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Friedrich Delitzsch Dr. Friedrich Delitzsch, whose lectures delivered before the German Court on the Babylonian origin of much of the religion of the Old Testament have called forth wide criticism, especially on the part of the German Emperor himself, is professor of Assyriology at the University of Berlin. Until recently the name Professor Delitzsch called to mind his father, Dr. Franz Delitzsch, who died in 1890, and who was distinctly a conservative in theology. The son, however, by utterances which in the German churches have been considered extremely radical, has gained a popular fame which the father never had. Dr. Friedrich Delitzsch’s eminence as a scholar has been derived from his explorations in the territory which once was occupied by the great Babylonian Empire. There he has made notable discoveries, corresponding to those made by Professor Hilprecht, of the University of Pennsylvania. As the result of his archæological discoveries concerning the life of these ancient Babylonians, Dr. Delitzsch has formulated, concerning the Babylonian origin of religious conceptions of the Old Testament, conclusions which he regards as subversive of belief in revealed religion as commonly held. These conclusions regarding Biblical criticism are not, however, those of an expert; and they have been controverted by Biblical critics of the radical school. Unlike his theological opinions, his archæological discoveries have been of great value. By bringing to light records of the common life and of the political institutions of the ancient Babylonians, they have made the life of that ancient people seem very human to us, not to say almost modern. Dr. Delitzsch uses the English language Auently. American students in Germany have found him especially approachable. His interests are broad. He is far from being a recluse ; he is rather, as one of his American pupils has said, a citizen of the world.

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Author of “The Blazed Trail," “ Conjuror's House," etc.


Chapter IV.—On Making Camp


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" Who hath smelt wood-smoke at twilight? Who hath smoked fuel to boil tea, or a winter's

heard the birch log burning? Who is quick to read the noises of the night?

consultation with

expert architect; Let him follow with the others, for the young men's feet whether your camp is to be made on the

are turning To the camps of proved desire and known delight."

principle of Omar's one-night Sultan, or

whether it is intended to accommodate N the Ojibway language wigwam the full days of an entire summer. means a good spot for camping, a But to those who tread the Long Trail

place cleared for a camp, a camp as an the making of camp resolves itself into an abstract proposition, and a camp in the con- algebraical formula. After a man has crete as represented by a tent, a thatched traveled all day through the northern shelter, or a conical teepee. In like manner, wilderness he wants to rest, and anything the English word camp lends itself to a that stands between himself and his variety of concepts. I once slept in a repose he must dispose of with as few four-poster bed over a polished floor in an notions as is consistent with reasonable elaborate servant-haunted structure which, thoroughness. The end in view is a hot mainly because it was built of logs and meal and a comfortable dry place to sleep. overlooked a lake, the owner always spoke The straighter he can draw the line to of as his camp. Again, I once slept on a those two points the happier he is. bed of prairie grass, before a fire of dried Early in his woods experience Dick buffalo chips and mesquite, wrapped in a became possessed with the desire to do single light blanket, while a good vigorous everything for himself. As this was a rain-storm made new cold places on me laudable striving for self-sufficiency, I and under me all night. In the morning called a halt at about three o'clock one the cowboy with whom I was traveling afternoon in order to give him plenty of remarked that this was “ sure a lonesome time. proposition as a camp."

Now Dick is a good, active, able-bodied Between these two extremes is infinite boy, possessed of average intelligence and variety, grading upwards through the rather more than average zeal. He even divers bivouacs of snow, plains, pines, or had theory of a sort, for he had read varihills, to the bark shelter; past the dog- ous “Boy Campers, or the Trapper's tent, the A-tent, the wall-tent, to the Guide,” “How to Camp Out,” “ The Scielaborate permanent canvas cottage of the ence of Woodcraft,” and other able works. luxurious camper, the dug-out winter He certainly had ideas enough, and conretreat of the range cowboy, the trapper's fidence enough. I sat down on a log. cabin, the great log-built lumber-jack At the end of three hours' flusteration, communities, and the last refinements of heat, worry, and good hard work, he had sybaritic summer homes in the Adiron- accomplished the following results. A dacks. All these are camps. And when tent, very saggy, very askew, covered a you talk of making camp you must know four-sided area—it was not a rectanglewhether that process is to mean only a of very bumpy ground. A hodge-podge search for rattlesnakes and enough acrid- bonfire, in the center of which an inaccess"Copyright, 1903, by the Outlook Company.

