) white linen, and hav- & 15.1.

" and hit became as

14 ing their breasts o eb. 8. 7. the blood of a dead girded with golden a Bs.9.9,man : a girdles.

10,11. ing soul died in the 7 4 And one of thee ch. 13. 16, sea. four beasts gave untol. 17. 4 And the third anthe seven angels seron. 13. 14. Igel poured out his ven golden vials full 8 ch. 8. 8. vial k upon the rivers of the wrath of God. b Ex. 7. 17. and fountains of wa. vhor liveth for everlich. 8. 9.

ters; I and they beind ever.

came blood. & And sthe templelkch. 8. 10. 5 And I heard the vas filled with smokel' Ex. 7. 20. Jangel of the waters from t the glory of mch. 15. 3. say, m Thou art righGod, and from his n oh. 1. 4. 8. teous, O Lord, which power; and no man

art, and wast, and was able to enter into

shalt be, because thou the temple, till the . Ma. 23. 34, hast judged thus seren plagues of the

pcb. 11. 18.

16 For they have seven angels were 18. 20. shed the blood p of fulfilled.

saints and prophets,


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The vials

of wrath. and a thou hast given A. D. 96. way of the kings of them blood to drink;

the east might be for they are worthy.'19 Is. 49. 26. prepared.

7 And I heard ano-Irch. 15. 3. 13 And I saw three ther out of the altar's ch. 13. 10. unclean k spirits like say, Even so, r Lord & 14. 10. frogs come out of the God Almighty, Struet ch.8, 12. mouth of the draand righteous are uch. 9. 17. gon, and out of the thy judgments.

1 + Or,

mouth of the beast, 8 And the fourth burned.

and out of the mouth angel poured out his x ver. 11.21. of m the false provial t upon the sun; y Da. 5. 22, phet. and power was given


14 n For they are upto him to scorch

z ch.11, 13.

the spirits of devils, men with fire,

a ch. 13. 2.

working miracles, O And men were bch. 9. 2, which go forth unto scorched + with great c ch. 11. 10. the kings of the earth heat, and blas-d ver. 9. 21. and p of the whole phemed the name ofl. ver. 2. world, to gather them God, which hath var a lto 9 the battle of that power over these

sch. 9. 14. great day of God Al. plagues : y and they repented not to give

s mighty.. h Je. 50. 38. 18

15 r Behold, I come him glory.

La as a thief. Blessed is 10 And the fifth an-i Is. 4

he that watcheth, and gel poured out his ki Jno.41,11

2.3. keepeth his garments, vial upon a the seat of lich. 12. 3.9. [lest he walk naked, the beast; band his

m ch. 19. 20. and they see kingdom was full of

his darkness ; c and they

Ja. 3. 15.

16 And he gather

9ed them together into for pain,

a place called in the 11 And a blasphemp Lu. 2. 1.

Hebrew tongue Ared the God of heaven a ch. 17.14. Imageddon. because of their pains

& 19. 19.

17 And the seventh and e their sores, fand

ndr Ma. 24. 43. angel poured out his repented not of their Th. 5.2. vial into the air ; deeds.

2 Pe. 3 10. and there came a 12 And the sixths 2 Co. 5.3. great voice out of the angel poured out his It ch. 19. 19. temple of heaven, vial & upon the great

realuch. 21. 6. from the throne, sayriver Euphrates; band ch. 4.6. ing, It is done. the water thereof was 1&6.5. 18 And there were dried up, i that thel= —Ivoices, and thunders,

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Vision of the REV. XVII.

great where and lightnings; y and A. D. 96.whore d that sitteth there was a great

upon many waters:

| ch. 11, 13. earthquake, z such as

ee With whom the was not since men

en z Da. 12. 1.

kings of the earth were upon the earth,

a ch. 14. 8. have committed for

& 17. 18. So mighty an earth-beh. 18. 5.

nication, and the quake, and so great.

inhabitants of the 19 And

e ch, 14. 10. the great Is. 51. 17.10

2: earth have been made city was divided into

23. drunk with the wine three parts, and the Je. 25. 15. of her fornication. cities of the nations d eh. 6. 14. 3 So be carried me fell: and great Baby-le ch. 11. 19, a way in the spirit lon bcame in remem-f ver. 9. 11. into & the wilderbrance before God.), Ex. 9. 23. Dess: and I saw a to e give unto her the 24, 25 woman sit bypon a cup of the wine of a ch.

wine of a ch. 21. 9. scarlet coloured beast, the fierceness of his bch. 16. 19. full of i names of wrath.

