De Quincey's Writings, 第 6 卷

Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1851

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第 210 頁 - Except, therefore, with the Loyds, or occasionally with Thomas Wilkinson the Quaker, or very rarely with Southey, Wordsworth had no intercourse at all beyond the limits of Grasmere : and in that valley I was myself, for some years, his sole visiting friend ; as, on the other hand, my sole visiters, as regarded that vale, were himself
第 207 頁 - describe my domicile as being amongst the lakes and mountains of Westmoreland, It is true, I often made excursions to London, Bath, and its neighborhood, or northwards to Edinburgh; and, perhaps, on an average, passed one-fourth part of each year at a distance from this district; but here only it was that
第 13 頁 - I found myself, about eleven at night, in a pretty bedroom, about fourteen feet by twelve. Much I feared that this might turn out the best room in the house; and it illustrates the hospitality of my new friends, to mention that it was. Early in the morning, I was
第 192 頁 - In sad conjectures. — Shall we meet him now, Haunting with rod and line the craggy brooks ? Or shall we overhear him, as we pass, Striving to entertain the lonely hours With music?
第 27 頁 - his person; and his face I profess myself unable to describe accurately. His hair was black, and yet his complexion was fair : his eyes I believe to be hazel and large ; but I will not vouch for that fact : his nose aquiline
第 124 頁 - the prosperous mother of a fine handsome family; and she, together with her mother-in-law, are the two leading matrons of the vale. It was on a November night, about ten o'clock, that I first found myself installed in a house of my own — this cottage, so memorable from its past tenant to all men,
第 65 頁 - past: But that enormous barrier binds it fast. &c. &c. &c. The rocks repeat the raven's croak, In symphony austere.' And far beyond this ' enormous barrier,' that thus imprisons the very winds, tower upwards the aspiring heads (usually enveloped in cloud and mist) of Glaramara, Bow Fell, and the other fells of Langdale Head and Borrowdale. Finally,
第 25 頁 - thought national; yet, in mere reverence for truth, I am bound to say, and to declare to all the world, (let who will be offended,) that the first innkeeper in Scotland, under whose roof we met with genuine buttered toast, was an Englishman. * Meantime, if it did not disturb him, it
第 9 頁 - 2 twenty-two, who was supposed to have studied too severely, and to have perplexed his brain with German metaphysics. To this result things tended; but, in one hour, all passed away. It was gone, never to return. The spiritual being whom I had anticipated — for, like Eloise, ' My fancy fram'd him of th' angelic kind — Some emanation of th
第 179 頁 - and round she walked; gazed with almost despairing eyes; her breath came thicker and thicker ; for path she could not trace by which it was possible for her to have entered. Finding herself grow more and more confused, and every instant nearer to sinking into some fainting