Paul preacheth ACTS XVII. at Thessalonica.

| A. D. 53. CHAP. XVII.

6 And when they

found them not, they 1 Now when they ach. 9. 20. Idrew Jason and cer

& 13.5. 14, had passed through

& 14. 1.

tain brethren unto Amphipolis and A & 16. 13. the rulers of the city. pollonia, they came & 19. 8. crying, fThese that to Thessalonica, Lu. 4. 16. Thave turned the where was a syna-b ch. 18. 28. / world upside down gogue of the Jews: Lu. 24. 26. are come hither also : 2 And Paul, as his

46. 7 Whom Jason manner was, & went

1 Co. 15.3.

hath received: and in unto them, and

Ga. 3. 1.

these all do contrary three sabbath days to to the decrees of Cæreasoned with them said he, I

sar, saying that out of the scriptures, preach.

there is another king, 3 Opening and alloch. 28. 24. one Jesus. ledging, b that Christ d ch. 15. 22.

| 8 And they troumust needs have 27. 32. 40. bled the people and suffered, and risen a-le Ro. 16. 21.

the rulers of the city, gain from the dead ; fch. 16. 20.

when they heard and that this Jesus,l.

|g Lu, 23, 2,

these things. whom I preach un-1° Jno. 19.12.

9 And when they to yon, is Christ. i Pe. 2. 15. Jhad taken security of

4 c And some of yer. 14. Jason, and of the them believed, and ch. 9. 25. other, they let them consorted with Paulli Is. 34. 16. go. and d Silas; and of La. 16.29. 10 And the brethe devout Greeks al Jno. 5. 39.thren immediately great multitude, and

sent away Paul and of the chief women rer. 3 Silas by night unto pot a few.

Heros. The

Berea : who coming 5 But the Jews

thither went into the which believed not, lexpressive : synagogue of the moved with envy, Placing it Jews.

olunto them ser before their 11 These were more tain lewd fellows ofleyes; that

noble than those in

is, so manithe baser sort, and festly ex

Thessalonica, in that gathered a company, pounding it, they received the and set all the city that we per-word with all readion an uproar, and ceive the

ness of mind, and

things which assaulted the house

e are proposed searched i the scripof Jason, and sought to be seen.' tures daily, whether to bring them out to - Beza. those things were so. the people.

12 Therefore many

of them

baourable7a. 10.23. Epicureans, en

Paul preacheth ACTS XVII.

at Athens. of them believed :/ A. D. 54. 18 Then certain also of honourable

philosophers of the women which werek Ma. 10.23. Epicureans, and of Greeks, and of men, ich. 18. 5. the Stoicks, encounnot a few.

| 2 Ti. 4. 10. tered him. And some 13 But when the 20, 21. said, What will this Jews of Thessalonica Tit. 3. 12. babbler I say? other had knowledge that m 2 Pe. 2. 8. some, He seemeth to the word of God was! Jno. 2. 13. be a setter forth of preached of Paul at

17. strange gods: b Berea, they came thi-1 Or, full of cause he preached ther also, and stirred idols. unto them Jesus, and up the people.

It Or, base the resurrection. 14 k And then im Fellow.

19 And they took mediately the bre-4.0r,

To Or, Mars' him, and brought him

Thill. It wasnnte thren sent away Paullthe hi

Areongan un the highest to go as it were to court in

saying, May we know the sea : but Silas Athens. what this new doc. and Timotheus abode ++ Or, the

trine, whereof thou there still.

court of the speakest, is? 15 And they that Areopagites 20 For thou bringconducted Paul tt Or, gods est certain strange brought him unto that ye wor-things to our ears: Athens : and I receiv- ship, we would know ing a commandment2 Th. 2. 4. therefore what these unto Silas and Timo

things mean. theus for to come to se

ver. 21

21 (For all the Ahim with all speed,

* This testi-Ithenians and strang

mony conthey departed.