& 18. 16, blasphemy, kharing

17. 19. 20 And d every is

c ch. 19. 2. Seven heads and I ten land fled away, and Na. 3. 4.

3.4. horns. the mongtains wered ver. 15. 4 And the woman pot found.

Je. 51. 13. was m arrayed in pur91 And there felle ch. 18. 3. Iple and scarlet colour, upon men a great haile

bail feh. 14. 8. and n + decked with

& 18. 3. ont of heaven, every Je. 51. 7.

gold and precious stone about the weight g ch. 12. 6.

stones and pearls, of a talent: and men h ch, 12. 3.

having a golden cup blasphemed God be

lich. 13. I.

in her hand pfull of cause of the plague

abominations and fil

k ver. 9. of the hail; for the

thiness of her fornica. plagne thereof was ver. 12.

tion: exceeding great.

mch. 18. 12. 5 And upon her

n Da. 11. 33. forehead was a name CHAP. XVII.

Gr.gilded. written, 9 MYSTE

o Je. 51. 7. RY, BABYLON 1 AND there camelp cb. 14. 8.

THE GREAT, one a of the seven. 2 Th. 2.7. !

THE MOTHER angels which had

JOF HARLOTS the seven vials, andsch. 18. 9.

r ch. 11. 8.

AND ABOMINA. talked with me, say-Or,..

"TIONS OF THE ing into me, Come fornications EARTH. hither; b[ will ghew lt ch. 18. 24.) 6 And I saw the auto hee the judg-Inch 13. 15. | woman drunken with ment of a the great

the blood of the saints,

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The victory

REV. XVII. of the Lamb. and with the blood of A.D.96. continue a short the martyrs of Je

space. sus : and when I saw ch. 6. 9. 11 And the beast her, I wondered with & 12. 11.

that was, and is not, great admiration.

lych. 11. 7.

even he is the eighth, 7. And the angel

and is of the seven, said unto me, Where- 2

and e goeth into per

ch. 13. 10. fore didst thou mar.

dition. vel? I will tell thee a ch. 13. 3.

12 And the ten the mystery of the bch. 13. 8.

horns which thou woman, and of the c ch. 13. 18.

sawest are ten kings, beast that carrieth d ch. 13. 1. which have received her,* which hath thele ver. 8. no kingdom as yet; seven heads and ten fch. 13. 1. [but receive power as horns.

| Da. 7. 20. kings one hour with beast that! Ze. 1. 18, the beast. thou sawest was, and


| 13 These have one is not; and y shall

shan & 19. 19. mind, and shall give ascend out of the ch. 19. 16. their power and bottomless pit, and De. 10. 17. strength unto the go % into perdition : 1 Ti. 6. 15. beast. and they that dwellich. 14. 4. 14 6 These shall on the earth a shalll Je. 50. 44. make war with the wonder, bwhose k ver. 1.

di Lamb, and the Lamb names were not writ-1.

Is. 8. 7.

shall overcome them: ten in the book ofll ch. 13. 7.

for h he is Lord of life from the founda. mch. 16. 12.

lords, and King 0 tion of the world Je. 50. 41.

kings ; i and they that when they behold "ch. 18. are

Ez. 16.37.

with him the beast that was,


called, and chosen, and is not, and yet

and faithful. is.

ver. 7

15 And he saith un9 And here is the

"The beast,

k to me, k The waters mind which hath wis

on which the

W18woman rid. which thou sawest. dom. d The sevenleth, is the where the whore sitheads are seven Roman go- teth, are peoples, and mountains, on which wernment in multitudes, and nathe woman sitteth.

its last form:

and this, all lions, and tongues. 10 And there are

a there are must ac 16 And the ten seven kings : five are knowledge, horns which thou fallen, and one is, and is papal, not sawest upon the beast the other is not yet in

imperial," th

these m shall hate the

Bp.Netotor. come; and when he e ver. 3. whore, and shall make cometh, he must

lher desolate and

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