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1 The elder unto A. D. 90. 6 And h this is love, the elect lady and

that we walk after her children, a whom a 18. his commandments.

3 Jno. 1.

truth; b Jno. 8. 32. This is the command. and not I only, but Ga. 2.5.14. ment, That, i as ye also all they that havel Col. 1.5. have heard from the kpown b the truth; 2 Th. 2.13. beginning, ye should . For the truth's :

Ut Gr.

walk in it. sake, which dwelleth Khan

7 Fork many dein us, and shall be a ser

beld ver. 1, ceivers are entered with us for ever.

into the world, I who 3° Grace + be with : confess not that Jesus you, mercy, and flJno.2.7,8.

1.1,0. Christ is come in the peace, from God the g Jno. 13.34.

Ep. 5. 2. Desh. m This is a Father, and from the

1 Pe. 4.8. ueceiver and a Lord Jesus Christ, i Jno.3.23. christ. the Son of the Father, n Jno. 14. 15.) 8 - Look to yourin d truth and love. 1 Jno. 2.5. selves, o that we lose

4 I rejoiced greatlyli 1 Jno. 2.24. not those things that I found of thy k Jno. 4.1. which we have children e walking in i 1 Jno. 4. 2.

wrought, I but that truth, as we have re

we receive a full ceived a command

m 1 Jno.2.22.

reward. ment from the fan Mar. 13. 9.

Op Whosoever transther.

o Ga. 3. 4.

2. 3. 4. Igresseth, and abideth 5 And now I be. It Or, gained not in the doctrine of Beech thee, lady, fnot some copies Christ, hath not God. as though I wrote a Tea

e read, which
aye have

He that abideth in new commandment sained, but the doctrine of unto thee, but that lihat ye re- Christ, he hath both which we had from ceive, &c. the Father and the the beginning, 8 that p 1 Jno.2.23. Son. we love one another.'

' 10 If there come

have rem

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pWho and a

To avoid

seducers. any unto yon, and A. D. 90. things to write anto bring not this doc

you, I would not trine, receive him not a Ro.le.17.write with paper and into your house, a nei

T 1 Co.5.11. 5 3 Jno. 13.

ink: but I trust to ther bid him God

It Gr. mouth

come unto you, and speed: 11 For he that hid to mouth. I speak t face to face

s Jno. 17. 13.

that s I our joy may deth him God speed 19no. 1.4 be full. is partaker of his evil, Or, your. 13 The children of deeds.

ti Pe.5. 13. thy elect sister greet 19 r Having many

thee. Amen.

This short epistle, and that which follows, (being written, as it is probable, not long before the apostle's death, and neither to any church by name, nor to the churches at large, but to individuals) were not generally and unanimously known and acknowledged to be written by him, in the earliest ages, in the decided manner that the preceding epistle was: but their coincidence with it, in sentiment manner, and language, satisfied all concerned at an early period, that they were written by the same person. Mill observes, that of the thirteen versos in this epistle, eight may be found in the first, either in sense or in expression. The word rendered, The Elder, might probably be applied to St. John, when all the other apostles were dead, as a title of honourable distinction ; for he was the Senior of the whole church : or he might modestly, yet as claiming authority, assume it on this occasion. Some have conjectured, that the church of Jerusalem was figuratively meant by the elect lady; and that of Ephesus, where John is supposed to have at this time resided, by her elect sister : but it has more generally been thought, that an eminent and honourable Christian matron, well known in the charck, was addressed by the title of the elect lady, and that some other honourable Christian woman, nearly related to her, was intended by her elect sister.-See Scott.

There is no fixing the date of this and the following Epistle with any certainty. It in a great measure depends on the date of the first Epistle; soon after which, it is generally agreed, both these were written.

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1 The elder unto A. D. 90. | 7 Because that for the wellbeloved

his name's sake they Gaius, a whom I love a 2 Jno. 1. went forth, d taking in the truth.

Or, truly. nothing of the GenBeloved, I I wish

tiles. above all things

Or, pray. 1

ay: 8 We therefore that thou mayest by

si b 2 Jao. 4.

. 4.. ought to receive sncb, prosper and be in c I Co. 4. 15. that we might be health, even as thy

- Phm. 10. |

fellowhelpers to the soul prospereth.

9 Gr.

truth. 3 For I rejoiced ed toorthy of

9 I wrote unto the

a God. greatly, when the d Ac. 8. 4,

church: but Diotrebrethren came and & 9. 16. pnes,

phes, who loveth to testified of the truth i Co. 9. 12. have the preemithat is in thee, even

15. nence among them, as b thou walkest in! 2 Co. 4. 5. receiveth us not. the truth.

Col. 1. 24. recel

10 Wherefore, if I

Re. 2.3. 1 4 I have no greater

come, I will rememjoy than to hear e Ps. 37. 27. ber his deeds which that • my children

children Is. 1. 16, he doeth, prating walk in truth.

