Scale of Points.

Standard QUALITY-(Including appearance, smoothness, regularity of form and freedom from blemish)

30 SIZE—(As representing section from which it comes at that season of the year)

30 COMPREHENSIVENESS—(As representing section from which it comes) .....

30 COLOR-(As representing the section from which it comes at that season of the year)


100 It should be noted that COLOR is relatively unimportant. This was made so because the season is not far enough advanced on August 1st to allow it to be given a greater value.


PURPOSE OF THE EXHIBIT. To show the Development and Condition of the Commercial varieties in the various sections, states and groups at that season of the year, i. e., the first of August.

It is fully recognized that fruit is not matured by August 1st. The question of maturity has nothing to do with this exhibit. We want to see how the crop

has progressed up to that time, and an immature apple has just as great a chance as a matured apple, providing it is up to the standard for its particular section or state at that season of the year.


WHAT TO EXHIBIT. (1) WE WANT THIS YEAR'S FRUIT. Take it as it is on or about August 1st.

(2) PICKED FRUIT OR FRUIT ON THE BRANCHES, OR BOTH, ARE EQUALLY WELCOME. At the preceding exhibits small branches with the fruit on them have been shown with much profit. This indicates the development of the fruit, distribution, foliage, etc. YOU MAY EXHIBIT EITHER WAY OR BOTH WAYS, AS YOU PREFER. WE SUGGEST SENDING BOTH, IF CONVENIENT. HOWEVER, DO XOT FEEL THAT IT IS NECESSARY.

(3) Commercial Varieties are wanted, and the awards will be upon this basis.

WHO MAY EXHIBIT. It is open to the world. Anyone is welcome-growers, dealers, consumers, associations or selling agencies, whether the fruit exhibited is raised by them or not. IT IS NOT NECESSARY THAT THE FRUIT EXHIBITED BE RAISED BY THE PERSON WHO EXHIBITS IT, OR THAT IT COME FROM A SINGLE ORCHARD OR A SINGLE OWNER. IT MUST, HOWEVER, BE EXHIBITED AS THE PRODUCT OF THE STATE WHERE IT WAS ACTUALLY RAISED.

LIMIT ON NUMBER OF VARIETIES. It is not necessary that you exhibit the full MAXIMUM number of varieties mentioned in the CLASS RULES to be eligible to an award, providing your exhibit, whatever its number, is COMPREHENSIVE and truly represents the COMMERCIAL VARIETIES of the State or Section it purports to represent.

SPECIAL NOTES. Mr. W. J. Benton, 1710 Woodland St., S. E., Cleveland, O., is Chairman of the local committee on the arrangements of the exhibits. If anything special is required in the way of arrangements, communicate with him direct. You are also welcome to arrange your own exhibit.

2. No entrance fee is charged.

3. No exhibitor shall enter more than one exhibit from the same state or province.

4. No exhibitor shall receive more than one prize.

5. In sending your exhibit be sure to keep each variety separate with the name of the variety clearly indicated. Enclose a separate card giving your name, address, the state from which the exhibit comes, and all the varieties sent. To assist those who arrange the exhibit, specify whether the varieties are summer, fall or winter. Do not fail to do this. Also write Mr. Benton at the above address, notifying him that you have sent an exhibit and by what route, from what state, and giving him a list of the varieties.

0. In judging the exhibits, the size and development of the fruit for the season of the year peculiar to the state or section from which it comes, its smoothness, regularity and freedom from disease and blemish are fully considered.

7. If you do not bring your exhibit personally, send it by express or any way you choose, to W. J. Benton, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, O., and time it to arrive by Monday, August 4th, or Tuesday the 5th ; but don't wait until Tuesday if you can avoid it.

8. For further information address the Secretary, R. G. Phillips, 612 Mercantile Bldg., Rochester, N. Y.

SEND AN EXHIBIT. There is nothing easier. All you have to do is to collect a few apples, put them in a small box and send them on to Cleveland.

