He commendeth LUKE IX.

humility. child, and set him by A. D. 32. though he would go him,

to Jerusalem. 48' And said unto

h Ma. 10.40. 54 And when his them, h Whosoever

& 18. 5.
& 25. 40.

disciples James and shall receive this

45. John saw this, they child in my name Mar. 9. 37. said, Lord, wilt thou receiveth me: and

Jno 12.44. that we command fire whosoever shall re

& 13. 20. to come down from

& 14. 21. ceive me receiveth

1 Th. 4.8.

s heaven, and consnme him that sent me :

i eh. 7. 28.

them, even as » Elias for i he that is least

& 13. 30.

did ? among you all, Pr. 18. 12. 55 But he turned, the same shall be Ma. 19. 28. and rebuked them, great.

& 23. 11. and said, Ye know

Re. 3. 21.1 49 k And John an

not what manner of

& 21. 14. 10 wal manner swered and said,

1 Pe. 5. 3. spirit ye are of. Master, we saw one Mar. 9.35.1 56 For p the Son of casting out devils in k Nu. 11.29. man is not come to thy name; and well ch. 11. 23destroy men's lives. forbad him, because Ma. 12. 30. but to save them. And he followeth not with Mar. 9. 40. they went to another us.

1 Co.12, 3. village. 50 And Jesus said mch. 24.51.1 57 9 And it came to unto him, Forbid him

2 Ki. 2. 1. pass, that, as they

Mar.16.19. not: for i he that is

Jno. 6. 42. Went in the waya not against us is for & 13. 1. certain man said unto us.

& 16. 5. him, Lord, I will 51 And it came to & 17. 11. follow thee whither

Ac. 1. 2. pass, when the time

soever thou goest.

Ep. 1. 20. was come that he


158 And Jesus said

4. 8. should be received 1 Ti.3. 16. unto him, Foxes have up, he stedfastly set He. 6. 20. holes, and birds of his face to go to Je

& 12. 2. the air have nests;

1 Pe. 3. 22. but the Son of man rusalem,

52 And sent mes. In Jno. 4.4.9. hath not where to lay sengers before his lo2 Ki. 1. 10. This head. face: and they went,

12. 59 r And he said unand entered into a Ac. 4. 29. to another. Follow village of the Samari. p Jno. 3. 17. me. But he said. tans, to make ready

& 12. 47. Lord, suffer me first for him.

q Ma. 8. 19. to go and bury my 53 And n they did Jno.13.37.fe not receive him, be

e him ber Ma. 8. 21. 60 Jesus said unto cause his face was as

him, Let the dead

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The seventy sent LUKE X. to work miracles. bory their dead : bat A. D. 32. 5 And into what. go thon and preach

soever house yeenter, the kingdom of God. scb. 14. 18. first say, Peace be to 61 And another al

20. 26. this house. 80 said, Lord, SJ

De. 33. 9. 6 And if the son of

1 Ki.19.20., will follow thee; but

Ec. 9. 10. pead

peace be there, your let me first go bid Ma. 10.37, peace shall rest upon them farewell, which

38. it: if pot, it shall turn are at home at my a Ma. 10. 1. to you again. house,

Mar. 6.7. 7 h And in the same 62 And Jesus said b Ma. 9. 37, house remain, ieating unto him, No man,

33. and drinking such having put his hand

things as they give : to the plough, and

for k the labourer is

9. looking back, is fit c 2 Th. a worthy of his hire. for the kingdom of

Go not from house to God.

ech. 9. 3. 8 And into whatsoCHAP. X.

Ma. 10. 9,

ever city ye enter,

10. AFTER these thingsl Mar. 6. 8. and they receive you, the Lord appointed f2 Ki. 4. 29. eat such

eat such things as other her severity seventy also, asg ch. 19. 9.

are set before you : and a sent them two i Sa. 25. 6.

91 And heal the sick and two before his Ma. 10. 12. that are therein, and face into every city h Ma. 10.11. say unto them, m'l'he and place, whither he i 1 Co.10.27. kingdom of God is himself would come. M

come nigh unto you. 9 Therefore said he 1 Co. 9.4:1 10 But into whatso. un to them, b The har.

