orthy, and the raead, boi33. 4. 50 45 : Tb tiner marrin mar- lp no: 8.2. peopdisciples

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of the

Cautions against LUKE XXI. the Scribes. resurrection whosel A. D. 33. I 41 And he said unwife of them is she? = = to them, How say for seven had her tom Le.3.7:. they that Christ is

Ma. 22.30. novid's son? wife.

Mar.12.25.1 David's son! 34 And Jesus an

1Co.15.42. 42 And David him. swering said unto 49, 52. self saith in the book them, The children 1 Jno. 3. 2. of Psalms, The of this world marry,

Re. 5. 6.

LORD said unto my and are given in & 7. 9.

Lord, Sit thou on my marriage :

12. right hand, 35 But they which & 22. 9. 43 Till I make thine shall be accounted . Ro. 8. 19. enemies thy footstool. worthy to obtain that

23. 44 David therefore

Jno.3.2. calleth him Lord, rection from the dead. Jo Ex. 3.6. Thow is he then his

Ac, 7. 30. are given in mar

45 s Then in the

p Jno. 6. 57. riage :

Ro, 6, 2.1

audience of all the 36 Neither can they 2 Co. 6.16, people he said unto die any more : for Col. 3. 3. his disciples, they are equal unto Re. 4. 10, 46 t Beware of the the angels; and are

1. Scribes, which desire

& 7. 15.12 the children of God,

1 & 22. 1.

to walk in long robes, beingn the children of

19 Ma. 22. 41,

and nlove greetings the resurrection.

in the markets, and 37 Now that the 42, the highest seats in dead are raised, oeven Mar.12.35. the synagogues, and Moses shewed at the Ps. 110. 1. the chief rooms at bush, when he calleth Ma. 22, 44. feasts ; the Lord the God of Ac. 2. 34. 47 x Which devour

1 Co.15.25.1. Abraham, and the He 113: widows' houses, and God of Isaac, and the

's Ma. 23. 1.

99 for a shew make long God of Jacob.

Mar. 12.33. prayers: the same 38 For he is not al 1 Ti. 5. 20. shall receive greater God of the dead, butt Ma. 16. 6. damnation. of the living: for Pall & 23.5. live unto him. | Mar. 8. 15. CHAP. XXI. 39 Then certain of 2.1

hon certain of! 2 Ti.4. 15. 1 AND he looked the Scribes answer-uch. 11. 43. up, a and saw the rich ing said, Master, thoux Ma. 23. 14. men casting their hast well said.

Mar.12.40. gifts into the trea40 And after that. Marzu sury. they durst not ask & 12. 41.12 And he saw also him any question at all. I

la certain poor widow


The destruction LUKE XXI. of Jerusalem. casting in thither two A. D. 33. hear of wars and mites.

commotions, be not aast Mar. 12. 3 And he said, of

terrified : for these a truth I say unto b 2 Co. 8. 12.

things must first come you, b that this poor

| Ma. 24. 1.1

to pass; but the end widow hath cast in Mar. 13. i. is not by and by. more than they all :

d c. 19. 44.

10 f Then said he 4 For all these have

unto them, Nation

e Ma. 24. 4. of their abundance

Mar, 13.5.SI

shall rise against nacast in unto the offer-| Ep. 5. 6. tion, and kingdom ings of God: but she 2 Th. 2. 3. against kingdom: of her penury hath Or, and, 11 And great earthcast in all the living

The time,

quakes shall be in

6 Ma. 3. 2. that she had

& 4.17, divers places, and fa5 And as some f Ma. 24. 7. mines, and pestilenspake of the temple, le Mar. 13. 9. ces; and fearful sights how it was adorned" Re. 2. 10. and great signs shall with goodly stones 1 Ac. 4. 3.

there be from heaven. and gifts, he said, & 5. 18. | 12 & But before all

6 As for these things & 12. 4. these, they shall lay which ye behold, the. & 16.

thel & 16. 24. their hands on you,

come in i Ac. 25. 23. and persecute you, the which there shall k I Pe. 2. 13 delivering you up to not be left one stone 1 Ph. 1. 28. the synagogues, and upon another, that 2 Th. 1.5. into h prisons, i being shall not be thrown m ch. 12.11. brought before kings down.

