decree. member his holy co- Before A.D. CHAP. II. venant ;

the 6th year. ||1 AND it came to 73 u The oath which Ge 12.3. pass in those days, he sware to our fa. He. 6. 13. that there went out a ther Abraham,

x Ro. 6. 18. decree from Cæsar 74 That he would he. 9. 14. Augustus, that all the grant unto us, that y Je. 32. 39. world should betttaxwe being delivered Ep. 4. 24. ed. out of the hand of our

2'Th. 2.13.

2 (a And this taxing

2 Ti. 1. 9. enemies might Xserve

was first made when him without fear,

I Pe. l. 15. Cyrenius was gover75 yin holiness and Pe. 1.4. nor of Syria.) righteousness before z Is. 40. 3. 3 And all went to him, all the days of Mal. 3. 1. be taxed, every one our life.

Ma. 11. 10. into his own city. 76 And thou, child,

14 And Joseph also

Mar. 1. 4. shalt be called the

went up from Galilee, prophet of the High- for, for. ont of the city of Na est for z thou shalt Or, borrels zareth. into Judæa,

of the mercy. go before the face of the mercy. unto bthe city of Dathe Lord to prepare,

. Or, sun- vid. which is called his ways;


Bethlehem;( because 77 To give know Nu. 24.17. he was of the house ledge of salvation un Is, Il. 1. and lineage of David:) to his people a + by

Ze. 3. S. 5 To be taxed with the remission of their

Mal. 4. 2

Mary d his espoused sins,

b Is. 9. 2.

wife, being great with

Ma. 4 16.1 78 Through the tender mercy of our

16 And so it was,

c ch.2, 40, 4. God; whereby the

that, while they were dayspring ý from on

d Ma. 3. I.

there, the days were high hath visited us. I Before the

accomplished that 79 To give light


she should be deli. to them that sit in Domini the

vered. darkness and in the fifth year. 7 And e she brought shadow of death, to +tor, inrol-forth her firstborn guide our feet into led. son, and wrapped the way of peace. a Ac. 5. 37. him in swaddling

80 And e the child b 1 Sa. 16,1. clothes, and laid him grew, and waxed Jno. 7. 42. in a manger; because strong in spirit, and c ch. 1. 27. there was no room for was d in the deserts.

Ma. 1. 16. he 1 ch. 1. 27.

them in the inn. till the day of his e Ma. 1. 25.1. 8 And there were shewing unto Israel.


l in the same country 138

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Angcl appears LUKE II. to the shepherds. shepherds abiding in Before A.D. one to another. Let the field, + keeping the 5th year. us now go even unto watch over their flock

Bethlehem, and see by night.

Or, the night

this thing which is 9 And, lo, the an- watches.

come to pass, which gel of the Lord camelfch. 1. 12.

the Lord hath made upon them, and the

known unto us. glory of the Lord 6

15 ver. 31,32.
ch. 24. 47

16 And they came shone round about Ge, 12.3. with haste, and found them : fand they were Ma. 29. 19. Mary, and Joseph, sore afraid.

Col. 1. 23. and the babe lying in 10 And the angel h Is. 9. 6. said unto them, Feari Ma. 1. 21. | 17 And when they not: for, behold, Ilk ch. 1. 43. Thad seen it, they briog you good ti-l Ma. 1. 16. made known abroad dings of great joy, & 16, 16. the saying which was whichs shall be to all Ac. 2. 36. told them concerning people.

& 10. 36.

this child. nib For unto younge. 29. 12.1.

Ph. 2. 11.

18 And all they that is born this day in

& 32, 1, 2.

heard it wondered at the city of David i a

Ps. 103.20. those things which Saviour, k which is & 148.2. were told them by Christ the Lord. Da. 7. 10. the shepherds. 12 And this shall be

hel He. 1, 14

19 pBut Mary kept

Re. 5. 11. a sign unto you; Yel

all these things, and au find the bobom ch.19. 38.

pondered them in her wrapped in swad


Inch. 1. 79. dling clothes, lying" 14.

