to be avoided. love, eas Christ also A. D. 64. 1 9 (For the fruit hath loved us, and

of the Spirit is in all hath given himself o Ga. 1. 4. goodness and rightefor us an offering and

6. ousness and truth ;) a sacrifice to God fice to God a Gen. 8. 21.


10 t Proving what ford for a sweet-le Ro. 6. 13. lis acceptable unto the smelling savour. f 1 Co. 5. 1. Lord.

3 But e fornication, lg Ma. 12. 35. 11 And have no and all uncleanness, h Ro. 1. 28. fellowship with the or covetousness, flet

i G. 5. 19.

unfruitful works of it not be once pamed

k Col. 3. 5.

darkness, but rather among you, as be Re. 22. 15.

reprove them, cometh saints;

12 z For it is a 4 & Neither filthi. Jer. 29. 8. shame

shame even to speak ness, nor foolish talk. Ro. 1. 18. of those things which ing, nor jesting. Jo ch. 2. 2. are done of them in which l are not con- t Gr, secret. venient: but rather unbelief, 13 But a all things giving of thanks, p Is. 9. 2. that are reproved

5 For this ye know, la Jno. 8. 12. are made manifest by

at i no whoremon-line 19. 36. the light: for whatger, nor unclean per-ls Ga. 5. 22. soever doth make son, por covetous

t Ro. 12. 2.

manifest is light. man, who is an

14 Wherefore he idolater, hath any

u 2 Co. 6. 14.

saith, b Awake thou inheritance in the

Ro. 6. 21. Ithat sleepest, and kingdom of Christ. y Le. 19. 17. rise from the dead. and of God.

z Ro. 1. 24. and Christ shall give 6 m Let no man ajno. 3. 20. thee light deceive you with t Or,

15 See then that vain words: for be- discovered. lye walk circumspectcause of these things. Or, it. ly, not as fools, but cometh the wrath Is. 60.1. of God o upon the Jno. 5. 25.

16 e Redeeming the children of f disobe-la Col. 4. 5.

time, because the

days are evil. 7 Be not ye therenot ve there. e Col. 4. 5.

17 & Wherefore be ye fore partakers with Bc. 11. 2.

not unwise, but bunthem.

derstanding i what 8p For ye were h Ro. 12. 2. the will of the Lord sometimes darkness, lil Th. 4. 3. is. but now I are ve light Pr. 20. 1. 18 And k be not in the Lord : walk as Is. 5. 11. drunk with wine, children of light : la = wherein is excess ;

dience. not ye theith

col. 4.5. ders will

Duties of wives EPHES. V. and husbands. but be filled with the A. D. 64. jof water a by the Spirit;

word, To Speaking to your l Ac. 16. 25. 27 b That he might selves lin psalms and 1 Co.14.20.

Ga. 3. 16.P

present it to himself hymns and spiritual

Ja. 5. 13. a glorious church, songs, singing and Im Is. 63. 2. not having spot, or making melody in Col. 3. 17.wrinkle, or any such your heart to the 2 Th. 1.3.thing; d but that it Lord;

He. 13. 15. should be holy and 20 m Giving thanks! I Pe. 2. 5. without blemish. always for all things. Ph. 2. 3. 128 So ought men to unto God and the Pe. 5.5. I love their wives as Father n in the namelp Ge. 3. 16. their own bodies. He of our Lord Jesus Tit. 2. 5. that loveth his wife Christ;

1 Pe. 3. 1. loveth himself. 21 o Submitting a cb. 6.5. 29 For no man ever yourselves one tor 1 Co. 11.3. yet hated his own another in the fear ofs Col. 1. 18. flesh ; but nourisheth God.

It ch. 1. 23. and cherisheth it, 22 p Wives, submit Col. 3. 20. even as the Lord the yourselves unto your Tit. 2. 9. church: own husbands, 9 as x Col. 3. 19. 30 Fore we are unto the Lord.

