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Plainly, as heaven sees earth, and earth sees heaven, Make me not sighted like the basilisk:
How Cam galled,-might'st bespice a cup,

I have look'd on thousands, who have sped the
To give mine enemy & lasting wink;

better Which draught to me were cordial.

By my regard, but kill'd none so. Camillo,e-
Cam. Sir, my lord,

As you are certainly a gentleman ; thereto
I could do this ; and that with nu rash. potion, Clerk-like, experienced, which no less adorns
But with a lingering dram, that should not work Our gentry, than our parents' noble names,
Maliciously + like puison : but I cannot

Iu wliose success we are gentle+,-1 beseech you
Believe this crack to be in any dread mistress, If you know aught which does behove my know
So sovereignly being honourable.

I have loved thee,--

Thereof to be inform’d, imprison it not
Leon. Make't thy question, and go rot!

In ignorant concealment.
Dost think, I am so muddy, so unsettled,

('uin. I may not answer.
To appoint myself in this vexation ! Sully

Pol. A sickness caught of me, and yet I wcii!
The purity and whiteness of my sheets,

I must be answer'd-Dost thou hear, Camillo,
Which to preserve, is sleep; which being spotted, I conjure thee, by all the parts of man,
Is goads, thorns, nettles, tails of wasps ?

Which honour does acknowledge,-whereof the
Give scandal to the blood o' the prince my son,

Who, I do think, is mine, and love as mine ; Is not this suit of mine,--that thou declare
Without right moviyg to't I Would I do this? What incidency thou dost guess of harm
Could man so blench :?

I creeping toward Ile; how far off, how near;
Cam. I must believe you, Sir;

Which way to be prevented, if to be ;
Ilo; and will fetch off Bohemia fort:

If not, how best to bear it.
Provided, that when he's removed, your highness

Pol. Sir, I'll tell you ;
Will take again your queen, as yours at first;

Since I am chargert' in honour, and by him
Even tor your son's sake; and, ihereby, for sealing That I think honourable: therefore, mark my
The injury of tongues, in courts and kingdoms

Known and allied to yours.

Which must be even as swiftly follow'd, as Leon. Thou dost advise me,

I mean to utter it; or both yourself and me
Evev so as I mine own course have set down: Cry, lost, and so good-night
l'll give no blemish w her honour, none.

Pol. 011, good Camillo.
Cam. My lord,

('un. I an appointed Him to murder you. Go then ; and with a countenance as clear

Pol. By whom, Camillo !
As friendship wears at feasts, keep with Bohenia,

l'am. By the king.
And with your queen : I am his cupbearer;

Pol. For what?
If from me he have whoiesome beverage,

Cam. He thinks, nay, with all confidence he
Account me not your servant.

Leon. This is all :

As he had seen't, or been an instrument
Do't and thou hast the one half of my heart; To vice g you to't,--that you have touch'd his queen
Do't not, thou split'st thine own.

Cam. Í'll do't my lord.

Pol. O, then my best blood turn
Leon. I will seem friendly, as thou hast advised To an indecied jelly; and my name

(Erit. Be yoked with bis, that did betray the best! Cam. O miserable lady!-But, for me,

Turn then my treshest reputation to
What case stand I in? I must be the poisoner A savour, that may strike the dullest nostiil
Of good Polixenes : and my ground wo du't

Where I arrive; and my approach be shunn'd,
Is the obedience to a master ; one,

Nay, liated too, worse than the great'st intention
Who, in rebellion with himself, will have

That e'er was heard, or read !
All that are his, so too.-To do this deed,

Cam. Swear his thought over
Promotion follows: if I could find example By cach particular star in heaven, and
Of thousands, that had struck anointed kings, By all their influences, you may as well
And flourish'd after, I'd not do't: vut since

Forbid the sea for to obey the moon,
Nor brass, nor stone, nor parchment, bears not one, the fabric of his fully; whose foundation

ts or, by oath, remove, or counsel, shake,
Let villainy itself forswear't. I must
Forsake the court : to do't, or no, is certain

Is piled upon his faith II, and will continue
To me a break-neck. Happy star, reign now! The standing of bis body.
Here comes Bohemia.