20 And the sherin a manger.

Ro. 5. 1. herds returned, glo13 1 And suddenly no. 16. rifying and praising there was with the Ep.2.4.7. God for all the things apgel a multitude of| 2 Th. 2. 16. that they had heard the heavenly host 1 Jno. 4.9, and seen, as it was praising God, and + Gr. the

10. told unto them. saying,

men the

219And when eight 14 m Glory to God Shepherds, days were accomin the highest, and p ver. 51.

plished for the ciron earth peace, good ch. 1. 66. cumcising of the will toward men. Ge. 37. 11. child, his name was

15 And it came to lq ch. 1. 69. called JESUS,which pass, as the angels Go. 17. 12. was

was so named of the

Le. 12. 3. la were gone away from.

angel before he was

"Ich. 1. 31. them into heaven, Ma. 1. 21. conceived in the the shepherds saidi

l womb.

6.8. tion.

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15. 52. 10. were spoken Simeon

Circumcision LUKE II.

of Christ. 22 And when the Before A.D. 1. 28 Then took he

er purifica the 4th year. him up in his arms, tion according to the 12.7 and blessed God, and law of Moses were

3, 4. 6. said, accomplished, they

t Ex. 13. 2. 29 Lord, a now let. brought him to Jeru & 22. 29. test thou thy servant salem, to present him & 34. 19. depart in peace, acto the Lord;

Nu. 3. 13. cording to thy word: 23 (As it is written

& 8. 17.
& 18. 15.

30 For mine eyes in the law of the Lord,

haveb seen thy salva

u Le. 12. 2. Every male that openeth the womb

31 Which thou hast

I ver. 38. shall be called holy 15. 40. 1. prepared before the to the Lord ;)

Mar.15.43. face of all people; 24 And to offer a Ps. 89.48.1 32 cA light to sacrifice according tol He. 11. 5. lighten the Gentiles, that u which is said z Ma. 4. 1. and the glory of thy in the law of thela Ge.46. 30. people Israel. Lord, A pair of turtle- Ph. 1. 23.. 33 And Joseph and doves, or two young b ch. 3. 6. his mother marvelled pigeons.*

Is. 52. 10. at those things which 25 And, behold, cls.9.2. were spoken of him. there was a man in Je & 42.6. 31 And Simeon rusalem, whose name

& 49. 6. blessed them, and

& 60. 1. 2. was Simeon; and the

said unto Mary his

Ma. 4. 16. same man was just

Ac. 13. 47. mother, Behold, this and devout, xwaiting! & 28. 29. child is set for the for the consolation of a ls. 8. 14. fall d and rising again Israel: and the Holy Ho. 14. 9. of many in Israel; Ghost was upon him. Ma.21.44.and for e a sign which 26 And it was re

Ro. 9. 32. shall be spoken vealed unto him by

1 Co.l. 23. against ; the Holy Ghost, that 24. 35 (Yea, fa sword he should not y see 2Cor.2.16. shall pierce through death, before he 1 Pe, 2. 7. thy own soul also,) had seen the Lord's e Ac. 28. 22. that the thoughts of Christ.

f Ps. 42. 10. many hearts may be 27 And he came Jno.19. 25. revealed. byz the Spirit into the ver. 24- 36 And there was temple: and when * One for a one Apna, a prothe parents brought sin-of

onght sin-offering, phetess, the daughter

the other for in the child Jesus, to $,

of Phanuel, of the

a burntdo for him after the offering.

tribe of Aser: she custom of the law,

Iwas of a great age,

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Jesus teaching


in the temple. and had lived with Before A.D. had fulfilled the days.

de seven the 4th year. as they returned, the years from her vir Ps. 22. 2. child Jesus tarried ginity;

Ac. 26. 7. behind in Jerusalem; 37 And she was al Ti. 5.5. |and Joseph and his widow of about four- Re. 7. 15. mother knew not of score and four years. I b ver. 25. . iit. which departed not

ch. 23. 51. 44 But they, suppos.

& 24. 21. from the temple, but

Mar. 15. ing him to have been served God with fast.

