Specimen of a Bibliography of Old Books and Pamphlets: Illustrative of the Mug, Glass, Bottle, the Loving Cup, and the Social Pipe

compiler, 1885 - 144 頁


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第 44 頁 - There is some soul of goodness in things evil, Would men observingly distil it out...
第 78 頁 - And wherefore have ye made us to come up out of Egypt, to bring us in unto this evil place? it is no place of seed, or of figs, or of vines, or of pomegranates ; neither is there any water to drink.
第 36 頁 - Drink not the third glass, which thou canst not tame, When once it is within thee; but before Mayst rule it, as thou list: and pour the shame, Which it would pour on thee, upon the floor. It is most just to throw that on the ground, Which would throw me there, if I keep the round.
第 49 頁 - Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty: For in my youth I never did apply Hot and rebellious liquors in my blood; Nor did not with unbashful forehead woo The means of weakness and debility; Therefore my age is as a lusty winter, Frosty, but kindly: let me go with you; I'll do the service of a younger man In all your business and necessities.
第 49 頁 - No, sir, there is nothing which has yet been contrived by man by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.
第 56 頁 - Tobacco, divine, rare, superexcellent Tobacco, which goes far beyond all their panaceas, potable gold, and philosopher's stones, a sovereign remedy to all diseases. A good vomit, I confess, a virtuous herb, if it be well qualified, opportunely taken, and medicinally used, but, as it is commonly abused by most men, which take it as Tinkers do Ale, 'tis a plague, a mischief, a violent purger of goods, land, health, hellish, devilish, and damned Tobacco, the ruin and overthrow of body and soul.
第 66 頁 - To store her children with: if all the world Should in a pet of temperance feed on pulse, Drink the clear stream, and nothing wear but frieze, The All-giver would be unthanked...
第 14 頁 - London from all other cities ; that the coffee-house was the Londoner's home, and that those who wished to find a gentleman commonly asked, not whether he lived in Fleet Street or Chancery Lane, but whether he frequented the Grecian or the Rainbow.
第 20 頁 - James. Human Longevity : recording the Name, Age, Place of Residence, and Year of the Decease of 1712 Persons, who attained a Century and upwards, from AD 66 to 1799, comprizing a Period of 1733 Years. With Anecdotes of the most remarkable.