The parable of LUKE XV. the prodigal son.

18 I will arise and A. D 33. | 95 Now his elder go to my father, and

son was in the field : will say unto him, 8 Ps. 86.: and as he came and Father, I have sin


drew nigh to the ned against heaven, Ep. 2. 13. house, he heard muand before thee,

17. sick and dancing. 19 And am no more h Ps. 51. 4. 26 And he called worthy to be called & 143. 2. one of the servants, thy son: make me 1 Co 8. 12. and asked what these as one of thy hired i ver. 32. things meant. servants.

Jno. 5. 21. 27 And he said 20 And he arose,

25. unto him, Thy broand came to his fa

ther is come; and ther. But & when he

3. thy father hath' killed

& 8. 2. was yet a great way 2 Co. 5. 14, the fatted calf, be. off, his father saw

15. cause he hath rehim, and had com Ep. 2. 1. ceived him safe and

& 5. 14. passion, and ran, and


Co. 2. 13. fell on his neck, and

1 Ti. 5. 6. 20

28 And he was ankissed him.

Re. 3. 1. gry, and would not 21 And the son said

go in : therefore came unto him, Father, Iver. 21 his father out, and have sinned against * Though intreated him. heaven, hand in thy

forgiven of

29 And he an

his father, sight, and am no

still he con- lower

swering said to his more worthy to be fesses his father, Lo, these macalled thy son.* sin-one of ny years do I serve

22 But the father the genuine thee, neither transsaid to his servants,

marks of

gressed I at any time

godly sorBring forth the best


thy commandment : robe, * and put it on

and yet thon never bim; and put a ring

ver. 22

Igavest me a kid, that on his hand, and

1* The chief
or principal

I might make merry shoes on his feet: garment,

with my friends : 23 And bring hither kept only for 30 But as soon as the fatted calf, and festive oc- this thy son was kill it and let us casions..come, which hath

Ring on his eat, and be merry: hand indevoured thy living

24 i For this my ancient with harlots, thou son was dead, and is times, giving hast killed for him alive again; he was

a ring was a the fatted calf. lost, and is found.

mark of dig-
pity and

31 And he said And they began to honour.

unto him, Son, thou be merry.

lart ever with me,

of whinto hina: write

The parable of the LUKE XVI. unjust steward. and all that I have is A.D. 33. the first, How much thine.

owest thou unto my 32 It was meet that k ver. 24. lord ? we should make mer. 1+ The word 16 And he said, An ry, and be glad : k for Batus in hundred + measures this thy brother was the original of oil. And he said dead, and is alive containeth unto him, Take thy again ; and was lost, ain. and was last nine gallons OSL,three quarts:

bill, and sit down and is found.

See Eze. 45. quickly, and write CHAP. XVI. | 10, 11. 14. fifty. 1 AND he said alsol. AND be said aist The word

7 Then said he to into his disciples, here inter:

ciples, here inter- another, And how There was a certain preted a much owest thou? rich man, which had measure in And he said, An a steward : and the the original hundred measures

containeth same was accused

about four

of wheat. And he unto him that he had teen bnshels said unto him, Take wasted his goods. and a pottle. thy bill, and write 2 Aud he called.

"a Jno. 12.36.

fourscore. him, and said unto

to Ep.5. 8. 8 And the lord him, How is it that i Th.5.5. commended the inI hear this of thee?

bch. 11. 41.14

just steward, because give an account of 4:37: he had done wisely: thy stewardship ; for Ma. 6. 19. for the children of thou mayest be no & 19. 21. this world are in longer steward.

1 Ti.6.17, ltheir generation 3 Then the stew

18, 19.

wiser than a the chil. ard said within him-10 Or, riches. Idren of light self, What shall I c ch. 19. 26.

