The North American Review, 第 40 卷

University of Northern Iowa, 1835

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第 341 頁 - Uphold us, cherish, and have power to make Our noisy years seem moments in the being Of the eternal silence ; truths, that wake To perish never ; Which neither listlessness, nor mad endeavor, Nor man, nor boy, Nor all that is at enmity with joy, Can utterly abolish or destroy
第 98 頁 - Take the instant way, For honor travels in a strait so narrow Where one but goes abreast; keep then the path, For emulation hath a thousand sons That one by one pursue ; if you give way, Or hedge aside from the direct forthright, Like to an entered tide they all rush by, And leave you hindmost
第 128 頁 - it is the maxim of every prudent master of a family, never to make at home what it will cost him more to make than to buy ; what is prudence in the conduct of every private family can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom;
第 184 頁 - faithful to thee. With thee were the dreams of my earliest love,— Every thought of my reason was thine ; In my last humble prayer to the Spirit above Thy name shall be mingled with mine. Oh ! blest are the lovers and friends who shall live The days of thy glory to see ; But the
第 351 頁 - this mighty poet, speaking of the Messiah going forth to expel from heaven the rebellious angels; " Attended by ten thousand thousand saints He onward came; far off his coming shone ; " the retinue of saints, and the person of the Messiah himself, lost almost, and merged in the splendor of that indefinite abstraction,
第 329 頁 - veiled or unveiled, the inscription remains forever; just as the stars seem to withdraw before the common light of day, whereas, in fact, we all know that it is the light which is drawn over them as a veil,— and that they are waiting to be revealed, when the obscuring daylight shall have withdrawn.
第 341 頁 - Blank misgivings of a creature Moving about in worlds not realized, High instincts, before which our mortal nature Did tremble like a guilty thing surprised !
第 350 頁 - Low was our pretty cot: our tallest rose Peep'd at the chamber-window. We could hear At silent noon, and eve, and early morn, The sea's faint murmur. In the open air Our myrtles blossomed; and across the porch Thick jasmins twined ; the little landscape round Was green and woody, and refreshed the eye.
第 348 頁 - Such delights As float to earth, permitted visitants, When, in some hour of solemn jubilee, The massy gates of paradise are thrown Wide open, and forth come in fragments wild Sweet echoes of unearthly melodies, And odors, snatched from beds of amaranth, And they, that from the crystal river of life Spring up on freshened wing, ambrosial gales!
第 128 頁 - what is prudence in the conduct of every private family can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom; and that, whether the advantages which one country has over another be natural or acquired, is