The coming of the LUKE XVII. Son of man. give glory to God, A. D. 33.26 And as it was in save this stranger.

. kch, 7 50.

the days of Noe, so 19k And he said

& S. 43.

shall it be also in the unto him, Arise, go & 18. 42. days of the Son of thy way : thy faith Ma. 9. 22. man. hath made theewhole. Mar. 5.34.

27 They did eat, 20 And when he

1 & 10. 52.

they drank, they was demanded of the for, neith married wives, they Pharisees, when the


were given in mar. kingdom of God

l ver.23.

riage, until the day should come, he ap-leh, 21.8. that Noe entered into swered them and Ma. 24.23. the ark, and the flood said, The kingdom of

26. came, and destroyed God cometh not twith

Mar. 13.21. them all. observation: m Ro. 14.17. 28. Likewise also 21 I Neither shall. Col.

shaul Col. 1. 27. as it was in the days they say. Lo here! or,' I Or, among of Lot ; they did eat. lo there! for, behold, you, they drank, they

Jno. 1. 26.1 them kingdom of God

Ma. 9. 15.

bought, they sold, is within you.

they planted, they -2 And he said in. 2 And he said in

& 17. 12. builded : to the disciples, n']hel. ch. 21. 8. | 29 But the same days will come, when Ma. 24. 23. day that Lot went ve shall desire to see Mar.13.21. Out of Sodom it rainone of the days of p Job 37. 3. led fire and brimstone the Son of man, and Ze. 9. 14. from heaven, and deye shall not see it. Ma. 24.27. stroyed them all. 93 0 And they shall 9 ch. 9. 22. 30 Even thus shall

Mar. 8-31. say to you, See here;

& 9. 31.

it be in the day when or, see there : go not & 10. 33.

the Son of man uis after them, nor follow -G 9 revealed. them.

Ma, 24.37. 31 In that day, he 94 pFor as the light

which shall be up ning, that lighteneths Ge. 19.

on the houseton, and out of the one part

t Ge. 19. 16. his stuff in the house, inder heaven, shin 12 Th 1. 7. let him not come eth unto the other Ma. 24. 17. down to take it away: part under heaven; Mar.13.15. and he that is in the so shall also the Son y Ge. 19. 26. l field, let him likewise of man be in his day. z ch.9. 24. not return back. 05 9 But i first must

Ma. 10.39. 32 y Remember Lot's

& 16. 25. he suffer many things.

Mar. 8.35. and be rejected of Jno. 12.25.133 Whosoever shall this generation.

seek to save his life

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The importunate LUKE XVIII.

widow. shall lose it ; and A. D. 33. 4 And he would not whosnever shall lose

for a while; but afterhis life shall preserve i Th.4.17.

ward he said within

himself, Though I

+ This 36th 34 a I tell you, in verse is

fear not God, nor rethat night there shall wanting in gard man; be two men in one

most of the 5 bYet because this bed; the one shall be

Greek co- widow troubleth me, taken, and the other

I will avenge her, shall be left.

lest by her continual 35 Two women shall a ch. 11.5. coming she weary be grinding together; Ro.12.12. me. the one shall be taken,

ken' Eph. 6.18. 6 And the Lord and the other left. I

Co. 4.2. said, Hear what the

1 Th.5.17. 36 + I'wo men shall +

1. unjust judge saith. be in the field ; the certain city. God avenge his own

17 And c shall not one shall be taken, bch. 11. 8.a and the other left. Ju. 16. 16.5

elect, which cry day 37 And they an-c Re. 6. 10. and night unto him, swered and said unto a He. 10.37. I though he bear long him, Where, Lord ?..

dal 2 Pe.3.8,9. with them? And

ecb. 10 29. he said unto

8 I tell you d that

& 16. 15. he will avenge them them, b Wheresoever. Or, as the body is, thither being righ

speedily. Neverthewill the eagles be ga- teous.

less when the Son of thered together. * f Ps. 135. 2.

man cometh, shall he

& Is. 1. 15, find faith on CHAP. XVIII.

the & 58. 2.

