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Chicago Sets A New Mark

Big Results From Special Apple Sale The way to do a thing is to do it. Chicago has been stirred from top to bottom, and that means something for a city that is always "on its

The heavens in the vicinity of Lake Michigan have rained apple literature, apple meetings, apple publicity; apple co-operation, “Apple Jack," apple dumplings and apples. Old men and young men, women and children and babies have talked apples, bought apples and ate apples. No human being in that city could dodge an apple on February 7th and 8th. The poor, the helpless, the orphans and school children were fed.

A special an:1 direct report from there states that the apple sale was a Great Success And That Local Sales Totaled From Five to Six Times As Many As During Any One Week This Season. Several thousand packages of both barrels and boxes were sold and local demand shows continued activity. Read about it from the clippings published in this issue.

This is great work. It shows what every city can do if it will get busy. The apple has Never Been Advertised. People have been asleep. We trust to luck and go it blind too much. Business isn't run that way these days. Men of initiative, take hold of this thing in your cities. It pays. Go to it.

One thing more: Get In Touch With U. Grant Border, 218 Light Street, Baltimore, Md., With Reference To The “Apple Recipe Booklet.' Do it now. As he says in his article in this issue, "Don't Let George Do It." You do it. Don't let this big project fail for lack of support. Every cent expended will come back many times over. You can't get something

Every man should be inspired and enthusiastic over the achievements to date. It has been a great work this year. Do you realize that the International Apple Shippers' Association is responsible for this New Era? Do you realize that your Association started this work, developed

for nothing

it, pushed it and Brought Things To Pass? And yet some people used to ask what good we were. It makes us smile.

Go Out And Bring In The New Members. We want One Hundred by July 1st. Every member gets his money back five times over in this organization.

Cheap Apple Crusade Ready For Launching Clean Food Association Hopes Women's Fight For Low Prices Will Spread To Other Fields

From Chicago Examiner, February 6th Under the direction of the Chicago Clean Fool Association 150 boxes of apples were distributed among poor children in public schools in congested districts of Chicago today. It was the first step of the association in its campaign to bring apples within the reach of every man, woman and child in the city.

The next move of the association will be the city-wide sale of apples, at a reduced figure, which will be begun by retail grocers tomorrow. The sale will continue until Saturday night. It was inaile possible through the efforts of members of the food association, who met recently with representatives of the National Retailers' Association, the National Wholesale Association and the National Apple Shippers' Association.

AGREE ON CO-OPERATIVE PLAN The producers, midillemen and retailers agreed, in the face of the clubwomen's arguments, to join in the co-operative plan for placing apples within the reach of the ordinary purse. It is said the success of the enterprise will result in similar methods for the disposal from time to time of other food products.

The sale proposed by the club women was received favorably by the retailers. Solomon Westerfeld of the Chicago Retail Dealers' Association said today:

“If the sale shows that organized consumers, here represented by members of women's clubs, and organized retailers can co-operate with organized wholesalers and sell products at reduced prices without disturbing business, there is no question in my mind that the same method can be applied to other foods which are held from the market for increased prices.”

THREE THOUSAND GROCERS CHOSEN The joint committee of the three associations which have agreed to offer apples at reduced prices have named 3,000 grocers throughout Chicago to conduct the sales. Members of the organizations say 3,000 additional retailers will conduct sales to meet the competition.

Here are the prices for the sale :

No. 1 Baldwins, $3.50 per barrel, or ten pounds for 25 cents (the present price is from 50 to 60 cents for ten pounds).

No. 1 Grimes Golden, $3.50 per barrel, or ten pounds for 25 cents.
Spitzenberg. $1.85 a box.

Black Willow Twig, $1.60 a box.
Belleflower, $1.60 a box.

The club women who are engineering the sale will make their headquarters at 208 North Market street. They will not sell apples themselves, but representatives of the Clean Food Association will visit the various retail shops to see that the sale is conducted according to the agreement.

Sell Apples Cheap Today

Clubwomen Are Promoters of 50 Per Cent Cut

Price Sale By Retail Dealers

From the Chicago Journal, February 8th Clubwomen today superintender! a sale of apples in the retail stores throughout the city.

