And delivered MARK XV. to be crucified. ye call the king of A. D. 33. jon him, and led him the Jews?

out to crucify him. 13 And they cried

121 i And they comout again, Crucify

16. pel ope Simon a Cyhim.

h Ma. 27.27. / renian, who passed 14 Then Pilate said i Ma. 27. 32. by, coming out of unto them, Why, La. 23.26. the country, the fawhat evil hath hek Ma. 27. 33.ther of Alexander done? And they cri- La. 23. 33. and Rufus, to bear ed out the more ex- Jno. 19.17. his cross. ceedingly, Crucify1 Ma. 27. 34.. 22 kAnd they bring him.

m Ps. 22, 18. him unto the place 15 & And so Pilate, Ma. 27.35. Golgotha, * which willing to content the

+ thel Lu. 23. 34. is, being interpreted, people, released Ba

The place of a scull. rabbas unto them,

'n Ma. 27. 45. 23 1 And they gave

Lu. 23. 44. and delivered Jesus, Jno. 19.14.

him to drink wine when he had scourged. M. 2 mingled with myrrh : him, to be crucified. Jno, 19.19.

but he received it 16 h And the solp Ma, 27.38.

not. diers led him away Lu. 23.32., 24 A

1. 24 And when they into the hall, called Jno. 19.18. had crucified him, Prætorium ; * and Is. 53. 12. they call together the Lu. 22.37.ments, casting lots whole band.

He. 12. 2. upon them, what 17 And they cloth

every man should ed him

ver. 16with purple, * Called so

take. and platted a crown from Præ. 1,2

25 And n it was the of thorns, and put it tor, a Roman third hour, and they about his head, magistrate; crucified him. 18 And began to

being his 26 And the super

court, and salute him, Hail,

where he

scription of his accuking of the Jews!

gave judg- sation was written 19 And they smote ment. over, 'THE KING him on the head with ver. 22 OF THE JEWS. a reed, and did spit * From the 27 And p with him upon him, and bow Hebrew they crucify two ing their knees wor- anaba thieves; the one on shipped him.

his right hand, and

or no 20 And when they

the other on his left. had mocked him a skull; in

28 And the Scripthey took off the pur-varia, Cal

Latin, Cal

ture was fulfilled, ple from him, and vary. which saith, 4 And put his own clothes

lhe was numbered

Jerus is

crucified. with the transgres- A. D. 33. when they heard it, SOTS.

said, Behold, he call29 And they that . Ps. 22. 7, leth Elias. passed by railed on &c. 36 And y one ran him, wagging their

& 35. 15. and filled a spunge

21.1. heads, and saying,

19 full of vinegar, and Ah, s thou that des 20. 26. put it on a reed, and troyest the temple, & 109. 25. gave z him to drink, and buildest it in

La. 1. 12. saying, Let alone; let three days,

& 2, 15. Ma, 27.39,

us see whether Elias 30 Save thyself,


will come to take and come down from s ch. 14. 55. him down. the cross.

Jno, 2. 19. 37 a And Jesus cri. 31 Likewise also lt Ma. 27.44. ed with a loud voice, the Chief Priests Lu, 23, 39. and gave up the ghost. mocking said among lu Ma. 27.45. 38 And bthe veil of themselves with the Lu. 23. 44. the temple was rent Scribes, He saved x Ps. 22. 1. in twain from the top others; himself he Ma. 27.46. to the bottom. cannot save..

He. 5.7. 39 And when the 32 Let Christ thely Ma. 27. 48. centurion, which King of Israel des. Lu. 23. 36. stood over againe cend now from the cross, that we may 2 18.6

z Ps. 69. 21. cried out, and gave eve And a Ma. 27. 50. up the ghost, he said,

Lu. 23. 46. Truly this man was they t that were crucified with him re

the Son of God.

b Ma, 27.51. viled him.

400 There were also

There were al

Lu, 23. 45. 33 And u when the

He. 4. 14. women looking on sixth hour was come, & 6. 19. afar e off : among there was darkness & 9. 3. 12. whom was Mary Magover the whole land*

& 10.19, dalene, and Mary until the ninth hour.