cerning the

ers which were there 16 Now while Paul Athenians is spent their time in

confirmed by nothing else, but Athens, m his spirit their own either to tell, or to was stirred in him,

writers ; es-hear
pecially De-

some new when he saw the city mosthenes

the city mosthenes thing.)* wholly given to and Thucy- | 22 Then Paul stood idolatry.

dides, in the midst of 17 Therefore dis- ver. 22 Mars'tt hill, and said, puted he in the syna- DELFIAWNova Ye men of Athens, I gogue with the Jews, otepovs, i.e. perceive that in all and with the devout greater wor-things

things ye are too supersons, and in the

ski pers of The the gods

perstitious.* market daily with than your | 23 For as I passed them that met with neighbours. by, and beheld your

devotions, I1 I found

- 21 ili benians andere there

waited for them at their


He preacheth ACTS XVII.

repentance. an altar with this in-1 A. D.54. For we are also his scription,* TO THE = = offspring.* UNKNOWN GOD. In ch. 14. 15. 29 Forasmuch then Whom therefore ye 0 Ma. 11. 25. as we are the offignorantly worship, p ch. 7. 48. spring of God, z we him declare I untol Ps. 50. 8. ought not to think you.

Ge. 2. 7. that the Godhead is 24 n God that made No. 16. 22. like unto gold, or silthe world and all Job 12. 10. ver, or stone, graven things therein, see

& 27. 3.

by art and man's de

& 33. 4. ing that he is Lord

Is. 42. 5. vice. of heaven and earth, & 57. 16. 30 And a the times dwelletbp not in Ze. 12, 1. of this ignorance God temples made with ls Do. 32. 8. winked at; but b now hands;

It Ro. 1. 20. commandeth all men 25 Neither is wor-Inch. 14. 17. every where to reshipped with men's col. 1. 17. pent: hands, 9 as though hel He. 1.3. T 31 Because he hath needed anything, Tit. 12 appointed a day, in seeing he giveth to

the which he will all life, and breath' z Is. 40. 18.

judge the world in and all things;

a ch. 14. 16.

righteousness by that 26 And hath made

Ro. 3. 25.

man whom he hath of one blood all

b Lu. 24. 47.
Tit. 2. 11.

ordained; whereof he nations of men for Pe. i. 14. hath + given assurto dwell on all the & 4. 3. lance unto all men, face of the earth, le ch. 10. 42.lin that dhe hata and hath determined Ro. 2. 16. raised him from the the times before ap- & 14. 10. dead. pointed, and the Or, offered 32 And when they hounds of their ha- faith. heard of the resurbitation;

d ch. 2. 24, rection of the dead, 27 That they should ver. 23 some mocked: and seek the Lord, if * Many writ-others said, We will haply they might feelers mention hear thee again of after him, and find such an altar.

this matter. him, u though he be

ver. 28

33 So Paul departed

1. These were not far from every the words of

from among them. one of us :

Aratus, an 31 Howbeit certain 28 For xin him we Athenian, men clave unto him, live, and move, and who lived and beli

and believed : among have our being : yas almost 300

the which was Dio

Plyears before certain also of your this time. nysius the Areopaown poets have said,

gite, and a woman 335

Paul preacheth ACTS XVIII.

at Corinth. named Damaris, and A. D. 54. Your h blood be upon others with them.

your own heads; il

1 Co.16.19. am clean: CHAP. XVIII.

k from 2 Ti. 4. 19. henceforth I will go 1 AFTER these lb ch. 20.34. iunto the Gentiles. things Paul departed i Co. 4. 12. 7 And he departed from Athens, and I Th. 2. 9. thence, and entered came to Corinth;

e ch. 17. 2.

6. into a certain man's 2 And found a cer

house, named Justus, tain Jew named a A

|d ch. 17. 14.1.
Je ver. 29.

one that worshipped quila, born in Pon-ch17. 3. God, whose house tus, lately come from Job 32. 18. joined hard to the Italy, with his wifet Or, is the synagogue. Priscilla; (because Christ.

