I learn there was an enormous sale of blackberry cordials for a period of five days after the celebration.

Everybody from the Mayor down was at the Apple Show. An unknown quantity of apples was given away. The increase in the demand for apples is plainly visible, and dealers recognize an improvement in their sales in this particular fruit.

The Advertising Committee purchased space in the local papers, and received ten fold space gratis in the way of reading matter.

I am convinced there has been no mistake in the judgment of the “Cup Awarding Committee." I know they have sent me to the town that deserves my presence. I shall continue to reign on the “Apple Throne,” ever reminding the consuming public of the benefits and delights of “The Apple.”

The Queen Re-Crowned

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Cincinnati to the Front
X AST MONTH “The Spy” referred to Cincinnati as the

“Crescent City.” Henry Weil's eagle eye at once spotted

the slip. We hasten to make correction, not because the AS Crescent City isn't a Queen, but because Cincinnati is

n d not only entitled to the honor by past edict but by present performance. Hail to the Queen.

We are publishing elsewhere a little story entitled “Why I Came to Cincinnati,” ostensibly written by National Apple Day Cup, but really written by one of Cincinnati's modest men of genius who desires to escape the spot light of the public press. He is altogether too modest; therefore we are going to emphasize a few special features.

PROGRAM. Prior to the opening of the Apple Show motion pictures were taken of the officers and principal displays. These were shown at all the local vaudeville and motion picture theatres, not only during the Apple Show but for the entire week following. The Film Company estimates that these pictures were viewed by 225,000 people daily.

The Show was formally opened by Mr. J. J. Castellini, President of the newly formed “Cincinnati Wholesale Fruit Dealers' Apple Show Association, who, after outlining the objects of the International Apple Shippers' Association, stated the reason for the celebration of National Apple Day. The President then introduced Hon. Frederick S. Spiegel, Mayor of Cincinnati, who, in a most timely speech, lauded and recommended the use of the apple. The Mayor was accompanied by his official family.

At the conclusion of His Honor's speech, Miss Dolly Castles, Australian Prima Donna with the Midnight Girls Company, presented the Mayor with an immense Twenty Ounce Apple along with

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the advice that he add “APPLES” to his Board of Health.

Immediately following the Mayor, Mr. George F. Dieterle, President of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, made a few timely remarks advocating the use of the apple as a health food.

Shortly afterwards the United States Postmaster General, Mr. Burleson, accompanied by the entire membership of the Chamber of Commerce, visited the Show. Nedless to say, each was presented with an apple.

On the second day, Dr. R. L. Blume, Chief of the Cincinnati Department of Health, delivered an address on the superior qualities of the apple from a health standpoint.

SPECIAL FEATURES. The ground floor of the Union Central Life Building, where the Apple Show was held, was handsomely decorated with American flags and the aisles were velvet roped to give protection to exhibits. An immense banner was spread across Fourth and Vine Streets in front of the Union Central Building urging people to attend the Free Apple Show, and calling upon them to celebrate National Apple Day. Fifty thousand cards reading along similar lines were also distributed. Five thousand booklets entitled “Apple Talk” were given away. The Hotel Sinton furnished a silver buffet with apples prepared in forty styles. This display occasioned an unusual amount of favorable comment, especially from the ladies.

Betwen 12 o'clock and 1:30 P. M. over 10,000 apples were distributed free at the Apple Show. This was accomplished by forming the multitude into two lines, and a dozen young ladies from the Midnight Girls Company, assisted by many of the local committee, passed out apples as fast as posible. 125,000 people visited the Apple Show during the two days. The crowds were so large that six traffic officers were detailed by the Police Department for constant duty, and during the time of the free distribution of apples twelve officers were in attendance.

Through the co-operation of the Superintendents of Public, Parochial and High Schools and the Dean of the University of Cincinnati, the students, on October 20th, wrote essays and compositions on apples. They also visited the Apple Show.

Gifts were made to all hospitals and orphanages in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport.

There was close co-operation between the wholesale apple dealers, the Retail Grocers' Association, the Chamber of Commerce, growers, railroads and all persons interested in the apple.

The people in and around Cincinnati were given a rare treat in the display of the biggest assortment and variety of apples ever exhibited in that territory. It was universally commented that kinds were shown of which the visitors had never heard, seen or known. It was admitted by local merchants in other lines that this was the most successful show ever held in Cincinnati.

In commenting upon the day, Mr. Castellini writes as follows: “On the final analysis, viewing it strictly from the point of

publicity, our City was more alive on the apple question than ever before. The most remarkable part of this whole matter is its low cost. It also took less than one week to carry out the project. This only proves what can be done with the proper co-operation on the part of dealers in every large city.”


G. S. Weil, Cincinnati

John Leverone, Cincinnati Secretary Apple Day Committee

Booster for National Apple Day CINCINNATI APPLE DAY COMMITTEE J. J. Castellini, Chairman; G. S. Weil, Secretary; C. C. Oyler, Treasurer; John Leverone, Alexander White, Louis Gloystein, I. J. Cannon, Edward Funck, C. S. Fugazzi, Harry Finck, H. J. Price.

The hearty congratulations of the Association are not only due but cordially given to Chairman J. J. Castellini, to the very efficient Secretary, Mr. G. S. Weil, to Treasurer Oyler, who handled the sinews of war, to every member of the Committee, to the trade and all public spirited citizens who co-operated with them. The Spy would be very remiss did it not call special attention to the splendid generosity of Mr. John Leverone who at the very inception of the movement donated a full carload of apples for the show, thereby lending tremendous inspiration at the right time.

Chief Clerk (to office boy)—“Why on earth don't you laugh when the boss tells a joke?”

Office Boy—“I don't have to; I quit on Saturday.”—Satire.
"What's daughter doing ?”
“Making shrimp salad.”
“I didn't know we had any shrimp in the house."
“We haven't, but one is going to call on her this evening."

-Houston Posi.

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