43. in the company, went ings and prayers t Or, Israel a day's journey *; night and day.

i ver. 52.

and they sought him 38 And she coming ch. 1. 80. among their kinsfolk in that instant gave Ju. 13. 24. and acquaintance. thanks likewise unto 1 Sa. 2. 18. 45 And when they the Lord, and spake

26. found him not, they


& 3. 19. of him to all them

Ps. 22. 9,

turned back again to that h looked for re

10. Jerusalem, seeking demption in Jesusa

Is. 53. 1, him. lem.

| 46 And it came to 30 And when they k Ex. 23. 15. pass, that after three had performed all

& 34. 23.

days they found him things according to Nu.28. 16. in the temple, sitting the law of the Lord, De. 16. 1. in the midst of the they returned into

16. doctors, both hearing Galilee, to their own

Jno, 2. 13. them, and asking

& 6. 4. city Nazareth.

& 11. 55. them questions. 40 i And the child & 13. 1.

| 47 And I all that Brew, and waxedich. 4. 22. heard him were asstrong in spirit, filled

32. tonished at his underwith wisdom and Ma. 7. 28. standing and answers. the grace of God was

48 And when they

Jno. 7. 15. upon him.

saw him, they were

46. 41 Now his pa

amazed : and his morents went to Jerusa- ver. 44 - ther said unto him, len k every year at EvT TUO La Son, why hast thou the feast of the pass- oupany onthus dealt with us? over.

bany behold thy father and 49 And when he

was probably I have sought thee was twelve years numerous, sorrowing. old, they went up to such as are 49 And he said un

now called Jerusalem after the

to them, How is it

Curatans in tou , custom of the feast. the East that ye sought me ! 43 And when they = = I wist ye not chat I

The preaching LUKE III.

of Jolm. must be about m myA. D. 8. 4 As it is written Father's business?

in the book of the 50 And a they un


words of Esaias the derstood not the say

nch. 9. 15.

• prophet, saying, dThe ing which he spake. “ voice of one crying

o ver. 19. unto them.

in the wilderness,*

Da. 7. 28. 51 And he went

Prepare ye the way

p ver. 40. down with them, and" 5: 26. of the Lord, make came to Nazareth, l.

his paths straight. and was subject unto Or, age. 5 Every valley them: but his motherla Jno. 11.49. shall be filled, and kept o all these say

51. every mountain and incin her heart

& 18. 13. Thill shall be brought 52 And Jesus p in

Jesus Din. Ac. 4. 6. low; and the crookcreased in wisdom b Ma. 3. 1. ed shall be made and + stature, and in Mar. 1. 4. straight, and the favour with God and c ch. 1. 77. rough ways shall be man. CHAP. U. d Is. 40. 3. made smooth;

Ma. 3. 3.

16 And e all flesh 1 Now in the fif. Mar. 1.3. shall see the salvateenth year of the Jno. 1. 23. tion of God. reign of Tiberius

e ch. 2. 10. 7 Then said he to (æsar, Pontius Pi. Ps. 98. 2. the multitude that late being governor Is. 52. 10. came forth to be bapof Judæa, and Herod Ma. 3. 7. tized of him, fo ge. being tetrarch Of Or. meet

neration of vipers, Galilee, and his bro

who hath warned ther Philip tetrarch

you to flee from the of Ituræa and of the

wrath to come? region of Trachonitis, The idea is 8 Bring forth thereand Lysanias the te- taken from fore fruits I worthy tra rch of Abilene,

the custoin 2 a Annas and Caia.

of repentance, and of Eastern

begin not to say phas being the high who, when within yourselves, priests, the word of entering We have Abraham God came unto John upon an ex- to our father. for 1 the son of Zacharias

pedition in the wilderness.

4 through de. say unto you, That

sert countries God is able of these 3 b And he came sent har stones to raise up into all the country bingers be- children unto Abraabout Jordan, preach

1. fore them to ham. ing the baptism of

remove all mo impedi

19 And now also

Anu repentance o for the ments. &c. the axe is laid unto remission of sins; S o the root of the trees :

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