81 And Crispus, the that Claudius had fch. 13. 45. chief ruler of the commanded all Jews "Pe. s. 4: synagogue, believed to depart from sch

Ig ch. 13. 51. on the Lord with all

Ne. 5. 13. Rome :) and came Ma: came Ma. 10. 14.

his house; and many unto them.

h Le. 20. 9.

of the Corinthians 3 And because he

because he 11. 12. hearing believed, and was of the same | 2 Sa. 1. 16. were baptized. craft, he abode with Eze. 18.13. 9 Then m spake the d wronght:1. & 33. 4. Lord to Paul in the

i ch. 20. 26. nich for by their occupa

pa Eze. 3. 19. night by a vision. Be tion they were tent. & 33. 9.

"not afraid, but speak,

pot arraid makers.

e and hold not thy 4. And he reasoned & 29. 28. peace :_ in the synagogue11 Co. 1.14. | 10 nFor I am with every sabbath, and much23 11.thee, and no man persuaded the Jews. Je. 1. 18. shall set on thee to and the Greeks. Ma. 28. 20. hurt thee: for I have

5 And d when Silasit Gr. sat much people in this and Timotheus were there. city. come from Macedo.ver. 5 11 And he iconnia, Paul was press-*. Either his/tinued there a year ed in the spirit and own, or the land six months, testified to the Jews Holy Spirit, teaching the word of that Jesus was

so powerful-
ly urged and

God among them

constrained 12 And when Gal6 And fwhen they him, that hellio was the deputy of opposed themselves. could not re- Achaia, the Jews and blasphemed, & he rain from made insurrection

speaking' shook his raiment, Whitby.


one accord nd said unto them,

lagainst Paul, and

Paul accused ACTS XVIII. before Gallio. brought him to the A. D. 62.1 19 And he came to judgment seat,

Ephesus, and left

och. 23. 29. 13 Saying, This & 25. 11. them there: but he fellow persuadeth men

19. Jhimself entered into to worship God con- p 1 Co. 1, 1. the synagogue, and trary to the law. q ch. 21. 24. reasoned with the

14 And when Paul Nu. 6. 18. Jews. was now about to fr Ro. 16. 1. 20 When they deopen his mouth, Gal. s eh. 19. 21. sired him to tarry lio said unto the & 20.16, longer time with Jews, o If it were at Ro. 1. 10. them, 'he consented matter of wrong or

1 Co. 4. 19. not ; wicked lewdness, o

19. 21 But bade them

He. 6. 3. ye Jews,reason would Ja. 4. 15. farewell, saying, sI that I should bearu Ga. 1. 2.

must by all means with you:

& 4, 14.

14. keep this feast that 10 DUT II 10 ve ax ch. 14. 22. cometh in Jerusalem:

15 But if it be als question of words & 15.32.41. but I will return and names, and ofl, 1 Co. 1.12. again unto. you, tit your law, look ye to & 3. 5, 6. God will. And he 11; for I will be no & 4.6. sailed from Ephesus. judge of such matters.

Tit. 3. 13. 22 And when he 16 And he drave

had landed at Cæsa. them from the judg.

ver. 23-
The apos-

rea, and gone up, and ment seat.

tle's voyage sal

saluted the church, 717 Then all the here related, he went down to

Greeks took p Sosthe- must have Antioch. nes, the chief ruler of taken "pa | 23 And after he

long period, the synagogue, and though so

had spent some time beat him before the briefly stat-there, he departed, judgment seat. Anded; which land went over all the Gallio cared for none shews, that country of u Galatia of those things.

sign and Phrygia in order,

of the nar18 And Paul after rative is not strengthening all this tarried there yet simply to the disciples. * a good while, and gratify cu 24 y And a certain his leave of riosity, but Jew named Apollos,

to give an the brethren, and instructive

born at Alexandria, sailed thence into account of an eloquent man, and Syria, and with him the manner mighty in the scripPriscilla and Aquila; lin which tures, came to Ephe. having a shorn his



was at tirst head in Cenchrea: promulgated

95 This man was for he had & vow.

linstructed in the way

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