Pul. How should this grow?

('am. I know not: but, I am sure, 'tis safer to Enter POLUIENES.

Avoid what's grown, than question how 'uis lors Pot. This is strange! Methinks,

If therefore you dare trust my honesty,My favour here begins to wurp. Not speak? Tluat lies enclosed in his trunk, which you Good-day, Camillo.

Shall bear along impawn'd,-away to-night. Cam. Hail, most royal Sir!

Your followers I will whisper to the business; Pol. What is the news i' the court ?

And will, by twos, and threes, at several posterns, Cam. None rare, my lord.

Clear them o' the city : for myselt, I'll put
Pol. The king hath on him such a countenance, My fortunes to your service, which are here
As he had lost some province, and a region

By this discovery lost. Be not uncertain;
Loved as he loves himselt: even now I met hun For, by the honour of my parents, I
With castomary compliment; when he,

Have utter'd truth: which if you seek to prove,
Watting his eyes to the contrary, and talling I dare not stand by ; nor shall you be safer
A lipot much conteinpt, speeds from me; and Than one condenin'd by the king's own mouth,
So leaves me, to consider what is breeding,

That changes thus his manners.

flis execution sworn. Cam. I dare not know, my lord.

Pol. I do believe thee:
Pol. How! Dare not? Do not. Do you know, and I saw his heart in his face. Give me thy hand;
dare not

Be pilot to me, and thy places shall
Re intelligent to me? Tis thereabouts ;

Stili neighboui mine : my ships are ready, and
For, to yourself, what you do know, you must; My people did expect my hence departure
And cannot say you dare not. Good Camillo, Two days ago.-This jealousy
Your changed coloplexions are to me a mirror, Is for a precious creature : as she's rare.
Which shews me mine changed too; must be Must it be great; and, as his person's mighty,
A party in this alteration, finding

Must it be violent; and as he does conceive
Miseli thus alter'd with it.

He is dishonour'd by a man which ever
Cam. There is a sickness

Profess'd to hiin, why, his revenges must
Which puts some of us in distemper; bat

In that be made inore bitter. Fear o'ershades me :
I cannoi name the disease; and it is caught Good expedition be my friend, and comton
of you, that yet are well.

The gracious queen, part of his theme, but nothing Pub. How! Caught of me?'

• For succession. • Hasty.

+ Gentle was opposed to simple ; well born Muliciously, with effects openly hurtful.

I i.e. I ain the person appointed, &c. 1. e. Cuuld any man so start off from propriely? Draw.

Seilled beliei.

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or his ill-ta'en suspicion! Come, Camillo;

I Lord. By his great authority :.
I will respect tree as a father, it

Which ostrii haihi no less prevail'd than so,
Thou bear'st my lite ofi' hence :-Let us avoid. On your command.
Can. It is in mme authority, to command

Leon. I know't too well.
The keys of all the posterns: please your highness Give me the boy; I am glad you did not nurse him:
To take the urgent hour; come, Sir, away. (Eleunt. Though he does bear some signs of me, yet you

Hare too much blood in him.

Her. Whai is thuis? Sport?

Lion. Bear the boy lience, he shall not come
SCENE I.-The same.

about her;

Away with him :- And let her sport lierselt Enter HERMIONE, MAMILLius, and LADIES.

With that she's big with; for 'uis Polisene's Her. Take the boy to you : he so trowbles me, Has made thee swell thus. 'Tis past enduring.

Her. But I'd say, he had not, I Lady. Come, my gracious lord.

And, Pil be sworn, you would believe my saying, Shall I be your play-tellow?

Howe'er you lean to the nayward. Mam. No, l'II none of you.

Leon. You, my lords, 1 Lady. Why, my sweet lord ?

Look on her, mark her well; be but about
Mam. "You'll kiss me hard ; and speak to me as if To say, she is a goodly lady, and
I were a baby still. I love you betier.

The justice of your hearts will thereto add, 2 Lady. And why so, iny soud lord ?

