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Christ the

JOHN VI. bread of life. 42 And they said. A. D. 32. 1 50k This is the Isa not this Jesus,

bread which cometh the son of Joseph,

a Ma. 13.55.down from heaven, whose father and mo

Mar. 6. 3. that a man may eat

Lu. 4. 22. ther we know how

thereof, and not die.

b ver. 65. is it then that he

51 I am the living

Ca. 1. 4. saith, I came down

bread 1 which came

c Is.54. 13. from heaven?

Je. 31. 34.

down from heaven: 43 Jesus therefore Mi. 4. 2. if any man eat of this answered and said He. 8. 11. bread, he shall live unto them, Murmur & 10. 16. for ever : and m the not among your d ver. 37 bread that I will give selves.

ech. 1. 18. is my flesh, which I 41 b No man can 1 & 5. 37. will give for the life come to me, except fe'ı, 1. 18. of the world. the Father which

& 7. 29. 52 1 he Jews therehath sent me draw

& 8. 19. forenstrove among

Ma. 11.27. him: and I will raise

Lu. 10. 22.

themselves, saying, hiin up at the last

g ver. 40.

Howo can this man day.

3. 16. give us his flesh to 45 cl is written in 18. 36. the prophets, And h ver, 33.35.53 Then Jesus said they shall be all li ver. 31. unto them, Verily, taught ofGod. Every

k ver. 51.58.

verily, I say unto man therefore that

you, Except Pye eat

Ich. 3. 13. hath heard, and hath


the flesh of the Son of learned of the Fa m He. 10,5. man, and drink his

10.ba ther, cometh unto

". blood, ye have no

nch. 7. 43. me.

life in you.

& 9. 16. 46 e Not that any & 10.19. 54 9 Whoso eateth man hath seen the

o ch. 3. 9.

my flesh, and drinkFather, f save he

eth my blood, hath

p Ma. 26.26. which is of God, he

eternal life; and I hath seen the Father.

will raise him up at 47 Verily, verily,

: q ver. 27.40.

the last day. I say unto you, & Hech. 4. 14. 1 55 For my flesh is that believeth on me, Ps. 90. 1. meat indeed, and my hath everlasting life. & 91. 1. 9. blood is drink in

48 blam that bread 2 Co. 6.16. deed. of life.

Ep 3. 17. 56 He that eateth

1 Jno.3.24. my flesh. and drink49 Your fathers did eat nianna in the 15,16. eth my blood, r dwel. wilderness, and are Re. 3. 20. leth in me, and I in Pad



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Peter's confession JOHN VII.

of Christ. 57 As the living! A. D. 32. knew from the beFather hath sent me,

ginning who they and I live by the Fa s ver. 49, 50, were that believed ther : so he that eat


1. not, and who should

t ver. 66. eth me, even he shall Mau. 6. betray him. live by me.*

Joch. 3. 13.

65 And he said, 58 This is that

Mar. 16.19. Therefore a said I unbread which camel Ac. 1. 9. to you, that no man down from heaven : Ep. 4.8. can come unto me, not as your fathers x 2 Co. 3. 6.[except it were given did eat mapa, and y ver. 36. unto him of my Faare dead: he thatch 2.24. ther. eateth of this bread

25. 66 b From that shall live for ever. & 13. 11. time many of his dis

59 These things a ver. 44, 45. Iciples went back, and said he in the syna-1 Ep.2. 8.9. walked no more with gogue, as he taught

Ph. 1. 23. him.

I Ti.1. 14. in Capernaum.

2 Ti, 2. 25. 67 Then said Jesus 60 t Many therefore Tit. 3. 7. unto the twelve, Will of his disciples, when). Ja. ). 18. ye also go away? they had heard this, b ver. 60. 68 Then Simon Pesaid. This is an hard. Ao 5. 20. ter answered him, o can hear 1 Jno. 5. Lord, to whom shall

11. 13.

we go? thou hast - the 61 When Jesus 4

words of eternal life.

& 11. 27.1 knew in himself that

Ma. 16. 16.