ible coffee-pot toppled menacingly, alternately threatened to ignite the entire with the lonely, forlorn, lost-dog feeling surrounding forest or to go out altogether that clutched him after it was all

over. I through lack of fuel. Personal belong. could remember how big and forbidding ings strewed the ground near the fire, and and unfriendly the forest had once looked provisions cumbered the entrance to the to me in like circumstances, so that I had tent. Dick was anxiously mixing batter felt suddenly thrust outside into empty for the cakes, attempting to stir a pot of spaces. Almost was I tempted to interrice often enough to prevent it from burn- vene; but I liked Dick, and I wanted to ing, and trying to rustle sufficient dry do him good. This experience was harwood to keep the fire going. This diver- rowing, but it prepared his mind for the sity of interests certainiy made him sit up seeds of wisdom. By the following mornand pay attention. At each instant he ing he had chastened his spirit, forgotten had to desert his flour-sack to rescue the the assurance breathed from the windy coffee pot, or to shift the kettle, or to dab pages of the Boy Trapper library, and hastily at the rice, or to stamp out the was ready to learn. small brush, or to pile on more dry twigs. Have you ever watched a competent His movements were not graceful. They portraitist at work? The infinite pains a raised a scurry of dry bark, ashes, wood skilled man spends on the preliminaries dust, twigs, leaves, and pine needles, a before he takes one step towards a likeness certain proportion of which found their nearly always wears down the patience of way into the coffee, the rice, and the the sitter. He measures with his eye, he sticky batter, while the smaller articles of plumbs, he sketches tentatively, he places personal belonging, hastily dumped from in here a dab, there a blotch, he puts the duffel-bag, gradually disappeared from behind him apparently unproductive view in the manner of Pompeii and ancient hours—and then all at once he is ready Vesuvius. Dick burned his fingers and to begin something that will not have to stumbled about and swore, and looked so be done over again. An amateur, however, comically-pathetically red-faced through is carried away by his desire for results. the smoke that I, seated on the log, at He dashes in a hit-or-miss early effect, the same time laughed and pitied. And which grows into an approximate likeness at the last, when he needed a continuous almost immediately, but which will require steady fire to fry his cakes, he suddenly infinite labor, alteration, and anxiety to discovered that dry twigs do not make beat into finished shape. coals, and that his previous operations The case of the artist in making camps had used up all the fuel within easy circle is exactly similar, and the philosophical

reasons for his failure are exactly the So he had to drop everything for the

To the superficial mind a camp is purpose of rustling wood, while the coffee a shelter, a bright fire, and a smell of chilled, the rice cooled, the bacon con- cooking. So when a man is very tired gealed, and all the provisions, cooked and he cuts across lots to those three results. uncooked, gathered entomological speci- He pitches his tent, lights his fire, puts mens. At the last, the poor bedeviled over his food—and finds himself drowned theorist made a hasty meal of scorched in detail, like my friend Dick. food, brazenly postponed the washing of The following is, in brief, what during dishes until the morrow, and coiled about the next six weeks I told that youth, by his hummocky couch to dream the night- precept, by homily, and by making the mares of complete exhaustion.

solution so obvious that he could work it Poor Dicki I knew exactly how he felt, out for himself. how the low afternoon sun scorched, how When five or six o'clock draws near, the fire darted out at unexpected places, begin to look about you for a good level how the smoke followed him around no dry place, elevated some few feet above matter on which side of the fire he placed the surroundings. Drop your pack or himself, how the Aies all took to biting beach your canoe. Examine the location when both hands were occupied and how carefully. You will want two trees about they all miraculously disappeared when ten feet apart, from which to suspend he had set down the frying-pan and knife your tent, and a bit of flat ground underto fight them. I could sympathize, too, neath them. Of course the fat ground

of the camp.


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