Jennie of 'the Prince's' [by B.H. Buxton]. by the author of 'Won!'


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第 420 頁 - And, when the stream Which overflowed the soul was passed away, A consciousness remained that it had left, Deposited upon the silent shore Of memory, images and precious thoughts, That shall not die, and cannot be destroyed.
第 447 頁 - Harry and Lucy, Little Dog Trusty, The Cherry Orchard, &c. A Hero : or, Philip's Book. By the Author of "John Halifax." Story of an Apple. By Lady Campbell. The Cabin by the Wayside. Memoirs of a Doll. By Mrs. Bisset.
第 448 頁 - Ben Howard ; or, Truth and Honesty. By C. Adams. Bessie and Tom : A Book for Boys and Girls. Beechnut : A Franconian Story. By Jacob Abbott. Wallace : A Franconian Story.
第 448 頁 - By Mrs. Geldart. Emilie the Peacemaker. By ditto. Truth is Everything. By ditto. Christmas Holidays. By Miss Jane Strickland, Rose and Kate; or, The Little Howards. Aunt Emma. By the same Author.