Obstinate sinners 2 COR. XIII.

threatened, web speak before A. D. 60. (ned, and to all other, God in Christ : i but == that, if I come again, we do all things.lh ch, 11.31. 1e will not spara dearly beloved, for;

Ro. 9. 1. |

3 Since ye seek your edifying.

i 1 Co.10.33.

0.10.. a proof of Christ 20 For I fear, lest, k oh. 10. 2.

speaking f in me, when I come, I shall ben come shall & 13, 2. 10.

I Co.4.21.

which to you-ward is not find you such as,

but is I would, and that ki

I ch. 2. 1. 4. Hot weak, hat

mighty s in you. shall be found unto mch. 13, 2.

2:14 h For though he ou such as ye would I Co.b.l. was crucified through pot: lest there be a ch. 12. 14. weakness, vet i he debates, envyings, b Nu. 35. 30. liveth by the power wraths, strifes, back

trifeebacka De. 17. 6. Jof GodFork we bitings, whisperings,

& 19. 15.

8 Ma. 13. 16. also are weak in swellings, tumults: Ino. 8. 17. Jhim, but we shall

21 And lest, when He. 10. 28. live with him by the I come again, mylo ch. 10. 2. power of God toward God I will humble a sh. 12. 21. you, me among you, and

e ch. 1. 23.

151 Examine yourthat I shall bewail

selves, whether ye be many m which have ym which haver ch. 2. 10.

| Ma. 10. 20. in the faith; prove sinned already, and 1 Co. 6.4. your own selves. have not repented of IC. 9. 2. Know ye not your the uncleanness and

hah Ph.2.7, s. own

own selves, m how fornication and las

1 Pe. 3. 18. that Jesus Christ is viousness whicui Ro. 6. 4.

in you, except ye be they have committed...

:|: ch.10. 3,4.

reprobates D? CHAP. XIII. f Or,

* 6 But I trust that

with him. ye shall know that 1 THIS is a the 11 Co.11.28. we are not reprothird time I am com.

m Ro. 8. 10.

bates. ing to you. b In the

7 Now I pray to mouth of two orn 1 Co. 9.27. God that ye do no • three witnesses shall

och 6. 9.

"evil; not that we

evil, DOT that every word be esta.

should appearapblished.

ver. 5–

proved, but that ye

* adokit, 2. I told you be His should do that which fore, and foretell you, approved. In is honest, though we as if I were present, 1 Cor. ix. 27. be as reprobates. the second time: and the same 8 For we can do

i Greek word being absent now I

nothing against the

Jis rendered write to them d which cast-away.

truth, but for the heretofore have sin' = truth.



Benediction. 9 For we are glad, A. D. 60. I and the God of love when p we are weak,

and peace shall be and ye are strong :p I Co. 4. 10. with you. and this also we wish, q 1 Th.3.10. 12 y Greet one anoeven your perfec-Ir 1 Co. 4.21.ther with an holy tion.

s Tit. 1. 13. kiss. 10 - Therefore refore. It ch. 10. 8. I

13 All the saints write these things. Ro. 12. 16. salute you. being absent, lest be- & 15.5.114 z The grace of ing present I should 1 Co. 1.10. the Lord Jesus Christ, use sharpness, tac- Ph. 2. 2. and the love of God, cording to the power

. & 3. 16. land a the communion

1 Pe. 3. 8. which the Lord hath

of the Holy Ghost, given me to edifica

Ro.15, 33.

be with you all. tion, and not to de- y Ro. 16. 16. Amen. struction.

1 Co.16, 20. The second epistle 11 Finally, breth

1 Th. 5. 26.
1 Pe.5. 14.1

to the Corinthians ren, farewell. Be

was written from perfect, be of good

z Ro. 16. 24.

Philippi, a city of comfort, u be of one a Ph. 2.1. Macedonia, by Timind, live in peace;1 = ltus and Lucas.

St. Paul wrote this Epistle about a year after the preceding one. There are several important particulars introduced by him: but especially-1. His illustration of the superior glory of the Christian dispensation to that of the Mosaic. II. The great sufferings which he and his fellow-labourers endured. JI1. His cautious ad vice relating to associating with unbelievers.