The sale, at 50 per cent rates, is the outcome of an agreement between the wholesale dealers, the members of the Clean Food Club and the retailers.

Mrs. John C. Bley, president of the Clean Food Club, with Miss Mary Snow, first vice-president: Mrs. M. A. Weinberg, second vice-president; Mrs. Milo B. Randall, treasurer, and Mrs. George W. Cravens, secretary, will visit the markets in an automobile during the day.

Mrs. Robert McCall of the Chicago Women's Club will have a number of women assisting her in visiting the west-side stores to see that the dealers who have pledged themselves to the sale keep their agreement. Mrs. T. S. Hall will also marshal a squadron of women, members of the Chicago Women's Club, as inspectors.

Mrs. William H. Farrington, president of the North End Club, and Mrs. Charles N. Moore will inspect the north-side stores in company with a number of aids.

Under the direction of Mrs. Edward Gudeman, Mrs. Milo B. Randall and Mrs. A. Beebe, representatives of the Chicago Women's Aid, will have charge of the south side.

WOMEN MERELY PROMOTERS *The women will not handle the apples," said Mrs. John C. Bley today. “The retail stores have offered to do this for us. We are merely promoters of the sale. There are 6,000,000 boxes of apples in cold storage in the United States and about 5.000.000 barrels. We have arranged with the wholesale dealers to sell their part of these apples while they are vet good and give the public the benefit of a reasonable margin..The wholesalers named a figure at which they will sell to the retailers today and tomorrow, which will give Chicago, when the retailer has realized a profit, cheaper apples and apples in better condition than they would be a few weeks hence at higher prices."

SUPPLY THE RETAILERS “The wholesale dealers called on the members of the Clean Food Club after our memorable egg sale and told us they knew a better way than

ours to reiluce the price of foodstuffs. This is their plan.

"Our part is to see that every retailer displaying our red card complies with his agreement."

No. 1 Baldwins, usually priced at 55 to 60 cents for ten pounds, will be sold at 25 cents. Grimes' Golden will be quoted at the same price. The usual price is twice that amount. Spitzenbergs, Black Willow Twig. Winesap and Belleflowers will all be sold at about half the usual price.

Apple Sale On At Low Prices Clean Food Club Taking New Whack at High Cost of Living

From the Chicago News, February 8th


All Chicago had an opportunity to buy apples to-day at a lower price than they have been sold this winter. Big red apples, yellow ones, striped ones, russet colored ones—all were on sale to-day and will be to-morrow in grocery stores throughout the city under the direction of the Chicago Clean Food Club in an effort to knock the high cost of living. Sales were brisk this morning in all sections of the city. The Club recently sold eggs at reduced prices, and officials declared to-day that they expected the former sale to be surpassed by the present.

Baldwin apples, which have been selling ten pounds for 35 cents in most stores and for t9 cents in some districts, are being sold at the rate of ten pounds for 25 cents. Jonathan apples, which bring $2 a bushel box ordinarily, can be secured for $1.60 to-dar.

"Ile sold four barrels of apples before 10 a, m. to-day," said Sol. Westerfeld, 1409 West Madison street. "Most of our business is done in the afternoon, and although the cold weather is keeping many women in doors, I think we are doing splendid. I purchased twenty barrels of apples yesterday and I espect to buy more for to-morrow and still have customers begging for them."

“I expect to sell twelve barrels of apples to-day and many more tomorrow," said C. A. Johnson, 5333 North Clark street. "We sold a barrel early this morning. The real sales, however, began this afternoon. and to-morrow we expect to be rushed to the limit."

“I have a large supply on hand, and expect to sell out before closing to-night," said Rudolph Bobb), 1009 East 63d street. “This sale is certainly a success."

Members of the Clean Food Club were in their headquarters, 208 North 5th avenue, to receive reports shortly before noon. Mrs. John C. Bley, president, and Mrs. George W. Cravens, secretary, declared that they believed the sale would be a success.

The Fallon School for Crippled Children at 42d and Wallace streets was the scene of a free distribution of apples to-day and the little sufferers grinned their approval as each received a huge red spheroid of sweetness. The Chicago Pure Food Club, which has been making many of Chicago's school children happy with large red apples, visited the crippled children

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