Paul speaks

for himself followed after, cry., A. D. 60. heard that he spake ing, d Away wit

in the Hebrew tongue

doh. 22. 22. him.

Lu. 25. 18.

to them, they kept the 37 And as Paul was! Jno. 19. 15. more silence: and he to be led into the + This Egyp

saith,) castle, he said unto tian rose

3bI am verily a the chief captain, A. D. 55, man which am a Jew, May I speak untole ch.5. 36. lborn in Tarsus, a city thee? Who said, Canst f ch. 9. ll. in Cilicia, yet brought thou speak Greek? 1 & 22. 3. up in this city cat

38 e Art not thou sch. 12. 17 the feet of 2 Gamalithat Egyptian,twhich a ch. 7.2. el," and taught eacbefore these days b ch. 21. 39.

cording to the perfect madest an uproar, and 2C0.11.22. manner of the law of leddest out into the Pb. 3. 5. the fathers, and I was wilderness four thou-lo De. 33. 3. zealous toward God. sand men that were 2 Ki.4.38. as 6 ye all are this

Lu. 10. 39.lday, murderers ?

sia d ch. 5. 34. 4 h And I persecu. If am a man whicho ch. 26. 5. ted this way unto the am a Jew of Tarsus,fch. 21. 20. death, binding and a city in Cilicia, al Ga. 1. 14. delivering into pricitizen of no meang Ro. 10.2. sons both men and city : and, I beseech bch. 8. 3. women, the suffer me tol & 26. 9, 10, 5 As also the High speak unto the people, PE

11. Priest doth bear me 40 And when hel 1 Ti. l. 13.

witness, and i all the had given him li-ich. 4. 5. 'estate of the elders : cence. Paul stood on Lu. 22. 66. from whom also I the stairs, and & beck

k ch. 9. 2. received letters unto koned with the hand

& 26. 10.

the brethren, and into the people. And I ch.9. 3.

went to Damascus, when there was made & 26. 12, to bring them which a great silence, he

13. were there bound spake unto them in ver. 3—

unto Jerusalem, for the Hebrew topgue,

1. In those to be punished.

times the saying,

6 And lit came to

scholars sat CHAP. XXII.

upon the

pass, that, as I made

ground, or my journey, and was 1 Men, a brethren, low seats, come pigh unto Daand fathers, hear ye the teacher mascus about noon, my defence which on a sort of

suddenly there shone make now unto you. Scott.

throne. See

from heaven a great 2 (And when they

allight round about me.

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He relates

ACTS XXII. his conversion 7 And I fell unto A. D. 60. sight. And the same the ground, and heard

hour I looked up upon

m ch, 9. 7. a voice saying unto Da: 10.7. Thim. me, Saul, Saul, why

14 And he said, persecutest thou me?

och. 9. 17.

The God of our fa8 And I answered,

o cb. 10 22.1
2 Co. 6.8.11

thers Thath chosen Who art thou, Lord ?! 3 Jpo. 12. thee, that thou shouldAnd he said unto me, lp 1 T.3.7. (est know his will, I am Jesus of Naza

q ch.3. 13.

and see t that Just reth, whom thou per- & 5. 30.

One, and u shouldest secutest.

cb, 9, 16,

hear the voice of his 9 And m they that|& 26. 16. month. were with me saw. 1 Co. 9. 1. 15 x For thou shalt indeed the light, and & 15. 8. be his witness unto were afraid ; but they tch. 3. 14. all men ofy what heard not the voice & 7.52, thou hast seen and of him that spake to 1 Pe.2.22. me.

ino:21: 16 And now why 10 And I said, What.co tarriest thou ? arise, shall I do, Lord? And & 15. 3.and be baptized, 2 and the Lord said unto Ga. 1. 12. wash away thy sins, me, Arise, and go x ch. 23. 11. calling a on the name into Damascus; and

Lu. 24. 47, lof the Lord. there it shall be told Ino 15.72 17 And bit came thee of all things

ingly ch. 4. 20. to pass, that, when which are appointed & 26. 16. I was come again for thee to do.

z ch. 2. 38. to Jerusalem, even 11 And when I Ro. 6.3. 4. while I prayed in the could not see for the

11. temple, I was in a

1 Co. 12. 13. glory of that light,

Ga, 3. 27. trance; being led by the hand

1 Pe. 3. 21. 18 Aud e saw him of them that werel Tit. 3. 5. saying unto me, with me, I came into He. 10. 22. Maked haste, and Damascus.

a ch.9. 14.

get thee quickly out

& 2. 21. 12 And none Ana- R 16 12. of Jerusalem : for nias, a devout man

14. they will not receive according to the law, b ch.9. 26. thy testimony conhaving a good re- 2 Co. 12. 2. cerning me. port of all the p Jews o ver. 14. 19 And I said, which dwelt there, a Ma. 10. 14. Lord, they know

13 Came unto me, Lu. 21. 21. that I imprisoned and stood, and said • ver.4

Ich. 8. 3.

and fbeat in every unto me, Brotherm

der f Ma. 10. 17. synagogue them that Saul, receive thy

believed on thee :




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The Jews

enraged. 20 & And when the A. D. 60. jis a Roman, and unblood of thy martyr


gch. 7. 59. Stephen was shed, I also was standing by,

26 When the cen. vh ch. 8. 1.

Lu. 11. 48. turion heard that, and h consenting unto Ro. 1. 32. went and told the his death, and kept ich. 9. 15. chief captain, saying, the raiment of them & 13.2.46. Take heed what thou that slew him,

& 18. 6.
& 26. 17.

doest : for this man 21 And he said unto

Ro. 1. 5. |

is a Roman. me, Depart: i for I & 11. 13. 27 Then the chief will send thee far & 15. 16. captain came, and hence unto the Gen Ga. 1. 15. said unto him, Tell tiles.

