Memoirs of Eminent Englishwomen, 第 3 卷

R. Bentley, 1844 - 400 頁

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第 358 頁 - I an enthusiast, still you'd be the deity I should worship. What marks are there of a deity, but what you are to be known by?
第 281 頁 - And, though defaced, the wonder of the eye; What nature, art, bold fiction e'er durst frame, Her forming hand gave feature to the name. So strange a concourse ne'er was seen before, But when the peopled ark the whole creation bore. VII. The scene then changed: with bold erected look Our martial king the sight with reverence strook: For not content to...
第 128 頁 - Go, boy, and carve this passion on the bark Of yonder tree, which stands the sacred mark Of noble Sidney's birth...
第 281 頁 - Were all observed, as well as heavenly face. With such a peerless majesty she stands, As in that day she took the crown from sacred hands: Before a train of heroines was seen, In beauty foremost, as in rank, the queen.
第 277 頁 - Mov'st with the heavens' majestic pace; Or, call'd to more superior bliss, Thou tread'st, with seraphims, the vast abyss: Whatever happy region is thy place, Cease thy celestial song a little space; Thou wilt have time enough for hymns divine, Since Heaven's eternal year is thine.
第 400 頁 - I have seen upon the margin of the written part of Falstaff, which he acted, his own notes and observations upon almost every speech of it, describing the true spirit of the humour, and with what tone of voice, with what look or gesture, each of them ought to be delivered.
第 76 頁 - ... for she was a very faithful mirror, reflecting truly, though but dimly, his own glories upon him, so long as he was present; but she, that was nothing before his inspection gave her a fair figure, when he was removed, was only filled with a dark mist, and never could again take in any delightful object, nor return any shining representation.
第 378 頁 - Invoking art to nature's aid; Forsook by her admiring train She spreads her tatter'd nets in vain; Short was her part upon the stage; Went smoothly on for half a page; Her bloom was gone, she wanted art, As the scene chang'd, to change her part: She, whom no lover could resist, Before the second act was hiss'd.
第 66 頁 - I tired them with more grave instructions than their mothers, and plucked all their babies to pieces, and kept the children in such awe, that they were glad when I entertained myself with elder company, to whom I was very acceptable ; and living in the house with many persons that had a great deal of wit, and very profitable serious discourses being frequent at my father's table and in my mother's drawing-room, I was very attentive to all, and gathered up things that I would utter again to great...
第 134 頁 - ... and injured in the report of his being privy to the marriage of his Lady's niece, the rich young widow of the late Lord Ogle, sole daughter of the Earl of Northumberland ; showing me a letter of Mr.