'Tis pity she's not hmest, honourable : Mam. Not for because

Praise her but for this hier without-door form,
Your brows are blacker; yet black brows, they say, (Which, on my faith, deserves high speech,) and
Become some women best; so that there be not

straight Too much hair there, but in a semicircle,

The shrug, ihe hum, or ha; these petty brands, Or half-mioon made with a pen.

That calumny doth use :-0, I am oui, 2 Lady. Who taught you ihis?

That mercy does ; for calumny will sear*
Alam. I learu'd it out of women's faces.-Pray Virtue itself:- these shrugs, these hnus, and ha's,

When you have said, she's goodly, come between,
What colour are your eye-brows?

Ere you can say she's honest : but be it known, 1 Lady. blue, my lord.

From him that has most cause to grieve it should be, Man. Nay, that's a mock: I have seen a lady's She's an adultress.

Her. Should a villain say so, That has been blue, but not her eye-brows.

The most replenish'd villain in the world, 2 Lady. Hark ye:

He were as much more villain : you, my lord,
The queen, your mother, rounds apace: we shall Do but mistake.
Present our services to a fine new prince,

Leon. You have mistook, my lady,
One of these days, and then you'd wallon with us, Polixenes for Leontes: O thou thing,
If we would have you.

Which I'll not call a creature of thy place, 1 Lady. She is spread of late

Lest barbarism, making me the precedent, Into a goodly bulk : good time encounter her! Should a like language use to all degrees, Her. What wisdom stirs amongst you? Conne, Sir, And nannerly distinguishment leave out

Betwixt the prince and beggar!-I have said, I am for you again : pray yon, sit by us,

She's an adultress; I have said with whom : And tell's a tale.

More, she's a traitor; and Camillo is Mam. Merry, or sad, sball't be ?

A federary + with her; and one that knows Her. As merry as you will.

What she should shame to know herself, Mam. A sad tale's best for winter:

But with her most vile principal, that she's I have one of sprites and goblins.

A bed-swerver, even as bad as those
Her. Let's have that, Sir.

That vulgars give bold titles; ay, and privy
Come on, sit down :-Come on, and do your best To this their late escape.
To fright me with your sprites; you're powerful Hir. No, by my life,
at it.

Privy to none of this:- How will this grieve you,
Mam. There was a man,

When yoa shall come to clearer knowledge, ihat Her. Nay, come, sit down; then on.

You thies have publish'd met Gentle, my lord, Mam. Dwelt by a church-yard ;-I will tell it You scarce can right me throughly then, to say softly :

You did mistake. Yon crickets shall not hear it.

Leon. No, no; if I mistake Her. Come on then,

In those foundations which I build upon, And give 't be, in mine ear.

The center is not big enough to bear

A school-boy's top.-Away with her to prison : Enter LEONTES, ANTIGONUS, LORDS, and Others.

He, who shall speak for her, is afar off guiltyø, Leon. Was he met there? His train? Camillo But that he speaks Hl. with him?

Her. There's some ill planet reigns :
I Lord. Behind the tuft of pines I met them; I must be patient, till the heavens look

With an aspect more favourabic.-Good my lords,
Saw I men scour so on their way: I eyed them I am not prone to weeping, as our sex
Even to their ships.

Commonly are; the want of which vain dew,
Leon. How bless'd am I

Perchance, shall dry your p'ties: but I have
la my just censure"? In iny trne opinion ?- That honourable grief lodgót here, which burns
Alack, for lesser knowledge +?-How accursed, Worse than tears drown: 'Beseech you all, my
In being su blest!—There may be in the cup

A spider I steep'd, and ove may drink; depart, With thoughis so qualified as your charities
And yet partake no venom; for his knowledge Shall best instruct you, ineasure me ;-and so
Is not infected: but it one present

The king's will be perto! m'd!
The abhorr'd ingredient to his eye, make known Lron. Shall I be heart

To the Guards. How he bath drank, he cracks his gorge, his sides, Her. Who is't, that goes with me ?--'Beseech your With violent hells $:-I have drank and seen the

highness, spider.

