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of new and effective illustrations, have created that he is at school, and it will enrich hi a new book as attractive to the eye as it is memory for all time to come. stimulating to the social conscienceMr. Riis believes that in the last three years we have coming City (The). By Richard T. El advanced more than in the preceding thirty,

Ph.D., LL.D. Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., New Yor

41x712 in. 110 pages. Goc., net. (Postage, &c.) and while this courageous bit of optimism may not win the assent of the reader's judgment, it class, composed of educated experts selected

A plea for the development of an officeholdin is pretty sure to win his heart, and infect it with a desire to take part in the same hopeful ties, not by competitive examinations, but b

as teachers are selected for State univers struggle. Mr. Riis's optimism is not of the

freer though less tangible tests of efficiency kind which says that “all is going well, there. In thus recommending the freer tests of eti fore we need not struggle,” but of that which ciency Professor Ely in no way identifies hin says that “all is going well if we struggle.” In self with the friends of the spoils system, bu other words, it is not the optimism which merely points out the limited usefulness of produces smug complacency, but that which

civil service reform method in a governmen produces exalted endeavor.

not animated by a civil service reform spirit. Book of Golden Numbers (The). By Kate Consecration of the State (The): An Essay

Douglas Wiggin and Nora A. Smith. McClure, By J; E. C. Welldon, D.D. The Macmillan Co

Phillips & Co., New York. 5x7 in. 687 pages. $2. New York. 5x8 in. 59 pages. 75c. Among the many collections of verse for young Starting from the religious aspect of the coi readers none seems more thoroughly adapted onation of King Edward, Canon Welldon pro to the children of to-day than that contained tests against that secularization of the Stat in this substantial and handsome volume. which he understands English Nonconform Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora A. Smith are ists to aim at. The State he holds to be experts in the kind of knowledge which is divine institution. To detach it from an essential to the preparation of a book of this concern with religion is to lower its ideal, ti kind. They know their poetry well, as many lose reverence for it. - In support of his argu other editors have known it, but they also ment he quotes Channing, and points to th know, what many other editors have not example given in the religious observance known, the tastes, capacity, and interests of fostered by our Government. Irreligion tend children. It is idle to select the kind of read- downward to Anarchism. Canon Welldo ing which children will not enjoy ; admirable seems to misunderstand what English Non as such reading may be, it a waste of time conformists want, but they will see to that. I to collect it. Two things are essential in his argument was intended to strengthen th work of this kind : knowledge of the best, and church interest in the present educational con knowledge also of the capacity of the child. troversy, it is a paralogism. But, on the other The result of the possession of both these hand, it may serve as a wholesome correctiv qualifications has made it possible for the to certain extreme tendencies of thought boti editors of this little book to make an almost there and here. ideal collection-broad, comprehensive, varied, and quite on a level with the interests and

Electricity. By George L. Fowler. Illus tastes of children. There are probably very

trated. The Penn Publishing Co., Philadelphia

412X6 in. 205 pages. few poems in this book which a child of com- A clear, concise treatise dealing with the con mon intelligence and a little imagination will struction and operating of electrical apparatus not thoroughly enjoy; while the taste of the

with the practical rather than the theoretica editors has been so catholic, and their choice aspects of electricity. of subjects so wide, that they have included something for every kind of child. The tact Erromanga : The Martyr Isle. By Rev. H of the woman, the knowledge of the teacher,

