The Sporting review, ed. by 'Craven'., 第 38 卷

John William Carleton


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第199页 - For honour travels in a strait so narrow, Where one but goes abreast : keep then the path; For emulation hath a thousand sons, That one by one pursue : If you give way, Or hedge aside from the direct forthright, Like to an entered .tide, they all rush by, And leave you hindmost...
第66页 - Mourn, ye wee songsters o' the wood ; Ye grouse, that crap the heather bud ; Ye curlews, calling through a clud ; Ye whistling plover ; And mourn, ye whirring paitrick brood — He's gane for ever ! Mourn, sooty coots, and speckled teals ; Ye fisher herons, watching eels ; Ye duck and drake, wi...
第209页 - There is a stone there, that whoever kisses, Oh! he never misses to grow eloquent. 'Tis he may clamber to a lady's chamber, Or become a member of parliament: A clever spouter he'll sure turn out, or An out-and-outer, "to be let alone," Don't hope to hinder him, or to bewilder him; Sure he's a pilgrim from the Blarney stone!
第288页 - ... and, in fact, of the entire body, completes the conduction to the vital apparatus. Hence in fishes, an humble contrivance is capable of effecting the same end as the high-toned instrument of terrestrial animals. Fishes must, therefore, hear with moderate acuteness, particularly such sounds as occasion a vibration of the element in which they reside ; for example, an approaching footstep ; while the sounds which proceed from musical instruments, being less easily conveyed, are probably unknown...
第52页 - Won by a length and a half, a head between the second and third, and two lengths between the third and fourth ; Rogerthorpe was fifth, and Chevalier d'Industrie sixth.
第278页 - I am glad that we do not all feel and think alike," said Dick Homespun, "for if we did, everybody would think my gal, Sukey Snipes, the sweetest creature in all creation, and they would all be trying to court her at once." I never could succeed as a merchant. I have tried it unsuccessfully several times. I never could be content with a fixed salary, for mine is a purely speculative disposition, while others are just the reverse; and therefore all should be careful to select those occupations that...
第3页 - Won by a length and a half, half a length between the second and third, and a length between the third and fourth; True Blue fell.
第217页 - Flowers have bloomed on our prairies, and passed away, from age to age, unseen by man, and multitudes of virtues have been acted out in obscure places, without note or admiration. The sweetness of both has gone up to Heaven. The O'Moores joined the Kellys — Dennis' brothersin-law — at Montreal.
第44页 - Won by eight lengths, four lengths between the second and third, the same between the third and fourth.
第256页 - Moreover it requires no conjuror to discover that two horses make more noise than one ; and all noise, after the first few weeks, is the ruin of sport. The gentleman with his stud would say, ' Why not have three horses ?' This, I admit is a more dignified way of taking; the field, than the subaltern turn-out of the Johnny Trot behind ; but then we have the clatter of three horses, with that of two servants...