My women may be with me; for, you see, Canrillo was his help in this, his pander :

Ny pligot requires it. Do not weep, good fools; There is a plot against my life, my crown;

There is no cause : when you shall know, your All's true, that is mistrusied :—That false villain,

mistress Whom I enploy'd, was pre-employ'd by him : Has deserved prison, theu abound in tears, He las discover'diny design, and I

As I came out; this action, I now go on, Remain a pinch'd thing Il; yea, a very trick Is for my better grace.-Adieu, my lord : Portnem i play at will :- How came the posterns I never wislı'd to see you sorry; now,

I trust, I shall.dly women, come ; you have

+ Othat my Judgment were less !
Spiders were esteemed poisonons in our au- • Brand as infamous

+ Confederate.
1 Only.

$ Remotely guilty. A thing pinched out of clouts, a puppet.

! In merely speaking.

2 F

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Su easily open ?

• Judgment.

thor's time.

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Leon, Go, do our bidding : hence.

Be left her to perform, Come, follow us ;
(Ereunt Queen and Ladies. We are to speak in public : for this business
I Lord. 'Beseech your highness, call the queen Will raise us all.

Ant. (A side.) To laughter, as I take it,,
Ant. Be certain what you do, Sir; lest your If the good truth were known.

Prove violence; in the which three great ones SCENE II.-The same-The outer Room of a Prison.

Yourself, your queen, your son.

Enter Paulina and Attendants.
1 Lord. For her, my lord, -

Paul. The keeper of the prison,-call to him ; I dare my life lay down, and will do't, Sir,

(Exit an Attendant.
Please you to accept it, that the queen is spotless Let him have knowledge who I am.—Good lady !
l' the eyes of heaven, and to you; I mean,

No court in Europe is too good for thee,
In this which you accuse her.

What dost thou then in prison ?--Now, good Sır,
Ant. If it prove
She's otherwise, I'll keep my stables. where

Re-enter ATTENDANT, with the KEEPER. lodge my wife ; I'll go in couples with her;

You know me, do you not?
Than when I feel, and see her, no further trust her; Keep. For a worthy lady,
For every inch of woman in the world,

And one whom much I honour.
Ay, every dram of woman's flesh, is false,

Paul. Pray you then,
ll she be.

Conduct me to the queen.
Leon. Hold your peaces.

Kerp. I may not, inadam; to the contrary
I Lord. Good, my lord,-

I have express commandment.
Ant. It is for you we speak, not for ourselves :

Paul. Here's ado,
You are abused, and by some putter on t.

To lock mp honesty and honour from
That will be damn'd for't ; 'would I knew the The access of genile visitors!-Is it lawful,

Pray you, to see her women? Any of them
I would land-damn him : be she honour-flaw'd, - Emilia?
I have three daughters ; the eldest is eleven;

Keep. So please you, madam, to put
The second, and the third, nine, and some tive; Apart these your attendants, I shall bring
Hi this prove true, they'll pay fort : by mine ho- Emilia forth.

Paul. I pray now, call her.
I'll geld them all ; fourteen they shall not see,

Withdraw yourselves.

[Ereunt Attend. To bring false generations : they are co-heirs;

keep. And, madam,
And I had rather glib myself, than they

I must be present at your conference.
Should not produce fair issue.

Paul. Well, be it so, pr’ythee. (Erit Keeper
Leon. Cease; no more.

Here's snel ado to make no stain a stain,
You smell this business with a sense as cold As passes colouring.
As is a dead man's nose : I see't, and feel',

Re-enter Keeper, with Emilia.
As you feel doing thus; and see withal
The instruments that feel.

Dear gentlewoman, how fares our gracious lady!
Ant. If it be so,

Emil. As wel as one so great, and so forlorn, We need no grave to bury honesly ;

Muy hold together : on her frights and griefs, There's not a grain of it, the face to sweeten (Which never tender lady hath borne greater) of the whole dungy earth,

She is, something before her time, deliver'd.
Leon. What! Lack I credit!

