Mockers 1 JUDE.

foretold. of all their angodly A. D. cir. 66. 20 But ye, beloved, deeds which they sa buildings up your have ungodly com

selves ou your most mitted, and of all P 2 Pe.?

Sip 2 Pe. 2. 18. holy faith, y praying their hard speeches 9 Pr. 28,

la Pr. 28. 21. in the Holy Ghost

Ja. 2. 1.9. which ungodly sin

21 Keep yourselves ners have spoken " 2

anr 2 Pe. 3. 2. in the love of God, against him.

s 1 Ti. 4. 1. looking z for the mer12 Ti. 3. I.my a

n 16 These are mur

d cy of our Lord Jesus

- 2 Pe. 2. 1.8 murers, complainers,

Christ unto eternal

et Pr. 18. 1. 2 walking after their

life. own lusts; and P their 22 And of some mouth speaketh great! He. 10. 25. have compassion, swelling words, 9 hav- u 1 Co.2. 14. making a difference : ing men's persons in Ja. 3. 15. 23 And others save admiration because of s Col. 2. 7. with fear, b pulling advantage.

i Ti. 1. 4. them out of the fire ; 17 But, beloved, ly Ro. 8. 26. lhating even the garremember ye the Ep. 6. 18. ment spotted by the words which were z Tit. 2. 13. flesh. spoken before of the 2 Pe. 3. 12. 24 d Now unto him apostles of our Lord a Ro. 11. 14. that is able to keep Jesus Christ;

1 Ti. 4. 16. you from falling, 18 How that they

vb ze. 3. 2. land e to present you told you s there should

1 Co. 3. 15. faultless before the be mockers in

the Ze. 3.4,5.11

• presence of his glory

Re. 3. 4. last time, who should.

with exceeding joy, walk after their own

la Ro. 16. 25. " Ep. 3. 20.

95 f To the only ungodly lusts.

wise God our Sa19 These be they lo Col. 1. 22.

viour, he glory and

le Ro. 16. 27. majesty. who t separate them


1 Ti. 1. 17. selves, u sensual, hay. & 2.3" and power, both DOW ing not the Spirit

and ever. Amen.

We learn froin the inscription of this epistle, that the writer was Judas, the brother of James: not of James the son of Zebedce, and brother of John, but of James the son of Alpheus, the author of the Epistle that bears his name. Jude was therefore an apostle. See Luke vi. 13-15; Acts i. 13.



The Revelation of St. JOHN the Divine.

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A. D. 96. Jand i which was, and

which is to come; 1 THE Revelation a Jno. 3. 32.

and k from the seven of Jeslis Christ.bch. 4.1.

Spirits which are bewhich a God gave c ch. 22. 16. fore his throne; unto him, to shew di Co. 1, 6. 5 And from Jesus unto his servants'e 1 Jno. 1,1. Christ, who is the things which b must f Lu. 11, 28. faithful witness, and shortly come to pass ; Ro. 13. u. the

u the in first begotten of and he sent and Ja. 5. 8. the dead, and a the signified it by bis i Pe. 4.7. prince of the kings of angel unto his ser-h Ex. 3. 14. lihe earth. Unto him vant John:

li Jno. 1. 1. Ithat loved us, P and 2. Who bare re-lk Ze. 3. 9. washed us from our cord of the word of Jno. 8. 14. Sins ? God, and of the tes. I Ti.6. 13. 6 And hath 4 made timony of Jesus m kings and priests Christ, and of all Col. 1. 18. unto God and his Fathings e that he saw. In Ep. 1. 20. ther; r to him be

13. helo Jno. 13. 34. glory and dominion that readeth, and they Gal. 2. 20. for ever and ever. that hear the wordsp He, 9. 14. Amen. of this prophecy, and" i Jno. 1.7.1 7 Behold, he comkeep those things , 1 Pe.2.5.9. eth with clouds; and

vhich are written T. 6. 16 every eye shall see therein: for the He. 13. 21. him, and they also time is at hand. I Pe. 4. 11. which pierced him:

s Da. 7. 13. and all kindreds of 4 JOHN to the seven Ma. 24. 30. the earth shall wail churches which are. Ac. 1. 11. because of him. Even

