Christ rideth MATT. XXI. into Jerusalem. daughter of Sion, A. D. 33. (them that sold and Berold, thy Kingla Mar. 11. 4.

bought in the temple, cometh unto thee,

and overthrew the ta

Pe 2 Ki. 9. 13.ba meek, and sitting up

bles of the m money.

f Le. 23. 4. on an ass, and a colt'

changers, and the

Jno.12. 13. the foal of an ass,

seats of them that 6 4 And the disci. Ps. sold doves, ples went, and did ash Ps. 118.26.

13 And said unto

cb. 23. 39. them. It is written, Jesus commanded them,

iMar. 11. 15. My house shall be

Lu. 19. 45.11 7 And brought the Jno. 2. 13. called the house of ass, and the colt, and

15. prayer; but ye have pute on them their ch. 2. 23. made it a den of clothes, and they set Lu. 7. 16. thieves. him thereon.

Jno. 6. 14. 14 And the blind 8 And a very great

atl & 7. 40. and the lame came to

& 9. 17. multitude spread their ,

him in the temple ;

1 Mar. 11. 11. and he healed them. garments in the way;

Lo, 19. 45. others f cut down Jao. 2. 15.

15 And when the

Chief Priests and rancses Iron

el m De. 14. 25. ! trees, and strawed

Scribes saw the won

Is. 56. 7. Iderful things that them in the way. 9 And the multi. o Je. 7. 11. la

Mar. 11.17.

did, and the children tudes that went be- La. 19. 46.

crying in the temple, tore, and that follow p Ps. 8. 2.

and saying, Hosanna Bila Mar.11.11.

to the son of David; Hosanna s to the Son 10:24: they were sore disof David: hblessed is! Jno. 11.19. pleased, . he that cometh in the & 12. 1. 1. 16 And said unto name of the Lord; rMar. 11. 12. him, Hearest thou Hosanna in the high- ser9_ what these say? And

• Save now. Jesus saith unto them. 10 i And when he! or, save, wo Yea; have ye never was come into Jeru- beseech thee. read, p Out of the salem, all the city ver. 12 mouth of babes and was moved, saying,

# Those who sucklings thou hast Who is this?

exchanged perfected praise ?

the current 11 And the multi coin of Jodea 17 And he left tade said, This is Je-l for that of them, and went out sus the prophet of other counof the city into Nazareth of Galilee. tries, from Bethany; and he 12 And Jesus went

whence per- lodged there.

sons came to 18 into the temple of worship.

Now in the God, and cast out all!

morning as he return

d ribes seriesigen the


footer cried, sur son

Hosa cried hat foll be

n19.9. pleas and said thou

Sz. 1:18. Please mere

the Lord

estio i And into Jerusl ser: 1358 vbo sucklcted praise


of Gale Of Sorina

Fig tree cur sed. MATT. XXI Priests silenced. ed into the city, he A. D. 33. things ? and who gave hungered.

s Mar. 11.13.

thee this authority? 19 . And when he

24 And Jesus ansaw a fig tree in the tree.

one's swered and said unto way, he came to it, I. 40. 6.

them, I also will ask and found nothing Mar.11.20. you one thing, which thereon, but leaves! Ja, 1. 10. if ye tell me, I in only, and said unto u cb. 17. 20. like wise will tell you it, Let no fruit grow Mar.11.22. by what authority I on thee henceforward Lu. 17. 6. do these things. for ever. And pre

Ro. 4. 19. 25 The baptism of sently the fig tree * Ja. 1. 6. John, whence was it? withered away.

, 1 Co. 13.2. from heaven, or of 20 t And when thelzch. 7.7. men ? And they readisciples saw it, they

Mar.11.24. soned with them.

La. 11. 9. Iselves, saving. If marvelled, saying,

Jno. 14.13. Selves, saying, If we How soon is the fig

& 15. 7. shall say, From heatree withered away! & 16. 24. ven; he will say unto 21 Jesus answered

Ja. 5. 16. us, Why did ye not and said unto them,

1 Jno.3.22. then believe him. Verily I say unto you,

& 6. 11. 26 But if we shall If u ye have faith, and

7. say, of men ; we fear

La. 19. 47. doubts not, ye shall & 20.1.". the people; e for all not only do

this b Bı. 2. 14. A

hold John as a prowhich is done to the Ac. 4.7. phet. fig tree, y but also if & 7. 27. 27 And they an. ye shall say unto this ch. 14. 5. swered Jesus, and mountain, Be thou Mar. 6. 20. said, We cannot tell. removed, and be thou

Lu. 20.6. And he said unto cast into the sea ; it

Joo, 5. 35. them. Neither
& 10.41.

tell shall be done.