9 And I say unto do? for my lord tak! Ma. 25. 21.

yon, b Make to youreth away from me

selves friends of the the stewardship: iver. 32

mammons of unrightcannot dig ; to beg 1

1. This paraB ble most

eousness; that, when am ashamed.

strikingly ye fail, they may 4 I am resolved pourtrays the receive you into everwhat to do, that, return of a lasting habitations. when I am put out peni

ont ulpenitent sin- 10 o He that is of the stewardship, and the kind

ner to God; 1c

faithful in that which they may receive me and affec- lis least is faithful into their houses. tionate re- also in much : and

5 So he called ception he be that is unjust in every very one one of his of his meets with

the least is unjust al. lord's

10 is beautifully the least is unjust debtors into set forth.

so in much. him, and said unto =

11 If therefore ye The rich man LUKE XVI. and Lazarus. have not been faith- A. D. 33. | 17 k And it is ful in the unrighteons =

easier for heaven and mammon. + who will f Or, riches. I earth to pass than commit to your trust d Ma. 6.24. one tittle of the law the true riches ?

Ro. 6. 16. I to fail. 12 And if ye have

1 Jno. 2. 18 "Whosoever put.

15. not been faithful in Ms. 23. 14.

teth away his wife, that which is at

and marrieth another man's, who "ch. 10. 2. Jother, committeth all give you that 8 Ps. 7. 9. adultery; and who

Je. 17. 10. which is your own ?*

Jno. 2. 25. Isoever marrieth her 13 d No servantly 1 Sa. 16.7. her husband commit

that is put away from can serve two mas. ters: for either he

ich. 7. 29. lteth adultery.

Ma. 4. 17. will hate the one, & 11. 12. 19 There was a and love the other;

13. certain rich man, or else he will hold

which was clothed in to the one, and de

27. purple and fine linen, spise the other. Yel Is. 40. 8. and fared sumptuous

& 51. 6. cannot serve God and

ly every day :

ly every day

1 Ma. 5. 18. mammon.

I l Pe. 1.25.

20 And there was 14 And the Phari. Ma. 5. 32.

a certain beggar sees also, e who werel".

named Jazarus, covetous, heard alli Mar.10.11. which was laid at these things: and Co.7.10, his gate, full of they derided him.

11. sores, 15 And he said

21 And desiring to unto them, Ye are

ver. 12-
The design

be fed with the they which f justify of this para-crum

crumbs which fell yourselves before ble is, to from the rich man's men ; but & God teach those table : moreover the knoweth your hearts: arte. who have

dogs came and licked for b that which

their views is extended to

his sores. highly esteemed eternity, to

92 And it came to among men is abo- be as active pass, that the beggar mination in the sight in the died, and was carried of God.

es for by the angels into

heaven, as 16 il he law and

the children Abraham's bosom: the prophets were un of this world the rich man also til John: since that are for the died, and was buried; time the kingdom of present life ;! 93 And in hell he God is preached, and an

and to do all lift up his eyes,

"the good in every man presseth their power. being in torments into it.

land seeth Abrahav


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dead rose for thouse


LUKE XVII. must be forgiven. afar off, and Laza-| A. D. 33. Junto him, p They rus in his bosom.

= have Moses and the 24 And he cried m Ze. 14. 12. prophets ; let them and said, Father Ja. 3. 6. hear them. Abraham, have mer- In Is. 66. 24. 30 And he said, cy on me, and send Ma 25.41. Nay, father AbraLazarus, that he

Mar. 9. 44, hom'. but if may dip the tip of 2 Th. 1. : went unto them his finger in water, Re. 14.10.(from the dead, they and m cool my & 19. 20. will repent. tongue : for I namo ch. 6. 24. 31 And he said tormented in this Job 21..13 unto him, if they flame.

& 22. 18. hear not Moses and 95 But Abraham

Ps. 17, 14. & 37. 35.

the prophets, q nei. said, Son, remem Ro. 8. 7. ther will they be ber that thou in thy! Ph. 3. 19. persuaded, though lifetime receivedst 1 Jno.2.15. one rose from the thy good things, and p Is. 8. 20. dead. likewise Lazarus evil

& 34. 16. 1 things : but now he

Mal. 4.4. CHAP. XVII.

