Marlowe's Faustus und seine Quelle: ein Beitrag zur Kritik des Dramas

Velhagen & Klasing, 1881 - 31 頁
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第 26 頁 - That, when you vomit forth into the air, My limbs may issue from your smoky mouths, So that my soul may but ascend to heaven ! [The clock strikes the half-hour.] Ah, half the hour is past!
第 16 頁 - Know that this city stands upon seven hills That underprop the groundwork of the same : Just through the midst runs flowing Tiber's stream With winding banks that cut it in two parts ; Over the which four stately bridges lean, That make safe passage to each part of Rome : Upon the bridge call'd Ponte Angelo Erected is a castle passing strong, Within whose walls such store of ordnance are, And double cannons...
第 26 頁 - Enter Devils. Satan begins to sift me with his pride : As in this furnace God shall try my faith, My faith, vile hell, shall triumph over thee...
第 27 頁 - Why this is hell, nor am I out of it : Think'st thou that I who saw the face of God, And tasted the eternal joys of Heaven, Am not tormented with ten thousand hells, In being deprived of everlasting bliss ? O Faustus!
第 18 頁 - Then, Doctor Faustus, mark what I shall say. As I was sometime solitary set Within my closet, sundry thoughts arose About the honour of mine ancestors, How they had won by prowess such exploits, Got such riches, subdued so many kingdoms As...
第 18 頁 - Master Doctor Faustus, I have heard strange report of thy knowledge in the black art, how that none in my empire nor in the whole world can compare with thee for the rare effects of magic : they say thou hast a familiar spirit, by whom thou canst accomplish what thou list. This, therefore, is my request, that thou let me see some proof of thy skill, that mine eyes may be witnesses to confirm what mine ears have heard reported : and here I swear to thee, by the...
第 23 頁 - Ah, Doctor Faustus, that I might prevail To guide thy steps unto the way of life, By which sweet path thou may'st attain the goal That shall conduct thee to celestial rest...
第 31 頁 - Think Mercy sits where Justice holds her seat, And from those wounds those bloody Jews did pierce, Which by thy magic oft did bleed afresh...
第 30 頁 - Luc. Christ cannot save thy soul, for he is just; There's none but I have interest in the same. FAUST.