have nding

. 29.. the hail

Of vain

traditions. as ye have been A. D. 64. given you all trestaught, abounding

passes ; therein with thanks-m Jer. 29. 8. 14 . Blotting out giving.

n Ma. 15. 2. the handwriting of 8 m Beware lest any + Or,

ordinances that was man spoil you through elements.

against us, which was philosophy and vain o Ga. 4.3.9.

contrary to us, and deceit, after n the train 1. 14. I took it out of the way, dition of men, after

nailing it to his cross; the + o rudiments of

15 And d having the world, and not r Ep. 1. 20. spoiled e principali after Christ.

sch. 1. 16. ties and powers, he 9 For p in him t De. 10. 16. made a shew of them dwelleth all the ful- u Ro. 6.6. openly, triumphing ness of the Godhead Ro. 6. 4. over them I in it. bodily.

y ch. 3. 1.

16 Let no man 10 9 And ye are 1. 19. therefore judge you complete in him,

in 18 in meat, or in which is the head

a Ac. 2. 24.

drink, or Hin respect of all principality

b Ep.2.1.5.

of h an holyday, or of and power :

o Ep.2. 15. the new moon, or of 11 In whom also d Ge. 3. 15. the sabbath days: ye are t circumcised e Ep. 6. 12. 17 i Which are a with the circumcision 1 Or, shadow of things to made without hands, in himself. come; but the body in u putting off the f Ro. 14.3. lis of Christ. body of the single Or, for 18 k Let no man of the flesh by eating and beguile it you of your the circumcision of drinking. reward in a volunChrist :

Is Ro. 14. 2. tary humility and 12 x Buried with him it Or, worshipping of angels in baptism, wherein in part. intruding into those also y ye are risen h Ro. 14. 5. things which he with him throughi He. 8. 5. hath not seen, vainly the z faith of the ope- & 9. 9. puffed up by his ration of God, a who I ver. 4. fleshly mind, hath raised him from tt Or, judge 19 And not holding the dead.

against you. the m Head, from 13 bAnd you, beings Gr. being which all the body by dead in your sins and a voluntary joints and bands havthe uncircumcision of inhumility. ing nourishment minyour flesh, hath hel Ez. 13. 3. Jistered, and knit togequickened together m Ep. 4. 15. ther, increaseth with with him, having for

the increase of God. 488

Exhortation 10 COL. III.

various duties. 20 Wherefore if ye, A. D. 64. 5 h Mortify therebe a dead with Christ

a fore i your members from the trudiments n Ga. 2. 19.

which are upon the of the world, pwhy, o ver. 8.

earth; k fornication, as though living in t Or,

uncleanness, inordithe world, are ye ele

nate affection, levil subject to ordinances. p Ga.4.3. 9.

concupiscence, and 21 (9 Touch not; q 1 Ti. 4. 3.

covetousness, mwhich taste not; handler Is. 29. 13. Jis idolatry: not;

s 1 Ti. 4. 8. 6 - For which things' 22 Which all arelt ver. 8. sake the wrath of to perish with the

God cometh on the using ;) arter the punishing, children of disobedicommandments and or, not ence : doctrines of men ? sparing. 7 p in the which ye

23 s Which things a Ro. 6. 5. also walked some have indeed a shewb Ep. 1. 20. Itime, when ye lived of wisdom in twill Or, mind. in them. worship, and humili- Ga. 2. 20. 8 9 But now ye also ty, and I neglecting

6 d 2 Co. 5. 7. put off all these : anof the body; not in 10.3.2 ger, wrath, malice, any honour to the

blasphemy, filthy satisfying of the flesh. f Jno. 11.25.

communication out of

g 1 Co.15. 43. your mouth. CHAP. III. b Ga. 5. 24. 9 Lie not one to 1 e ve then a bei Ro. 6. 13. another, t seeing that risen with Christ, k Ep. 5. 3. ye have put off the seek those things I l Th. 4. 5. old man with his which are above,lm Ep. 5. 5. deeds ; where b Christ sitteth

n Re. 22. 15.