earth? 1 AND he spake a Re. 3. 17. 19 And he spake this parable unto them to

parable unto certain this end, that men

ver. 37

which e trusted in

* This proought a always to

verb was

themselves that they pray, and not to beautifully were righteous, and faint ;

applied for despised others : 2 Saying, there was the Romans' 10 Two men went in I a city a judge,

standard bore which

up into the temple to

the figure of feared not an eagle. pray; the one a PhaGod, neither regarded ver, 3

risee, and the other a man :

* Rather, Publican. 3 And there was a do me jus 11 The Pharisee widow in that city ; tice, ERŐ- stood f and prayed and she came unto you, thus with himself ;

on mine him, saying,* Avenge ad versary. God, & I thank thee, me of mine adversary.

that I am not as 191

in te ci feared carded versione

The publican. LUKE XVIII. The rich ruler. other men are, extor: A. D. 33. 18 m And a certain tioners, unjust, adul

ruler asked him, say. terers, or even as this bch. 1. 52. (ing, Good Master, Publican.

& 14. 11. what shall I do to in12 I fast twice in

herit eternal life?

Job 22. 29. the week, I give tithes

Ps. 138. 6.

19 And Jesus said of all that I possess. Pr. 3. 34. unto him, Why call

13 And the Publi. & 15. 33. Jest thou me good? can, standing afar off, Is. 2. 11. none is good, save

17. would not lift up so

Da. 4. 37.

one, that is, God. much as his eyes unto

Ma. 23. 12.

20 Thou knowest heaven, but smote Ja. 4. 6. the commandments, upon his breast, say-l 'Pe. 5.5, Don not commit adul. ing, God be merciful

tery, Do not kill, Do to me a sinper.

li 1 Sa. 1. 24. not steal, Do not bear

iel Ma. 19.13. falso writ 14 I tell you, this


false witness, . Homan went down to,

nour thy father and his house justified rai

k Ma. 18. 3.
Co. 14.

thy mother. ther than the other:

21 And he said, All for h every one that i Pe. 2. 2. these have I kept exalteth himself shall 1 Ps. 131, 1. from my youth mp. be abased ; and he Mar.10.15. 22 Now when Jesus that humbleth him-m Ma. 19.16.heard these things, self shall be exalted. Mar.10.17. he said unto him, Yet

15 i And they n Ex. 20. 12. lackest thon one brought unto him

16. thing: Psell all that also infants, that he

De. 5. 16.

thou hast, and distriwould touch them: Ro. 13, 9.

bute unto the poor, but when his disci Ga. 3. 10. and thou shalt have ples saw it, they re

13.treasure in heaven: buked them,

Ep. 6. 2. land come, follow me.

Ja. 2.8.11. 16 But Jesus called

23 And when he

1o Ep. 6. 2. The them unto him, and o

heard this, he was

Col. 3. 20. said, Suffer little chil.,

very sorrowful : for

Ip ch. 12.33. dren to come into

4. he was very rich. me, and forbid them Ma. 6. 19, 24 And when Jesus not: for k of such is

20. saw that he was very the kingdom of God.

sorrowful, he said, 17 1 Verily I say

Ac. 2. 44. How q hardly shall

& 4. 34. unto you, whosoevert . 6. 19. they that have riches shall not receive the g Pr. U. 28.

enter into the kingkingdom of God as a Ma. 19.23. dom of God little child shall in no Mar, 10.23. 25 For it is easier wise enter therein.

-- for a camel to go

Christ restores LUKE XVIII. blind Bartimeus. through a needle's A. D. 33. | 33 And they shall eye, than for a rich

scourge hin, and put man to enter into the ch. 27 Thim to death: and the kingdom of God.

Ge. 18. 14. third day he shall rise 26 And they that Je. 32. 17.again. heard it said, Whol Da. 4. 35. 34 a And they unthen can be saved ?

Ze. 8. 6.

derstood none of these

Ma.19.26. 27 And he said, "The

S things : and this say. things which are im

ing was hid from possible with men are s Ma. 19. 27.

them, neither knew

Mar.10.28. possible with God.

