Paul's intention ROMANS XVI. to visit Rome. not heard shall un-' A. D. 60.1 28 When therefore derstand.

i have performed

sch. 1. 13.) 22 For which cause

this, and have sealed also 81 have been

18. to them this fruit, I mucht hindered from t Or, many will come by you coming to you, ways, or, of-into Spain. 23 But now having tentimes. 1 29 P And I am sure

ore place in 1 Ac. 19. 21. that, when I come these parts, and i Ac. 16. 3. unto you, I shall having ba great de-i Gr. with come in the fulness sire these many years you, ver. 32. of the blessing of the to come unto you; k Ac. 19. 21. gospel of Christ.

24 Whensoever 1 & 20. 22. 30 Now I beseech take my journey intol..

1 & 24. 17. you, brethren, for the Spain, I will come to

to 1 1 Co.16.1,2. Lord Jesus Christ's


2 Co. 9. 1.cole and for you: for I trust tol

* 9. 2. 12. See you in my jour-m ch.11.17. love of the Spirit, ney, and to be. Au that ye strive tobrought on my way Ga. 6. 6. getner with

6.6 gether with me in thitherward by you,. Ph. 4. 17. your if first I be somewha

p ch, 1. 11.

for me; filled I with your con

31 That I may be

19 Ph. 2. 1. delivered pany.

delivered from them 25 But now II g 2 Co. 1.11. that do not believe unto Jerusalem

Coi. 4. 12. in Judæa : and that minister unto the s2 Th. 3. 2. myt service which I saints.

Or, are have for Jerusalem 26 For it hath disobedient. may be accepted of pleased them of Mat 2 Co. 8. 4. the saints; cedonia and Achaia u ch. 1. 10. 32 u That I may to make a certain Ac. 18.21. come unto you with contribution for the Co. 4.19. joy by the will of poor saints which are Ja. 4. 15. God, and may with at Jerusalem.

y 1Co.16.18.! you be y refreshed. 97 lt hath pleased 2 Co. 7. 13. 33 Aow z the God

2 Ti. 1. 16. them em verily verily; and and Pbm.7.20.

of peace be with you their debtors they h 1890 all. Amen. are. For mif the

1Co.14.33. Gentiles have been

CHAP. XVI. made partakers of Ph. 4. 9. 1 I COMMEND unto their spiritual things,

1 Th.5. 23. vou Phebe our sister, their duty is

2 Th.3. 16.
| He. 13. 20.

which is a servant of lo minister unto them. Ac. 18. 18. the church which is in carnal things.

lat Cencbrea :

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Commendations ROMANS XVI. of saints.

2 b That ye receivei A. D. 60.1 10 Salute Apelles her in the Lord, as =

approved in Christ. becometh saints, and b Ph. 2. 29. Salute them which that ye assist her in..10:3 are of Aristobulus'

Ac. i8. 2. whatsoever business 1 9. 86. houshold.t she hath need of 2 Ti. 4. 19.) 11 Salute Herodion you: for she hath d 1 Co.16.19. my kinsman. Grert been a succourer of Col. 4. 15. them that be of the many, and of myself Phm. 2. houshold f of Narcisalso.

lo 1 Co.16.15. sus, which are in the 3 Greet e Priscilla i Gu. 1. 22, Lord. and Aquila my help- + Or,

12 Salute Tryphena ers in Christ Jesus: friends. and Tryphosa, who

4 Who have for my 1 Or, labour in the Lord. life laid down their friends. Salute the beloved own necks: unto g 2 Jno. 1. Persis, which lawhom not only 1

bogred much in the

b 1Co.10.20. give thanks, but also

2 Co.15.12.

Lord. all the churches of Th.5.20. 13 Salute Rufus chothe Gentiles.

