The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, 第 18 卷

Smith, Elder, & Company, 1885

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第 409 頁 - I've ta'en the gold, &c. Despise that shrimp, that wither'd imp, Wi' a' his noise and caprin, And tak a share wi' those that bear The budget and the apron ; And by that stowp, my faith and houp, And by that dear Kilbagie,* If e'er ye want, or meet wi' scant, May I ne'er weet my craigie.
第 427 頁 - Stop thief, stop thief — a highwayman ! Not one of them was mute, And all and each that passed that way Did join in the pursuit. And now the turnpike gates again Flew open in short space, The toll-men thinking as before That Gilpin rode a race.
第 82 頁 - I came out of the place quite sick ; and looking before me — there, thank God ! was the blue spire of Monkstown church, soaring up into the free sky, — a river in front rolling away to the sea, — liberty, sunshine, all sorts of glad life and motion, round about : and I couldn't but thank Heaven for it, and the Being whose service is freedom, and who has given us affections that we may use them — not smother and kill them ; and a noble world to live in, that we may admire it and Him who made...
第 159 頁 - The man that lays his hand upon a woman, Save in the way of kindness, is a wretch Whom 'twere gross flattery to name a coward.— I'll talk to you, lady, but not beat you.
第 409 頁 - An' pray'd for grace, wi' ruefu' face, An' sae the quarrel ended." Hark how the tinker apostrophises the violinist, stating to the widow at the same time the advantages which she might expect from an alliance with himself : — " Despise that shrimp, that wither'd imp, Wi...
第 454 頁 - He has told a thousand truths in as many strange and fascinating ways ; he has given a thousand new and pleasant thoughts to millions of people ; he has never used his wit dishonestly ; he has never, in all the exuberance of his frolicsome humour, caused a single painful or guilty blush : how little do we think of the extraordinary power of this man, and how ungrateful we are to him...
第 109 頁 - What sends picturesque tourists to the Rhine and Saxon Switzerland ? within five miles round the pretty inn of Glengariff there is a country of the magnificence of which no pen can give an idea. I would like to be a great prince, and bring a train of painters over to make, if they could, and according to their several capabilities, a set of pictures of the place.
第 399 頁 - There must be no smiling with Cruikshank. A man who does not laugh outright is a dullard, and has no heart; even the old dandy of sixty must have laughed at his own wondrous grotesque image, as they say Louis Philippe did, who saw all the caricatures that were made of himself. And there are some of Cruikshank's designs which have the blessed faculty of creating laughter as often as you sec them.
第 463 頁 - Catholic hierarchy, he lost the invaluable services, the graceful pencil, the harmless wit, the charming fancy of Mr. Doyle. Another member of Mr. Punch's cabinet, the biographer of Jeames, the author of the " Snob Papers," resigned his functions on account of Mr.