Ph. 3.7.9. they the things which 28 Then Peter said,

were spoken. Lo, we have left all, t De. 33. 9. 35 b And it came to and followed thee. 1

Ma. 10.37.

pass, that as he was 29 And he said un- Mar. 10.99. Come nigh unto Jerito them, Verily I say

cho, a certain blind unto you, t There is u Job 42. 10. man sat by the way no man that hath left Ro. 6. 22. side begging:

1 Ti. 4.8. house, or parents, or

36 And hearing the

He, 13. 5. brethren, or wife, or

multitude pass by, he children, for the king

asked what it meant. dom of God's sake,

* Ma. 16. 21.

37 And they told 30 u Who shall not

& 17. 22.
& 20. 17.

him, that Jesus of receive manifold Mar.10.32. Nazareth passeth by. more in this present

38 And he cried, time, and in the world y Ps. 22. saying, Jesus, thort to come life everlast

& 69.

Son of David, have

Is. 53. ing.

Da. 9. 26.

mercy on me. 31 . Then he took

Ze. 13. 7.

39 And they which unto him the twelve,

went before rebuked and said unto them, z ch. 23, 1. him, that he should Behold, we go up to

Is. 50. 6.

hold his peace: but

& 52. 14. Jerusalem, and all

1: The cried so much the things y that are writ Ma. 27. 2. more, Thou Son of ten by the prophets Jno. 18.28. David, have mercy concerning the Son

Ac. 3. 13. on me. of man shall be ac

a ch.2.50.

140 And Jesus stood. complished.

45. and commanded him 32 for z he shall be Mar. 9.32. to be brought unto delivered unto the Jno. 10. 6. lhim: and when he Gentiles, and shall & 12. 16. was come near, he be mocked, and spite-lb Ma. 20.29. I asked him, fully entreated, and Mar.10.46.] 41 Saying, Whal spitted on :

B a lwilt thou that I 196

The conversion LUKE XIX. of Zacchaus. shall do unto thee?! A. D. 33. must abido at thy And he said, Lord,

house. that I may receive my

ech. 7. 50. 6 And he made

& sight.

8, 48. 42 And Jesus said


19. haste,and came down, & 17. 19.

and received him joyunto him, Receive

Ps. 103. i. fully thy sight: 6 thy faith Is. 43. 7,8. 7 And when they hath saved thee. Ac. 1. 21. saw it, they all mur

43 And immediately & 11. 18. he received his sight,

Ga. 1. 24.

mured, saying, a That

he was gone to be and followed him,

a ch. 5. 30.

guest with a man that glorifying à God : and

Ma. 9. 11. 18 a sinner. all the people, when vued bch. 3. 14. 1.

8 AndZacchæus they saw it, gavel

Ex. 22.1.4.

stood, and said unto Praise unto God.

1.6: the Lord; Behold, CHAP. XIX.

1Sa. 12.3. Lord, the half of my 2Sa. 12. 6. goods I give to the

poor; and if I have ed and passed through a Ro. 4. 11. taken any thing from Jericho.

Ga. 3. 7. 1

any man by b false 2 And, behold, there e ch. 13. 16.

accusation, I restore was a man named Ma. 10. 6. him four-f

him four-fold.* Zacch&ens, which was & 15. 24.

19 And Jesus said the chief among the Ac. 1.6.

unto him, This day Publicans, and he Ma. 25. 14.lis salvation come to

Mar.13.34. was rich.

this house, forsomuch 3 And he sought to ver. 8

as d he also is e a son see Jesus who he

# The Jew. Jish law was

of Abraham was; and could not S; and could not strict in re

10 f For the Son of for the press, because quiring res- man is come to seek he was little of sta- titution; it and to save that which ture.

was also the was lost. 4 And he ran be

Roman law, 1 Andas they

that, if any fore, and climbed up were conheard these things, he into a sycomore tree victed of ex-added and spake a to see him for he torting by parable, because he was to pass that way, force, they

was nigh to should re

Jeru5 And when Jesus

US store four- salem, and because came to the place, he fold: but they s thought that looked up, and saw Zaccheus the kingdom of God him, and said unto voluntarily

should immediately him, Zacchæus, make m acboone male offers to do

this of his appear. haste, and

come own accord.

12 h He said there. down; for to-day 11=

fore, A certain noble

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