& 2. 7, 8. me. art thou a Ro

Ep.3.7,8. 92 And they gave

7. man? He said, Yea. him audience unto 2 Ti. 1.11.! 28 And the chief this word, and then k ch. 21. 36. captain answered, lifted up their voices, 1 ch. 25. 24. With a great sum and said, k Away with meh. 16. 37. obtained I this freesuch a fellow from + Or. for- dom. And Paul the earth: for it is tured him. said, But I was free not fit that he should


ver. 24live.

| 29 Then straightway

• The Ro03 And as they mans used

they departed from cried out, and cast scourging to him which should off their clothes, and compel sup- have texamined him : threw dust into the posed crimi-l and the chief captain air,

nals to make

also was afraid, after 24 The chief cap

yer. 28

he knew that he was tain commanded him

# Dr. Lard

a Roman, and beto be brought into per has prov- cause he had bound the castle, and bade that he should be ex sus was not 30 On the morrow,

what the Roamined by scourg

mans called

because he would ing; that he might municini- have known the cerknow wherefore they um, a free tainty wherefore he cried so against town; but it was accused of the him.

is probable, Jews, he loosed him 25 And as they

that either
his father, or

from his bands, and bound him with ancestors, commanded the Chief thongs, Paul said had been Priests and all their unto the centurion made free of council to appear. that stood by, m Is it

and brought Paul lawful for you to

some mili

down, and set him scourge a man that

before them.

Paul groja az ACTS XIII. les mueyrity CHAP. XXIII.

resurrection of the 1 ASD Panl. ear- ach 24 16 dead I am ealed in nestly beholding the IC question. council, sand, Men

And when he had and brechren, . I bare

so said, there are & lived in all good con- e. 13. Sdissension between science before God IKL 22 the Phansees and the until this day.

Sadducees: and the . And the High He. *2 multitude was di Priest Ananias com

vided. manded them that • Le

8 & For the Saddustood by him to

cees sar that there is smite him on the

Do resurrectiou, belmooth.

ther angel, nor spirit: 3 Then said Panle

Ee. 10. 20.

but the Pharisees e suall 2 Pe.2.10confess both. smite thee, thor: whiti Jade 8. 9 And there arose ed wall :* for sittest feb. 28. 5. a great cry : and the thou to judge me Pk. 3. 3. Serbes that were of after the law, and geh. 24. 15. the Pharisees part commandeste me to

21. arose, and strove,

96.6Isovinsi We find no be smitten contrary

contrary & 9. 20. to the law !

evil in this man: but 4 And they that her her bla. 22. 23.

ifk a spirit or an an


1 Mar.12. 18.11 stood by said, Revil

Igel hath spoken to est thou God's High ..

ich. 25. 25. 14

him, I let us not fight Priest?

& 26. 31. against God. 5 Then said Paul, ch. 22. 7.

110 And when there Id wist not, brethren, 17. is. arose a great dissenthat he was the High1 ch. 5. 39.

sion, the chief cap. Priest : for it is writ- eh. Is. 9.

tain, fearing lest Paul ten, Thoq shalt not97.23. should have been speak evil of the ruler

24. pulled in pieces of of thy people.

them, commanded 6 But when Paul ver. 3 the soldiers to go perceived that the five down, and take him

years after

A ne part were Sade this, Ananias

by force from among ducees, and the other was misera-them, and to bring Pharisees, he cried bly slain in him into the castle.. out in the council, an insurreo 11 And - the night

* tion raised Men and brethren,

following the Lord

by his own If am a Pharisee,

stood by him, and the son of a Pharisee: 1 =

Isaid, Bo of good

was to

ther's bancain

more than forty which themselves a hath something to say

and aldong and

those whom

Conspiracy ACTS XXIII. against Paul. cheer. Paul: for as, A. D. 60. | 17 Then Paul called thou hast testified of

one of the centurions Jerusalem. son vor. 21. 30. unto him, and said, must thou bear wit. ch. 25. 3.

Bring this young ness also at Rome. t Or, with man unto the chief

12 And when it was an oath of captain : for he hath day, r certain of the ne certain of the execration.

a certain thing to tell Jews banded toke-over. 12. bim ther, and bound them

18 So he took him, selves t under a curse, ver. 12 and brought him to saying that they

"Such ex- the chief captain, and

ecrable rows would neither eat nor these were said, Paul the pri. drink till they had not unusual soner called me unto killed Paul.*

among the him, and prayed me 13 And they were Jews; who to bring this young

cballengedtoman unto thee, who had made this con-right of pu- na spiracy.

nishing unto thee. 14 And they came without any 19 Then the chief to the Chief Priests legal process captain took him by

said, they consi.

" the hand, and went We have bound our-dered as

with him aside priselves under a great transgressors vately and asked curse, that we will of the law; him, What is that eat nothing until we and in cer- thou hast to tell me?

tain cases have slain Paul,

thought that
hot 20 And he said,

? 15 Now therefore they were Theo Jewg have aye with the council justified in greed to desire thee signify to the chief killing them that thou wouldest captain that he bringe

18 foot has

bring down Paul to him down unto you shown from morrow into the to morrow, as though the Talmud, council, as though ye would enquire that if they they would engnire something more per were pre somewhat of him fectly concerning

vented from

more perfectly. him: and we, or ing such

21 But do not thou ever he come near, I vows as yield unto them: IOT are ready to kill him. these, it was there lie in wait for

16 And when Paul's au easy mat- him of them more sister's son heard of

** ter to obtain the

an absolution than forty men, which their lying in wait, from their have bound themhe went and entered Rabbies," selves with an oath, into the castle, and Doddridge. that they will neither told Paul.

leat nor drink till they

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