Ma. 10. 19. and rulers k for my 7 And they asked Mar.13.11.

name's sake.* him, saying, Master. n Ac. 6. 10. 13 Andi but when shall these o Mi. 7. 6. turn to you for a tes. things be? and what Mar.13.12. timony. sign will there be

14 m Settle it there.

ver. 12when these things See the ac- tore 1

fore in your hearts,

Sound shall come to pass ? counts given not to meditate before

8 And he said, by the Ro.. what ye shall answer : Take e heed that ye man histori- 15 For I will give be not deceived: for

ans, Tacitus

you a mouth and wismany shall come in os. of the dom, n which all your my name, saying, I persecutions adversaries shall not am Christ; i and the of the be able to gainsay nor time dra weth near : Christians,

resist. go ye not therefore

during the Te time of

16 . And ye sball after them.


be betrayed both by y But when ye shall] =

I parents, and brethren, Signs that should LUKE XXI.

precede it. and kinsfolks, and/ A.D. 33. |all nations: and Jefriends; and p some of

p Ac. 7. 59.

rusalem shall be trodyou shall they cause & 12. 2.

den down of the Gento be put to death.

tiles x until the times 17 And 4 ye shall,

of the Gentiles be fulbe hated of all men

r Ma. 10. 30.

1 filled. for my name's sake.

s Ma. 24. 15.1

25 y And there shall 18 r But there shall.


be signs in the sun, not an hair of your

t Da. 9. 26,

and in the moon, and head perish.

Ze. 14. 1. in the stars; and upon 19 In your patience Ma. 24. 19. the earth* distress of possess ye your souls.

nations, with perplex 20 s And when yel& 12. 7. "ity; the sea and the shall see Jerusalem Ro. 11.25./waves roaring; compassed with ar-ly Ma. 24. 29.) 26 Men's hearts failmies, then know that Mar.13.24.Jing them for fear, and the desolation thereof 2 Pe. 3.10, for looking after those

12. is nigh.

things which are com

Iz Ma. 24. 29. 21 Then let them.

ing on the earth: z for

a Ma. 24. 30. wbich are in Judæa *

the powers of heaven flee to the mountains; & 14. 14. shall be shaken. and let them which b Ro. 8. 19., 27 And then

27 And then shall are in the midst of it

23. they see the Son of depart out; and letc Ma. 24.32. man a coming in a not them that are in Mar.13.28. cloud with power and the countries enter

great glory. thereinto.

ver. 25 28 And when these 22 For these be the

things begin to come

refer only to days of vengeance, the land of to pass, then look up, that tall things which Judea and and lift up your heads; are written may be Samaria.- for b your redemption fulfilled.

The decay I draweth nigh. 23 u But woe unto

of the whole
Jewish po-

29 e And he spake them that are with lity, laws to them a parable; Bechild, and to them and religion, hold the fig tree, and that give snck, in which were all the trees; those days! for there the glory 30 When they now shall be great distress rity of the

and prospe

shoot forth, ye see in the land, and wrath nation, is and know of your own upon this people. supposed to selves that summer is 24 And they shall be foretold

now nigh at hand. fall by the edge of the

in these

31 So likewise ye, sword, and shall be espressions. when ye see these led away captive intoleraethings come to pass,

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Exhortation to LUKE XXII. watchfulness, know ye that the king. A. D. 33. stemple, for to hear dom of God is nigh at hand.

a Ma. 24. 35. 32 Verily I say unto e Ro. 13. 13.

