Self-commendation 2 COR. XI.

reproved, 8 For though 11 A. D. 60. stributed to us, a meashould boast some

sure to reach even what more of ouro ch. 13. 10. unto you. authority, which the p ch. 7. 14. 14 For we stretch Lord hath given us & 12.6. not ourselves beyond for edification, and + Gr. our measure, as not for your destruc- saith he.

though we reached tion, pl should not q ver. 1.

not unto you: u for be ashamed:

Tch. 12. 5.


we are come as far 9 That I may not 1 Co.2.3.4. as to you also in seem as if I would Ga. 4. 13. preaching the gospel terrify you by letters. Ir ch, 11. 6. of Christ :

10 For his letters, 1 Co.1.17. 15 Not boasting of say + they, are weigh-1 & 2. 1. 4. (things without our ty and powerful; but sch. 3. 1. measure, that is, of his a bodily presence & 5. 12. other men's labours : is weak, and his 1 Or, under-but having hope, speech contemptistas

moti stand it not. when your faith is ble.

t ver. 15. increased, that we 11 Let such an one Or, line. shall be Henlarged by think this, that, suchu I Co. 3. 5. you according to our as we are in word by

10. rule abundantly, letters when we are

& 4. 15. 16 To preach 1 &9. 1.

the absent, such will we

gospel in the regions be also in deed when Ro. 15. 20. (beyond you, and not we are present.

ft Or, mag-to boast in another 12 For we dare nifed in you man's ut line of things not make ourselves 11 Or, rule. made ready to our of the number, or

hand. compare ourselves

Jy Is. 65 16.
Je. 9. 24.1,

17 , But he that with some that com- 1 Co. 1.31. glorieth, let him glo. mend themselves :), P. 272. ry in the Lord. but they measuring

118 For z not he that themselves by them. a Ma. 25. 20. I commendeth himself selves, and compar

Jno. 12.43 18 approved, but ing themselves a la Ro. 2. 29. whom the Lord mong themselves, 1 Co. 4.5. commendeth. are I not wise.

13 But we will a ver. 16. jot boast of things" ch.5. i3. 1 WOULD to God without our measure, 93 Or, ye do je

do ye could bear with but according to the bear with me a little in my measure of the rule me.

folly : and indeed which God hath dis

bear with me.


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Paul excuseth

C R XI. his self-boasting. 2 For I am bjea- A. D. 60. preached to you the lous over you with

b Ga. 4. 17.

gospel of God freely? godly jealously : for

81 robbed other I c have espoused you

c Ho.2.19,20.1.
1 Co.4. 15.

churches, taken wato one husband, d that

d Col. 1. 28.

ges of them, to do you I may present you as

service. a chaste virgin to

e Le. 21. 13.

| 9 And when I was Christ.

r Ge. 3. 4.

4., present with you, and 3 But I fear, lest Jno. 8. 44.

wanted, I was by any means, as 8

Is Col. 2.4.8.

chargeable to no

1 Ti. 1.3. the f serpent beguiled He. 13. 9.

man: for that which Eve through his sub- C

was lacking to me tilty, so your minds

the p brethren which should be corrupted


came from Macedofrom the simplicity

i 1 Co.15.10.
Ga. 2. 6.

nia supplied : and in that is in Christ.

all things I have kept For if he that I Co.l.17. myself from being

nreachath an-11 Ep. 3. 4. burdensome upto you. other Jesus, whom mch. 4. 2. and so will I keep we have not preach- Ac. 18. 3. myself. ed, or if ye receivel 1 Co. 9. 6. 10 r As the truth another spirit, which o Ac. 20. 33. of Christ is in me, ye have not received,



Th. 2 9. posman shall stop or h another gospel,

il 21h.3.8,9.11

me of this boasting which ye have not p Ph. 4. 10. in the regions of Aaccepted, ye might 9 ch. 12. 14. chaia." well bear + with Ro. 9. 1.111 Wherefore ? t be. him.