169 d And we believe

0 his disciples mur Mar. 8.29. and are sure that thou mured at it, he said Lu. 9. 20. art that Christ, the unto them, Doth this e Lu. 6. 13. Son of the living offend you?

f ch. 13, 27. God. 62 • What and if ye -

70 Jesus answered shall see the Son of vera them, e llave not I man ascend up where

The lan

chosen you twelve, he was before? these verses and f one of you is a

63 * It is the spirit is tigurative: devil? that quickepeth; the they declare, 71 He spake of Ju. flesh profiteth no

that saving das Iscariot the son

faith in 1 thing: the words that

Christ is the O

be of Simon: for he it

S I speak unto you, true nutri- was that should bethey are spirit, and ment of the tray him, being one they are life.

soal, as eat of the twelve. 64 But y there are

ing of bread some of you that be- body.

is to the CHAP. VII. lieve pot. For z Jesus

1 AFTER these

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Therefore part , sch. 36.9. much the people for

He teacheth

JOHN VII. in the temple. things Jesus walked A. D. 39. these words unto in Galilee : for hel

them, he abode still would not walk in a ch. 5. 16. in Galilee. Jewry, a because the b Le. 23. 34.

10 But when his Jews sought to kill

brethren were gone him.

c Ma. 12. 46.
Mar. 3. 31.

up, then went he also 26 Now the Jews'

Ac 1. 14. up unto the feast, not feast of tabernacles a Mar. 3. 21. openly, but as it were was at hand.

in secret. 3His * brethren

ron e ver. 8. 30.
ch. 2. 4.

111 Then i the Jews therefore said unto & 8. 20. sought him at the him, Depart hence, f ch. 15. 19. feast, and said, Where and go into Judæa,

8 ch. 3. 19.

is he? that thy disciples also

| 12 And k there was

h ver, 6. may see the works

ch. 8. 20.

much murmuring athat thou doest.

i ch. 11. 56.

mong the people con4 For there is no

cerning him: 1 for man that doeth any

k ch. 9. 16.

some said, He is a

& 10. 19. thing in secret, and

good man: others

I ver. 40. he himself seeketh toch. 6. 14. 150

said, Nay ; but he be known openly. If| Ma. 21. 46. deceiver

Jdeceiveth the people. thou do these things, Lu. 7. 16. 13 Howbeit no man shew thyself to them ch. 9. 22. spake openly of him world.

1 & 12. 42. form fear of the Jews. 5 For d neither dia) & 19. 38. 14 Now about the his brethren believe n Ma. 13.54. midst of the feast Je. in him.

Mar. 6.2. sus went up into the 6 Then Jesus said

Lu. 4. 22.
Ac. 2. 7.

. temple, and taught. unto them, e My time

15 n And the Jews

+ Or, learnis not yet come: but


marvelled, saying, your time is alway

och. 3. 11.

How knoweth this ready.

& 8. 28.

man letters, hav. 71 The world can

& 12.49. ing never learned ? not hate you; but me 1 & 14. 10. 16 Jesus answered it hateth, 8 because I

24. them, and said, My testify of it, that the p ch. 8. 43. doctrine is pot mine, works thereof are 9 ch. 5. 41. but his that sent me. evil.

& 8.50. 17 p If any man 8 Go ye up unto

will do his will, he this feast: I go not ver. 3- shall know of the up yet unto this feast; * His rela- doctrine, whether it for h my time is not

is not tions-not be of God, or whether

necessarily Tet full come.


1 speak of myself. 9 When he had said

18 . He that speak.

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2.2: forta Now he feast Tee

They cannot JOHN VII.

take him. eth of himself seeketh A.D.32.1 25 Then said some his own glory: but

of them of Jerusalem, he that seeketh his r Ex. 24. 3. Is not this be. whom

De. 33. 4. 1 glory that sent him,

Jno. 1, 17.

they seek to kill?

ey seek to kill ? the same is true, and Ac. 7.38.1 26 But, lo, he speakno unrighteousness isla eh. 5. 16. eth boldly, a

eth boldly, and they in bim.

19. say nothing unto 19 r Did not Moses & 10. 31. him. Do the rulers give you the law,

39. know indeed that this and yet none of you

&11. 53. Vis the very Christ?