It Ze. 12. 10.15 in Asia : Grace bel

" Jno. 19.37B0. Amen. unto you, and peace, la 1s. 41.4.18u I am Alpha and from him h which is,

lOmega, the begin

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The vision

of Joka ning and the ending, A. D. 96. candlesticks i en saith the Lord,

like upto the Son of

x ver. 4. which is, and which

man, k clothed with was, and which is toy Ph. 1. 7.

a garment down to bigbtv 12 2 Ti. 2. 12. the foot, and I girt Lohn who also a ch. 6. 9. about the paps with am your brother, and b Ac. 10. 10. a golden girdle. companion y. in tribu- 2 Co. 12. 2. 14 His head and lation, and zin the cJno. 20.26. his hairs were white kingdom and patiencel Ac. 20. 7. (like wool, as white as

Co. 16. 2. snow: and n his eyes of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is

d ch. 4. 1.

1. were as a flame of called Patmos, a fore ver. 8. fire : the word of God, and f ver. 17. 15 And his feet for the testimony of g ver. 20. like unto fine brass, Jesus Christ.

Ex 25. 37. as if they burned in a 10 b I was in thel Ze. 4. 2.

furnace; and his the Lord's b ch. 2.1. voice as the sound of day, and heard be- i Ez. 1. 26. many waters. hind med a great! Da. 7. 13. 16 4 And he had in voice, as of a trumpet, lk Da. 10. 5. his right hand seven

11 Saying, e I am 1 ch. 15. 6. stars; and r out of Alpha and Omega, m Da. 7. 9. his mouth went a the f first and then ch. 2. 18. sharp two-edged last : and, What thou Da. 10. 6. sword : $ and bis seest, write in a book, lo Ez. 1.1. countenance was as and send it unto the Da. 10. 6. the sun shineth in his seven churches which p Ez, 43. 2. strength. are in Asia; unto Da. 10.6. 17 And t when I Ephesus, and unto q ch. 2. 1. saw him, I fell at his Smyrna, and untolr Is. 49. 2. feet as dead. And Pergamos, and unto Ep. 6. 17. he u laid his right Thyatira, and unto He. 4. 12. hand upon me, saying Sardis, and untos Ac. 26. 13. unto me, Fear Dot; Philadelphia, and t Ex. 1. 28. 11 I am the first and

a Da. 8. 19. the last : 12 And I turned to & 10. 10. | 18 y I am he that see the voice that I ch. 2. 8. liveth, and was dead; spake with me. And Is. 41.4. land, behold, 2 I am being turned, 8 I saw y Ro. 6. 9. alive forevermore, seven golden candle-z ch.4. 9. Amen; and * have sticks ;

a Ps. 68, 20. the keys of hell and 13 h And in the byer. 12. of deau midst of the sevenle ET 19 Write the

are jesus, and unto

band upon the are

phio Laodiceurned to es ch. 2

and, for everchiave

Message which the loch. 2.1. The left

matuer the mystery nich


hehen works he unto

Seven gol The Begels inch. 1. 13. sticlept thou hipe thou



the churches, tbings which thou, A. D. 96. 4 Nevertheless I hast seen, and the

have somewhat against things which are. c ch. 2. I.

thee, because thou aud d the things I ch. 4. 1. hast left thy first which shall be here- e ver. 16. love. after ;

f ver. 12. 1.5 Remember there 20 The mystery of ch. 2. 1. fore from whence the seven stars which Mal. 2. 7. thou art fallen, and thou sawest in my h Ze. 4. 2. repent, and do the right hand, fand the Ma. 5. 15. first works; 5 or else seven goldeu candle- Pb. 2. 15. I will come unto sticks. The seven a cb. 1. 16. thee quickly, and will stars are & the angels

20. remove thy candleof the seven churches:bch. 1. 13. stick out of his place. and b the seven can-c ver. 9. 13. except thou repent. dlesticks which thou

19. 16 But this thou sa west are the seven

1,8 hast, that thon hatest churches.

