The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman: In Three Parallel Texts ; Together with Richard the Redeless, 第 2 卷

Clarendon Press, 1886


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第 54 頁 - Love thyself last: cherish those hearts that hate thee; Corruption wins not more than honesty. Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace, To silence envious tongues. Be just, and fear not: Let all the ends thou aim'st at be thy country's...
第 146 頁 - WHAT is truth ?" said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer. Certainly there be that delight in giddiness, and count it a bondage to fix a belief, affecting free-will in thinking as well as in acting. And though the sects of philosophers of that kind be gone, yet there remain certain discoursing wits which are of the same veins, though there be not...
第 129 頁 - And they say, How doth God know? and is there knowledge in the Most High? 12 Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world ; they increase in riches.
第 472 頁 - Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d. Geography of the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland. By the same author. With ten maps. 1891. Crown 8vo. 6s. Geography of Africa South of the Zambesi. With maps. 1892. By the same author. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d. The Claims of the Study of Colonial History upon the attention of the University of Oxford.
第 38 頁 - What, art mad ? A man may see how this world goes with no eyes. Look with thine ears: see how yond justice rails upon yond simple thief. Hark, in thine ear: change places; and, handy-dandy, which is the justice, which is the thief?
第 159 頁 - No tool had he who wrought; no knife to cut; No nail to fix; no bodkin to insert; No glue to join; his little beak was all. And yet how neatly finished! What nice hand, With every implement and means of art, • And twenty years apprenticeship to boot, Could make me such another?
第 477 頁 - Grueber. Lex Aquilia. The Roman Law of Damage to Property : being a Commentary on the Title of the Digest 'Ad Legem Aquiliam
第 38 頁 - Thou hast most traitorously corrupted the youth of the realm in erecting a grammar school; and whereas, before, our forefathers had no other books but the score and the tally, thou hast caused printing to be used, and, contrary to the king, his crown and dignity, thou hast built a paper-mill.
第 xxxix 頁 - It is in his intense absorbing moral feeling that he is beyond his age : with him outward observances are but hollow shows, mockeries, hypocrisies without the inward power of religion. It is not so much in his keen cutting satire on all matters of the Church as his solemn installation of Reason and Conscience as the guides of the self-directed soul, that he is breaking the yoke of sacerdotal domination ; in his constant appeal to the plainest, simplest Scriptural truths, as in themselves the whole...
第 xl 頁 - England riding in his pride and pomp, with lewdness, rapacity, merciless extortion, insolence in his train. Above all, his hatred (it might seem that on this all honest English indignation was agreed) is against the mendicant orders. Of the older monks there is almost total silence. For St. Benedict, for St. Dominic, for St. Francis he has the profoundest reverence. But it is against their degenerate sons that he arrays his allegorical host ; the friars furnish every impersonated vice, are foes to...