I you by what au


la ch. 3. 2. 22 And - all things,


thority I do these whatsoever ye shall] 1. 1. 16."things. ask in prayer believ & 55. 6. 28 But what think ing, ye shall receive. Je. 44. 16. ye? A certain man 23. And when he

Ez. 18. 28. had two sons; and

lenne Da. 4. 34. was come into the

he came to the first,

Lu. 15. 17. the temple, the Chief Ac. 26. 20. and said, Son, BO Priests and the elders

work to day in my of the people came ver. 19 vineyard unto him as he was * By the 29 d He answered teaching, and b said,

10, belonging to

and said, I will not : By what authority

no one.

but afterward he re doest thou thesel

pented, and went.

Parable of

MATT. XXI. the housholder. 30 And he came to A. D. 33. might receive the the second, and said

fruits of it. likewise. And he an- . Lu. 7. 29. 35 I And the husswered and said, I

50. bandmen took his sergo, sir: aod went fch. 3. 1. vante

vants, and beat one, not.

& Lu. 3. 12, and killed another. 31 Whether of them

13. and stoned another. twaip did the will of b Ps. 80. 9. 36 Again, he sent kis father? They say

Is. 5. 1. Jother servants more

| Jer. 2. 21. tunto him, The first.

Mar. 12. 1. sau

than the first : and Jesus saith unto La. 20 9. they did unto them them, e Verily I sayli sh. 25. 14. likewise. unto you, That the

. 37 But last of all Publicans and the Ca. 8. 11. he sent unto them harlots go into the

12. his son, saying, 'They kingdom of God be-li 2Ch. 24.21. will reverence my fore you.

& 36. 16. son. 32 Forf John came Ne. 9. 26. 38 But when the unto you in the way

ch. 5. 12. husbandmen saw the of righteousness, and

37. son, they said among ye believed him pot:

themselves, m This is but the Publicans i Th.2. 15. the heir; n come, let and the harlots be-! He. 11.36, us kill him, and let lieved him: and ye,

us seize on his inhewhen ye had seen it m Ps. 2. 8.


He. 1. 2. repented not after

39. And they ward, that ye might

Ps. 2. 2.

caught him, and cast

ch. 26. 3. believe him.

him out of the vine. 33 Hear another pa- Jno. 11.53. yard, and slew him. rable: There was al Ac. 4. 27. | 40 When the lord certain h housholder, lo ch. 26. 50. therefore of the videwhich planted a vine- Mar.14.46. yard cometh, what yard, and hedged it u. 22. 54. will he do unto those

Jno.18.12.1 round about, and dig. A 2.23. - husbandmen? ged a wine-press in it,p La.20. 16.

141 p They say unto and built a tower,

him, He will miserand let it out to hus- q Lu. 21. 24. ably destroy those bandmen, and i went! 10. 2. 3. wicked men, rand into a far country : Ac. 13. 46. will let out his vine. 31 And when the

& 15. 7.
& 18. 6.

yard unto other hustime of the fruit drew

& 28. 28. bandmed, which shall near, he sent his Ro. 9, & render him the fruits servants to the hus- 10 & 11. in their seasons, bandmed, that they

42 Jesus saith unto

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Parable of

MATT. XXII. the king's son. them, • Did ye neveri A. D. 33. | 3 And sent forth read in the Scriptures, me his servants to call

P.118. 22, The stone which the

them that were bidbuilders rejected, the Is. 28. 16. den to the wedding : same is become the Mar.12.10, and they would not head of the corner:

come. this is the Lord's do

Lu. 20. 17,

4 Again, he sent ing, and it is marvel. Ac. 4. 11. forth other servants, lous in our eyes ? Ro. 9. 33. saying, Tell them

43 Therefore say I Ep. 2. 20. which are bidden, unto you, The king.

I Pe. 2.6, Behold, I have predom of God shall be

tch. 8. 12"pared my b dinner: taken from you, and & 12. 28. my oxen and my fatgiven to a nation Lu. 17. 20.lings are killed, and bringing forth the Jno. 3. 3. all things are ready : fruits thereof.