Jno. 5. 39. is comforted, and


1 THEN said he thou art (ormented. Ac. 15.21. unto the disciples, alt

26 And beside all & 17. 11. is impossible but that this, between us and

2 Ti.3. 15. offences will come:

2Pe. 1. 19. but woe into him, you there is a great gulf fixed : so that

Jno. 11. Ithrough whom they

43.53. they which would & 12. 10, pass from hence to 11. 2 It were better for you cannot ; neitherla Ma. e. 23. him that a millstone can they pass to us, & 18. 6, 7. were hanged about that would come from Mar. 9. 42. his neck, and he cast thence.

Ro. 14. 13. into the sea, than that

& 16. 17. 27 Then he said,

The should offend one

1Co. 8. 13. I pray thee there & 11. 19. of these little ones. fore, father, that thon 2 Th.2.10. 3 Take heed to wouldest send him

12. yourselves : b If thy to my father's house : b Ma. 18. 15. brother trespassa 28 For I have fire

21. gainst thee, crebuke brethren; that he cle. 19. 17. him; and if he repent, may testify unto

Ps. 141.5. forgive him.

Pr. 17. 10. them, Jest they also

4 And if he trespass

Ga. 2. 11 come into this place

14. against thee seven of torment.

Ja. 5. 19. times in a day, and 29 Abraham saithe

seven times in a day

comerb wnio come?

comei were mills to him thaanged be cast

The ten lepers LUKE XVII.

cleansed. turn again to thee, A. D. 33. vants : we have done saying, I repent; thou

that which was our shalt forgive him. a Ma. 17.20. duty to do. 5 And the apostles

11 And it came to

Mar. 9. 23. said unto the Lord,

& 11. 22, pass, 8 as he went to Increase our faith. 1 23. Jerusalem, that he 6 d And the Lord

e ch. 12. 37. passed through the said, If ye had faith

midst of Samaria and

f Job 22. 3. as a grain of mustard


& 35. 7. seed, ye might say

12 And as he enterunto this sycamine Ma. 25. 30. ed into a certain vil. tree, Be thou plucked Ro. 3. 12. lage, there met him up by the root, and the root andl & 11. 35. ten men that were

11 Co. 9.16, iar be thou planted in 8.16, lepers, h which stood the sea; and it should Ph. 11.

afar off : obey you.*

13 And they lifted 7 But which of you, 3 ch..2007 up their voices, and

52. having a servant Jno. 4.4. said, Jesus, was

said, Jesus, Master, plowing or feeding h Le. 13. 45,

have mercy on us. cattle, will say unto


14 And when he him by and by, when

saw them, he said unhe is come from the

ich. 5. 14.
Le. 13.1,

to them, i Go shew field, Go and sit down


yourselves unto the to meat ?

& 14. 2, Priests. And it came 8 And will not rather

to pass, that, as they gay unto him, Make

went, they were ready wherewith !

cleansed. may sup, and gird ver. 6–

15 And one of them, thyself, é and serve • This pro- when he saw that he me, till I have eaten verbial say was healed, turned and drunken ; and af

ing expresses back and with a lon

the powerful terward thou shalt eat efficacy of

voice glorified God, and drink?

faith ; so in 16 And fell down 9 Doth he thank Ma. 21. 21. on his face at his feet, that servant because

Mar.11.23-1 giving him thanks :

To remove he did the things mountains. and he was a Samathat were command. &c.-phrases ritan. ed him! I trow not. often used by l 17 And Jesus an

10 So likewise ye. Jewish writ-swering said, Were when ye shall have

ers to denote there not ten cleans

things very led ? but where are done all those things which are command-be accom the nine? ed you, say, We are plished. 18 There are not unprofitable f ser

I found that reiurned to

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