I Pe. 3. 7. members of his body. 23 For rthe hus- y Ac. 20. 28. of his flesh, and of band is the head of Ga. 1.4. his bones. the wife, even as z Jno. 3. 5. 131 f for this cause Christs is the head of Tit. 3. 5. shall a man leave his the church : and he He. 10. 22. father and mother, is the saviour of tthe a Jno. 15. 3. and shall be joined body.

b 2Cor. 11.2. unto his wife, and 24 Therefore as the Col. 1. 22. they two shall be church is subject un- c Cant. 4. 7. one flesh. to Christ, so let the a ch. 1. 4. 32 This is a great wives be to their owne Ge. 223. mystery : but I speak husbands u in every Ro. 12. 5. concerning Christ thing.

11 Co. 6.15. and the church. 25 Husbands, lovele Ge. 2. 24. | 33 Nevertheless hlet your wives, even as Ma. 19. 5. Tevery one of you in Christ also loved the Mar. 10.7. particular so love his church, and y gave g1 Co. 6. 16. wife even as himself, himself for it;

h ver. 25. and the wife see that 26 That he might Col.3. 19. she i reverence her canc:ify and cleanse i 1 Pe. 3. 6. husband. it > with the washing


open washinse i 1 PEO, 12. sed the

Duties of

EPHES. VI. children, &c.

A. D. 64. the same shall he reCHAP. VI.

Ja Pr. 23. 22.ceive of the Lord.

whether k he be bond 1 CHILDREN, a ob Ex. 20.12.

De. 5. 16.

or free. bey your parents in

Ez. 22.7.1. 9 And, yel masters, the Lord : for this is Mal. 1. 6, do the same things right.

Eco.3. 8. unto them, m forb Honour thy fa Ma. 15. 4. bearing threatening : ther and

Mar. 7.10. mother ile Col. 3. 21.

knowing that in your which is the first commandment with

Master also is in a Ge. 18. 19.

heaven; neither is promise ;

. 1 Pe. 2. 18.

. 10. there respect of per3 That it may be f 2 Co. 7. 15. sons w well with thee, and g1 Ch.29.17. 10 Finally, my brethou mayest live long h Col. 3. 22./thren, be strong in on the earth.

i Ro. 2. 6. the Lord, and pin 4 And, ye fathers, lk Ga. 3. 28. the power of his provoke not your i Col. 4. 1. might: children to wrath :

D:t Or,

11 9 Put on the but d bring them up moderating whole armour of God, in the nurture aud m Le. 25. 43. that ye may be able admonition of thelt some read. to stand against the Lord.

both your wiles of the devil. 5 e Servants, be 0- and their 12 For we wrestle bedient to them that master.

not against Sr flesh are your masters ac

and blood, but acording to the flesh.o Ro, 2. II.

gainst principaliwith f fear and tremp Col. 1. 11. ties, against powers, bling, sin singleness/q 1 Th. 5.8.against t the rulers of of your heart, as untos Gr. blood the darkness of this Christ;

and flesh. world, against tt spi. 6 - Not with eye. Ma. 16. 17. ritual wickedness in service, as mens Ro. 8. 33. hight places. pleasers ; but as the t Lu. 22. 53. 13 v Wherefore take servants of Christ, itt Or, wick-unto you the whole doiog the will of ed spirits. armour of God, that God from the heart. 11 Or.

ye may be able to .7 With good will heavenly

withstand in I

the WILL BOW 2 Co. 10.4.1 wuolaue

ho doing service, as tolx.ch. 5. 16. evil day, and having the Lord, and not to Or, done all, to stand. men:

having over- 14 Stand therefore, 8 i Knowing that come all.

having y your loins

ly Is. 11.5. whatsoever good. 18. 69. ij. Igirt about with truth, thing any man doeth,

l and having on tbe

The Christian EPHES. VI.

armour breastplate of righte-/ A. D. 64. lam an ambassador ousness;