1 Gr. this cause I love you 5 For I suppose i I boasting not? God knoweth. was not a whit be- shall not be 12 But what I do, hind the very chief. stopped in

that I will do, u that est apostles.

s 1 Co. 9. 15. I may cut off occa6 But though kI be

tch. 6. 11. sion from them which rude in speech, yetu 1 Co.9.12.14

desire occasion; that not 1 in knowledge ;

wherein they glory,

x Ac. 15. 24. but m we have been

Ro. 16.18. they may be found throughly made ma- Ga. 1. 7. even as we. Difest among you in

& 6. 12. 13 For such I are all things.

Ph. 1. 15. false apostles, y de7 Have I commit.

2 Pe. 2. 1. I ceitful workers, trans

1 Jno.4.1.1 ted an offence nin

forming themselves

Re. 2. 2. abasing myself that.

naty Ph.3. 2.

into the apostles of ye might be exalt-1 Tit. 1. 10. Christ. ed, because I havel =

14 And do marvel;

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Paul's labour's 2 COR. XI. and sufferings. for Satan himself is| A. D. 60. jishly,) I am bold transformed into z an


z Ga. 1.8. angel of light.

22 Are they He15 Therefore it is a

brews? I so am I. Are no great thing if his

fhid b Ph. 3. 19. they Israelites ? so ministers also be c ver. 1. am I. Are they the transformed as the ch. 12. 6.

seed of Abraham ? so ministers a of righte- t Or, suffer.

am I. ousness; b whose end ai Co. 7.6.

23 Are they minisshall be according to

12: ters of Christ ! (I their works.

ech. 9.4. speak as a fool) I am 16 c I say again, f Ph. 3. 3, 4. more; min labours Let no man think mel. I c. 4.10. | more abundant, in a fool; if otherwise, Ga. 2. 4.

stripes above meayet as a foolt receive & 4.9. sure, in prisons more me, that I may boastlich. 10. 10. frequent, o in deaths myself a little.


E Ph. 3. 4. 17 That which I;

24 Of the Jews five

SIA. 22. 3. Tri speak, d I speak it"

times received I pfornot after the Lord, Ph. 3.5.

ty stripes save one. but as it were foolish-mi Co.15.10.12

| 25 Thrice was I ly, e in this confily,

beaten in this. COnun Ac. 9. 16.

beaten with dence of boasting. & 20.23.

rods, ronce was I 18 | Seeing that. & 21. 11. stoned, thrice I sufmany glory after theloch. 1. 9. 10.[fered shipwreck, & flesh, I will glory & 4. 11. "night and a day I also.

1 & 6. 9. have been in the 19 For ye suffer

1 Co.15,30. deep; fools gladly, & seeing p De. 25. 3. 26 In journeyings ye yourselves are wise. q Ac. 16. 22, often, in perils of

20 For ye suffer, r Ac. 14. 19. waters, in perils of if h a man bring you s Ac. 27. 41. robbers, tin perils by into bondage, if at Ac. 9. 23.

mine own countryman devour you, if a & 13.50. men, uin perils by man take of you, if a & 14.5. the heathen, in perils man exalt himself, if

in the city, in periis

& 20. 3. in a man smite you on

in the wilderness, in

& 21. 31. the face.

& 28.10,11. perils in the sea, in 21 I speak as con- Ac. 14. 5. Pe

perils among false cerning reproach, ias & 19. 23. brethren ; though we had beench. 6. 6. 27 In weariness weak. Howbeit Ac. 20. 31. and painfulness, * in whereinsoever k any, Co. 4. u. watchings often, sin is bold, (I speak fool.1 S hunger and thirst, in


visions, fastings often, in cold A. D. 60. years ago, (whether and nakedness.

in the body, I cannot 28 Beside

2 Ac. 20. 18.) those

nose Ro. 1. 14. tell ; or whether out things that are with-la i Co. 8. 13. O

of the body, I cannot out, that which com- & 9. 22. tell : Go know eth upon me daily, Ibch19 5 such an one b caught thez care of all the 9, 10. (up to the third heachurches.

Icch. 1. 23. ven. 29 a Who is weak, Ro. 1. 9. 3 And I knew such and I am not weak?!& 9. 1. a man, (whether in who is offended, and Ga12: the body, or out of I burn pot?

