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“By Goethe and Coleridge and Hazlitt, men have been taught to some extent wherein the immeasurable greatness of Shakespeare consists. Mr Cowden Clarke has earned a right to be classed with critics such as these. ... We are tempted to delay over this charming volume. It is the most valuable addition to Shakespearian criticism which we have had for many years."The Press.

“Mr Clarke's book may be taken as an admirable comment on the principal plays of Siako speare. It will guide the ordinary student to beauties which he would probably spiss, and will train him to hunt out others for himself.”—The London Review.

“The writer brings to bear upon his work so fervent an admiration for the bard, and so evideot a love for his own labour, that, were his acumen and judgment less than they are, he would sal be entitled to general attention."-Illustrated London News.

“Here we have a readable and enjoyable book. The conversation of an earnest man instructed upon his subject."-W'cekly Dispatch.

“We rejoice for ourselves, and congratulate Mr Clarke, that he has added to our literature one of the most thoughtful and delightful works which have had Shakespeare for their study." - Von conformist.

"Mr Clarke here gives us Shakespeare's characters, and, in so doing, such an agreeable crittcism of the play under consideration that many will read it, or witness its performance, with new eyes, after duly conning it herewith.”- Western Times.

“The work before us has so many recommendations in its favour, that a welcome reception for it may, with certainty, be looked forward to."--Newcastle Daily Chronicle

“We rise from the perusal of this volume with a still deeper sense of the genial wisdom of its author, of the extent of his Shakespearian learning, and of his profound insight into the subuer meanings of the great poet."-Northampton Mercury.

"Mr Cowden Clarke is not a man to darken counsel by words without knowledge. He is ose of the happiest and most genial of commentators. He is a reverent and loving student, a carehe and well-informed critic, of sound judgment, as well as of lively fancy."-Scotsman.

“We feel bound to say Mr Clarke has done his work well. His knowledge of human nature is evidently deep, liberal, and sympathetic. His reflections and applications are at once wise and beautiful, sensible and apposite."--Caledonian Mercury,

“It is full of the beauty of wisdom, and of a sweet cheerful philosophy: nor can any one male its acquaintance without desiring not only to read, but to study Shakespeare."--Glasgow Citize

“Mr Clarke has executed his task with a faithfulness and success which must commend hiin to all who delight in our greatest English author"The Muscum.

"Mr Clarke is endowed with good taste, sound judgment, and a discrimination which is truly remarkable.... The work would be a most fitting companion in the library to the works of the great dramatist.”—Glasgow Daily Herald.

“... . All our sympathies go with critics of the school to which Mr Clarke belongs-mes who come to a great author, not so much with the idea that they are to teach as to learn." Dumfries Herald.

"In the whole range of Shakespearian commentators--and of late they begin to be as numeroas as the commentators on the Bible-we could not select two so genial in spirit, so full of reverence for the author, and so abounding in sympathy for all the creations of his mighty intellect, as Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke."Hull Advertiser.

“ The language and diction of Mr Clarke are remarkably choice We not only see the fruit of much practice in writing, but of an unusual familiarity with the variety of expression and terms, to be obtained only by long intimacy with our best British authors."-Agir Observer.

“Mr Clarke has brought to the task of exploring this wide and interesting field, a genuine enthusiasm, and no common powers in tracing analogies and reading character. Among ibc tout titude of books about Shakespeare, we know few that, in point of real interest, will compare with the present."-Aberdeen Journal.

"To say that this is a delightful book on a delightful topic, is certainly to say no more than the truth.”Ulverstone Advertiser.

“We lay down this charming book, delighted at its perusal. It has afforded us some hours of exquisite enjoyment; and we shall return to it again with the highest feelings of pleasure"Paisley Herald.




Shakespeare's Plays and Poems.



In Four Volumes, Demy Octavo, price 62, 25.

The Same Text.
In One Volume, Royal Octavo, price 12s.

London: BICKERS & SON, 1 Leicester Square.

The PUBLISHERS have much pleasure in announcing the publication of the above Editions of Shakespeare's Plays and Poems. Mrs Cowden Clarke's Edition of Shakespeare, recently published by Messrs Appleton & Co. of New York, has been made the basis of Mr and Mrs Cowden Clarke's joint labours. The original Edition, produced after long and careful preparation, has met with great and deserved success in America. As the present issue, in addition to the careful revision of Mrs Cowden Clarke, has had the benefit of the labours of Mr Charles Cowden Clarke, one of the most zealous and successful illustrators of the great Dramatist now living, they believe they are presenting Editions of Shakespeare's Works distinguished by an amount of mature judgment in collating the earlier copies which will vindicate their claim to the rank of STANDARD EDITIONS.

In projecting Editions of Shakespeare without note or comment, the PUBLISHERS believe that they will be acceptable to the general public who desire to become acquainted with the writings of the author, free from the distraction which a multiplicity of notes is so apt to produce, and to those also who prefer being their own interpreters of the meaning of the passages which appear obscure.

As the value of these Editions will lie in the discrimination exercised in the selection of the text by the Editors, it will be conceded

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that the life-long devotion of Mr and Mrs Cowden Clarke to the study of Shakespeare, their thorough knowledge of the various readings, and their ability to adopt in all cases the reading which appears to be in keeping with the style and general treatment of his subject by the author, form a guarantee that the Editions will present, as nearly as possible, a pure text.

Both Editions will include reprints from the American Edition, of Mrs Cowden Clarke's valuable Introductory Essay, Glossary, &c., carefully revised and amplified. The Four-volume Edition will be printed from a new fount of Longprimer Ancient type, on fine toned paper, and will form four compact and handsome volumes. The One-volume edition will be printed from a new fount of Brevier Ancient type, on toned paper, and will be the most compact and readable edition of Shakespeare ever issued in a single volume. The PUBLISHERS are confident that no Copyright Editions of Shakespeare, of corresponding value and importance, have ever been offered to the public at such moderate prices.

LONDON, November 1853.

Complete in Eight Vols., Demy Octavo, published at :940 4. The Poetical and Prose Works of

John Milton.



Including a Facsimile of the Agreement for the Sale of PARADISE LOST to SAMUEL

SYMMONS for the sum of £20; together with a Pedigree of the Family of Milton ; and a complete History of the Poet's Life by the Rev. John MITFORD.

*** The Poet's own peculiar orthography and punctuation have been carefully preserved, and every care has been exercised to render this the most attractive, as it is the most complete Edition extant. It is printed in a fine large ancient type, and upon thick toned paper ; and whether judged as a specimen of printing and “ypography, or as an evidence of the ability and perseverance of the Editor, it will be found one of the most perfect books ever issued to the public.

Fust published, in large 12mo, cloth, uncut edges, price 12s. 6d.; in emblematically gilt cloth and gilt edges, 155.; 01 in morocco, emblematically tooled, 18s.; and in best plain morocco, 21S.,


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With all the latest alterations, and finely executed Woodcut Borders round every page; exactly copied from “Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book," with Additions, and comprising ALBERT DURER'S “Life of Christ ;" HOLBEIN's “Dance of Death ;" “ The Cardinal Virtues ;” and on the back of the Title, a Portrait of Queen Elizabeth on her knees.


In small 8vo, extra smooth bevelled cloth, extra gilt, gilt edges, price sig





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