10 And have put on on the right hand of

the new man, which

o Ep. 2. 2. God.

is u renewed in kpow2 Set your affec-p Ro. 6. 19. ledge x after the imtion on things above, 9 Ep. 4. 22. age of him that y crenot on things on the r Ep. 4.29. ated him : earth.

s Le. 19. 11. 11 Where there is 3 e for ye are dead. It Ep. 4. 22. neither Greek nor and d your life is hid u Ro. 12. 2. Jew, circumcision with Christ in God. Ka 23. nor uncircumcision, 4 e Wben Christ,

Barbarian, Scythian, who is four life, shali y Ep. 2. 10.

bond nor free: a but appear, then shall ye 2 Ro. 10. 12. Chi

a Ep. 1. 23.

1: Christ és all, and in also appear with him

"b Ep. 4. 24. all. in s glory.

- 12 h Put on there.


e n

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Relative duties

inculcated. fore, c as the elect of A. D. 64. yourselves unto your God, holy and be

own husbands, as

de I Pe. 1. 2. it is fit in the Lord. loved, d bowels of

d Ga. 5. 2219 tHusbands, love mercies, kindness,

and humbleness of mind, e Mar. 11.25. your wives

1 Ep.4.2.32. not u bitter meekness, longsuffer

against It Or, ing;

them. 13 e Forbearing one

complaint. 20 : Children, obey another, and forgiv e. 4.8. your parents in all ing one another, if

Ro, 13.8.well

no. 13. 31. things for this is any man have a

pleasing Th. 4.9

unto quarrel + against any : 1 Ti.1.5. the Lord. even as Christ for- 1 Jno.3.23. 21 z tathers, pro gave you, so also doh Ep. 4. 3. voke not your chilye.

i Ro. 14. 17.14

dren to anger, lest 14 f And above all Pb. 4. 7. they be discouraged. these things & prut on k Co. 7.15.1. 22 a Servants, obey charity, which is the En. 2. 16. in ball things your bond b of perfect-mch. 2.7.

masters according pess,

to the flesh; not with

. 1Co.14.26. 15 And let i the

eyeservice, as men

Ep.5. 19. peace of God rule in

pleasers ; but in sin

och. 4.6. your hearts, k to the

gleness of heart, fear. which also ye are

p 1Co.10.31. ling Go

ing God: called lin one body : 9 Ro!

alq Ro. 1. 8. | 23 d And whatso and m be ye thankful. I no. 18. Wever ye do, do it

16 Let the word of T1 Pe. 3. 1. heartily, as to the Christ dwell in you s Ep. 5. 3. Lord, and not unto richly in all wisdom; t 1 Pe. 3. 7. men; teaching and admo- u Ep. 4. 31. 24° Knowing that nishing one another Ep. 6. 1. of the Lord ye shall in n psalms and, E. 5. 24. receive the reward of hymns and spiritual. 6 the inheritance: ffor songs, singing with

ye serve the Lord

a I Pe.2. 18. Christi grace in your hearts to the Lord.

b ver. 20. 25 But he that 17 And p whatso-c Phm. 16. ldoeth wrong shall ever ye do in word Ep. 6.6,7. receive for the wrong or deed, do all in thel. Ep. 6. 8. which he hath done : pame of the Lord ri Co. 7. 22. and 5 there is no reJesus, giving thauks, De 10.12. spect of persons. to God and the Fa-1

Fa-1 Pe.1. 17.

Pe.l.17.1 CHAP. IV. ther by him.

a E. 6. 9. 1 MASTERS a give 18 r Wives, submit

unto your servants


to prayer. that which is just and A. D. 64. of you. They shall equal; knowing that

make known into ye also have a Master b Lu. 18. 1. you all things which

Ro. 12. 12.1 in heaven.

Ep. 6. 18.

are done here. 2 b Continue in

Th. 5.17,

:1 10 9Aristarchus my prayer, and watch

18. fellowprisoner salutin the same c with och. 2. 7. eth you, and Marthanksgiving ;

& 8. 15. cus, sister's so 3d Withal praying Ep.6. 19. Barnabas, (touching also for us, that God 2Tb. 3. 1. whom ye received wonld open unto use 1 Co.16.9. commandments: if a door of utterance ? Co, 2.12. The come unto you. to speak fthe mystery Ma. 13.11. receive him; of Christ, 6 for which

Co.4. 1. 11 And Jesus, I am also in bonds:

which is called Jus 4 That I may make 8 Pb. 1. 7.