CHAP. XXII. you, This generation 1 Th.5.6. 1 Now the feast shall not pass away,

1 Pe. 4.7. of unleavened bread till all be fulfilled. Tauth. 5. 2. drew nigh, which is

33 d Heaven and 2 Pe. 3. 10. called the Passover. earth shall pass away: Re. 3. 3. 2 And b the Chief but my words shall

& 16. 15. Priests and Scribes not pass away.

g Ma. 24. 42. sought how they 34 And e take heed & 25. 13. might kill him ; for to yourselves, lest atl Mar.13.33. they feared the peoany time your hearts h ch, 18. 1. (ple. be overcharged * with

* 3 c Then entered Sa

tan into Judas sur.

| Ep. 6. 13.11 enness, and cares of

named Iscariot, being

k Jno. 8.1, 2. this life, and so that

of the number of the

hat I ch. 22. 39. twelve. day come upon you unawares.

a Ma. 26. 2. 4 And he went his

Mar. 14.1. 35 For fas a snare

way, and communed shall it come on all

b Ps. 2. 2. with the Chief Priests

1Jno. 11.47.land captains, how he them that dwell on the face of the whole

Ac. 4. 27. might betray him unearth.

c Ma. 26. 14. to them. 36 % Watch ye there

Mar. 14.10. 5 And they were

Jno. 13. 2. fore, and h pray al

27. glad, and d covenantways, that ye may bela z uved to give him money. accounted worthy tot Or, mith

6 And he promised, escape all these things out tumult and sought opportuthat shall come tol M.26.17 pity to betray h pass, and i to stand Mar. 14.12 unto them tin the abbefore the Son of

sence of the multiman.

ver. 34 tude. 37 k And in the day. Bapur wow 7 e Then came the time he was teaching

be burdened, day of unleavened

& or pressed in the temple; and at doren, very

bread, when the Passnight he went out, elegantly over must be killed. and abode in the and strongly 8 And he sent Peter mount that is called espressive and John, saying, Go

of the conthe mount of Olives.

and prepare us the

sequences of 38 And all the peo-intempe

Passover, that we may ple came early in the rance. eat. morning to him in the

9 And they said un

Institution of LUKE XXII. the holy supper, to him, Where wilt, A. D. 33. til it be fulfilled in thou that we pre-1 Ma 126, 20.

the kingdom of God. pare?

Mar.14.17.1 17 And he took the 10 And he said unto them. Behold, when heartily de

Land cup, and gave thanks, + Or, I have

and said, Take this, ye are entered into sired. and divide it among the city, there shall ag ch. 14. 15. yourselves: man meet you, bear-Ac. 10.41. 18 For bI say unto ing a pitcher of water. Re. 19. 9. you, I will not drink follow him into the h Ma. 26. 29. of the fruit of the house where he en

Mar.14.25. vine, until the kingtereth in.

Ji Ma, 26. 26. Idom of God shall 11 And ye shall say

Mar.14.22. come. anto the goodman of

fk 1 Co.11.24. 19 i And he took the house, The Mas-111 Co.10.16. bread, and gave ter saith unto thee, m Ps. 41. 9. thanks, and brake Where is the guest

Ma. 26, 21, it, and gave unto chamber, where I


them, saying, This shall eat the Passover

Jno.13. 21. is my body* which is

Jno.13. 21, s. my body with iny disciples?

26given for you: k this 12 And he shall n Ma. 26. 24. do in remembrance shew you a large o Ac. 2. 23. of me. upper room furnish- & 4. 28. 20 Likewise also the ed: there make p Ma.26. 22 cup after supper, say. ready.

Jno.13. 22. ing. 1 This cup is the 13 And they went,9 ch.9 46. new testament in my and found as he had ar.9. 34. blood, which is shed said unto them: and

cer. 19

for you. they made ready the i.e. Repre! 21 m But, behol Passover.

sents my the hand of him that 14 f And when the body.-" The betraveth me is with hour was come, he was come he passover was me on the table.

once cele sat down, and the

brated by

22 n And truly the twelve apostles with anticipation. Son of man goeth, as him.

before the it was determined: 15 And he said un-deliverance but woe unto thai

of Israel out to them, + With de

man by whom he is

of Egypt; sire I have desired and betrayed! to eat this Passover Lord's sup 23 P And they be. with you before I per, once gan to enquire among suffer:

themselves, which of

ramsom had 16 For I say unto be

them it was that

been paid." you, I will not any Scott. should do this thing more eat thereof, sun-=

24 4 And there was

des de loftime


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