<lint bonds: that 15 « And your feet a ls. 52. 7. therein f I may shod with the pre- b 1 Jno. 5. 4. speak boldly, as I paration of the gospello Is. 59. 17. Jought to speak. of peace;

la Re. 1. 16. 21 But = that ye 16 Above all, tak- & 2. 16. also may know my ing b the shield of & 19. 15. affairs, and how I do, faith, wherewith yel. Lu. 18. 1. Tychicus, a beloved shall be able to f Ma. 26. 41. brother and faithful quench all the fiery Mar.13. 33. minister in the Lord, darts of the wicked. Ph. 1. 4. shall make known to

17 And take the iTi. 2. 1. you all things : helmet of salvation, h Ac. 4. 29. 22 p Whom I have and d the sword ofli 2 Co. 3. 12. sent unto you for the the Spirit, which is lk 2 Co. 5. 20. same purpose, that the word of God:

26 99 ye might know our 18 e Praying always 2 Ti. 1. 16. affairs, and that he with all prayer and Phm. 10. might comfort your supplication in the t Or, in a hearts. Spirit, and fwatch-chain. 23 4 Peace be to ing thereunto with t0r, thereof the brethren, and love all perseverance and I'm Ac. 28. 31. with faith, from God supplication for all 1 Th. 2. 2. the Father and the saints;

Col. 4.2. Lord Jesus Christ. 19 h And for me, lo Ac. 20. 4.

24 Grace be with

2 that utterance may I Tit. 3. 12. all them that love be given unto me, Ip Col. 4.8. lour Lord Jesus Christ that I may open myla I Pe. 5. 14.1

Wing sincerity. A. mouth i boldly, to

- Tit. 2. 7.

men. make known the

Written from Rome mystery of the gos

6 Or, with

unto the Ephesians pel,

by Tychicus. 20 For which kila


Although it is admitted that St. Paul was the author of this Epistle, some doubts have arisen whether it was first directed to the Ephesians. Marcion, quoted by Tertullian, calls it the "Epistle to the Laodiceans." Paley, however, has observed" that the external evidenco preponderates, with manifest excess, on the side of the received reading."

St. Paul bad been very successful in his ministry at Epbesus, and be wroto this Epistle during his imprisonment at Rome; there is atriking resemblance between this and the Epistle to tbe Colossians, from which it is justly concluded they were both written about the mamo time.

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| A.D.64. this of you all, he. CHAP. I.

Tal Cor.1.2. cause I have von 1 PAUL and Timotheus, the servants of

in 8 my heart; inab 1 Pe. 1. 2..

asmuch as both in Jesus Christ, to all : 8

al. Ro. 1.8, 9. muh

my bonds, and in the saints a in Christ


thei defence and conJesus which are at

a 2 Co. 8.1.

firmation of the gosPhilippi, with the

e Jno. 6. 29. PE

pel, k ye all are bishops and deacons: 1.

partakers +of my 2b Grace be unto

1 Or, will
Anish it.

grace. you, and peace, from

8 For God is my God our Father, and

f ver. 10.

record, m how greatly from the Lord Jesus

Or, ye have I long after you all Christ.

me in your lin the bowels of Jesus

heart. 3 cl thank my God s 2 Co. 3. 2 Christ. upon every remem-b Ep. 3. I.

9 And this I pray, brance of you,

i ver. 17.

that your love may 4 Always in eversch. 4. 14.

abound yet more and prayer of mine for

more in knowledge you all making re

Itt Or, par

and in all Ii judg

takers frith quest with joy,

me of grace.

ment; 5d for your fellow

11 Ga. 1. 20.

10 That ye may ship in the gospelm ch. 2. 28. approve jó things that from the first day. I th. 3.12. Jarettt excellent; Pthat until now;

ye may be sincere 6 Being confident

n 11 Or, sense.

and without offence of this very thing,..

o Ro. 2. 18. till the day of that he which hath 99 Or, try. Christ: begun • a good work tttor,differ! 11 Being filled with in you I will perform p Ac. 24. 16. the fruits of righteit funtil the day of q 1 Co. 1. 8. Jousness, which are Jesus Christ :. Ir Jno. 15. 4. by Jesus Christ, un

7 Even as it isl, Jno. 15. 8. to the glory and meet for me to think =

praise God.

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