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A. D. 58. raised him from the CHAP. I.

a ver. 11, 12. dead :) 1 PAUL, an apostle, b Tit. 1. 3. 2 And all the (nota of men, neither. Ac. 2. 24. brethren which are by man, but bby

d Ph. 2. 22. with me, e unto the

le 1 Co. 16.1. Jesus Christ, and R.919. churches of Galatia : God the Father, e whol

1 3 f Grace be to you

Paul's doctrine GAL. I.

not from man. and peace from God A.D. 58. to please men ? for if the Father, and from

I yet pleased men, our Lord Jesus Christ, 8 Ma. 20. 28. I should not be the 4 & Who gave him

Ro. 4. 25. servant of Christ.

Tit. 2. 14. self for our sins, that.

11 r But I certify

b Is. 65. 17. he might deliver us

you, brethren, that

Jno. 15. 19. from h this presentlich. 5. 8.

the gospel which was evil world, according

preached of me is not

Blk 2 Co. 11.4. after man. to the will of God and our Father: or Father.

Ac. 15. 24. 12 For I neither 5 To whom be glory

2 Co. 2. 17. I received it af man for ever and ever.

m Co.16.22. neither was I taught Amen.

n De. 4. 2. lit, but t by the reve6 I marvel that ye

+ vel Re. 22. 18. lation of Jesus Christ.

Re are so soon removed o! Th. 2. 4. 13 For ye have from i him that called p 1 Sa. 24.7. heard of my converyou into the grace of

El Ma. 28. 14. sation in time past Christ unto another.

in the Jews' religion,

19 I Th. 2. 4. how gospel :

that u beyond

Ja. 4. 4. 7 Which is not

measure I persecuted another; but there

1. the church of God, be some Ithat troubles 1 Co. 15.3. and i wasted it : you, and would per-t Ep. 3. 3. 14 And profited in vert the gospel of u Ac. 9. 1. the Jews' religion Christ.

II Ti. 1.13. above many my te8 But though mwe, * Ac. 8. 3. (quals in mine own or an angel from t Gr, equals nation, y being more heaveli, preach any in years. Texceedingly zealous other gospel unto you/y Ac. 22. 3. (of z the traditions of than that which we Ph. 3. 6. my fathers. have preached unto z Je. 9. 14. 15 But when it you, let him be ac. Ma. 15. 2. pleased God, a who cursed.

Mar. 7. 3.

separated me from 9 As we said be. a Is. 49. 1.5.

19.1.5. my mother's womb,

Je. 1. 5. fore, so say I now

Ac. 9. 15. and

and called me by his again, If any man Ro. 1. 1. grace, preach any other b 2 Co. 4.6.

16 To reveal his gospel unto you

Son in me, that I

c Ac. 9. 15. than n that ye have Re: 11. 13. might preach him received, let him be Ep. 3. 8. among the heathen; accursed.

a Ma. 16. 17. immediately I con10 For do I nowo 100.16.50. ferred not with a flesh persuade Pmen, or Ep. 6. 12. and blood : God? or 4 do I seek


l 17 Neither went I

Paul sheneth

his purpose. up to Jerusalem to A. D.58.. 2 And I went up them which were

by revelation, band apostles before me; Ac. 9. 26. communicated unto but I went into Ara-1+ Or. them that gospel bia, and returned returned. which I preach again unto Damascus.eus

s. fi Co. 9. 5.

mong the Gentiles, 18 Then after three

but privately to years ol + went up to s Ma. 13. 55. them which were of Jerusalem to see Pe- Mar. 6. 3. reputation, lest by ter, and abode with b Ro. 9. 1. any means o I should him fifteen days.

run, or had run, in 19 But fother of the

heli Ac. 9. 30.

vain. apostles saw I none, £ 1 Th.2.14.3 But neither Tisave & James the Ro. 16. 7.

tus, who was with Lord's brother.