u Ps. . 12. I come unto the mar44 And whosoever

Is. 8. 14, riase. shall u fall on this

5 But they made

Ze. 12. 3. stone shall be broken: Lu. 20.18. light of it, and went but on whomsoever Ro. 9. 33. their ways, one to his it shall fall, it will i Pe. 2. 8. farm, another to his grind him to powder. x Is. 60. 12. merchandise :

45 And when the Da. 2. 44. 6 And the remnant Chief Priests and 1 Th.2.16. took his servants, and Pharisees had heard Jy ver. 11. entreated them spitehis parables, they

Lu. 7. 16. Anlly and slow

fully, and slew them.

Jno. 7. 40. perceived that he

| 7 But when the king spake of them.

heard thereof, he was 46 But when they

en they Lu. 8. 10. wroth: and he sent sought to lay hands & 14. 16. forth chis armies, and on him, they feared Re. 19.7.9. destroyed those murthe multitude, be- b Pr. 9.2. derers, and burned cause y they took him Jno. 6.50. up their city. for a prophet.

Ro. 8. 32.

1.8 Then saith he to CHAP. XXI.

1 Co.5. 7.

his servants, the wed1 AND' Jesus an

c Da. 9. 26.
Is. 10. 5.

ding is ready, but swered a and spakel Jo. 2. 11.

they which were bid. unto them again by & 3. 2. den were not dworparables, and said, Lu. 19. 27. thy.

2 The kingdom of a ch. 10. 11. 19 Go ye therefore heaven is like unto a 13. into the highways,

Lo. 20. 35. certain king, which

Ac. 13.46.

and as many as yo made a marriage for 2 Th. 1. 5.

shall find, bid to the his son,


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Christ confuteth MATT. XXII. the Pharisees.

10 So those servants A. D. 33. Iteachest the way of went out into the

God in truth, Deither highways, and e ga-lech. 13. Scarest thou for any thered together all as

man: for thou regard many as they found, f 2 Co. 5. 3.

Ep. 4. 24. So not the person of both bad and good?

Col. 3. 10. men. and the wedding was

12.. 17 Tell us therefore, furnishedwith guests. Re. 3. 4. What thinkest thou ? 11 And when the & 16. 15.

& 16. 15. Is it lawful

Is it lawful to give

& 19.8. king came in to see

tribute unto Cæsar, the guests, he saw 8 ch.8. 12

or not? San fwhich h ch. 20. 16. 18 But Jesus per had not on a wedding Lu. 13. 23.

ceived their wicked garment:

ness, and said, Why 12 And he saith

Lu. 20. 20.

tempt ye me, ye hyunto him, Friend. f In value


sevenpence how camest thou in

19 Shew me the hither not having a ch 20. 2. tribute money. And wedding + garment? 1 Or, they brought unto And be was speech. inscription. Ito him a penny. less.

k ch. 17. 25. 20 And he saith 13 Then said the Pr. 24. 21. Junto them, Whose is king to the servants, Lu. 23. 2. this image and isu. Bind him hand and Ro. 13. 7.

perscription ? take bim 1 Mar. 12. 18. 21 They say unto away, and cast & him

Lu. 20. 27. 1h

him, Cæsar's. Then into outer darkness;

m Ac. 23 8. saith he unto them,

1 Co.15.12.1 there shall be weep

2 T1.2. 18. Render k therefore ing and gnashing of

unto Cæsar the things teeth.

Ver. 12 which are Cæsar's; 14 b For many are * Among the and unto God the called, but few are

things long white

that chosen.

are robes were God's. 15! Then wept the worn at publ. 22 When they had Pharisees, and tooklic festivals, I heard these words. counsel how they and those they marvelled, and might entangle him who appear. Teft

left him, and went

ed in any in his talk.

other were

their way. 16 And they sent

23 1 The same day out unto him their not ouly came to him the Sad. disciples with the highly cul

ducees, m which say Herodians, saying,

pable, but worthy of

that there is no re. Master, we know that punishment. surrection, and asked thou art true, and is alhim,

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