&c. ever city ye enter, vest truly is great, I Ti. 5. 18. and they receive you but the labourers are Ich. 9.2. not, go your ways few : opray ve there- Ma. 10. 8. lout into the streets of

Mar. 6 13. the same, and say, fore the Lord of the

Ac. 28. 7.1" harvest, that hewould

11 n Even the very erem ver. 11. Send forth labourers

Ma. 3. 2.

dust of your city, into his harvest.

& 4. 17.

which cleaveth on us, 3 Go your ways : & 10. 7. we do wipe off against behold, I send you nch. 9. 5. you: notwithstanding forth as lambs among Ma. 10.14. be ye sure of this wolves.

Ac. 13. 51. that the kingdom of

neither! & 18. 6. God is come nigh unpurse, nor scrip, nor o Ma. 10. 15. to v shoes : and f salute Mar. 6. 11. 12 But I say, no man by the way. I= a lyou, that it shall be

He rejoiceth

in spirit. inore tolerable in that, A. D. 32. scorpions, and over day for Sodom, than Ma. 11.21.

ou all the power of the for that city.

enemy: and nothing 13 p Woe upto thee 19 Eze. 3. 6.

shall by any means

r Ma. 11. 23. hurt you. Chorazin! woe unto Ma. the Bethsaida! gfors Ge. 11. 4. 20 Notwithstanding

De. 1. 28. lin if ihe mighty works

in this rejoice not, that

Is. 14. 13. had been done in Je. 51.53. the spirits are subTyre and Sidon, Eze 20.20. Ject unto you; but which have been & 32. 18. rather rejoice, because done in you, they hadlu Ma. 10.40. youre names are writ. a great while ago re- Mar. 9. 37. ten in heaven. pented, sitting in Jno.13.20. 21 d In that hour sackcloth and ashes. xl Th. 4. S. Jesus rejoiced in

14 But it shall be y Jno. 5. 23. spirit, and said, I more tolerable for 2 ver. 1. thank thee, O Father. Tyre and Sidon atla Jno.12.31. Lord

12.31. Lord of heaven and the judgment, than & 16. 11. earth, that thou hast for you.

Re. 9. 1. Jhid these things from 15 . And thou, Ca- & 12. 8, 9. the wise and prudent, pernaum, which art b Mar. 16.18.and hast revealed

to heavenAc. 28. 5. them unto babes : shall be thrust down Ex. 32. 32. even so, Father : for to hell.

Ps. 69. 28. so it seemed good in

Is. 4. 3. 16 ulle that heareth

Da. 12. 1. thy sight. you heareth me ; aud Ph. 4. 3. 29 et All things are hem that despiseth He. 12. 23. delivered to me of my you despiseth me;

Re. 13. 8. Father : and sno and y he that despis

& 20. 12. mannen

man knoweth who

& 21. 27. etli me despiseth him

ihe Son is, but the

d Ma. 11.25. tha: sent me.

Father; and who the 17 And the seven-ed: 2 Father is, but the

| Jno. 3. 35. ty returned again

Son, and he to whom with joy, saymgl + Many an

the Son will reveal cient copies

him. are subject unto us add these T23 And he turned through thy name words, And Jhim unto his disciples. 18 And he said un- turning to and said

and said privately,

his disciples, Blessed s are the eyes to them, al beheld

he said, Satan as lightning

which see the things fall from heaven. 19 Behold, bl give

& 6. 44. 46. that ye see: & Ma, 13.16..

124 For I tell you, unto you power lo i I Pe. 1. 10. at many prophet tread on serpents and

and kings have de170

Lore subery name in the ligples which sese:

How to love

LUKE X. our neighbour sired to see those A. D. 32. fed him, and departed. things which ye see,

e: ich.18. 18.

leaving him half and have not seen Ma. 19.16. dead.

is dead. them; and to hear & 22. 35.1 31 And by chance those things which ye ! De. 6. 5. there came down a hear, and have not Ma. 22.37. certain Priest that heard them.