20. the mother of James

Wc Ma. 27.54. the less and of Joses, 34 And at the ninth

Lu. 23. 47.1. hour Jesus cried with

and Salome;

la Ma. 27.55. a loud voice, saying, Lu. 23. 49.

41 (Who also, when

a Jno. 19. 25. The was in Galilee. sabachthani ? which Ps. 38

followed f him, and is, being interpreter,

ministered unto him;) My God, iny God,

f Lu. 8.2, 3. and many other wowhy hast thou for- Ma. 27,57. men which came up saken me?

La. 23. 50. with him unto Jeru35 And some of Jno. 19.38.salem them that stood by,l=

42 & And now when

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MARK XVI. resurrection, the even was come, A. D. 33. Mary Magdalene, and because it was the

Mary the mother of

h Lu, 2. 25. preparation, that is,

James, and Salome, the day before the & 23. 51. |had b bought sweet sabbath,

i Ma. 27. 59, spices, that they 43 Joseph of Ari

60. might come and anmathæa, an honour- Lu. 23. 53. oint him. able to counsellor, Jno. 19.40.! 2 c And very early which also hwaited a Ma. 28. 1. in the morning the for the kingdom of Lu. 23. 54. first day of the week

56.1 God, came, and went & 24. 1. they came unto the in boldly unto Pilate, Jpo. 19.31. sepulchre at the rising and craved the body & 20.1. of the sun. of Jesus.

b La. 23. 56. 3 And they said 44 And Pilate mar- Jno.19. 10. among themselves, velled if he were al-c Ma. 28. 1. Who shall roll us ready dead: and call- Lu. 24. 1. away the stone from ing unto him the cen- Jno. 20. 1. the door of the sedi turion, he asked him d Lu. 24. 3. chre ?

Jno. 20. 8. whether he had been

+ And when they

11, 12. any while dead.

looked, they saw that We Ma. 25.5,6. 45 And when he

the stone was rolled knew it of the cen-ver. 43

away : for it was very turion, he gave the * A member great. body to Joseph, of the Sanhe 5 d And entering in. 46 i And he bought drin; the to the sepulchre, they

chief council ne men, and LOON of the Jewish!

saw a young man sithim down, and wrap-nation. The

ting on the right side, ped him in the linen, conduct of clothed in a long and laid him in a Joseph in white garment; and sepulchre which was this instance they were affrighted. hewn out of a rock,

was very 6 And he saith and rolled a stone Beza ob

unto them, Be not unto the door of the serves in affrighted : Ye seek sepulchre.

reference to Jesus of Nazareth, 47 And Mary Mag

him, " He which was crucified: dalene and Mary the openly op

could not but he is risen: he is mother of Joses be-pose himself

not here: behold the held where he was to all the

place where they laid laid.

Jews, and him.

even to Pi- 7 But go your way, CHAP. XVI. late himself.'

See Lu. 23. tell nis disciples a

tell his disciples and 1 ASD a when the

51. Peter that he goeth sabbath was past,

before you into Gali

And ascension MARK XV.

into hear'en. lee : there shall ye seel A. D. 33. belief and hardness him, fas he said unto

of heart, because they you.

fch. 14. 29. believed not them 8 And they went Sa. 26.3 which had seen his ckly and fled 8 Ma. 28. 8. after he was risen.

Lu. 24. 9. from the fepulchreil.

115 o And he said for they trembled and no. 20:14. unto them, Go ye into were amazed:g nei. i Lu. 8. 2.

all the world, P and ther said they apy k Lu. 24. 10. preach the gospel to thing to any man ;. Ro. 20.10. every creature. for they were afraid. Lu. 24. 11. 16 9 He that believ.