P.3.li, against us with ma. 5 Beloved, thou

g e [licious words: and doest faithfully what. & 3. 6. 9. not content there with, soever thou doest to

neither doth he himthe brethren, and to ...

self receive the bre. strangers;

thren, and forbiddeth

awaç TOV 6 Which have borne esou. In a them

them that would, and witness of thy cha- manner casteth them out of rity before the worthy of the church. church : whom if God, and

| 11 Beloved, • folthou bring forward on to him, and 10W

your relation their journey after obligations evil, but that which a godly sort,* thou to biin is good. He that shalt do well: Ta l doeth good is of God:

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Good report


of Demetrios but he that doeth evil! After things to write, but ! hath not seen God. A. D. 30. will not with ink and 12 Demetrius & hath

pen write unto thee: good report of all

ali Ti. 3. 7.

14 But I trust I men, and of the truth,

1 Jno. 19.35.

*shall shortly see thee, • yed, and we & 21. 24. and we shall speak also bear record; handli 2 Jno. 12.

face + to face. Peace ye know that our re

+ Gr. mouth

be to thee. Our friends cord is true.

to mouth.

salate thee. Greet 13 1 I had many

(the friends by name.

the friends All enquiries, whether Gaius, to whom the epistle is addressed, was, or was not, the person mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles, and in the epistles of st. Paul, have hitherto terminated in uncertainty. There can be no reasonable doubt, that “the strangers,” and those "who for his name's sake went forth, taking nothing of the Gentiles, were evangelists, or missionaries.-Scott.

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1 Jude, the ser-A. D. cir. 66. faith which was once vant of Jesus Christ,

La La. 6. 16.

Te delivered unto the and a brother of Ac 1. 13. saints. James, to them that li Jno. 17. u. 4 6 For there are are sanctified by God 1 Pe. 1.5. certain men crept in the Father, and b pre-c Ro. 1. 7. unawares, h who were served in Jesus Christ, la

before of old ordained and called :

1 2 Pe. 1. 2. to this condemnation, 2 Mercy unto you, le Tit. 1.4. Tungodly men, i turnand d peace, and love, le pl. 97 Ting the grace of our be multiplied.

1 Ti. 1. 18. God into lascivious. 3 Beloved, when I, Ga. 2. 4. Iness, and 'denying gave all diligence to

the only Lord God, write unto you of

Mh Ro. 9. 21.

and our Lord Jesus the common salva

i 2 Pe. 2. 10. Christ. tion, it was needful Tit...! 5 I will therefore

He. 12. 15... for me to write unto' tit. 1. 16. put you in remem. you, and exhort you 2 Pe.2, 1.brance, though ye that ye should ear-Im I Co. 10.9. once knew this, how nestly contend for the

-Ithat m the Lord, hav.

JUDE.. not what thes brute

Punishment of

false teachers. ing saved the people A. D. cir. 66. but what they know out of the land of =

naturally, as brute Egypt.afterward n den Nu. 14. 29. beasts, in those things stroyed them that

+ Ps. 106.26.

they corrupt them

a He. 3. 17. believed pot.

19. selves. 6 And • the angels. Jno. 8. 44.

11 Woe unto them! which kept not their or for they have gone in first + estate, but left cipalit. * the way a of Cain, their own habitation, p 2 Pe. 2. 4.

and bran greedily he p hath reserved in

after the error of everlasting chains

q Re. 20.10.

Balaam for reward, under darkness 9 unto" 23. and perished in the

2 Pe. 2. 6. the judgment of the

gainsaying of Core. great day.

11 Gr. other. 12 d These are spots 7 Even as r Sodom s 2 Pe. 2. 10. in your e feasts of and Gomorrha, and t Ex. 22. 28. charity, when they the cities about them u Da. 10.13. feast with you, feedin like manner, giving Re. 12. 7. ing themselves withthemselves over to - 2 Pe. 2. 11. out fear: clouds they fornication, and go-ly Ze. 3. 2. are without water, ing after I strange z 2 Pe. 2. 12. carried s about of flesh, are set forth for a Ge. 4.5. winds; trees whose an example, suffering Jno 3.12. fruit withereth, withthe vengeance of b Nu. 22. 7. out fruit, twice dead, eternal fire.

21.Jplucked up by the 83 Likewise also! 2 Pe. 2. 15. roots : these filthy dreamers c Nu. 16. I. 13 i Raging waves defile the flesh, des- a 2 Pe.2, 13. of the sea, k foaming pise dominion, and el Co. 11.21. out their own shame; speak t evil of digni.if Pr. 25. 14. wandering stars, I to ties.

2 Pe.2. 17. whom is reserved the 9 Yetu Michaell, Ep. 4. 14. Iblackness of darkness the archangel, when h ma 15. 13. for ever. contending with the

| 14 And Enoch also devil he disputed k Ph. 3. 19.1

the in seventh from about the body of

* Adam, prophesied of

1 2 Pe. 2. 17. I these, Moses, x durst not

saying, Bebring against him am Ge. 5. 18. hold, n the Lord comrailing accusation, In De. 33 2. leth with ten thousand but said, y The Lord

Da. 7. 10. lof his saints,

Ze. 14. 5. rebuke thee.

15 To execute judg10 z But these speak 2 Th. 1.7. ment upon all, and to evil of those things Re. 1.7. convince all that are which they know not:1 ---lungodly among them

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