Ps. 1. 6.

1.6. the deeds of the CHAP. II.

Nicolajtanes, which 1 UNTO the angele 2 Co.11.13.

I also hate. of the church of 2 Pe. 2. 1.

1:17 i He that hath an

7 h Ephesus write; Theseecee ear, let him hear what things saith a he that He. 12. 3. the Spirit saith unto holdeth the seven, Ma. 21.41. the churches; To him stars in his right hand,

43. that overcometh will who b walketh in the h Ver. 15. I give k to eat of the midst of the sevenli ver. 11. 17. tree of life, which is golden candlesticks;

29. in the midst of the 2 I know thy ch.3.6.13. paradise of God. works, and thy la

1 & 13. 9. 8 And unto the an

Ma. 11. 15. bour, and thy pa

& 13. 9.

Igel of the church in tience, and how thouk ch. 22. 2.

Smyrna write; These capst not bear them

things saithm the which are evil: and

first and the last, thou d hast tried them

which was dead, and

m ch. 1, s. which e say they are 17, 18.

is alive; apostles, and are not, and are not, n ver. 2.


9nI know thy and hast found them

"o Lu. 12. 21.

works, and tribulaliars:

1 Ti. 6. 19. 101,,and poverty, 3 And hast borne, Ja. 2. 5. (but thou art o rich) and hast patience,l. RA, 12 Jand I know the blas. and for my name's1 28. 29. Iphemy of P them sake hast laboured, & 9.6. which say they are and hast ' not fainted.la

I Jews, and are not

Message to

the ckurches. but a are the syna- A. D. 96. hast there them that gogue of Satan.

hold the doctrine of

dach. 3. 9. 10 r Fear none of

Balaam b. who taught those things which

***|Balac to cast a stomthou shalt suffer : be-s Na. 24. 18. bling block before the hold the devil shaullt ch.3. 11. children of Israel, to

Ja. I 12. cast some of you into,

wou ver. 7.

eat things sacrificed prison, that ye may ch. 13. 9. unto idols, d and to be tried; and ye shall . ch. 20. 14. commit fornication. have tribulation ten & 21. 8. 15 So hast thou also days : sbe thou faith y ch. 1. 16. them that hold the ful unto death, and I 2 ver. 2. doctrine e of the Ni. will give thee t a a ver. 9. colaitanes, which crown of life.

b Nu.24. 14. thing I hate. 11 u He that hath & 25. 1. 16 Repent ; or else an ear, let him hear & 31. 16. I will

12 Pe. 2. 15. what the Spirit saith

Jude ll.

1. quickly, and i will unto the churches; c ver. 20.

fight against them He that overcometh Ac. 15. 29. with the sword of my shall not be hurt of 1 Co. 8. 9, mouth.

10. the x second death.


17 6 He that hath 10

10. 19, 12 And to the an

an ear, let him hear gel of the church in a 1 Co. 6.13. what the Spirit saith Pergamos write ; le ver. 6. unto the churches; These things saithfch. 1. 16. 110

To him that overhey which hath thel & 19. 15. cometh will I give to sharp sword with two

21. eat of the hidden edges ;

Is. 11.4. manna, and will give 13 1 I know thy

2 Th. 2. 8. bim a white stone, works, and where 5 ver. 7. 11. and in the stone thou dwellest, evenh ch. 3. 12. Jah new name written, where a Satan's seat

& 19. 12. which no man know

Sich. 1. 14, is: and thou holdest

Seth saving he that fast my name, and k ver. 2. receiveth it. hast not denied my

18 And unto the faith, even in those ver. 13 angel of the church days wherein Antipas:

1. Eeclesias- lin Thyatira write,

tical history These things was my faithful mar.de

sa as my namun war does not tyr,* who was slain mention this the Son of God, i who among you, where person ; pro-hath his eyes like Satan dwelleth. bably he had unto a flame of fire, 14 But I have a

and his feet are like few

of the things against church.

fine brass ; thee, because thoul

19 I know thy

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