1 Pe.5. 14. sen & in the Lord, and 5 Likewise greet i Ac. 15. 1. his mother and mine. the d church that is 5. 24 14 Salute Asyncriin their house. Sa- 1 Ti. 6. 3. tus. Phlegon, Herlute my wellbeloved k 2 Jno. 10. mas, Patrobas, HerEpenetus, who is

mes, and the brethren the e firstfruits of ver. 16 which are with them. Achaia unto Christ. * In those 15 Salute Philolo6 Greet Mary, who ea

early times,
this custom

gus, and Julia, Nebestowed much la- was frequent reus, and his sister, bour on us.

among all and Olympas, and all 7 Salute Androni. people, and the saints which are cus and Junia, my was a token with them. kinsmen, and my

of peace,

16 b Salute one an

friendship fellowprisoners, who 'Hence the other with an holy are of note among Christians kiss.* The churches the apostles, who also used it in of Christ salute yon. weref in Christ be their public


17 Now I beseech fore me.

Io some

you, brethren, mark 8 Greet Amplias my countries,

them i which cause beloved in the Lord. this custom divisions and offences 9 Salute Urbane. is still in

contrary to the docour helper in Christ,

common uso
as a token of

trine which ye bave and Stachys my be friendship. learned ; and avoid loved.


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Salutations. ROMANS XVI. Doxology.

18 For they that, A. D. 60. the city saluteth you, are such serve not

and Quartus a broour Lord Jesus Christ, I Ph. 3. 19. ther. but their own belly; m 2 Pe. 2. 3. 24 a The grace of and mby good wordsach. 1. 8. lour Lord Jesus Christ and fair speeches de-lo Ma. 10. 16. be with you all. A. ceive the hearts of 1Co.14. 20. men. the simple.

# Or, harm- 25 Now bto him 19 For your obe


that is of power to dience is come a pcb. 15. 33.

stablish you caccord. broad unto all men. g Go. 3. 15. ing to my gospel, I am glad therefore 1 Or, tread. and the preaching of on your behalf : butir Ro. 22. 21. Jesus Christ, dacyet I would havel, 1 Tb. 3. 2. cording to the reveyou wise into that. Ac. 13. Ilation of the mystery, which is good, and

Ja Ac. 17. 5.

which was kept sesimplet concerning

cret since the world evil.

began, 20 And p the God yl Co.1.14. 26 But f now is of peace 4 shall z Ac. 19. 22. made manifest, and bruiset Satan under 2 Ti. 4. 20.

by the scriptures of your feet shortly. a I Th. 6. 29. the prophets a The grace of our b Ep. 3. 20. ing to the commandLord Jesus Christ bei Th.3. 13. ment of the everlastwith you. Amen.

2 Th.2.17.

ing God, made known

Jude 24. 21 s Timotheus my

to all nations for workfellow, and Lu

Joch. 2. 16.

the & obedience of cius, and u Jason, and d Ep: 1. 9. I faith : Sosipater, my kins

Col. 1. 27.1"

2.1 27 To h God only men, salute you.

le 1 Co. 2. 7.

wise, be glory through

Ep.3.5. 9. 22'I Tertius, who

1 Col. 1. 26.1 Jesus Christ for ever. wrote this epistle, sa. lute you in the Lord.

f Eph. 1. 9.

Amen. Lora. 2 Ti. 1. 10.1 Written to the Ro93 y Gaius minel i Pe. 1.20.1 mans from Corinhost, and of the Ac. 6. 7.

thus, and sent by whole church, sa

Sab Inteth you. 2 Erastus

Phebe servant of 1 Ti. 1. 17. Jude 25.

the church at Centhe chamberlain of

chrea. This epistle was addressed to the church of Rome, being principally formed of Jews, with some Gentile converts. The design of St. Paul is to show-!. that the Gentiles could not by the law of nature, nor the Jews by the law of Moses, obtain justification before God; and that it must be sought by faith in Christ. II. that God has an absolute right to show morey on what terms bo pleases.

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A. D. 59. was confirmed in

you: alled tola Ro. 1.1. 17 So that ye come be an apostle of Jesus b 2 Co. l. 1. behind in no gift : Christ b through the c Ac. 18. 17. waiting for the will of God, and a Jude 1. comingt of our Lord Sosthenesc our bro-le Jno. 17.19. Jesus Christ: ther,

Ac. 15.9. 8 p Who shall also 2 Unto the church Ro. 1.7. confirm you unto the of God which is atl 2 Ti, 1. 9. lend a that Corinth. d to them 6 Ac. 9. 14. Iblameless in the day

21.1 that are sanctified 09. 18:of our Lord Jesus in Christ Jesus, fcall..