The exhibit last year was the best yet held. This year we have large quarters, excellent prizes and elaborate arrangements. SEE THAT YOUR SECTION IS REPRESENTED.

IT IS A GREAT ADVERTISEMENT. It pays to advertise. Show what you have. There is no better place or better time throughout the year. This Show gets all sections together. It brings the buyer and seller into close relation. It broadens one's view. It is one of the most important features of the meeting, and is rapidly coming to be the most important.


In Charge of Arranging Exhibit. Chairman, W. J. Benton, 1710 Woodland St., S. E.; George W. Myers, (of Myers-Weil & Co); Horace Zartman. (of Bigalow Fruit Co); H. C. Gawne, (of H. C. Gawne & Co): C. W. Hayes, (of A. C. Blair Co).

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Won by Lilly Orchard Co., Lilly, III.

Chicago 1912

The President, MR. LOOMIS, offers a Similar Cup

for the Cleveland Show---SWEEPSTAKES PRIZE

The Coming Convention


Make Your Reservations Early The Nineteenth Annual Convention of this Association will be called to order at 10 A. M. at Cleveland, Ohio, Wednesday, August 6th. The lasi session will be held Friday, the 8th. Come early and stay late. Every member should plan to be on hand by Tuesday, the 6th. Tuesday is a "get together" time, when old friends can be greeted and new acquaintances formed. It gets one in proper trim for the opening session.


Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio

HEADQUARTERS The Hotel Statler, Cleveland's new $3,500,000 hotel, situated on Euclid Avenue, at the intersection of East Twelfth Street, will be official headquarters. It represents the last word in modern construction, comfort, arrangements, convenience and luxury. There are 700 guest rooms, each with private bath. As one has well said, “From the long, roomy lobby, the formal dining room in antique ivory and rose, the Pompeian dining room with its effect of an old Pompeian court under a star hung Italian sky, the men's café and the library and men's lounge to the roof garden, the story is the same: a hotel organized and equipped to set a new standard of hotel service." If one cannot be comfortable here, then there is no place on the shore of time that would suit him.

The Hotel has set aside for us the following rooms, and more will be available as necessity arises :

Seventy rooms at $2.00 per day, (these have shower baths only);

Seventy-five rooms at $2.50 per day, (most of these have tub baths and the balance have showers ) :

One hundred rooms at $3.00 per day, each with tub bath :
One hundred rooms at $3.50 per day, each with tub and shower bath.

The above rates apply when one person only occupies a room. Where two persons occupy a room, the rates are $3.50, $4.00, $4.50 and $5.00 per day. These last rates are for the entire room, and each person is not charged for the total cost. For example, where two people occupy a $1.00 room, the cost would be $2.00 each.

RESERVATIONS Make your reservations early. Write direct to the Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio. Specify what kind of a room you want, the price,

, whether for one or two persons and the date you will arrive. Specific arrangements have been made for taking care of all reservations. It is urged that you do not postpone this matter until the last minute. Much trouble, confusion and dissatisfaction can be prevented by taking care of these things well in advance.

RESTAURANTS The Hotel has three, admirable in arrangement and reasonable in price. Outside of the Hotel, Cleveland is well supplied with the usual eating houses and restaurants. The ideas and inclinations of all can be met.

THE PROGRAM The number of set Addresses will be less than heretofore, but those subjects which have been selected are of the utmost importance and will be treated by the best men obtainable. One of our speakers will be from the Pacific Coast, a man of no ordinary intelligence, breadth of vision and purpose. More time will be given this year to discussions from the Hoor and the general debate of the many important questions which have arisen during the year. Legislative matters will come in for particular attention. Copies of various bills will be on hand, all of which deeply concern us, and a thorough discussion will be had. The Advertising proposition will also claim great consideration. It has progressed to the point where it is ready to be launched. This feature has been one of the greatest works of this or any other year. Come out and take an interest in it. You are needed. None the less important are those two great questions, Storage in Transit and Telephone Rates. We doubt if people realize how important they are, how much money has been and can be saved through them, and the work that has been accomplished.

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