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第 194 頁 - Congress and the purpose and intent of this Act to provide for the acquisition and retention of stocks of these materials and to encourage the conservation and development of sources of these materials within the United States, and thereby decrease and prevent wherever possible a dangerous and costly dependence of the United States upon foreign nations for supplies of these materials in times of national emergency.
第 12 頁 - ... subject to the availability of space and facilities, and the capabilities of the professional staff.
第 69 頁 - President at any time when in his judgment such release is required for purposes of the common defense, or (b) in time of war or during a national emergency with respect to common defense proclaimed by the President, on order of such agency as may be designated by the President.
第 138 頁 - The plan and date of disposition shall be fixed with due regard to the protection of the United States against avoidable loss on the sale or transfer of the material to be released and the protection of producers, processors, and consumers against avoidable disruption of their usual markets...
第 2 頁 - March of each year on the financial condition and the results of the operations of the Trust Fund during the preceding fiscal year and on its expected condition and operations during each fiscal year thereafter up to and including the fiscal year ending June 30, 1973. Such report shall be printed as a House document of the session of the Congress to which the report is made.
第 68 頁 - Department-wide activities include: the management and staff advisory functions of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the organization of the Joint Chiefs...
第 2 頁 - The funds so appropriated, including the funds heretofore appropriated, shall remain available to carry out the purposes for which appropriated until expended, and shall be expended under the joint direction of the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy.
第 3 頁 - United States" when used in a geographical sense includes only the States, the Territories of Alaska and Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. Sec. 18. Section 3 of this Act shall become effective on the first day of the second calendar month after...
第 76 頁 - ... determined to be necessary in the public interest during the period of a national emergency declared by the President or by the Congress...