A. Robertson. Edited by John Fraser, B.A., LL.D

A. C. Armstrong & Son, New York. 512 X 8 in. 46 and the skill of the trained writer are shown

pages. in the subdivisions which are most alluring: This is a fitting companion book to the widely “Green Things Growing,”. “ On the Wing,” known autobiography of the “ Apostle to the "Fairy Songs and Songs of Fancy,” “ A Gar- New Hebrides,” the Rev. John G. Paton den of Girls," “ The World of Waters,” “ For Erromanga is one of that group of islands, and Home and Country.” The volume has another is deeply stained with the blood of mission unusual quality : all its introductory matter is aries, for which the outrages committed by interesting. The long introduction from the foreign traders were largely responsible hand of Kate Douglas Wiggin is a charming Here, however, Christianity has been securely piece of writing;, while the short introductions planted, and its fruits abound. The author which open the door to each subdivision, and has been engaged in this noble work for some are placed in the volume as interleaves, thirty years, and writes the story of it at the bear the trace of the hands of both editors request of the British churches that sent him and are well adapted to make one wish to forth. It is thoroughly interesting and is know what lies beyond. This volume will be copiously illustrated. a delight in many a household where such a book ought to lie at hand to read to the children Four Princes : A Story of the Christian Church in the hour after dinner and before bedtime. It

Centered around Four Types. By James A. B.

Scherer, Ph.D. The J. B. Lippincott Co., Phila is full of the poetry which lives by reason of delphia. 41,74 in. 276 pages. $1.25, net. its beauty, its truth, and its vitality. It will The study of history by epochs in which ante charm the child for the moment, it will educate cedent movements are summed up, and from his tastes without awakening the suspicion which fresh developments start, is not new,

but it is here applied in a new way. Four the enterprise, whom Dr. Hosmer fitly terms representative characters, Paul, Constantine, “the Dioscuri of American tradition." St. Bernard, Luther-severally representing Modern Eloquence. Edited_by Thomas B. the missionary, the secularizing, the sainily,

Reed and Others. In 10 vols. The John D. Morris and the reforming spirit, are selected to stand

Co., Philadelphia. for the efficient factors in the history of the

The recent death of the editor-in-chief of Church, and also for the four great racial influences that have given form to organized Reed as statesman and orator may naturally

this work and the ensuing estimates of Mr. Christianity. With this interesting concep

attract special attention to his own discussion tion of Christian history Dr. Scherer has wrought out an attractive narrative in popular

on “ Oratory, Past and Present," which apform. He writes from the Lutheran stand pears (rather oddly placed, one would say) in

the fourth volume of this work, one dealing point, in which the glory of Luther sometimes

with Lectures. Quite characteristically, Mr. occults other stars, and one is occasionally tempted to demur, e.g. to his judgment that Republicans and protectionists in reducing

Reed begins by declaring facetiously that the German Reformation was “largely re

the cost of white paper have a heavy responsisponsible" for what Tennyson calls

bility on their consciences. But while he The red fool-fury of the Seine,

mildly satirizes the floods of printed eloquence the gory cruelty of the French Revolution.

now preserved by the newspaper for every General History Way Marks. By Charles C.

man's reading, he distinguishes forcibly be. Boyer, Ph.D. The J. B. Lippincott Cu., Philadel

tween the two kinds of public sentiment," the phía. 5x75 in. 192 pages. 65c.

voice of the people which is the hurried result This is both a desirable and a serviceable of the untrained and uninstructed emotions, manual. It aims at helping the student of and that voice of the people, uttered after due history not to lose amid the crowd of details thought and experience, which is the solid the logical thread connecting events. Such a and enduring basis of human action," and manual is therefore not for independent use, with equal force between the men who stir the but as a companion-book to larger works. surface of thought for the moment and the Here and there are careless statements, e.g.: great orators who have left permanent land** With it (the year 1689] began the long strug. marks. In the work of preparing this tengle between England and France for colonial volume compendium of orations, after-dinner independence."

speeches, lectures, and occasional addresses,

Mr. Reed had the assistance of the English Hidden Manna. By A. J. Dawson. A. S.

writer and statesman Mr. Justin McCarthy, Barnes & Co, New York. 5x799 in. 322 pages. $1.50.

whose contributions to The Outlook have An intensely vivid, photographic story of made him especially well known to our readnative life in Morocco. It is dramatic ratherers, that of Mr. Rossiter Johnson, an American than romantic, and its style is hard and not

authur and journalist of wide and deserved very sympathetic. It has been the fashion to repute, and that of Mr. Albert Ellery Bergh, a call many recent writers the Kiplings of this

trained specialist in the making of compendplace or that, often without much aptness