Paul. A boy ?
1 Lord. I had rather you did lack, than I, my Emil. A daughter ; and a goodly babe,

Lusty, and like to live : the queen receives
Upon this ground ; and more it would conient me

Much comfort in't: says, My poor prisoner,
To have her honour true, than your suspicion ;

I am innocent as you.
Be blained for't how you miglit.

Paul. I dare be sworn :-
Leon. Why, what need we

These dangerous unsase lunes o' the king ! Be-
Commune with you of this p But rather follow

shrew them! Om forceful instigation. Our prerogative

He must be told on't, and he shall : the office Calls not your counsels; but our natural goodness Becomes a woman best; I'll take't upon me : Imjaits this: which,-if you (or stupitied,

If I prore honey-mouth'd, let my tongue blister;
Oiseeming so in skill), cannot, or will not,

And never to my red-look'd anger be
Relish as cruth, like us; inform yourselves, The trumpet any more :-Pray you, Emilia,
We need no inore of your advice : the matter, Commend my best obedience to the queen;
The loss, the gain, the ordering on't, is all

If she dares trust me with her little babe,
Properly ours.

I'll shew't the king, and undertake to be
ont. And I wish, my liege,

Her advocate to th’ loudest ; we do not know
You had only in your silent judgment tried it, How he may soften at the sight o' the child;
Without more overtuire.

The silence often of pure innocence
Loon. How could that be?

Persuades, when speaking fails.
Either thou art most ignorant by age,

Emil. Most worthy madam,
Or thou wert born a tool. Camillo's flight, Your honour, and your goodness, is so evident,
Adried to their fainiliarity,

That your free undertaking cannot miss
(iv nich was as gross as ever touch'd conjecture, A thriving issue: there is no lady living,
That lack'd sight only, nought for approbation , So meet for his greitt errand: please your ladyslip
But only seeing, all other circunstances

To visit the next room, I'll presently
Made up to the deed), doth push on this proceed. Acquaint the queen of your most noble offer;

Who, but to-day, hammier'd ef this design;
Yet, for a greater confirmation.

But durst not tempt a minister of honour,
(For, in an act of this importance, 'twere

Lest she should be denied.
Most piteous to be wild), I have despatch'd in post, Paul. Tell her, Emilia,
To sacred Delphos, to Apollo's teniple,

I'll use that tongue I have: if wit flow from it,
Cleomenes and Dion, whoin you know

As boldness from my bosom, let it not be doubted
O stuf'il sufficiency o ; Now, from the oracle I shall do good.
They will bring all ; whose spiritual counsel had, Emil. Now be you blest for it!
Shail stop, or spur me. Have I done well

I'll to the queen : please you, come something
I Lord. Well done, my lord.

nearer. Leon. Though I am satisfied, and need no more Keep. Madam, if 't please the queen to send the Than what I know, yet shall the oracle

Give rest to the minds of others; such as he,

I know not what I shall incur, to pass it,
Whose ignorant credulity will not

Having no warrant.
Come up to the truth : 80 have we thought it good, Paul. You need not fear it, Sir;
From our free person she should be confined; The child was prisoner to the womb; and is,
Lest that the treachery of the two, fied hence, By law and process of great nature, thence

Fieed and enfranchised : not a party to
• Take my station.

+ Instigator.
* Proof,
Of abilities more tban sufficient.

• Frenzics.

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The anger of the king ; nur guilty of,

Paul, Good queen, my lord, good queen ; I say, If any be, the trespass of the queel.

good queen; Keep. I do believe it.

And would by combat make her good, so were 1 Pail. Do not you fear: upon

A man, the worst * about you. Mine honour, I will stand '.wixt you and danger. Leon. Force her hence.

(Eseunt. Paul. Let him, that makes but trifies nf his eyes,

First hand me : on mine own record, l'ul ofi': SCENE III.-The same.-A Room in the Palace. But, first, I'll do my errand.-The good queen,

For she is good, hath brought you forth a daughter;

Here 'tis ; commends it to your blessing.

İLuying down the Child.
Leon. Nor night, nor day, no rest : it is but Leon. Out!