Ma. 12.14. keepeth the law ? Mar. 3. 6.). 27 b How beit we Whys go ye about tot ch. 8. 48.

know this man kill me?


whence he is : but 20 The people an- & 10. 20. when Christ cometh, swered and said, la Le. 12. 3. no man knoweth Thout hast a devil: x Ge. 17.10. Whence who goeth about to + Ornith. I. 28 Then cried J kill thee?

out breaking

in the temple as he 21 Jesus answered the law of taught, saying, . Ye and said unto them, Moses. both know me, and I have done one work, ly ch. 5. 8,9. ye know whence I and ye all marvel.

16. am : and d I am not 99'u Moses there. Iz De. 1. 16, come of myself, but fore gave unto you

he that sent me

Pr. 24. 23. circumcision ; ( not

Ja. 2. 1.

is e true, fwhom ye because it is of Mo

know not. ses, I but of the fara ver. 48.

29 But I know thers;) and ye on the

b Ma. 13. 55.bm. foram fro

1 Mar. 6. 3. sabbath day circum- Lu. 4. 22."

3. him, and he hath cise a man.

c ch. 8. 14.

sent me. 23 If a man on the

30 Then h they sabbath day receive

ach. 5.43.

sought to take him : renmcision that le ch.5. 32.

but i no man laid the law of Moses

Ro. 3, 4.

hands on him, beshould not be bro

fch. 1. 19.

cause his hour was ken; are ye angry at 8

not yet come.

Ma. 11.27. me, because y I havel. *41 31 And k many of

h ver. 19. made a man every

the people believed

Mar. 11.18. whit whole on the 1947 on him, and said, sabbath day?

When Christ cometh,

i ver. 44. 24 z Judge not ac

will he do more mi

kch. 3.2. cording to the ap

& 8. 30.

racles than these pearance, but judge! Ma. 12.23. which this man hath righteous judgment. 1

done ?

Divers opinions JOHN VII. concerning him.

32 The Pharisees) A. D. 32. outr of his belly sball heard that the peo

flow rivers of living ple murmured such I ch. 13. 33. water. things conceruing & 16. 16. 39 (But this spake him; and the Phari-mch. 8. 21. he of the Spirit, which sees and the Chief & 13. 33. they thi Priests sent officers Ho.5, 6. ki,

him should receive : to take him.

n Is. 11. 12.

for the Holy Ghost

JR. 1. l. 33 Then said Jesus Pe was not yet given ; unto them, 1 Yet a

nt Or, Greeks

because that Jesus little while am I with

was not yet t gloriyou, and then I go Le fied.) unto him that sent me. Pch

40 Many of the peo

Is. 55. 1. 34 Ye m shall seek Re. 22. 17. ple therefore, when me, and shall not).

| Do. 18.15.1

they heard this say. find me : and where

ing, said, Of a truth

ch.4. 1. I am, thither ye can

A Pr. 18. 4.

this is a the Prophet. not come. .

Js. 12. 3, 41 Others said. 35 Then said the & 44,3. This is the Christ. Jews among them-sch. 16. 7. But some said, Shall selves, Whither will Is. 44. 3. Christ come out of he go, that we shalil Joel 2. 28. Golla


Ac. 2. 17, not find him ? will hel A

33. 38.

42 z Hath not the go intor the dis

tcb. 12. 16.

Scripture said, That persed among the

Christ cometh of the Gentiles, and teach

a ch. 1.21. seed of David, and the Gentiles?

& 6. 14. out of the town of 36 What manner of De. 18. 16. Bethlehem, a where saying is this that he

18. David was? said, Ye shall seek|x ch. 4. 42. 43 So b there was a me, and shall not find & 6. 69. division among the me: and where I am, y ver. 52. people because of thither ye cannot ch. 1. 46. Ihim. come?

z Ps.132.11. 44 And c some of 37 In the last day,

Mi. 5. 2.

them would have that great day of the

taken him ; but no feast, Jesus stood and La.2. 4. man laid hands on cried, saying, pIf Sa. 16. 1. him. any man thirst, let

45 Then came the him come unto me, b ver. 12.

officers to the Chief and drink.

ch. 9. 16. Priests and Phari38 4 He that be- & 10. 19. sees; and they said lieveth on me, as the c ver. 30. unto them, Why have scripture bath said, '= 'ye not brought him?

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