, but iums. The editors have been aided by a it may truly be said that Mr. Dawson does for

Committee of Selection made up of Dr. Ed. Morocco very much what Kipling did for

ward Everett Hale, Senator Gordon, Senator India. There is a little that is repellent in

Dolliver, Major Pond (who surely ought to this tale, and sometimes it is too high pitched,

know an orator at sight, if any one does), and but the reader actually feels himself set down

several editors and professors. Introductions in the places and among the people described. and special

articles are furnished by Mr. Reed, In story interest, too, it is strong and absorb

Dr. Hale, Senator Dolliver, Mr. Bergh, Mr. ing.

H. W. Mabie, the Hon. Champ Clark, and

Professor Lorenzo Sears. Moreover, many History of the Expedition of Captains Lewis of the orators and speakers represented kindly

and Clark, 1804-6. Reprinted from the Edition of 1814. With Introduction and Index by James K.

consented to point out what they thought to Hosmer, LL.D. In 2 vols. A. C. McClurg & Co., be their own most valuable speeches. It is Chicago. 6x874 in. $5, net.

inevitable that such a work should contain The one hundredth year since the Louisiana some things not worthy of preservation, but a purchase made the United States a thoroughly careful examination will show that the proporcontinental power is an auspicious time for tion of chaff to wheat is reasonably small

. the republication of this famous story of our The general plan is a good one, has been first pioneering into the wilderness, since worked out systematically and on a large transformed by the advance of civilization. scale, and as a whole the ten well-printed and The original work is now found only in handsomely bound volumes fairly and fully libraries; Dr. Coues's reprint in 1893 is out represent the best public utterances of nearly of print ; the present publishers have wisely a hundred famous and brilliant American anticipated the demand of the centenary year public speakers, besides anecdotes, stories, for a new edition. This is furnished with a and illustrations innumerable. The scope of historical introduction by a most competent the work includes the hundred years just past; hand, in which the events that led up to the but relatively more attention is given to the great exploit are so related as to show its great men of our own day than to the fathers; this significance. The title-page and maps of the appears to be intentional, and it is for this original edition are reproduced in facsimile reason probably that the work is less strong with the best extant portraits of the heroes of considered on the historical and political sides

pages. 30c.

259 pages.

than one would expect, while it is remarkably moral seriousness which early marked her full as regards after-dinner oratory and occa- political life—due in part to the presence of sional addresses of rather recent date. The anti-slavery immigrants from the South atsection devoted to lectures is also large, and it tracted to her borders by the free labor clause is certainly a profound pleasure to have here in the Ordinance of 1787. the opportunity to read in their entirety addresses by Beecher, Collyer, Emerson,

Peasant and the Prince (The). By Harriet

Martineau. (The Riverside Literature Series.) Curtis, Gough, Wendell Phillips, Froude, Houghton, Miffin & Co., Boston. 44x7 in. 204 Huxley, Morley, Thackeray, and many other giants of the lecture stage, even though Polly State, One of Thirteen. By Frances J. some lecturers not exactly gigantic are in- Delano. The Pilgrim Press, Boston, 5x72 in. cluded. This section alone contains a really extraordinary amount of matter well worth

Proverbs. By John H. Bechtel. The Penn having. It is hardly necessary to point Publishing Co., Philadelphia. 444x6 in. 201 pages. out the value of this work to students and

This is a copious collection, conveniently public speakers in esse or in posse. The com- arranged and indexed. It is open to the critipilation has been prepared with lavish qutlay cism that there is a distinction, of which it of time, thought, and money, and we do not takes no note, between a proverb and a pro for a minute doubt that it will be warmly verbial expression. appreciated and form a useful addition to many libraries, private and public. A word of Rollicking Rhymes of Old and New Times. praise should be added for the scores of por

By N. W. Bingham. Illustrated. Henry A. Dick

erman & Son, Boston. 5x712 in. 62 pages. traits, most of which are notably well reproduced and finely printed.