A mankind † witch ! Hence with her, out o' door :
To bear the matter thas: mere weakness, if A most intelligencing bawd!
The cause were not in being; --part o' the cause,

Paul. Not so:
She, the adultress ;--for the harlot king

I am as ignorant in that, as you
Is quite beyond mine arm, out of the blank In so entitling me : and no less honest
And level of my brain, plot-proof: but she Than you are mad; which is enough, I'll warrant
I can hook to me : say, that she were gone,

As this world goes, to pass for honest.
Given w the fire, a moiety of iny rest

Leon. Traitors! Might come to me again. Who's there?

Will you not push her out? Give her the bastard :1 Atten. My lord ?

(Advancing. Thou, dotard, (To Antigonus.) thou art woman-tired:, Leon. How does the boy?

unroosted 1 Atten. He took goud rest to-night;

By thy dame Partlet here,--take up the bastard 'Tis hoped, his sickness is discharged.

Take'i up, I say; give't to thy crone s. Leon. To see,

Paul. For ever His nobleness !

Unvenerable be thy hands, if thou
Conceiving the dishonour of his mother,

Takest up the princess, by that forced | baseness
He straight declined, droop'd, took it deeply; Which he has put upon't!
Fasten's and fix'd the shame on't in himselt;

Leon. He dreads his wife.
Threw off his spirit, his appetite, his sleep,

Paul. So, I would, you did; then, 'were past all And down-right languish'd.-Leave me solely t :

doubt, Go,

You'd call your children yours. See how he fares. (Erit Attend.)-Fie, fie! No Leon. A best of traitors! thought of him ;

Ant. I am none, by this good light. The very thought of my revenges that way

Paul. Nor I; nor any,
Recoil upon mne : in himself too mighty;

But one, that's here; and that's himself: for he
And in his parties, his alliance,-Let hini be, The sacred honour of himself, his queen's,
Until a time may serve : for present vengeance, His hopeful son's, his babe's, betrays to slander,
Take it on her. Camillo and Polixenes

Whose sting is sharper than the sword's; and will not
Laugh at me : make their pastin.e at my sorrow: (For, as the case now stands, it is a curse
They should not laugh, if I could reach them; nor He cannot be compellid to't,) once remove
Shail she, within my power.

The root of his opinion, which is rotten,

As ever oak, or stone, was sound.
Enter PAULINA, with a Child.

Leon. A callat, 1 Lord. You must not enter.

Of boundless tongue ; who late hath beat her hus. Paul. Nay, rather, goud my lords, be second to


And now baits me!—This brat is none of mine;
Fear you his tyramous passion more, alas,

It is the issue of Polixenes :
Than the queen's life! A gracious innocent soul; Hence with it; and, together with the dam,
More free, than he is jealous.

Commit them to the fire.
Ant. That's enough.

Paul, It is yours ;. 1 Atten. Madam, he hath not slept to-night; com. And, might we lay the old proverb to your charge, manded

So like you, 'tis the worse. --Behold, my lords, None should come at hiin.

Although the print be little, the whole matter
Paul. Not so hot, good, Sir;

And copy of the father : eye, nose, lip,
I come to bring him sleep. Tis such as you,- The trick of his frown, his forehead ; nay, the
That creep like shadows by him, and do'sigh

At each his needless heavings,--such as you The pretty dimples of his chin, and cheek; his
Nourish the cause of his awaking : I

smiles; Do come with words as med'cinal as true;

The very mould and frame of hand, nail, finger Honest, as either ; to purge him of that humour, And, thou, good goddess nature, which has made it That presses him from sleep.

So like to him that got it, if thou hast eon. What noise there, ho?

The ordering of th mind too, 'mongst all colours Paul. No noise, my lord; but needful conference, No yellow ** in 't; lest she suspect, as he does, About some gossips for your highness.

Her children not her husband's !
Leon. How l-

Leon. A gross hag!
Away with that audacious lady : Antigonus, And, lozel thou art worthy to be hang'd,
I charged thee, that she should not come about me; | That wilt not stay her tongue.
I knew, she would.