9 Now when Jesus m Lu.24.13. eth and is baptized was risen early the Lo.24. 36. shall be saved; but first day of the week, Jno. 20.19. he that believeth not heb appeared first to

Co. 15.5. shall be damned. Mary Magdalene, ioutl. Or, toge- 17 And these signs of whom he had cast


shall follow them that seven devils.

o Ma. 28.19. believe; In my name 10 k And she went

Jno. 15.16. shall they cast out and told them that P Col.

Ip Col. 1. 23. devils; t they shall had been with him, 9 Jno. 3. 18. speak with new as they mourned and Ac. 2. 38.

$. tongues ; wept.

Ro, 10.9.

18 They shall take 11 "And they,when I P8.3.21. up serpents; and if they had heard that Jno. 12.48. they drink any deadhe was alive, and had so. 10. 12. Ily thing, it shall not been seen of her, be- Ac. 5. 16. hurt them; <they shall lieved not.

t Ac. 2. 4.

lay hands on the sick, 19 After that he ap- 1 Co. 12. and they shall repeared in another 10. 28. cover. form n unto two of u Lu. 10.19.) 19 So then y after them, as they walked,x Ac. 5. 15, the Lord had spoken and went into the

16. unto them, he was country.

& 9. 17. received z up into hea.

& 28. S. 13 And they went

ven, and a sat on the

Ja.5.14,15. and told it unto the

right hand of God. residue : neither be y Ac, 1.2, 3. 20 And they went lieved they them.

z Lu. 24,51.

2 L forth, and preached 14 - Afterward he a Ps.110.1.

every where, the Lord appeared unto the AC...5. working with the eleven as they satt at bac, 5. 12. and b confirming the

11 & 14. 3. meat, and apbraided

word with signs folthem with their un- He. 2.4. Tlowing. Amen.

St. Mark, the Author of this book, was the disciple and companion of St. Peter, whom he calls in his first Epistle, chap. v. 13. Marcus my son. It is generally believed that he is the same person that is mentioned in the Acts, and in St. Paul's Epistles, as John, whose surname is Mark, Acts xii. 2, and that he was the son of a pious woman called Mary, who dwelt at Jerusalem; we also read, Col. iv. 10, that he was sister's son to Barnabas. He is mentioned as accompanying Paul and Barnabas in their travels, Acts xii. 25, and xiii. 5. He is the person on whose account Paul and Barnabas separated, Acts xv. 39; where it is said that Barnabas took Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus. It is evident that afterwards Paul became felly reconciled to him. See Col. iv. 10, 2 Tim. iv. 11. & Phil. 24.

It is related that his ministry was very effectual in the con version of numbers to the Christian faith, and that it exposed him to very painful sufferings, ending in his death. He died as a martyr at Alexandria in Egypt, in the eighth year of Nero. Some writers assert that his remains were removed from Alexandria to Venice, where he is accounted the tutelary patron of the republic, and an elegant church is dedicated to his memory. See Eucyclopædia Britannica, and Dr. Lardner's works, vol. 6. p. 77. &c.

Most learned men have agreed that this Gospel was written in Greek, though some bave contended for a Latiu original, as a number of Latin words are found interspersed; but this may be accounted for, by supposing that it was written for the use of the Roman people. It has been conjectured that Mark only wrote as he was dictated to by St. Peter; others have thought that this book is an abridgment of st. Matthew: both these opinions have but a slight foundation. The matter of St. Mark's Gospel was given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The language appears to be his own-it is plain and unadorned. The Hebraisms which occur in it might be reasonably expected from a native of Palestine, writing in the Greek language. It is a valuable part of Divine Revelation.

The following circumstances are omitted by St. Mark, which are noticed either by St. Matthew or St. Luke at the commencement of their Gospels :-uiz. Elizabeth's conception--the Salutation of Mary

Elizabeth visited by Mary-tbe birth of John Baptist--the appear. ance of the Angel to Joseph-Christ's genealogy-Christ's birth-the Angel appearing to the shepherds-Christ's circumcision-Christ's presentation in the temple-the visit of the Magi-Joseph's flight into Rgypt-the infan's murdered by Herod-the Holy Family's retura into Egypt--the journey of Christ when twelve years old to Jerusalem.


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