Satire of Seneca on the Apotheosis of Cla: dius.

A Study by Allan Perley Ball. The Macmi Co., Nathaniel Hawthorne's Romances. In 14

New York. 5x72 in. 256 pages. $1.25, net. vols. (The Handy Volume Edition.) Thomas Y.

In accordance with the Roman custom of Crowell & Co., New York. 4x6 in. Per set, $10.50. deifying a deceased emperor, Claudius, when This is the latest of the many and extremely poisoned off to make way for Nero, became a useful handv-volume editions of standard gcd. As he had been an object of ridicule as authors which the publishers have been giving a "cabbage-head,” his deification gave occaus of late years. The Lenox Edition com- sion for this sa ire, attributed to Seneca, who prises fourteen small volumes, of about three lore toward him a personal grudge as well as hundred pages each, containing all of Haw- a philosopher's contempt. Its very title is thorne's work in fiction, with the addition satirical, substituting for “ apotheosis” apo of “The Grandfather's Chair” and the bio- wlocyntosis, "pumpkinification." An essay graphical stories, and including, of course, on the critical questions of authorship, etc.

, * Mosses from an Old Manse." The edition connected with the satire is here included is substantially the same as the Virginia Poe.

with a translation of the text and notes. The A good clear type is used; and, although the former was originally a thesis for the doctorate paper is thin, clearness and legibility are of philosophy at Columbia. The whole forms secured. Each volume contains a photograv- a desirable and creditable addition to the ure frontispiece and a rubricated title-page. classical library. Miss Katharine Lee Bates, of Wellesley Col

Songs in the Night. By A. Parke Burgess, lege, a well-known and very successful teacher

D.D. W. C. & F. D Burgess, Newark. 5x81, in. of literature, has prepared a series of introductions giving the significant facts connected with the genesis of the different romances.

Steering Gear. By Frank Andrews Fall.

Leavens & Langdon, New York. 5x7 in. 47 pages. This edition not only meets the demands of a Paper bound. good library edition, but is of a size which permits the lover of Hawthorne to carry a

Tolstoj as Man and Artist : With an Essay on

Dostoievski, By Dmitri Merejkowski. G. P. Putvolume with him on his journeys and to take nam's Sons, New York. 5x734 in. 310 pages. $1.50. up the greatest of American writers of

A profound essay upon the contrasted spiritromance in those times of waiting and journey- ual development of Tolstoï, the child of foring which are so many in our busy modern tune, and Dostoievski, the endurer of hardlife, and which are often wasted because no ships, and a criticism of the literary art book is at hand.

through which the two contemporaries imOhio and Her Western Reserve : With a

pressed themselves upon the higher life of Story of Three States. By Alfred Mathews. Illus

their nation. The sympathies of the essayist trated. D. Appleton & Co., New York. 5x7 in. are rather with the great Slavophile than with 330 pages. $1.25, net.

the great internationalist who pronounces A spirited narrative which will be read with patriotism the agency of the rulers for the eninterest by all Ohioans. The author gives slavement of the masses, but the genius of two significant reasons for the exceptionally both men is analyzed with almost loving revinfluential place which Ohio obtained in the erence as well as with keen literary acumen. Nation's counsels---particularly after the slav

World Before Him (The). By Horatio Alger, ery question came to be the paramount issue

Jr. The Penn Publishing Co., Philadelphia. 5x714 in our National politics. The first of these is in. 383 pages. 90c., net. that Ohio was the first State settled by people A recent plebiscite of boys' rôles showed from every section of the country, and a com- Alger to be by far the highest favorite. Critics posite America in miniature. The second do not like him as well, but boys, not critics, reason for Ohio's commanding influence is the form his audience.

112 pages.

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