"11 Th.2.5.

the body, I cannot 30 If I must needs a ko. 9. 5. tell: God knoweth ;) glory, bI will glory e Ac. 9. 24,

4 How that he was

25. of the things which +

caught up into e pa. concern mine infir will come.

radise, and heard mities.

a ch. 5. 17. unspeakable words. 31 The God and Ro. 16. 7. which it is not I law. Father of our Lord Ga. 1. 22. ful for a man to Jesus Christ, d which b Ac. 22. 17. utter. is blessed for ever- A. D. 46.15 Of such an one more, knoweth that! at Lystra, will I glory : d yet of I lie not.

6. myself I will not 32 e In Damascus c Lu. 23. 43.

glory, but in mine the governor under i Or, infirmities. Aretas the king kept possible. 16 For e though I the city of the Da-1 d ch.11. 30. would desire to glory, mascenes with a gar-e ch. 10.8. I shall not be a fool; rison, desirous to ap- & 11. 16. J for I will say the prehend me :

f Eze. 28. 24. truth : but now I for33 And through al Ga. 4.13, bear, lest any man

14. window in a basket

should think of me was I let down byl s Job 2. 7.

above that which he the wall, and escap

seeth me to be, or that ed his hands.

ver. 7 he heareth of me.

# Probably 7 And lest I should CHAP. XII. some infir

be exalted above 1 It is not expedient temptation.

mity or

measure through the for me doubtless to which was to abundance of the reglory. I will come the apostle velations, there was to visions and reve-like a thorn given to me a ftha

given to me afthorn lations of the Lord.

fixed and

rankling in in the flesh, * & the I knew a man a in the flesh. – messenger of Satan Christ abont fourteen See Scott to buffet me, lest I

Paul glories in 2 COR. XII, his infirmities. should be exalted/ A. D. 60. inferior to other above measure.

churches, except it h for this thing I h De. 3. 23. be that I myself was besought the Lord Ma. 26.44.

not burdensome to thrice, that it might I ch. 11. 30. you forgive me depart from me. kl Pe. 4.14. this t wrong.

9 And he said unto I ch. 7. 4. 14 u Behold, the me. My grace is suf 1 Ro. 5. 3. third time I am ready ficient for thee: for mch. 13. 4. to come to you; and my strength is made och. 11. 1. I will not be burperfect in weakness. 16, 17, densome to you: for Most gladly therefore o ch 11.5. II seek not your's, will i I rather glory Ga. 2. 6, but you : y for the in my infirmities,

1 7 , 8.

children ought not to that the power of PI Co. 37 lay up for the parents, Christ may rest upon

1 & 15. 8, 9.
Ep. 3. 8.

but the parents for me.

the children.

lach. 4. 2. 10 Therefore I

& 6. 4. 15 And I will take pleasure in & 11.6. very gladly spend infirmities, in re- Ro. 15. 18, and be spent for proaches, in necessi

19. you ;t though bthe ties, in persecutions,

1 Co. 9. 2.

more abundantly I distresses for rl Co. 1. 7. love you, the less I Christ's sake: m for ch. 11. 9. I be loved. when I am weak,

T 1 Co.9. 12. 16 But be it so, I then am I strong.

It ch. 11. 7. I did not burden you:

ch. 11 I am become na uch. 13. 1. nevertheless, being fool in glorying ; ye - Ac. 20. 33. crafty, I caught you have compiled me : Co.10, 33. with guile. for I ought to have yl Co.4. 14.

17 d Did I make a been commended of Tb. 2. 3. gain of you by any you: for o in pothing! Pb. 2. 17.

of them whom I sent am 1 behind

the a
a Jno. 10. 11.

unto you?

Col. 1. 24. very chiefest apostles, 2 Ti. 2.10.

18 e 1 desired Titus, though Pl be no-lt Gr.

and with him I sept thing.

your souls.

a fbrother. Did Titus 124 Truly the signs b ch. 6. 12.

make a gain of you? of an apostle were

Tel. ch. 11. 9.

walked we not in the wrought among you

same spirit ? walked in all patience, in

4 ch.1, 2.

we not in the same signs, and wonders. Je ch.8.6.16.

steps ? and mighty deeds. ch. 8. 18. 19 & Again, think

13 r For what is it g oh. 5. 12. Jye that we excuse wherein you were S lourselves unto you!

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