1.7. tus, who are of the it manifest, as I ought

hi h Ep. 5. 15. circumcision. These to speak.

only are my fellow. 5 b Walk in wisdom 1 Ep. 5. 16. workers into the toward them that arek Eo. 10. 12. kingdom of God, without, i redeeming 1 Ma. 9. 50. which have been a the time.

m 1 Pe. 3.15. comfort unto me 6 Let your speech n Ep. 6. 21.1. 12Epaphras, who be alway kwith grace.l. PS , is one of you, a ser seasoned with salt,

vant of Christ, salut.

p Phm. 10. that m ye may know

Jeth you, always how ye ought to 9

19 Ac. 19. 29. labouring tt fervent.

& 20. 4. answer every man. & 27. 2.

lly for you in prayers, 7 All my statel.

1 Ac. 15. 37.

that ye may stand shall Tychicus del 21: : perfect u and I comclare unto you, who is.

s Phm. 23.

plete in all the will a beloved brother,

of God. and a faithful minis.it

'It Or,

13 For I bear him ter and fellowservant

record, that he hath in the Lord :

t Ro. 15. 30

a great zeal for you, 8. Whom I have u Ma. 5. 18 and them that are in sent onto you for the

1 Co. 2. 6. Laodicea, and them

& 14. 20. same purpose, that Ph. 3. i5 in Hierapolis. he might know your He. 5. 14.1 14 x Luke, the beestate, and comfort Or, Alled. I loved physician, and your hearts;

* 2 Ti. 4. u. Demas, y greet you. 9 With P Onesimus,

1 15 Salute the bretha faithful and beloved Phim24. ren which are in brother, who is one

Laodicea, and Nym

Thanksgivings 1 THESS. I. and prayers. phas, and z the church, A. D. 64. which thou hast rewhich is in his house. =

ceived in the Lord, 16 And when a this z Ro. 16. 5. that thou fulfil it. epistle is read among

C iCo, 16.19.

18 d The salutation that it be a I Th.5. 27. by the hand of me read also in the b Phm. 2. 'Paul. Remember church of the Laodio 1 Ti, 4. 6. my bonds. Grace ceans; and that yeld 1 Co. 16. The with yon. Amen. likewise read the 21. Written from Rome epistle from Laodicea.2 Th. 3.17. to the

17 And say to bAre He. 13. 3. by Tychicus and chippus, Take heed fHe. 13. 25. Onesimus. to the ministry's

It appears that the Colossian believers were in danger of being seduced from the genuine doctrines of Christ, by persons who stroTo to blend Judaism and Heathenism with Christianity, but the Apostle in this Epistle, with peculiar force, exhibits the order, structure, and harmony of the Christian system, and shews that it is perfect in itself. 'Eusebius says, that Colosse, with Laodicea and Hierapolis, were destroyed by an earthquake, about A.D. 66, a year or two alter the writing of this Letter,


The First Epistle of PAUL the Apostle to the


mmmmmmm CHAP. I. , A. D. 54. you all, making men1 PAUL, and a Sil

tion of you a 2 Co. 1.19.

in our vanus, and Timo

prayers; theus, unto the church b Ep. 1. 2. 3d Remembering

the Thessalonians le Phm. 4. without ceasing your which is in God the d ch. 2. 13. work of faith, fand Father and in the le Jno. 6. 29. labour of love. and Lord Jesus Christ: Ja. 2. 17. patience of

patience of hope in Grace bbe unto you, f Ro. 16. 6. our Lord Jesus Christ, and peace, from God! He. 6.10. in the sight of God our Father, and the Or, beloved and our Father: Lord Jesus Christ.

of God, your 4 Knowing, breth2We give thanks

Col. 3. 12 rent beloved,
Col. 3. 12. Ten

you to God always for S election of God.

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