A few volumes include appendices (some separately paged) mainly reports of state officers.


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第 655 頁 - The members of the board shall each receive ten dollars per day for the time actually employed in the discharge of their duties and their necessary expenses while engaged therein.
第 701 頁 - Development, and for other purposes, having met, after full and free conference, have agreed to recommend and do recommend to their respective Houses as follows: That the House recede from its disagreement to the amendment of the Senate and agree to the same with an amendment as follows: In lieu of the matter proposed to be inserted by the Senate amendment...
第 423 頁 - In all the cases above enumerated, and in all other cases where a general law can be made applicable, all laws shall be general, and of uniform operation throughout the State...
第 96 頁 - ... notice of the application, by publication in some newspaper published in the county ; and if there are none such, then by advertisements posted up in three of the principal public places in the county.
第 655 頁 - ... or by means or by use of any false or bogus check, or by any other written or printed or engraved instrument, or spurious coin or metal, shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, upon conviction, be punished by imprisonment In the penitentiary for a term not exceeding seven years.
第 575 頁 - That no sale, contract, or lease, wherein the transfer of title or ownership of personal property is made to depend upon any condition, shall be valid against any creditor or purchaser of the vendee or lessee, in actual possession obtained in pursuance thereof, without notice, unless the same be in writing, executed by the vendor or lessor, acknowledged and recorded the same as chattel mortgages.
第 46 頁 - ... no person shall be held to answer for any higher criminal offense, unless on presentment or indictment by a grand jury, except in cases arising in the army, or navy, or in the militia, when in actual service, in time of war or public danger.
第 407 頁 - Diameter, and is to be graduated upon the Scale of Fahrenheit, every Ten Degrees occupying not less than Half an Inch upon the Scale. The inner Vessel shall be filled with the Petroleum to be tested, but Care must be taken that the Liquid does not cover the flat Rim. The Outer Vessel shall be filled with cold, or nearly cold, Water; a small Flame shall be applied to the Bottom of the outer Vessel, and the Thermometer shall be inserted into the Oil so that the Bulb shall be immersed about One and...
第 425 頁 - The question being on the adoption of the Resolution the yeas and nays were demanded, the roll was called with the following result: Yea — Andrzejewski, Anschutz, Bickel, Bogart, Bowman, Butterfield, Edwin M.
第 62 頁 - Resolved, That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives requested, to use their best exertions to procure the passage of a law or resolution of Congress accepting the foregoing proposal.