1 Co. I. 30. me, being a Greek, 20 Now the things Ph. 1, 1. was compelled to be which I write unto

11 Th. 1. 1. circumcised:

I Th you, h behold, before

2 Th. 1. 1. 4 And that because God, I lie not. a Ac.15. 2.

a Ac.15. 2 of d false brethren 211 Afterwards Ib Ao. 15. 12. unawares brought in, came into the regionst Or,.. who came in privily of Syria and Cilicia; severally. to spy out our eli

22 And was uncle Ac. 15. 24. I berty which we have known by face k untol & 16. 3. Tin Christ Jesus, fthat the cburches of Ju-Ph. 2. 16. they might bring us dæa which I were in

1 Th. 3. 5. into bondage : Christ:

a Ac. 15. 1J5 To whom we 93 But they had

24. gave place by subheard only, 'That he ? Co. ll. jection, no, not for

26. which persecuted us

an hour; that the in

times past now lech. 3. 25.
times past DOW

truth of the gospel

& 5. 1. 13. preacheth the faith

the faith 1 Pe.2.16. I might continue with which once he de- 2 Pe.2.19. you. stroyed.

fch. 4. 3. 9.

6 But of those 24 And they glo- 2 Co.11.20. who h seemed to be rified God in me s ver. 14.

somewhat, whatso

eb. 3. ). ever they were, it CHAP. II.

& 4. 16. maketh no matter to 1 THEN fourteen b ch. 6. 3. me : God accepteth years after .l wentli Ao. 10. 34. no man's person : for up again to Jerusa- Ro. 2. 11. they who seemed to lem with Barnabas, Pe.1.17.1 be somewhat kin conand took Titus with 200.12.11. ference added nothing me also.

lto me:



expostulation. 7 But contrariwise, A. D. 58. with the Gentiles : when they saw that

but when they were the gospel of the un- Ac. 13. 46. come, he withdrew circumcision mwas) & 11. 13.1

and separated himcommitted unto me, i Ti: 2.7. self, fearing them as the gospel of the 2 Ti. 1.11. which were of the circumcision was un-m 1 Th.2.4. circumcision. to Peter;

13 And the other 8 (For he that Ac. 9. 15.

Jews dissembled like.

& 13. 2. wrought effectually & 22. 2i. wise with him; inin Peter to the apos & 26.17,18. somuch that Barnabas tleship of the circum 1 Co.15.10. also was carried away cision, the samel Col. 1. 29. with their dissimula. was o mighty in me och. 3. 6.

tion. toward the Gen-Ip Ma. 16. 18. 14 But when I saw tiles :)

Bp. 2. 20. that they walked not 9 And when James, mee Re. 21. 14. In

uprightly according Cephas, and John, la Ro. 1. 5. tou the truth of the who seemed to bel & 12. 3. 6. gospel, I said unto

& 15. 15. pillars, P perceived

Pater before the

1 Co.15.10. the 4 grace that was Ep. 3.. all, If thou, being a given unto me, they

Jew, livest after the gave to me and Bar

Jr Ac. 11. 30.
& 24. 17.

0. manner of Gentiles, nabas the right hands Ro. 15.25. and not as do the of fellowship; that 1 Co. 16.1. Jews, why compelwe should go unto the 2Co.8&9. lest thou the Gentiles heathen, and they s Ac. 15. 35. to live as do the unto the circumci- t Ac. 10. 28./Jews ? sion.

& 11.3. 15 z We who are 10 Only they would a ver. 5. Jews by nature, and that we should re-l 1 Ti.5.20. Dot a sinners of the member the poor ;

Gentiles, ther same which y Ac. 10.25 16 b Knowing that a

& 11.3. also was forward to

man is not justified do.

10. by the works of the 11 . But when Pe-La Ma. 9. 11. llaw bu er was come to An-l. Ep.2.3.1% of Jesus Christ, even tioch, I withstood b Ac. 13. 38. we ho him to the face, be-. Ro. 1. 17. Jesus Christ, that we cause he was to bel & 3.22. 28. might be justified by blamed.

He. 7. 18. the faith of Christ, 12 For before that a Ps. 143. 2. and not by the works certain came from Ro. 3. 20. of the law: for d by James, the did eat.

- Ithe works of the law

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