Ant. Hang all the husbands,
Ant. I told her so, my lord,

That cannot do that feat, you'll leave yourself On your displeasure's peril, and on mine,

Hardly one subject. She should not visit you.

Leon. Once more, take her hence,
Leon. What, canst not rule her?

Paul. A most unworthy and unnatural lord.
Paul. Proin all dishonesty, le can : in this, Can do no more.
(Uuless he take the course that you have done, Leon. I'll have thee burn'd.
Commit me, for committing honour,) trust it,

Paul. I care not :
He shall not rule me.

It is an heretic, that makes the fire, Ant. Lo you now ; you hear !

Not she, which burns in't. I'll not call you tyrant; When she will take the rein, 1 let her run;

But this most cruei usage of your queen But she'll not stumble.

(Not able to produce more accusation Paul. Good my liege, I come,

Than your own weak-linged fancy,) something
And, I beseech you, hear me, who profess

Vyself your loyal servant, your physician, Of tyranny, and will ignoble make you,
Your must obedient counsellor; yet that dare Yea, scandalous to the world,
Less appear so, in conforting your evils 1.
Than such as inost seem yours :-) say,
I come • Lowest.

+ Masculine. Fron) your good queen.

Worn-out old woman. Leon. Good queen!

Pecked by a woman, hen-pecked.

Forced is false ; vttered with violence to truth. • Mark and aim.

+ Alone.

** The colour of jealousyt.
| Abeliing your ill courses.

# Worthless fellow,


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Leon. On your allegiance,

1 Lord. So please yon, Sir, their speed
Out of the chamber with her. . Were I a tyrant, Hath been beyond account.
Where were her life? She dust not call me so, Leon. Twenty-three days
If she did know me one. Away with her.

They have been absent: 'is good speed ; foretels
Paul. I pray you, do not push me; I'll be gone. The great Apollo suddenly will have
I. kto your babe, my lord; 'iis yours; Jove send ber The truth of this appear. Prepare you lords ;
å better guiding spirit!-Whal neer these lands? Summon a session that we may arraiga
You, that are thus so lehder o'er his follies,

Dur most disloyal lady : for as she hath
Will never dig hun good, not one of you.

Been publicly accused, so shall she have
So, 50:- l'art well; we are gone.

(Erit. A just and open trial. While she lives,
Leont. Thou, traitor, hast set on thy wife to this. My heart will be a burden to me. Leave me ;
My child! Away with't!-even thou, that hast And think upon my biddwig.

A heart se tender o'er it, lake it lence,
And see it instantly communed with fire;

Even thou, and none but thou. Take it up straight:
Within this hour bring me word 'tis done,

SCEVE I.-The same.-A Street in some Toten.
(salliy goud testimony») or I'll seize thy' life,
With what thou ise callst thine: it thou refuse,

Andi will encounter with my wrath, say so;

Cleo. The climate's delicate ; the air most sweet
The bastard brains with these my proper hands

Pertile the isle; the temple much surpassing Shall I dash out. Go, take it to the fire ;

l'he common praise it bears.
For thou seit'st on thy wife.

Dion. I shall report,
Art. I did not, Sir;

Por most it caughi me, the celestial habits,
These loris, my noble fellows, if they please,

(Methinks, I soshould term them, and the reverence Can clear me in't.

Of the grave wearers. O, the sicritice!
1 Lord. We can; my royal liege,

How ceremonious, solemni, and unearthly
He is not guilty of her coming hither.

It was i'the otiering!
Leon. You are liars all.

Cleo. But, of all, the burst
1 Lurd. 'Beseech your highaess, give us better And the ear-dealening voice o' the oracle,

Kin to Jove's thunder, so surpriz'd my sense,
We have always truly served you; and beseech That I was nothing.
So to esteen of us: and on our knees we beg,

Dion. It the event o' the journey
As recompense of our dear services,

Prove as successful to the queen,--0, be't so!
Past, and to conne,) that you cho change this purpose ; As it hath been to us, rare, pleasant, speedy,
Which, being so horrible, so bloody, must

The time is worth the use on't .
Lead on to some foul issue : we all kneel.