Christ. ed to be saints, with

hch. 8.6. gr God is faithful, all that in every place

Wali Ro. 10. 12. by whom ye were call & upon the pamelk i Pe. 1. 2. called upto s the fel. of Jesus Christ hour 1 Ro. 1. 8. lowship of his Son Lord, i both their's m 2 Co. 8. 7. Jesus Christ our and our's :

n Re. 1. 2. Lord. 3k Grace be untol. Ph. 3. 20.) 10 Now I beseech you, and peace, from Tit. 2. 13. you, brethren, by God our Father, and 2 Pe. 3.12. the name of our Lord from the Lord Jesus t Gr. Tevela- Jesus Christ, tthat Christ.


e ye all speak the same 4 1 I thank my God! Col. thing, and that there always on your bep 1 Th.3.13.

b.3.15. be no I divisions ahalf, for the grace of a Col. 1. 22.mo

2. mong you ; but that God which is given

n i


"ye be perfectly joined you by Jesus Christ;

together in the same

? 2 Th. 3. 3. 5 That in every 1.10.93: mind and in the same thing ye are enriched

js Jno. 15. 4.

a judgment.

4 by him, min all ut

11 For it hath been terance, and in

ti Pe. 3. 8. declared unto me of

all knowledge;

you, my brethren, 6 Even ag n the schisms..

the ch. II. 18. by them which are of testimony of Christ

the house of Chloe,

I Gr.

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Wisdom of the

1 COR. I. world derided. that there are con- ! A. D. 59. and will bring to tentions among you.

- nothing the under14 Now this I say,uch. 3. 4. standing of the pruthatu every one of you Ac. 18. 24. dent. saith, I am of Paul;

' 20 k Where is the and 1 of 1 Apollos;

y Jno. 1. 42. wise? where is the and 1 of y Cephas ; z Ep. 4. 2.scribe ? where is the and I of Christ. , 1 Ao. 18. 8. disputer of this world!

13 z is Christ diib Ro. 16. 23. hath not God made vided! was Paul cru-. ch. 16. 15. foolish the wisdom of cified for you? or

17. this world? were ye baptized in a 2 Pe. 1.16. 21 m For after that the name of Paul?

+ Or, speech.

in the wisdom of God 14 I thank God that

e 2 Cor. 2.15.

the world by wisdom I baptized none of

* knew not God, it you, but a Crispus

f Ac. 17. 18. pleased God by the and b Gaius;

8 ch. 15. 2. foolishness of preach15 Lest any should b Ro. 1. 16. ing to save them that say that I had bap. i Jo. 5.12,13. believe, tized in mine own k Is. 33. 18. 92 For the Jews name.

1 Jo. 12. 17. require a sign, and 16 And I baptized 20. 24. the Greeks seek after also the houshold of Ro. 1. 22. wisdom: Stephauas c: besides, m Ro./1. 20, 23 But we preach I know not whether

21. 28. Christ crucified, un

Ma. 11. 25. to the Jews a stum. I baptized any other. Lu. 10. 21. 17 For Christ sent

blingblock, and nuto me not to baptize, but Mar

to baprize, but Mar. 8. D. the Greeks p foolisi. to preach the gospel: Lu. 11. 16. ness; notd with wisdom of Jno. 4. 49. 24 But unto them words. t lest the cross lo ls. 8. 14. which are called, both of Christ should bei Ma. 11. 6. Jews and Greeks, made of none ef

La. 2. 34. Christthe power of

Juo. 6. 60. fect.

God, and the wis18 For the preach- Ro. 9. 32. dom of God. ing of the cross is to Ga. 5. 11. 25 Because the fool them that perish Pe. 2.8. ishness of God is foolishness; but un-p ver. 18. wiser than men ; and to 18 & which are ch. . 14. the weakness of God saved it is the power q ver. 18. lis stronger than of God.

Ro.l.4.16.1 men. 19 For it is written, Col. 2. 3. 26 For ye see yon I i will destroy the Jao. 7. 48. calling, brethren, wisdom of the wise,


lhow that . not many

Lu. 192. 38. the Greeks

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