A Collection of Political Tracts


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第71页 - In the midst of these execrations entered a man, dressed in a plain habit, with a purse of gold in his hand. He threw himself forward into the room, in a bluff, ruffianly manner: A smile, or rather a sneer, sat on his countenance.
第272页 - I have not received, or had by myself, or any person whatsoever in trust for me, or for my use and benefit, directly or indirectly, any sum or sums of money, office, place, or employment, gift, or reward, or any promise or security for any money, office, employment, or gift, in order to give my vote at this election, and that I have not been before polled at this election.
第71页 - They no sooner saw him, but they all turned their faces from the canopy, and fell prostrate before him. He trod over their backs, without any ceremony, and marched directly up to the throne. He opened his purse of gold, which he took out in handfuls, and scattered amongst the assembly.
第71页 - While the greater part were engaged in scrambling for these pieces, he seized, to my inexpressible surprise, without the least fear, upon the sacred parchment itself. He rumpled it rudely up, and crammed it into his pocket. Some of the people began to murmur. He threw more gold and they were pacified.
第293页 - says his Lordship, " is now settled upon so clear a foundation that no man can hesitate how far he is to obey, or doubt upon what occasions he is to resist. Conscience can no longer battle with the understanding. We know that we are to defend the crown with our lives and fortunes as long as the crown protects us and keeps strictly to the bounds within which the laws have confined it. We know, likewise, that we are to do it no longer.
第256页 - An aft for the further limitation of the crown, and better fecuring the rights and liberties of the fubjeft...
第262页 - Who gav? thee this Liberty ? A- No Man gave it me. Liberty is the natural Right of every human Creature. He is born to the Exercife of it, as foon as he has attained to that...
第269页 - Mankind in a State of Slavery and Freedom is a different Sort of Creature; for Proof of This I have read what the Greeks were of...
第276页 - A. No doubt but every Landed Man would be glad to be free from paying Two Shillings in the Pound ; but at the fame time I would not raife by another Tax Two Shillings in the Pound, nor One Shilling in the Pound for a Perpetuity. For Parliaments who haye no more to give, may be difappointed in the Redrcfs of their Grievances.