Cleo. Great Apollo,
Leon. I am a feather for each wind that blows:- Turn all to the best! These proclamations,
Shall I live on, to see this bastard kneel

So forcing lanits upon Hermione,
And call me father? Better burn it now,

I little like.
Than curse it then. But, be it ; let it live :

Dion. The violent carriage of it
li shall not neither.—You, Sir, come hither ; Will clear, or end, the business : when the oracle,

(To Antigonus. (Thus by Apollo's great divine seal'd up,) You, that have been so tenderly officious

Shall the contents discover, something rare, With lady Margery, your midwife, there,

Even then will rush to knowledge.-Go,-fresh
To save this bastard's life :-For 'tis a bastard,

horses ;
So sure as this beard's grey,—what will you adver- And gracious be the issue !

To save this brat's life?

SCENE II.-The same.--A Court of Justice.
Ant. Any thing, my lord,
That iny ability may undergo,

LEONTES, Lords, und Oppicens, appear property

And nobleness impose : at least, thus much ;
I'll pawn the little blood which I have leit,

Leon. This sessions (lo our great grief, we pro-
To save the innocent: any thing possible.

nounce,) Lron. It shall be possible: swear by this sword Even pushes 'gainst our heart :-the party tried, Thou wilt perform my bidding.

The daughter of a king ; our wise ; and one
Ant. I will my lord.

Of us too much beloved. Let us be cleard
Leon. Mark, and perform it; (seest thou ?) Por of being tyrannous, since we so openly
the fail

Proceed in justice ; which shall have due course
Of any point in't shall not only

Event to the guilt, or the purgation.
Death to thyself, but to thy lewd tongued wife; Produce the prisoner.
Whom, for this time, we pardon. We enjoin thee, Offi. It is his highness' pleasure, that the queen
As thou art legeman to us, that thou carry

Appear in person here in court.-Silence !
This female bastard hence; and that thou bear it

HERMIONE is brought in, guarded ; Paulina and
To some remote and desert place, quite out
Of our doininions ; and thai there thou leave it,

Ladies, atiending.
Without more mercy, to its own protection,

Leon. Read the indictment.
And favour of the climate. As by strange fortune Offi. Hermione, quen to the northy Leontes, king
It came to us, I do in justice charge thee, of Sicilia, thou art here accused and arraigned of
On thy soul's peril, and thy body's torture,-- high treason, in committing adultery with Polixenes,
That ihou commend it strangely to some placet, king of Bohemia; and conspiring with Camillo to
Where chance may nurse, or end it : take it up. tuke away the life of our souereign lord the king, thy

Ant. I swear to do this ; though a present death royal husband : the pretence I whereof being by cir.
Kad been more merciiul.--Come on, poor babe : cumstanoes purtly laid open, thou, llermione, con-
Sonr; powerful spirit insuruct the kites and ravens, trary to the faith and allegiance of a true subject,
To be ihy nurses! Wolves, and bears, they say, didsi counsel and aid them, for their better safety,
Casting their savageness aside, have done.

to fly away by nignt.
Like otices of pity:-Sir, be prosperous

Her. Since what I am to say, must be but that
In more than this deed doth require ! And blessing, which contradicts my accusation ; and
Against this cruelty, tight on thy side,

The testimony on my part, no other
Puor liung, coudenu'd to loss!

But what comes from myself ; it shall scarce boot

(Exit, with the Child.
Leon. No, I'll not rear

To say, Not guilty : mine integrity,
Anuthier's issue.

Being counted falsehood ♡ shall, as I express it, 1 Attend. Please your highness, posts,

Be so received. But thus,-1f powers divine
From those you sent to the oracle, are come Behold our human actions, (as they do,)
An hour siuce : Cleonienes and Dion,

I doubt not then, but innocence shall make
Being well arrived from Delphos, are both landed, False accusation blush, and tyranny
Hasting to the court.

Tremble at patience.-You my lord best know,
It was anciently a practice to swear by the • i. e. Our journey has recompensed us the time
cross at the built of a sword.

we spent in ita + i.e. Commit it to some place as a stranger.


Scheme laid. Treachery.


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