1 Le. 19. 18. way: and when he 95 And, behold, al Ma. 19.19. saw him, he passed certain Lawyer stood m Le, 18.5. by on the other side. up, and tempted him, Ne. 9. 29. 32 And likewise a saying, i Master, what

charl Eze 20.11. Levite, when he was

13. 21. shall I do to inherit

3. 21. at the place, came


Ro. 10. 5. eternal life?

and looked on him,

nch. 16. 15. 26 He said unto" L

Le. 19. 34.

and passed by on the him, What is written

other side.

o Ps. 38. 11. in the law ? how read

33 But a certain est thon?

p Jao. 4. 9.

Samaritan,p* as he 27 And he answer- See Ma.20.

journeyed, came ing said, I Thou shalt


where he was: and love the Lord thy lyer. 33 when he saw him, he God with all thy There ex

had compassion on heart, and with all isted great him. thy soul, and with all enmity be 34 And went to him.

atween the
Jewish and

and bound up his with all thy mind; Samaritan

wounds, pouring in and 'thy neighbour as nations ; 80 oil and wine, and set thyself.

that our him on his own beast, 28 And he said un. Lord, by se- and brought him to

lecting the lan inn, and took care to him, Thou hast an

Samaritan, swered right: this do, most forcibly and m thou shalt live.incalcated 35 And on the mor

99 But he, willing the precept row when he depart to justify himself, be intended, ed, he took out two

and con. said unto Jesus, And de

demned the pence, and gave them who is my neigh-conduet of to the host, and said bour?

the Priest unto him, Take care 30 And Jesus an- and Levite, of him: and whatso

from the swering said, A cer

ever thou spendest

nature of tain man went down whose office more

fica more, when I come from Jerusalem to works of again, I will repay Jericho, and fell charityought thee. among thieves, which to have been 36 Which now of

these stripped him of his expected. these three, thinkest raiment, and wound

thou, was neighbour

Christ teacheth LUKE. XI.

to pray. unto him that fell, A. D. 32. pass, that, as he was among the thieves?

a Jno. II. 1. Praying in a certain

Jno. 11. 1. 37 And he said.

Te &.12. 2, 3. place, when he ceas.

30 ed, one of his disci. on him. Then said

Re: ples said unto him, Jesus unto him, Go,l. Lug. 35 Lord, teach us to pray, and do thou likewise. Ac. 22. 3.

as John also taught 38 Now it came tot Ps, 27. 4.

his disciples. pass, as they went, a Ma. 6. 9. 2 And he said unto that he entered into al + Or. for the them, When ye pray, certain village : and day. say, a Our Father a certain woman nam- i Or,out of

which art in heaven, ed 9 Martha received his way. Hallowed be thy him into her house.

name. I hy kingdom 39 And she had a ver. 40

come. Thy will be sister called Mary,

* The word danesi,

done, as in heaven, so which r also s sat at here renderin earth. Jesus' feet,and heard ed was cum- 3 Give us + day by his word.

bered, means day our daily bread. 40 But Martha was to be drawn And forgive us cumbered * about


ways at the our sins; for we also much serving, and

forgive every one that came to him, and and admira- is indebted to us. baid, Lord, dost thou bly expresses And lead us not into not care that my sis

of a mind

"temptation ; but de. ter hath left me to

liver us from evil. serve alone? bid her (as Martha's 5 And he said unto

then was) them, Which of you help me.

with so shall have a friend, 41 And Jesus an

many ob-
jects of care,

and shall go unto him swered and said unto that it hard at midnight, and say her, Martha, Martha, ly knows unto him, Friend, thou art careful and which to al- lend me three loaves : troubled about many te

tend to first.

6 For a friend of things :*

ver. 41

mine I in his journey 42 But tone thing is

Thou art

careful, needful : and Mary

is come to me, and I μεριμνας,

have nothing to set hath chosen that good anxiously

before him? part, which shall not

7. And he from be taken away from Tuplap, dis- within shall answer her.

turbed, or hurried,

and say, Trouble me CHAP. XI. about many not : the door is now


shut, and my child1 AND it came tol

l ren are with me in

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